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« on: December 27, 2008, 07:52:08 AM »
Actually, my dad and my mother don't even know what Jesus Christ is, they could care less. So my grandma and grandpa were probably the only people back home that didn't go to church because they weren't interested and they don't see the advantages of going to church. They don't have anything against Christian people, that's not the issue, but I was not raised like that at all. But the society I live in is Christian and most of the Western world is based on Christian morals and we're raised that way whether we like it or not, it's either that or something else. Our entire law book is written because of what happened long ago when Christianity took over the western world. So, in that respect, I don't have anything against Christians, that's not my task in this world, my task is to ask questions and criticize and acknowledge what they would call fact, that is more my task these days, and I'm not into throwing darts at Christianity anymore, that's not funny anymore, and I know I did that when I was younger but what I do think is funny is looking into Christianity or Islam for that matter, and take what they say is fact, what they say is correct because then we're talking about politics or science and if we take what they are preaching as science then we want to question that and see if it's correct and that is what I do with many of my lyrics these days, I want to dig into it and see if they are correct. I mean, you can put out a very, very simple question to something they call Christmas Eve and in Sweden they call it Yule's Eve because it's got nothing to do with Jesus The Winter Solstice Christ and if you look in the bible it is very hard to find any evidence at all that Jesus Christ was born even in the winter time and as a matter of fact if you DO believe in the bible you will see that if Jesus had lived he was probably born around September or October and a lot of the intellectual Christians these days would agree to that. So it is a pretty fuckin' big lie that people still celebrate Christmas Eve on December 25th and for what reason I ask? But I do know the reason that's why we call the previous album "Midvinterblot", because the Winter Solstice has always been the reason for the winter season and that is when the sun turns. All the native tribes long ago had always celebrated the sun even before the Vikings, actually, and the Vikings were people that lived in the cold climate and they needed to celebrate. Even the Mayans celebrated the sun in some fashion and that is done on the 21st or 22nd of December which is what we call the Midvinterblot or the Winter Solstice. And so two or three days after you have Christmas and that's more of like a bonus day, a commercial day as I see it, and we probably celebrate it much the same way but it IS a Pagan tradition and has nothing to do with Jesus Christ and it's funny because today a lot of the intellectual Christians would agree to that but only 20 years ago when I grew up nobody would ever agree to that and they would say "of course it's the birthday of baby Jesus and blah-blah" and it was a fact, as much as fire is warm and water is wet (laughs) and its just we're talking like 20-25 years ago and it's things like that that surprise me and it's funny that people go so far to push a lie that they almost believe in it. Because it's science, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to look into these facts. So I hope that answers your question.

GASPetc.com: Yeah it does.

Johnny: But the society I was raised in was quite Christian. I wouldn't say that now because if you came over to Sweden, and compared to America, it would seem like an atheist country because it's not very Christian in that respect. When I was kid and went to school there was nothing about Odin, Freya, and Thor, nothing, absolutely nothing for eleven years. Now we do read a lot about Buddhism and Islam and Christianity and that's on like every week, a couple hours every week. And it's funny... So I think that's pretty much it and I think we rebelled against some of the things we knew were not correct and it wasn't really rebelling against people too because that's not as interesting, but rebelling against the actual doctrines.

GASPetc.com: You're going for the intellectual approach as opposed to burning down churches.

Johnny: Yes, that's an easy thing to do but it's not going to change much.

GASPetc.com: No, it doesn't and if anything it only makes the people doing it look stupid.

Johnny: And plus I don't need to spend five years in jail, I don't have that time and it's ridiculous. It's not meaningful and I'm not going to say people are idiots for doing it but I don't have that agenda, that's not my place in the world.

GASPetc.com: I agree with you, and all of the Christian holidays are based on Pagan holidays, for example, Easter, Christmas and the reason they did that was so the Pagans could still have their holidays but they were now Christian holidays. It was their way of tricking the Pagans into Christianity.

Johnny: In a way it was a smart marketing move and let's acknowledge the fact that it WAS a marketing move — that's what it is — and they were smart in a way because we have to give them credit for the fact that they have pushed this and survived it for 2000 years. In a way it was a smart move.

