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Interzone / Screw habitat, save oil barrels instead
« on: March 15, 2010, 02:43:02 PM »
1. use corrupted science and compliant media
2. get crowd behind man made global warming
3. keep Americans in cars, but more efficient, less emissions
4. drive down price of oil globally since Americans use less
5. add 2 billion more "Americans" in China and India

The vehicle emissions standards will be phased in starting with the 2012 model year, raising fuel economy to an average 35.5 miles per gallon by the time the 2016 models are ready -- up 42 percent from the current 25 miles per gallon.

Lower U.S. gasoline consumption could make more crude supplies available in the world market, which in turn could put downward pressure on oil prices.

Phil Flynn, an analyst with PFGBest Research in Chicago, said the new standards will definitely lower U.S. oil demand, but that could be offset with higher fuel use in other countries.

"We can save it here, but are these cars going to be marketable in China, where all the demand growth is going to come from?" he asked.

The rules follow an EPA finding that greenhouse gas emissions from new vehicles contribute to air pollution, a danger to public health.


Interzone / Remove everything personal from debate
« on: March 07, 2010, 03:21:24 AM »
Like pulling iron filings off a magnet, the only goal is to remove all the falses clinging to what is true

* Do not insult your opponent; deal instead with ideas minus the personality and egos involved
* Never misrepresent your opponent's viewpoint; ask for clarification instead
* As one puzzle piece, small subjective experience leaves a large composite truth still unassembled
* Start large in scope with the whole concept first; leave errors in minor details for last
* Other than for understanding if something is popular or not, popularity cannot reveal truth
* Praise for exceptional thought is needed; conforming to the expected norm is not praiseworthy

Interzone / Modernity is not universally sustainable
« on: February 22, 2010, 07:29:50 PM »
I believe some major shared concerns in our time can be resolved through parallelism, or allowing independent development to take place around the world. Apply a non-interference pact similar to the Prime Directive from Star Trek fiction.

* overpopulation
* urban sprawl
* overcommercialization
* extreme income disparity
* loss of languages and cultures
* habitat loss
* resource depletion
* ecocide
* pollution

What we have instead is the reverse: we insist, as a universal moral imperitive, that everyone, everywhere, has to be brought into an affluent North American lifestyle. The past after all, as the implied narrative informs us, was composed of 100% Pure Horror, Ignorance, and Inhumanity.

If the United States alone uses the majority of the planet's resources, but has only 6% of the world's population, our moral imperitive to upgrade 5 billion lifestyles, barring significant required technological advancements, is mathematically impossible and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Not every group is ready to responsibly, consistently maintain and advance a modern state of living. For some, their best fit for the long-term yet is hunter-gather, for others, perhaps something resembling Late Antiquity or the Middle Ages. Yet, this is unequal, and in some ways inhumane, but it is the only realistic resolution available within our finite space.

Interzone / 429 exoplanets documented
« on: February 21, 2010, 10:25:54 PM »
Our place in the cosmos is far less significant than our humanzee pop culture, modern religion, and liberal politics would have us believe. This collective fantasy ego drama robs our present and future of greater possibilities.

Among the more than 400 planets found beyond our solar system, there are volcanic Super Earths, gas giants that dwarf Jupiter, and worlds with multiple sunsets.


In ascending order by host star name http://planetquest.jpl.nasa.gov/atlas/atlas_search.cfm?Sort=Star&SorDir=ASC

Interzone / Modern terms
« on: February 11, 2010, 12:59:25 AM »
globalism: 1. the act of circumventing territorial autonomy due to the barriers they may impose upon commercial activity 2. the act of paralyzing cultural development by making culture into a commercial product and luring its creators into commercial activities as a replacement for their own cultural continuity

globalist: 1. an individual who does not value the concept of sovereign territory because borders pose various hindrances to the commercial activities that benefit the globalist 2. an individual who impedes cultural development by deconstructing it into an array of products for sale and encouraging its creators to replace their own cultural development with commercial activity

neoconservatism, neoliberalism: 1. the belief in one's own individual primacy over many aspects of reality 2. the belief that an individual makes his own reality rather than temporarily modifying his finite area of influence with varying results in quality

