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Interzone / Why our society will fail and Taken for granted
« on: November 22, 2009, 06:03:14 PM »
Upon reading this article,  a few ideas sprung to mind.  Popular consensus leading a population made up mostly of morons leads to only one end: a society where our best resource (people with an IQ of over 120) feel alienated among a politically-correct, lowest-common-denominator environment.

Does anyone feel this isn’t true, with all the shallow crap on TV, on the news, without any real discussion by our own presidential candidates of the really important issues of the day and the really important effects of man-made causes?

Why our society will fail

Foreign dependency cycle relationships or Inevitible Globalism, Third World overpopulation and ecocide, and First World liberty without any obligations are all within our ability to control. But all of the foregoing originate in needless individual wants that multiplied and aligned into mass effect. We never needed any of it for group survival or rewarding individual lives.

We live in a schizoid time because what people think they want is more "real," in our interactions with others, than reality. Our current dysfunction originates in this attitude, which comes about when a large numerous group overwhelms those of higher intelligence and, thanks to the head start and infrastructure set up by those of greater ability, is able to rule itself for some time before decay catches up. We can call it crowdism, or selfishness, or even mass revolt, but at its core the crowd is composed of individuals sharing this same delusion: that what we want to be true is more true than what is true. Does humanity's error come down to a simple lack of maturity, like a six-year-old confronted with a choice of dinner between broccoli and ice cream?

Taken for granted

Interzone / Re: Capitalism and Culture
« on: November 21, 2009, 02:33:17 PM »
We could use more attractive ideas for non-utilitarian, secular goals without sounding like the Spanish Inquisitions have returned. That could get people thinking about more than self comfort and to hell with the rest.

Interzone / Re: Martial Arts
« on: November 21, 2009, 03:54:18 AM »
I completely disagree with that.  Of course basic fitness is useful to all aspects of life, but to suggest that it is needed before beginning an education in martial arts is inaccurate.  I've instructed a number of very unfit individuals and their skills, both mental and physical, progress similar to anyone else.  So, fitness will come and the necessary mental aspects will already be in place.

The first thing any army in the world does with raw recruits is have them drop to their faces and begin pushing. While this initial step is less about physical training at first and more about weeding out those who are brittle in character, it is in line with what I was implying, which is to get the whole person, mind, body, and spirit on the same page with what's ahead.

Interzone / Re: Martial Arts
« on: November 20, 2009, 08:41:05 PM »
It's better to start with simpler concepts like strength, precision, speed, and endurance. Just get your body moving against resistance. Get a handle on nutrition and live it. Then, get acquainted with some war tactics and strategy to get your head programmed. After these baby's first steps the slobber bib can come off and you can start thinking about schools and styles. The untrained, the lazy couch potatos, and the pacifist conflict avoiders tend to have no idea how helpless they really are.

Interzone / Re: Untamed Wilderness – Possibility or Mere Pipedream?
« on: November 18, 2009, 02:30:39 PM »
I understand it is possible to get a piece of property and designate it a wildlife sanctuary, at least if a threatened species is located there. I'm guessing that would get the owner around having property taxes.

Interzone / Re: Militarism, Masculinity, Metalheads
« on: November 17, 2009, 07:25:01 PM »
Ditto and concur. But masculinity, a state of being distinct from mere machismo image, wasn't isolated to Hessians at the time. Even surfers and burnout stoners would open up a can of whoop ass when provoked. There has been quite a bit of environmental news about discarded plastics leaching bisphenol-a into the water sources all over the industrialized world. It is supposed to have a negative impact on males. Maybe it is more widespread and damaging than what we realize thus far.

Interzone / Re: The forgotten histories
« on: November 17, 2009, 07:16:25 PM »
From some scientist on the Eugenics list:

The [ popular, modern - my edit ] hypothesis is based on little else than the dating of various genetic mutations within the human populations.  This is just another nail in the coffin of an essentially political statement of human origins.

Whoops. Biodeterminism rears its ugly head again.

Interzone / Re: Militarism, Masculinity, Metalheads
« on: November 16, 2009, 05:56:12 AM »
Think of it as a technical or trade school for people unfit for university. Occasionally there is a war going on. War isn't the default state of being in the military. The default state is a garrison role doing maintenance and training. Most of the dangerous action involves the basic infantryman, which is typically those who scored the very lowest on the entry exam and the only clerical or technical role they fit into is rifleman. The generally unskilled rifleman is the source of the macho image. Most of the other occupations are full of nerdy types, metal types and hip hop types.

