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Interzone / More on nihilism.
« on: April 21, 2014, 01:48:26 AM »
Nihilists claim there is no meaning in anything.
Perhaps that is why they so often fail to understand what I write.
They assume it has no meaning.
In spite of the fact it does.

Why would a nihilist write anything?
Whatever it is they write, it would have no meaning.
If communication is not their goal, why write at all?

Do nihilists assign any meaning they choose, to what they read?
Do they have no meaning to convey, when they write?

Who can explain this to me?

Interzone / Tell me about your education.
« on: April 20, 2014, 06:11:33 AM »
Some of you characters are still in the education system, or not so long out of it.
From what I am coming to understand, education nowadays is more about indoctrination than about education.

I am running into more and more young people, especially on forums, that seem completely unable to learn anything that they don't already know.
There is this whole thing now, focusing upon proof for every single word, being demanded, before consideration of the message even takes place.
What is this? What's going on?

People tell me politics is a big subject in schools. Biased leftwards, from what I can see.
It seems generally unpopular, but from the evidence, it warps kids anyway, into equality-obsessed machines that become enraged at anyone who mentions things they know nothing about. What they really do know about, is being so utterly self-centered that it boggles the mind.

Is there truth in this? Can anyone shed light?

Interzone / You are your grievance.
« on: April 19, 2014, 04:52:36 PM »
There are so many special-interest groups these days, that must - by law - be specially catered-to, that it gets to be something of a minefield for the rest of us.

Such groups of individuals have one thing in common: They all demand special treatment.
But how are the rest of us supposed to know who they are, in order to afford them this special treatment? By the time one finds out they are members of a special protected group, it may already be too late.

It would, perhaps, be a good idea to have such individuals tattooed on their foreheads with whatever specific grievance it is that must be taken into account by everybody else.
That way, roving gangs of normal people would know to avoid them, altogether, lest they become criminals without realizing it.

This way, there would be a price, of sorts, to pay, for that special protection afforded by law, while at the same time affording protection to the innocent who may otherwise fall foul of legislation.

Not a bad idea. You'd see people with tattoos proclaiming things like:
Gay. Muslim. New Age. Goth. Religious Nut. Disabled. Punk. Short. Old. Feminist. Ethnic. Nutcase. Victim.

That way, they would be safe from everybody else, while everybody else would be safe from them. Nobody would be forced to wear one of these tattoos, but if one elected not to, then they would be unable to later claim that they were victims of a hate crime.

Interzone / Online Classics.
« on: April 14, 2014, 04:13:51 PM »
"If it is true that the notion of god actually referred to 'reality' for millennia, than someone, somewhere had that idea before you. If you cannot demonstrate that the concept existed before you mentioned it in this thread, the only remaining conclusion is that you were the first: you made it up."

This idea is common on the internet. That nobody can come up with truth unless it came from someone else.
That nobody can know anything unless it has a 'source' that is already known.
That there can be no first person to know it, unless somebody elsewhere was the first to know it.
And if you are the first to know it, then it must be crap.
This is what is known as 'logic'.
I am very happy to not be so burdened with so useless a thing.

Interzone / Tolerance.
« on: April 09, 2014, 01:27:13 AM »
I have no time for tolerance. Beyond, perhaps, not immediately flying into a rage, at the first sign of encroachment.
Encroachment upon my person, my life, my balance.
If I step upon a rusty nail, what do I do?
Do I consider the nail, as equal to me in all respects, and feel compelled to leave it where it lies, to avoid infringing its material-rights?
Well? Do I?

Or do I leave it there for the above reasons, and remind myself to remember to avoid it every time I come near?
But if I do that, am I not being discriminatory? Prejudiced against rusty nails?

Or do I remove the nail, from where it threatens, in order to avoid pain, injury, and tetanus?
Would I - if I took such action - be, in effect, a warmongering, chauvinistic, nail-hating bigot?

It's a real problem.

I favor dealing with it in the same way I deal with everything.
And I encourage you to do the same.

Interzone / On being 'human'.
« on: April 08, 2014, 06:46:53 PM »
I lay in the bathtub and drifted.
Happiness, for me, lies in pulling the plug on active thought. I eliminate all the straight lines and right-angles, and leave the diffuse, the luminous, the indistinct forms.

It is impossible to really define what a human is, because we are not actually human.
We do not, and can not, know this thing we inhabit.
We can, however, with great diligence, discover what we really are.
And if we succeed in that, we can know we are not human at all.

The potential for consciousness exists within each human.
It remains unconscious as long as it is ignorant of its existence.
If, and when, it becomes aware of itself, it becomes clear that it is not the form it inhabits.
That form is a vehicle for its physical manifestation.

It was a particularly pleasant bath. I felt calm again, could breathe again, and feel content again.
My wife visited, during the event, and asked if anything was wrong. She said I seemed 'different'.
I was, I said. Very. And no, nothing was wrong.

Interzone / If you want it done right...
« on: April 07, 2014, 06:15:02 AM »
"If you want it done right, you've got to do it yourself." 