GASPetc.com: They did something right.

Johnny: Yeah, and they took over with force just like any war machine would do if you want to take over something you do it with force. You may not have the right, but you take the right because you have the force. But that's my task, i want to acknowledge that fact and make them say to the world, "yes this is what we did" because we thought it was right. I can't take that away from them, they were obviously stronger at the time. That's why when people burn a church I won't say "you're an idiot" because that is exactly what they did up in Sweden. They burned down the villages and they took prisoners and they owned the places where they had an Odin temple they would burn it down and put a church on top of it. On the exact same spot, it happened many times in Swede, so I can't say that someone's an idiot to want to reverse that today, it's just not MY type of warfare.


Interzone / Not wanting to engage with reality
« on: December 23, 2008, 07:44:12 AM »
If I had to name the one human disaster, this is it: not wanting to engage with reality.

You can do it any number of ways. You can create a false world called heaven; you can retreat to your apartment and music and internet; you can undertake surrogate activities; you can preach "it shouldn't be this way" and smile grimly; you can insist on "real world activism" that doesn't address the problem.

I find that elites run off to gated communities and then participate in Peace, Love, Rainbow Nation Happiness and Justice for All type activities -- these are surrogate activities.

I find that metalheads bitch a storm about the world, go home and smoke a doobie, then trade Slayer bootlegs and claim it gives their lives meaning.

It's all evasion.

For me -- a man of words, a writer by day and night -- I prefer to seek truth aggressively and then translate it for my fellow humans who haven't had the fortune to undertake my path.

Truth is like a woman. If you contemplate her, and seek every detail to find a place in the architectonic whole that is her, you soon understand her. And you know when to leap and when to lunge.

Contemplation, or with a clear disciplined mind analyzing the situation according to the principles of the Scientific Method (hypothesize; test; modify; repeat) and then forming logical abstractions, can save us from the opposite -- which is not unstudied action, but backward logic which uses abstractions to justify not engaging with the world.

I don't think it gets clearer than that. Happy holidays, everyone.

Interzone / Internet versus reality
« on: December 21, 2008, 07:59:50 PM »


- Bring up a more inclusive logical argument
- Present and explain proof that contravenes the assertion of the other
- Show that their plan does not fulfil its goals
- Point out the unreliability of their sources and point out how their argument's sole source of support is those sources


- Accuse them of not having exact evidence compiled in convenient documentary format. I WIN
- Accuse them of being hypocrites for not being president. I WIN
- Accuse them of making false divisions, such as true/false, alive/dead, etc. I WIN
- Accuse them of missing an exception in their search for the rule. I WIN

The 'tard is getting on my nerves tonight, folks. People who have no experience in debate, formal logic, or philosophy are pretending to be philosophers.

Maybe that's why this site has such problems -- the pretend philosophers and the false elitists are the same, and they both DO NOTHING and ALIENATE PEOPLE by being not only pompous, but INCORRECT.

Interzone / Most people are useless
« on: December 19, 2008, 05:05:18 PM »
You're excuse and debate generators.

1. "You have to work with Wikipedia" -- yeah, no shit pal, but thanks for the unhelpful suggestion in lieu of doing something.

2. "Don't be so judgmental, we must analyze this" -- the last thing humanity needs is more debate from unqualified people. And what did you do? Yeah, I thought so, nothing.

3. "You're too harsh" -- your species is about to commit ecocide, we live in miserable political combat with others, our cities are fugly and we're surrounded by morons. We're heading to death and failure. Why are you making excuses?

4. "I don't agree" -- you mean, you don't agree exactly with everything, so you'll use it as an excuse to sit on your fat ass for another few years, whining about how bad everything is.

I don't think this is a syndrome of this forum, and I think anyone who says so is making excuses. Most people everywhere are useless.

But we could buck this trend.