Interzone / Re: Economic crisis leads crowd to losing faith in capitalism
« on: November 16, 2009, 05:42:28 AM »
Isn't it better to direct this question at the parties responsible? Those who either ridicule or pity subsistence living rather than leave well enough alone. Those who insist artificial coaxing like education can rewire evolution's hardware.

Interzone / Re: Policy
« on: November 15, 2009, 08:40:46 PM »
But we are taught democracy, capitalism and liberal civil/women's rights together comprise "freedom," and that anything but freedom is "bad." So what can we do? We shrug and watch the ongoing travesty, certain we cannot with these hands and these minds do anything to reverse the course toward total destruction. After all, this path to death runs parallel with "progress" and "freedom," which are bringing us an enlightened time, free of wars and want -- or is that too illusion? We wonder, and do nothing. There is nothing we can do ...or is there?

Environmentalism Contra Democracy

We can't have our cake and eat it, even if liberalism insists otherwise.

Interzone / Re: Economic crisis leads crowd to losing faith in capitalism
« on: November 15, 2009, 08:32:14 PM »
Better consumers is right. I believe much of the push for third world immigration is to ensure a large consumer base that is not at all discriminatory with what they purchase. They prefer cheap, abundant and quick gratification, quality production and environment be damned and stay oblivious to the consequences of putting unscrupulous sellers into power with the mass wealth transfer.

Consumer and environmental education has no effect unless you have people who can absorb the information and care about the results. To date, after decades of such education availability, this is only a tiny minority. It is clear by now that liberalism is incapable of making any large scale improvements and that populations generally need to be coerced into not destroying or culled by war so the impact of their numbers is reduced.

Interzone / Re: Policy
« on: November 13, 2009, 03:57:13 PM »
We need to get a handle on environmental carrying capacity for people in subsistence and affluent societies. Give living spaces in various ecologies occupancy limits like a theater has a maximum occupancy as designated by a fire marshal.

Other than for emergency rescue, military, or diplomatic action, there is no need whatsoever for rapid transit. Bulk goods can be hauled using dirigibles or by sea.

Get rid of lawns and cars, exotic pet shops and plant nurseries. Keep local flora and fauna local. Apply this principle to human populations. Start to see humans as just another organism in a biosphere we tend to as stewards, rather than affording them limitless liberties based on nothing but their own exemption and exception from nature delusions.

All technology is a weapon pointed at nature. Use only as needed rather than proliferate as desired. Channel desires into art, combat and cultural pursuits instead.

Did I just ban liberalism with the above recommendations? Why yes, yes I did!

Interzone / Re: Economic crisis leads crowd to losing faith in capitalism
« on: November 09, 2009, 09:05:22 AM »
The surface problem is that capitalism is an artificial form of natural selection (culture) and people fear struggle of any sort. The 2-5% best rocket to the top leaving the rest struggling to some extent.

The hidden problem is the type of traits this artificial natural selection culture says are favorable. Narcissism, solipsism, psychopathy, short-term thinking and avarice have all made their appearance. In other words, according to the culture of our time, having these traits helps our chances of success in life. In contrast, prior cultures would encourage piety, fidelity, chivalry, planning ahead, and bravery.

Metal / Re: Is black metal "twee" now?
« on: November 08, 2009, 07:14:19 PM »
By escapism I mean making it into a linear horror entertainment product squarely aimed for the public that doesn't want to engage in the scary ideas - kind of things such as "brutal death metal" which from Cannibal Corpse onwards has sought to make death metal into something where the horror and agony is a matter of aesthetics (endless recombinations of murder and death happening randomly as in the hands of a screenwriter that needs to invent scenes for Friday the 13th part 2627), not content (all of it is just a jumble of words, it has no story, teaching or direction underneath). It's "illustration" for a rock/jazz/metal jam session, not mythology or spirituality or sacralization of death.

This is true. They give us only half the story because they want to make it accessible and empower with deranged fantasy what are in reality lifelong weaklings. A victim that mysteriously, somehow comes into our power so that we may engage in taboo acts with it? Juvenile.

The missing half of the violent epic is the harrowing side: hunting the fiersome Grendel, a mighty bear that could rend us asunder if we aren't wary, stalking a godly dragon or elusive vampire. This other half of the experience is missing. It requires something from us such as valor, heroism, enduring hardship, even insatiable greed to steal a dragon's treasure, or the haughty pride of Beowulf.

Like Slipknot, CC is a better fit for underconfident fatboys with a chip on their shoulders, who are as yet untested in life and probably hopelessly unfit anyways.

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