How's that for a cliche? Everyone knows it. Sooner or later, everyone repeats it.
I say "repeats", because whoever it was that originally said it, was the first one to say it.
And you can bet it was someone who had a clue of what it meant, and why he was saying it.
This would suggest he knew something that others didn't, which is why he was the first to say it.

People often seem to think they could do a better job than whoever is currently doing that job.
But usually, they see a job, as opposed to setting up the situation, from scratch, that resulted in there being a job.
I hear it all the time. It can relate to almost anything. A pulp mill. The phone. Cable TV. The power utility. The government. The highways. The ferries.

People often seem to think things just appeared, and all that is required is for someone to come in and run them.
But no business is ever set up to run at a loss, merely to provide a dissatisfied public with a service.
A business is set up to make money. As much as possible. Nobody sets up a business to serve others at a loss to the one setting it up. 

But if a business is too successful, people start hating it because it is unfair. I mean, why should anyone pay money to anyone for anything, if those anyones really 'don't need the money'?

What is the point of this story?

That anyone can say anything, but the same words uttered by each person uttering them, can mean something completely different. It all depends on motivation and perspective. Which in turn depends upon whether or not someone feels like they are being taken advantage of by losers, or if one feels as if they are being taken advantage of by fat-cats.

I used to hire losers to do laboring jobs around my home, because they had asked if I had work for them, and because they were losers. After paying them and then having to redo all the work myself, I would utter the illustrated cliche.

Meanwhile, the losers plot to overthrow anyone who can afford to pay losers, because if losers want to have what the non-losers have, they can't rely on government to do the right thing, and guillotine the non-losers and steal their stuff, but instead have to do it themselves.

This story has been brought to you by Super Toxic Brand Pointless Fables Inc.
"You'll know the difference when you read it!"

Interzone / Rose Of Alabama.
« on: April 07, 2014, 01:09:02 AM »
Usually I just hate it when a song gets stuck in my head.
But this one I don't mind it at all.
Then again, I have a soft spot for Southern banjo tinkle.
Like all Confederate tunes, this one has its dose of tongue-in-cheekiness and lighthearted irreverence.
Be bold, metalheads:


Away from Mississippi's vale,
With my ol' hat there for a sail,
I crossed upon a cotton bale,
To the Rose of Alabamy.

     Oh Brown Rosie, Rose of Alabamy.
     The sweet tobacco posy is the Rose of Alabamy.

The river rose; the cricket sang,
The lightnin' bug did flash his wing,
Then like a rope my arms I fling,
'Round Rose of Alabamy.

So fare thee well Eliza Jane,
And fare thee well you Belles of fame,
Your charms will all be put to shame,
By the Rose of Alabamy.

And for the truly hardcore: Duelling National Anthems...

Interzone / Inner War.
« on: April 06, 2014, 05:05:22 PM »
Be sure and read Amerika, today. One of the best - if not THE best - essays I've ever seen...
By one of our own DMU members!
My day is made :)

Interzone / More on Reason.
« on: April 04, 2014, 10:13:16 PM »
Descartes was never going to get anywhere trying to define what real was, because he was reasoning what real was.
Real is not reason. The ego/intellect doing the reasoning is not real. It is an abstraction between the real and the perceiver.
Either one sees this or one does not.
To the intellect, only it is real.
Known also as ego, it sits firmly between the real, and the judgement made as to what 'real' is.
People ask what the meaning of life is, because they are unable to see one.
The question is absurd to anyone who can.

Others may be unsure whether or not they exist, but I have no such problem.
Others may be unsure whether of not anything else exists, but I have no such problem.
Others may be unsure if there is any meaning to life, but I have no such problem.

There is meaning to those who can see it.
There is none to those who can not.

Interzone / Experience.
« on: April 03, 2014, 08:42:21 PM »
Society seems to primarily aim at a state in which nothing ever 'happens' to anyone.
Safety First, as people are so fond of parroting.
Which, when you consider it, results in nobody ever experiencing anything.

Nature, on the other hand, happens. And when you live within it, stuff happens to you.
Sometimes the stuff that happens is dangerous, and occasionally it is fatal.
But whatever it is, it is experience.

When I set sail upon the ocean, in my rotting plywood excuse for a trimaran, I took no radio.
Because whatever happened, I didn't want to be able to run home to mommy.
Deal with it, or die.

That is experience.

Interzone / How forums work.
« on: April 02, 2014, 10:52:25 PM »
In real life, there are plenty of assholes. Some of those assholes are even bigger assholes than the rest.
Of that group, some will be so dissatisfied with life, that they will set up forums, of which they are admins, or moderators. This gives them some facsimile of a control that they do not have in real life.