racism: 1. a term invented by Leon Trotsky to shame industrialized world powers opposed to the expansion of communism,in order to create resentment against these powers in the non-industrialized world and therefore encourage the non-industrialized nations to shift the world balance of power in favor of the Soviet Union 2. a term used by liberal democratic political parties and constituents in industrialized countries to stigmatize any opposing party or critic

biological determinism: the belief that inherited factors overwhelmingly influence the development of life; we are each a part of a reality that made us all possible

social determinism: a belief in human exceptionalism in that psycho-social factors overwhelmingly influence the development of human life; we create our own reality

Interzone / The Dawning Age of Lifeless Sterility
« on: February 03, 2010, 02:49:03 AM »
The liquid glass spray (technically termed “SiO2 ultra-thin layering”) consists of almost pure silicon dioxide (silica, the normal compound in glass) extracted from quartz sand. Water or ethanol is added, depending on the type of surface to be coated. There are no additives, and the nano-scale glass coating bonds to the surface because of the quantum forces involved. According to the manufacturers, liquid glass has a long-lasting antibacterial effect because microbes landing on the surface cannot divide or replicate easily.

Liquid glass was invented in Turkey and the patent is held by Nanopool, a family-owned German company. Research on the product was carried out at the Saarbrücken Institute for New Materials. Nanopool is already in negotiations in the UK with a number of companies and with the National Health Service, with a view to its widespread adoption.


We were all looking at applied nanotech back in the bbs days. Back then, ~7 years ago, because nanotech was in the planning and speculation phases, everything except simple, dumb-applications like carbon buckyball structures was impossible. At this point, we're getting into advanced dumb-apps with this glass spray. Next stage is probably basic smart apps like moving parts, articulating structures, little saws and windmills for as yet unconceived purposes. Later with advanced smart nanotech comes sensors, mobility, programmability and self-replication.

Interzone / Emo and hipsterdom are profit vectors for histrionics
« on: February 01, 2010, 07:40:11 PM »
More specifically, HPD is classified as a Cluster B (dramatic, emotional, or erratic) personality disorder. The personality disorders which comprise Cluster B include histrionic, antisocial, borderline, and narcissistic.

HPD has a unique position among the personality disorders in that it is the only personality disorder explicitly connected to a patient's physical appearance. Researchers have found that HPD appears primarily in men and women with above-average physical appearances. Some research has suggested that the connection between HPD and physical appearance holds for women rather than for men. Both women and men with HPD express a strong need to be the center of attention. Individuals with HPD exaggerate, throw temper tantrums, and cry if they are not the center of attention. Patients with HPD are naive, gullible, have a low frustration threshold, and strong dependency needs.

Cognitive style can be defined as a way in which an individual works with and solves cognitive tasks such as reasoning, learning, thinking, understanding, making decisions, and using memory. The cognitive style of individuals with HPD is superficial and lacks detail. In their inter-personal relationships, individuals with HPD use dramatization with a goal of impressing others. The enduring pattern of their insincere and stormy relationships leads to impairment in social and occupational areas.


They don't know what causes HPD, but our entertainment industries allow this disorder to flourish.

Interzone / Solutions for the new article Oncology
« on: February 01, 2010, 05:01:08 AM »
The task before you is to make a society based around a singular principle, which leads to a goal, values system and culture in common. Our society as it stands now is composed of the exact opposite principle: no goal, but we facilitate any idea except that which opposes our society's design. These two are opposite extremes and as time goes on, we see how our current civilization's design brings out viciously enduring problems, like a cancer.


The singular principle is a term long forgotten by popular environmentalism and that is conservation. Conservation is both sustainability and survival over time in the relatively finite spaces we are stuck with: an ecosystem, a nation, our resources, or our planet. Sustainability is stability at all levels including minimizing social upheaval, the total recycling of non-renewables like metals, or curbing status mobility to keep collectives predictable for internal power balance. Survival means that because our space is finite, any acceleration of surplus living growth within our space will need to be accompanied by a greater trimming of this growth by various means such as attrition through wars or by temporarily raising standards for who is permitted to raise offspring in a given generation.