Metal / Ancient Ceremonies Advertising and Sampler CD rates
« on: December 19, 2008, 08:05:02 AM »




Fans are downloading the magazine from countries like (in order of importance):

(+ downloads) USA, Germany, Poland, Portugal, UK, France, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Holland, Spain, Canada, Czech Republic (- downloads)






FULL PAGE COLOUR + up to 10:00 on CD -                           350 EUR / 500 USD

FULL PAGE COLOUR + up to 5:00 on CD -                             275 EUR / 395 USD

FULL PAGE B&W + up to 5:00 on CD -                                    240 EUR / 345 USD

FULL PAGE COLOUR -                                                                   225 EUR / 325 USD
FULL PAGE B&W -                                                                          190 EUR / 275 USD


COVER spots

COVER INSIDE COLOUR (page 2) + up to 5:00 on CD -     325 EUR / 465 USD

COVER INSIDE COLOUR (page 2) -                                          260 EUR / 375 USD

BACK COVER INSIDE COLOUR -                                                225 EUR / 325 USD



1/2 PAGE COLOUR + up to 5:00 on CD -                                225 EUR / 325 USD

1/2 PAGE B&W + up to 5:00 on CD -                                       200 EUR / 290 USD

1/2 PAGE COLOUR -                                                                      165 EUR / 240 USD

1/2 PAGE B&W -                                                                             130 EUR / 190 USD






EACH MINUTE -                                                                              22,50 EUR / 32,50 USD


i.e. - a 4:45 song costs 112,50 EUR / 162.50 USD

songs below 4:00 will be charged with the fixed rate of 90 EUR / 130 USD






Everything must be sent at the maximum until 16 of January 2009





Get back to me as soon as possible






Apartado 60334

2701-904 Amadora




Interzone / Scion Metal Show: proof black metal has finally become emo
« on: December 14, 2008, 09:35:00 AM »
Punk: started as a revolt, became conformity, then commerce snapped it up.


Wolves in the Throne Room, Krallice, High on Fire, Napalm Death...

Now there's black metal... finally normed to acceptable liberal-democratic, brainwashed, views, and now it's being used to sell "urban vehicles."

The kickbeats aren't far behind.

Metal / NIFELHEIM mock PANTERA in rare moment of utility
« on: December 11, 2008, 07:33:10 AM »
When reminded that the day before marked the 22nd anniversary of the passing of METALLICA bassist Cliff Burton, Tyrant said, "That's right. I laughed and pissed on a photo of him. Speaking of which, when did that Dimebag Darrell [late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist] die? Damn how I cheered! Fucking glamf*g. One - nil to NIFELHEIM. Too bad Phil Anselmo [PANTERA singer] didn't die too; that was probably the only time I wished PANTERA had actually played."


Cliff Burton is another martyr like Chuck Schuldiner, Jesse Pintado, Dimebag Barrell, and now Adrian "Midget Fat Piece of Shit" Bromley.

 In Burton's case, he may deserve some credit, but the way metalheads moon over him is pathetic.

Teabag Darrell of course was a pedophile meth addict who accidentally sucked a bushel of mulatto dicks on his way to getting shot by one of his mentally disturbed low-IQ fans, Jesse Pintado drank himself to death, Chuck Schuldiner died of AIDS and Adrian Bromley was a genetic defect and fat piece of shit who died of being a bulky midget with a congential heart defect and incipient homosexual relations with horses, dogs and fence posts.

Interzone / Signatures are like tshirts
« on: December 10, 2008, 09:50:00 AM »
Metalheads are famous for wearing tshirts, thrusting the brand of their favorite bands in the faces of others, as if to say: I found truth in this, and what do you stand for? If nothing, we want to destroy you, because destruction of empty spaces is our one and only crime.

The ABSO(tm) signature contains the following:

A definition of ASBO, through news articles. I find the ASBO -- anti-social behavioural ordinance -- to be a terrifying sign of how much social reality > reality itself, and how out of control our societies are. Sure it's only in the UK now but it will spread under different names.

A link to this site.

A blog, but not a personal blog, a politics/science/philosophy blog.

When we understand that we're not all equal in ability, we can finally make sense of inequality and do something constructive about it, like make sure poor people have access to decent living and health care and then let nature do with them as it will.

Same as the above, on a global politics scale.

