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Interzone / Sharing.
« on: April 28, 2013, 10:15:48 AM »
There are roving bands of riff-raff where I live, who drink, smoke and mope their days away, between welfare checks, food-bank days, and break-and-enters, down at at the local cafe. My wife and I used to chat with them, for a while.
The idea of sharing often came up. It went something like this:

Riff-raff: "The rich should share their stuff with the poor. They have lots of stuff."
Me: "If they shared their stuff with you, what would you share with them? Resentment and jealousy?"

I didn't pursue that activity for long. But, since they sometimes asked f I had any work, I offered a few of them a bit of that. I have lots of work. I still do. Because, even though I paid them well, and my wife fed them, and very little output was actually expected of them, they still managed to produce nothing but resentment and jealousy.

Sharing suggests a give and take. Give something to someone, and get given something in return.
Strangely, such an arrangement already exists. It's called capitalism. You give your time, and get money in return.
The only real stipulation is that your time gets used for producing something approximately equal to the value of the money being paid to you. It's Rocket Science. Riff-raff are unable to grasp the concept.

Interzone / Karma.
« on: April 27, 2013, 01:02:29 PM »
I like wasps. Maybe I like them because they are incredibly, foolishly, suicidally brave.
They will take on anything at all; wolverines on steroids.
So I never kill wasps.
Except, a year or so ago, when I had to dig out an old tree stump, in preparation for building a carport.
A wasp warned me off, as I dug. It became more and more threatening, the more I dug and dug.
But I needed that stump gone, and so I ignored the wasp and carried on.
Until it became so insistent that I retired, hurrying across the lawn, while it relentlessly followed me.
The fool thing became stuck inside my glove, between glove and wrist, whereupon it stung me.

Well. When I get hurt, I get angry, and man, that hurt!
Before I knew I'd done it, the wasp was dead...

I've felt bad, ever since, for killing that wasp. It was an expert in bushido, and I regretted having had to off it.
Bad for my karma, too, I imagined, and golly, what price would I have to pay for that?

And suddenly I realized:
If there is such a thing as karma, then surely it doesn't just apply to humans.
It applies to every living thing. Wasps too.
No matter how well-armed one is, and however justified in one's actions, there are consequences to one's actions.
Take on something thousands of times your size, and those consequences are likely to be unpleasant.

Perhaps, as my wife reminded me, that wasp was the reincarnation of an especially ornery human.
Some characters just never learn.

Interzone / What's in it for me???
« on: April 24, 2013, 02:26:08 PM »
If you approach everything you do, think, want and experience, from the perspective of "what's in it for me?" then you are in all respects normal. This could well be described as what humans do.
But what if something you discovered, explained itself to you as "it was never about you, and never will be"?
I suggest that this state is indeed possible to experience and realize.

People go after what ever they go after for personal gain. Especially so-called 'altruists'.
This is what motivates the religious, the political, the entrepreneurs, the welfare-cases; almost everybody, in fact.

I have discovered that riches beyond measure come to those who are able to step outside of 'whats in it for me', and instead to go forth in a state of complete humility, vis-a-vis life.

Interzone / Philosophy vs. Wisdom.
« on: April 24, 2013, 01:45:46 PM »
Wisdom = observing what things actually are, and living in a way that is based upon those observations.
Philosophy = observing things in terms of how the philosopher imagines they should be, and writing vast volumes about it.

Student of wisdom = one who seeks to understand the currently incomprehensible.
Student of philosophy = one who seeks to impress others with how much he 'knows'.

Sage = one who has observed enough of life without superimposing his own judgments upon it, to know WTF is going on.
Philosopher = one who has succeeded in finding fault with almost everything except himself.

It is easy to see how short a step it is from philosophy to ideology. The religion of how things should be, and the enforcement of that view upon everybody else.
Thus it is also easy to see how wisdom can become vastly unpopular, in the latent threat it seems to pose to ideology.

Wisdom = the quiet assimilation, into one's own life, of timeless natural principles.
Philosophy = the strident harangue for everybody to act in the arbitrary fashion of the moment.