We presently have the luxury of being able to set aside this conservation idea and for public anger management, we rationalize our keeping this historically brief luxury, modernity, with our fantasy concepts freedom and progress. Resources are yet reasonably plentiful for the West, even if distribution remains, quite naturally, inequitable globally. If we don't wish to consume our plentiful local reserves, we are yet wealthy enough to send invading forces, or the threat thereof abroad in order to install a more favorable trading partner regime therein and use their resources instead of our own. But, how many more creative economic bubbles can we summon in order to bankroll these high stakes international games? When will internal exhaustion finally steal away Western-Atlanticist political and economic will to uncontested world power? Our militaries, finances, political and even moral credibility, are by many accounts showing signs of strain right now.

Modern progress itself has been less of a complete gain, which is the illusion, and more of a trade, which is the reality concealed by this illusion. What if the lights go out and the fuel stops getting delivered for months or years? Will almost everyone survive or will there be some dieoff and chaos? We've lost rustic survival and organizational skills but gained little indeed with our resource dependencies to power our many technological comforts. Has there been social progress as advertised? The minority races and fairer sex are still complaining as ever, even as a bit more of a share is periodically given over to them for free from the majority and male. Ah, but now another cross section of society rises up with a grievance. With the recent emergence of a Globalist Superclass, class income disparity is right at or still near its all time historic high. The poor are penniless as ever but our wealthy today make the kings of old appear as paupers.

While progress is what's advertised, the actual product is the permanent revolution activity carried over from the Lenin and Trotsky era, where a million hydra heads and a new one each day of unequal injustices that, as we are told, need to be corrected, keep our civilization in its state of ceaseless, if pointless internal conflict. In retrospect, after these several generations of having this permanent revolution, this facet of progress, spending away our internal fortitude, who has benefitted after all? It is all trading for nothing but no lasting gain as promised and that is because inequality is permanent, if perfectly natural, and thus it is something we must re-adapt to in order for us to gain as a civilization once again.

Interzone / How The Morons dominate you
« on: December 21, 2009, 09:26:43 PM »

Interzone / Why our society will fail and Taken for granted
« on: November 23, 2009, 02:03:14 AM »
Upon reading this article,  a few ideas sprung to mind.  Popular consensus leading a population made up mostly of morons leads to only one end: a society where our best resource (people with an IQ of over 120) feel alienated among a politically-correct, lowest-common-denominator environment.

Does anyone feel this isn’t true, with all the shallow crap on TV, on the news, without any real discussion by our own presidential candidates of the really important issues of the day and the really important effects of man-made causes?

Why our society will fail

Foreign dependency cycle relationships or Inevitible Globalism, Third World overpopulation and ecocide, and First World liberty without any obligations are all within our ability to control. But all of the foregoing originate in needless individual wants that multiplied and aligned into mass effect. We never needed any of it for group survival or rewarding individual lives.

We live in a schizoid time because what people think they want is more "real," in our interactions with others, than reality. Our current dysfunction originates in this attitude, which comes about when a large numerous group overwhelms those of higher intelligence and, thanks to the head start and infrastructure set up by those of greater ability, is able to rule itself for some time before decay catches up. We can call it crowdism, or selfishness, or even mass revolt, but at its core the crowd is composed of individuals sharing this same delusion: that what we want to be true is more true than what is true. Does humanity's error come down to a simple lack of maturity, like a six-year-old confronted with a choice of dinner between broccoli and ice cream?

Taken for granted

Interzone / Truth over economy and twilight of money
« on: October 19, 2009, 03:56:36 PM »
Both of these unrelated but new blogs are right.

The first tells us of the heat death entropy of modern consumerism, sans values, as its own goal. The second points out abstractions which are layers of worth-value, the structure of economic bubbles, now far removed from the actual good or service, or reality, the abstractions represent.