An article that changed my life: stop complaining, start creating. Love for the world is the essence of hate for stupidity, but just posting about it on the internet is not action. It's whining.

Maybe my signature/digital tshirt is of interest, or maybe this topic is heading for compost. Either way, it's done and I'm on to the next thing.

Interzone / Metalheads are different from punks
« on: December 10, 2008, 09:45:58 AM »
Punks tend toward the anarchistic. The best formulated that as: society has gone rotten, let's destroy it and make something new. The worst just turn into anarchists, who want the benefits of society without power. Punk is fundamentally opposed to power and hopes in its absence something can magically make things keep working.

Metalheads tend toward worship of power, and an enduring belief in fantasy, which I see as a tendency toward finding epic beauty in the struggle, adventure and endurance through time of eternally true ideas. Metalheads relish power in all of its gore and terror, and tend to defecate on those who think this society is the only one or that social ideas prevail over the raw power of combat, nature and time. We accept that having leaders mean there will be tyrants, and look forward to the wars that such a situation will entail. Metal is a process of constantly fighting for the beauty we find in fantasy, and envisioning new ways to make perennial truths flower.

As I watch Greece burn, and see these idiot anarchists agitating to put a government into power which will give out more handouts but not fix the underlying problems of unstable economies and lack of eternal things to believe in, I'm thankful for metal. Do not misinterpret: I started as a punk, I love punk, and there's part of the anarchist in me that hates all tyrants, oligarchs and Crowd-realities, but I have come to accept power and horror and struggle in life, because through them, we get epic situations worthy of fantasy. Only death is real, indeed.

Metal / Are most metalheads just...losers?
« on: December 09, 2008, 05:18:24 AM »
I've learned to distinguish between people who do things because they're important, and people who fail at life and so find some reason to be "important" outside of succeeding.

Here -- you tell me if this fits the profile:

18-38, working a series of jobs in the food service and retail industries, highest point in career was some job where having an opinion was important like a small newspaper, spends most of his/her money on entertainment, has no plans or ability to have family or clue, lives in a series of shitty apartments, drives a series of shitty cars, is clearly a disillusioned, disaffected, depressed, low-self-esteem, underachieving malcontent, yet blames society for his/her problems.

Look at them
Another idiot
They get all butthurt and reply

You know what?


These idiots are the cause of all misery in life. Society supports them; we must tolerate them; yet what do they contribute?

Well, they buy CDs... of shitty bands. They buy books... on moronic topics. They are hipsters idiots who have no purpose and do nothing important.

They are as useless as the slash and burn farmers of the third world, who upon finding a beautiful forest, cut it down and set it ablaze, then do the same thing next year to another patch of forest. Stupid people do destructive things because stupid can only destroy.

Why does anyone want to be in solidarity with these bricks of human shit and their pretentious claim to having some importance? They should be digging up turnips and keeping their mouths closed. Instead, we tolerate them...


Metal / Death Metal bands that succumbed to The Norming
« on: December 09, 2008, 04:00:06 AM »
The Norming: when you tire of explaining yourself, and start making a variation on what others do, because it is what they expect and therefore, you will become popular and thus succeed financially and become more widely-distributed as a meme. This is the process by which metal is re-assimilated by rock music.

We know metal is generally different because it follows a narrative composition pattern; this is what punk (excepting the Cro-Mags and thrash/crossover bands) does not have, nor does rock.

Here are some bands that threw up their hands, stuck a fork in themselves, and conformed so that they could succeed, and yet never got called on it

  • Carcass - Heartwork: My god, if you listen critically to this one, it is Pantera. Who re-incarnated these bad 1970s riffs played by a tenth-rate Metallica clone, with the cheesy guitar licks to make it "technical"? This album is worse than shit. It reverses everything metal wanted to be.
  • Pestilence - Testimony of the Ancients: Same review as above. How do these guys get off on calling this album technical? Oh... it uses marginal amounts of advanced harmony and offtime rhythms. Yawn. Someone got to them by calling them untalented, so they made the same shit everyone else does so they can prove "me too." Idiots.
  • Morbid Angel - Domination: Three great albums and then you step right off the pier into an ocean of shit. This is directly influenced by Pantera and all the cool/smart/abstract riffs are now replaced by offtime chugging and riff-chorus strict song patterns. It's like hearing later REM played on power chords.
  • Ulver - Nattens Madrigal: I think this album was designed to prove just how stupid metalheads are, and it has been a smashing success. Take Transilvanian Hunger and remove all of its brilliance, replacing it with candy-rock melodies and indie rock minor key transitions. Voila! From 140 IQ to 115 IQ in ten quick seconds. If you like this album, you are a stupid monkey.
I'm sure there are more.