Interzone / Quantum life.
« on: April 21, 2013, 10:22:59 PM »
Leftists see so little value in life that they prefer to become artificial life.
They have dispensed with God, along with anything that gives life meaning or purpose.
Unable to see anything but themselves in human form, all they see is humans.
As if nothing else existed, or had any value.

They are a virus on the earth, engulfing every living thing, and sucking the life from it.

I am a quantum particle:
I wear a body, but I am not that body.
I have a mind, but I am not that mind.
I am a quantum particle.
Infinitely small. Infinitely powerful. Infinite.
I am this way, because I must be. All living things know it, and gather to me.
Only the non-living - the artificial - do not.

I will fight those non-living artificials for as long as my body endures, because life is battle.
This is good and right. The cosmos is a violent and relentless place. It is what it is.
I am a protector of all living things, as all living things protect me.
Life is the vessel of unlimited potential. It is all and everything.

Like all quantum particles, I am this, I am that, and everything else too, in every state, at any time.
That is what I am.

What are you?

Interzone / The Great Secret.
« on: April 11, 2013, 10:59:48 AM »
Have you ever wondered what the Great Secret is?
I'll tell you.
The Great Secret is that there isn't one.
That is all you need to know.

Interzone / Da Gamez...
« on: April 10, 2013, 07:56:58 AM »
I imagine most of you play some games on your seriously overpowered computers.
Because, apart from hoarding music, gazing at porn, and hurling abuse at people you will never meet, what else is a computer any good for?
It might be interesting to hear if anyone actually does have any other valid uses :)
But I digress...

It was Guild Wars, for me, before its graphics faded from cutting-edge into antiquated. But I got really tired of hordes of monsters trying to kill me every five paces. And before that, it was aerial combat simulators, because I've always had an inexplicable interest in warbirds.
But now - for now - it is Skyrim.
I just love wandering in the vast reaches of ancient nordic forests and mountains. Cold and snow. Random danger. Beautifully rendered and immersive. Now I do it all on horseback.

Strangely, all my characters are female, along with all the NPCs I've made as followers, and I've often wondered about this. But of course, the answer is obvious, once you see it:
I'd far rather be seeing stunning females on the screen, than brute men :)

Interzone / The Treatment Room.
« on: April 08, 2013, 05:29:14 PM »
It has been suggested that there are some members who might be labouring under the unbearable stresses of what passes for modern society, and might actually be so dependent upon this very forum, that banning them for their occasional lunatic outbursts might put them at risk of suicide. Or worse!

This bemused me, at first, because when somebody is so observably useless, popular opinion hereabouts would hold that euthanasia would be the best route to take.

Ignoring that philosophical discrepancy, for now, I decided it would be a worthy addition to the forum to have a place where the temporarily unbalanced could have a really, really good rant.
Ranting can be good, apparently, in some therapeutic way, and so here it is:

Please refrain from defacing the rest of the site, because if you do, there will be no coming back.
But feel free to curse, defame, sling the shit, and otherwise make a real nuisance of yourself, if you feel the need.
Just remember, that if you must do this, do it here.

This facility is brought to you, courtesy of Villain Of The Week: Umbrage.
Sadly no longer with us.

Interzone / SSD: The need for speed.
« on: April 08, 2013, 12:04:53 PM »
Does anyone have a Solid State Drive in their computer?
I didn't until last week, mainly because, although I had read they were very fast, their capacity compared to their price, made them seem not to be worth the trouble.
I can now report that they are indeed very fast. Fast enough to be a delight to use.

I had built a new computer, a month or two ago, which turned out to be a huge leap forward from what I'd been using, previously. Even so, the hard drive still went just as fast/slow as it always had.
So now that drive still sees use for programs and data that do not benefit much from speed, while the SSD holds the operating system and page file, and delivers all kinds of satisfaction, while it loads up in seconds.

Interzone / Move out and live.
« on: April 08, 2013, 10:51:39 AM »
I am led to believe that deathmetal is a method that people use to reacquaint themselves with the rawness of the natural world, as opposed to the contrived and seriously unnatural one they inhabit. It is a stand-in for reality.
But a stand-in for reality is still not reality.
Much like a thought about something is not the thing itself.

Many people here seem to have no connection with reality, and see everything in social terms, as if people and people stuff were the entirety of life and living.