Maybe the reason that best explains why we understand ethics in a relativist way is that our modern perception of reality is entirely defined in functions of production. Economic science makes whatever falls into its study field relative, because it is grounded in the valuations made by individuals in reference to their circumstantial needs. This is not harmful when applied to merchandise, but when every human act is capitalized, everything is determined as good or bad by consumers. The ideal becomes capital, and goodness becomes what is desirable for the most.

If someone wants to access the goods or services of his choice, he must act according to certain exchange rules of the economic system: ethics is reduced to a certain set of contrived rules that allow individuals to build wealth and to access other goods. Ethics is no longer a spiritual understanding of behavior, but only an implement of the economic system, and thus it subordinates its own authenticity to the dominion of economy.

Truth Over Economy

We are uncomfortably close to such a possibility just now, especially in our economic affairs. Over the last century, with the assistance of the economic hypercomplexity made possible by fossil fuels, the world’s industrial nations have taken the process of economic abstraction further than any previous civilization. On top of the usual levels of abstraction – a commodity used to measure value (gold), receipts that could be exchanged for that commodity (paper money), and promises to pay the receipts (checks and other financial paper) – contemporary societies have built an extraordinary pyramid of additional abstractions. Unlike the pyramids of Egypt, furthermore, this one has its narrow end on the ground, in the realm of actual goods and services, and widens as it goes up.

The consequence of all this pyramid building is that there are not enough goods and services on Earth to equal, at current prices, more than a small percentage of the face value of stocks, bonds, derivatives, and other fiscal exotica now in circulation. The vast majority of economic activity in today’s world consists purely of exchanges among these representations of representations of representations of wealth. This is why the real economy of goods and services can go into a freefall like the one now under way, without having more than a modest impact so far on an increasingly hallucinatory economy of fiscal abstractions.

Twilight Of Money

Interzone / Koko the gorilla smarter than half of humanity
« on: October 11, 2009, 02:53:38 AM »
Koko has a working vocabulary of over 1000 signs. Koko understands approximately 2,000 words of spoken English. Koko initiates the majority of conversations with her human companions and typically constructs statements averaging three to six words. Koko has a tested IQ of between 70 and 95 on a human scale, where 100 is considered "normal." Michael, the male silverback gorilla who grew up with Koko, had a working vocabulary of over 600 signs.


One arresting fact emerges: the average national IQ of the world is only 90. Fewer than one in five countries have IQs equal or near the British average of 100. Almost half have IQs of 90 or less.


Make room for animals. Remove liberals and humanists.

Metal / Liberal ideology in satanic black metal
« on: September 12, 2009, 01:46:45 AM »
Satanic black metal is a vector for liberalism.

* Anti-identity: we are anti-Christian but not pro- anything. What are we? Nothing.
* Egoism: There is no god. I am my own god!
* Revolutionary left mentality: tear down the established order but no rebuilding proposal.
* Nihilism as its own goal: see anti-identity
* Individualist: see anti-identity, egoism

Interzone / Moron leadership and their wars on symptoms
« on: August 24, 2009, 11:29:02 PM »
Meth manufacture adapts to and overcomes society's struggle against it.

But now drug users are making their own meth in small batches using a faster, cheaper and much simpler method with ingredients that can be carried in a knapsack and mixed on the run. The "shake-and-bake" approach has become popular because it requires a relatively small number of pills of the decongestant pseudoephedrine — an amount easily obtained under even the toughest anti-meth laws that have been adopted across the nation to restrict large purchases of some cold medication.


Entertainment bosses alienate customers, but temporarily deter a little media sharing.

Those in the media who are celebrating this “victory” are enjoying a dubious at best moment of triumph: they still have not addressed the problem of which piracy is a symptom, or affirmed a sense of fair play (”morality”) in the eyes of the media-buying public.


Rule by merchants through their proxy public appointees cannot lead anywhere but down.

Interzone / Too many friggin people in a finite space breaks the bank
« on: July 29, 2009, 12:49:44 AM »
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a revised $85 billion budget Tuesday that he said contained "the good, the bad and the ugly," including additional cuts to child welfare programs, health care for the poor and AIDS prevention efforts.


The weakest components of humanity get the axe. This has been a modern moral taboo all along up until now. Arnold for Emperor '12.

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