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Interzone / The sine curve
« on: November 21, 2007, 10:35:26 AM »
I am not a math oriented person, but I was recently contemplating the nature of trigonometric curves when I realized how it could be applied to living one's life.

If you envision the decline and triumph of great societies as a sine curve, then you realize how pointless it is to mourn over being born at such an "unfortunate" point in history. Worry not at what point on the curve of time you were born, but rather strive to better yourself and society no matter the context. It can sometimes be disheartening to realize that we are possibly in the depths of a valley, but if this knowledge provokes nothing but inaction, then you become as useless as the people that have caused our problems. Pay it no heed and fight nobly, knowing that you may never see the next triumphant crest, but that others will continue the quest long after you are gone. Great deeds can exist in any age.

Interzone / Concerning The Clutter
« on: November 02, 2007, 04:52:47 PM »
This is the germination of a topic that I think is worth considering.

Recently, I've noticed that the ANUS' internet "footprint", if you will, has grown considerably. We now have many different sites that express similar ideologies. This is good.

However, concerning the main site, anus.com, I feel that perhaps the structure could be improved. If I think back to when I first ran across the site, I can remember a much more streamlined layout. Articles and opinions were the most prominent links, and there were not many links to begin with. It was almost as if one was forced to confront the main material of the site.

Now however, due to the expansion, much more space is being devoted to things that could be potentially distracting or counterproductive to a would-be anusite. I think to fully come to grips with things here, a certain chronology of thought is required. It is my basic opinion that the more complex layout of the main page inhibits this logical progression.

Perhaps we could reserve the many other links of secondary importance (miscellaneous etc.), to a seperate area, and ensure that on the main page the most important points are read first.

Also, I think one definitely beneficial aspect of the old layout was the opening statement, the summary of what nihilism is all about. I felt like reading this intrigued and challenged me considerably, and promoted further exploration of the site's ideas.


Metal / Jarzombek's serial metal project
« on: October 26, 2007, 11:43:51 AM »
A couple of you expressed interest in this stuff a while ago in the discussion about serialism in metal.

It's finally out, and they have several samples of full songs on this website:


There is also a myspace page.

A review of his compositional system:


Not very good in my opinion, and a fairly immature grasp of serialization. Nonetheless, decide for yourselves.

Interzone / Apparently we all love television and shopping
« on: October 09, 2007, 11:49:57 AM »


This site reaches approximately 15,399 U.S. monthly uniques. The site is popular among a younger, slightly more male than female, more affluent audience. The site's audience's interests are television (Court TV Online, PBS Online, Nickelodeon, Yahoo TV Directory), specialty retail (Hot Topic, Best Buy, Circuit City) and movies (Internet Movie Database).


Does anyone know how they are determining statistics? They say they do it mainly through retailers, and this site has no such affiliations to my knowledge. I found this information slightly amusing.

Audiofile / Bartok, Bela
« on: July 25, 2007, 05:21:38 AM »
Bartok, Bela: Rapidshare, Blogspot, Mediafire

Bartok, Bela

Viola Concerto - Two Pictures
1-3: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (revised, edited by P. Bartók and P. Neubauer, 1995)
4-5: Two Pictures Sz 46
6-8: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra Sz 120 (completed, orchestrated by Tibor Serly, 1949)
9: Tibor Serly - Rhapsody for Viola and Orchestra
Hong-Mei XIAO
Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra
NAXOS 1998

Béla Bartók - Orchestral Suites Nos. 1&2
Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra
Tibor FERENC, cond.
IMP 1992

Béla Bartók - Concerto for Orchestra & Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta
BRT Philharmonic Orchestra
Alexander Rahbari, Cond.
NAXOS 1990

Béla Bartók - String Quartets 1,3,5
Béla Bartók - String Quartets 2,4,6
Hungarian String Quartet
DG 1962

Béla Bartók - Bluebeard's Castle
Original Hungarian version sung by T. Troyanos & S. Nimsgern
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Pierre Boulez, cond.

Audiofile / Chopin, Frédéric
« on: March 06, 2006, 12:30:39 PM »
Chopin, Frédéric: Rapidshare, Blogspot, Megaupload

Frédéric Chopin

Polish composer and piano performer (1810 - 1849)


Martha Argerich Plays Chopin: The Legendary 1965 Recording
Martha Argerich, piano

Chopin - Concerto, Fantaisie, Fantaisie-Impromptu, Berceuse
Concerto for piano and orchestra no. 1 in E minor, op. 11
Fantaisie in F minor, op. 49
Fantaisie-Impromptu in C sharp minor, op. 66
Berceuse in D flat major, op. 57
Maria Joăo PIRES, piano
Chamber Orchestra of Europe
Emmanuel KRIVINE, cond.
DG 1998


The Complete Preludes
Rafal Blechacz, piano


Complete Ballades & Impromptus
Bella Davidovich, piano

Mazurkas, etc.
10 Mazurkas
Prelude op.45
Ballade op.23
Scherzo op.31
DG 1972

Metal / Possibly the best show of my life
« on: March 03, 2006, 11:57:42 AM »

many shit bands, but...

Cryptopsy, Immolation, Necrophagist, Hate Eternal, Suffocation, Arsis, BTBAM, Dragonforce.

Went last year and it was a blast, but there are even better bands this year. They usually have an upstairs place for demo trading and stuff it's pretty rad.

See you there.

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