Consider: a forum is an alternate reality. A little world, set up with rules written by God. In this case, its admins.
Those rules are completely arbitrary. They have nothing whatsoever to do with reality. Some rules I have run into include:
Using line breaks=restricted access.
Writing posts that look like poetry=warning.
Assuming you know something others don't=restricted access.
Using the words 'trolling' and 'flaming'=ban.
Mentioning you have used the ignore-function=final warning.
Inability to admit being wrong=warning.
Pointing out bad behaviour=ban.

This is very interesting. I have been conducting research on this topic, for some considerable time.
When you enter a forum, you may be leaving the world, and entering a parallel universe.
You will not know the rules, even if you are mundane enough to read them, and you will never know them, because rules get written, on the hoof, to be directed specifically at you.

Halfwits are generally safe. They have little to say, anyway, and will back down when someone challenges them.
It is only those who really have things to say that get nuked. First by the long-term members who have become carbon copies of the admins, and then by the admins, themselves, which tends to be final.

All this is fine. If one knows how it works. If one does not, it can be a major mind-fuck.

This particular forum operates on natural laws. Sacred laws. The laws of the universe.
Nothing arbitrary takes place here. No human warped-ness occurs. On that, you may rely.
So, although you may not know it, the forum is being run according to universal principles.
Which is why those who are unable to make the transformation from being out-of-control sociopaths, to reasonable humans, suddenly vanish. Leaving only those with some inherent worth.

Consider yourselves worthy. Not only as members of some stupid forum, but of life, itself.

Interzone / Time travel.
« on: April 01, 2014, 06:21:34 PM »
Fill your head with noise, and your area of perception diminishes in direct proportion.
Fill your head with media concerns, news stories, various outrages, and reality recedes from awareness.
Fill your head with thoughts, and those thoughts must first be pushed aside to deal with approaching danger.
My wife often remarks on my practically non-existent reaction times when driving.
It is because my head is empty.

Time is not a linear thing, at all. It stretches, like elastic.
The empty mind creates more time. Stretches it. You get more of it.
Leftism is the pursuit of time-murder, creating an endless progression of fabricated problems, needing to be solved.
It could be a very useful means of population reduction, if it could be content to only drag most people along with it.
But as it is, it insists we all join the lemming-like plunge over the cliff, as we race through time, to our end.

Interzone / Cool Britannia.
« on: March 30, 2014, 11:08:11 PM »
I remember the exact moment Tony Blair coined the phrase 'Cool Britannia', in his hugely successful bid to sent the late, formerly Great British Rail locomotive off the bridge and into the abyss.
Where once was 'Rule Britannia', now it was merely 'Cool'.
And what is 'cool', anyway?

'Cool' is what someone thinks will look good to outside observers. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But either way, it is all about appearances. To run a country based almost entirely of what other countries think it looks like, seems not the best way of doing serious business.

And yet, this is what you get. I have read innumerable reports of official justification for blowing the entire remaining wealth of the nation, purely to try to make that nation look good to others. There is a limit to this, of course. Not that those obsessed with appearances notice it. Now vast sums are borrowed, in the now permanent absence of hard currency, in order to give it away to numerous lost causes and absurd black-holes, again, simply to keep up appearances.

We are nice. We are cool. Aren't we fuckin' wonderful?
Er - no - we are finished as a nation.

Interzone / Memories of Morocco.
« on: March 30, 2014, 05:50:14 PM »
Well, there I was, with my wife, driving a silly rented Fiat Uno, in the Rif Mountains, in northern Morocco. She was poring over the Lonely Planet Guidebook, which I have a hard time not scoffing at.

"Do not take this road!" She intoned. "Under no account take this road, lest you be accosted by drug-dealers who will be most unpleasant!"
I laughed. Since when did Lonely Planet get anything right? And took the road.

By and by, a Mercedes sedan appeared behind us, following.
Soon there were two.
Then three.
The first then closed up and made as if to overtake. I let it. It sped past, with swarthy, bearded men glowering from its open windows. It raced off, ahead, and disappeared, while the remaining two trailed behind.
Soon, the road became a raised earthwork, spanning a deep valley. There, ahead, was the first Mercedes, stopped, its doors swung wide open, in the middle of the rather narrow road, with its occupants milling about, facing me.
"Tighten your seat-beat, sweetheart," I said to my wife. "This might get a bit hairy".
On either side was a fatal drop, but I aimed at the slightly-more-wide gap, on the left, and accelerated.
The men scattered, and with utter disbelief at what I was doing, raced through with inches to spare.
Even this did not deter the bad guys. They trailed me, at speed, to the next village, where there was a disused gas-station, on a gravel and dirt forecourt. I braked to enter it, allowing the following cars to bunch up close behind, before flooring-it, and raising huge billowing clouds of impenetrable dust.
In the confusion, I escaped, and the last glimpse I had of the three cars, behind, amid the dense cloud of dust, was a heap of smashed rubble, concertinaed into each other.

Later, we reached a checkpoint, manned by the local Gendarmerie, where I stopped and made a report of this whole crazy event. In French.

From what I could gather from the copper, he was disinterestedly saying the local equivalent of: "So? What's your point? Don't you read guidebooks?"

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