Resist The Norming.

Metal / Stop pneumonia-related-complications from killing metal's heroes
« on: December 08, 2008, 01:17:23 PM »
Pneumonia-related-complications are killing metal's "heroes":

* Jesse Pintado
* Chuck Schuldiner
* Adrian Bromley
* Freddie Mercury

Stop pneumonia-related-complications now! Donate to Human Immunodeficiency Pneumonia Syndrome Terminality Eradication Resource (H.I.P.S.T.E.R.) today!


Q: What are pneumonia related complications?

A: It's a very generic diagnosis put down when the doctor doesn't know what killed you, can't say, or you died from pneumonia related complications. It's not AIDS. Honest.

Q: Why are pneumonia related complications killing people in metal?

A: We firmly believe every person is a blank slate and can be whatever they want to be. Therefore, it's unscientific and pseudo-intellectual to say that many congenital fuckups are drawn to metal so they can be big with their hipster friends for a decade before their defective hearts/minds/souls give out.

Q: Why do people not want to talk about pneumonia related complications?

A: In the early days of the AIDS epidemic, doctors unwittingy gave pneumonia related complications a bad name by putting it down as the cause of death on 23,618,274 death certificates. With the knowledge of two decades, we now know that pneumonia related complications is not AIDS, except when it is what actually causes death in an immunocompromised AIDS patient (98.6% of all cases). Knowing that, anyone but pseudo-intellectuals can see that pneumonia related complications is not shorthand for AIDS.

Q: Why do doctors refuse to answer questions about pneumonia related complications?

A: Sometimes it's a catch all diagnosis. You didn't want to know your daughter was airing her pussy with john cock for $20 an hour to feed her meth habit, did you? Or that your son toured the world in his metal band so he could get railed in bathhouses by sweaty bears? Exactly. Sometimes doctors tell gentle lies on death certificates. It sounds lot better than "drank himself to death in the Netherlands","died of an unhygenic punctured rectum", or "two-faced whore died craving meth." But as we like to say, that's sometimes, not all the time.

Metal / ADRIAN BROMLEY dies of bad genetics, shitty metal
« on: December 08, 2008, 12:35:02 PM »

Adrian passed in his sleep, from complications due to pneumonia.


This person enjoyed slandering ANUS because he disagreed with our political outlook. He liked bringing metal to failure by promoting garbage music and ideologies for morons.

Who dies of "complications due to pneumonia"? That's a cover for: cancer, AIDS, or congenital failure.

Clearly a genetic failure, he croaked of his own inability to hold down a real job, preferring instead to shill his "journalism" to clueless people who like bad music.

Nature is slowly killing off the terminal parasites who clog metal. Adrian Bromley's death was one small step for immunodeficiency, and one giant step for mankind.

Interzone / AMEBIX in Austin, TX Jan 24, 2009 -- who's going?
« on: December 03, 2008, 10:42:05 AM »
Saturday Jan 24th



tickets :

Can carpool from Houston. Looks awesome.

Metal / What are the new metal classics?
« on: November 25, 2008, 05:41:20 PM »
Quote from: metallivesinnyc
I would love to hear any new metal classics.

Me too.

I'd like to hear post-1989 speed metal that was worth a damn.

I'd like to hear post-1995 black metal and death metal that was worth a damn.

If history repeats itself (it always does), people will either:

(a) post huge lists of meaningless but rare, new or trendy shit.
(b) harrrumph and say NOTHING has been good
(c) name a few that really stand out, will be good listening for 20 years, are really classics, etc.


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