I conclude that most of you are city-dwellers, and being that, have become removed from the larger system that sustains you. The earth. The atmosphere. Storms, wind, water, wildlife.

Consider the possibility that, being removed from real life, your views are no longer held in any kind of reality-based context. The social has replaced the real. Instead of the social being only one facet of what is real.

As another consequence of this removal from reality, intellect is seen as the be-all and end-all, with experience, practical skills and know-how, fading into insignificance.

I hope some of you will, at some point, unplug from the internet for a while, pack up and move out of your cities, and set up somewhere that has a far horizon to contemplate, and where nature still may influence you. Because a life lived permanently disconnected from that which sustains you, is an empty life indeed.

Interzone / Is Capitalism bad?
« on: March 29, 2013, 08:31:24 PM »
Is Capitalism bad? Is making a profit bad? If so, why?
It seems quite sensible for a private individual to have a good idea, turn it into something people want, make it widely available, and gain reward from so doing.
Maybe it's more to do with scale, and motive.

If you make a crappy product, then drive anyone else who makes a better product out of business, so that people can now only buy your crappy product, at any price you name, then that is probably bad.
Whereas if you sell that crappy product for less than the better ones, it becomes a lot less bad.

If you supply food to humans, and become very good at doing it, thereby making a decent profit, then that is probably not so bad. But if you genetically modify the seeds that yield the food, so that they are forever unable to reproduce, thus forcing people to buy only from you, for-evermore, then that probably is bad.

A lot of people seem to have the conviction that capitalism, itself, is bad. Is it?

Interzone / Death vs. Hell.
« on: March 28, 2013, 11:21:46 AM »
Death vs. Hell. Who knows the difference? Is there one?
Gather round the campfire and tell your stories. If you have any.
Share what you think you know. Or what you actually know.
Near death, full death, death beyond, and beyond death.
Stories from Hell...

Interzone / Why am I laughing?
« on: March 26, 2013, 10:23:32 PM »
Why am I laughing? Why do you think? You'll just have to take my word for it, because there is no way you can know I actually am laughing. You have only my word for it. Take it on faith. I am laughing.

I am laughing because I am delving into corners I have left un-delved-into, to this point.
Dark and creepy areas of this site that scream "Getthefuckouttaheryourenotgonnalikethisshit!"
And upon delving, I discover that this is right. I don't like it. I have no idea what I am looking at, or why it's there, or why it would ever occur to anyone to put it there. But there it is, anyway.

I am laughing because nothing else on earth behaves anything like humans. Or looks like them. I don't know where they came from, but surely they didn't originate on Earth.

I am laughing because along with the incomprehensible, impenetrable words that humans write, about whatever this thing is that so engages them, are  images of some of those humans, and those images show glowering, threatening, word-and-tattoo-covered maniacs who aren't even trying to hide from the camera. Such courage! Such disregard for consequences. What are they, anyway? Extraterrestrial renegade Visigoths, or what? I don't know.

But mostly I am laughing because they have these bizarre identities they wear, so ostentatiously and so unashamedly. And because they so proudly display their utter lack of happiness or contentment. I wonder why they do that. But I suspect I will never know that, so I laugh, instead.

I realize that without a soundtrack to go with these words and images, I must be missing some vital mine of necessary information, that might well infuse it all with some essential context. But like television, while I may sometimes look at the pictures, I can never quite bear to subject myself to the sound. You should try this. It may make you laugh, too, to watch the crazy antics of people trying to sell you odd and useless things, when you have no idea what they are saying.

I am laughing, really, because I often laugh. It's just something I do, and sometimes for no apparent reason. I amuse myself, in a way humans seem unable to do. Because humans are mostly unable, for some unfathomable reason, to laugh at themselves and their antics, that reduce other lifeforms to rolling around on the ground, gasping for breath.

I am laughing, because here I am, on a Death Metal forum, without the faintest clue as to what Death Metal is, and without the faintest desire to ever find out. Don't you find that funny? I certainly do!

I could be all judgemental about all of this, and call it all this, or all that, but I don't really feel any great desire to do that. I am content to witness these things that people invest with such importance, and merely laugh, not so much at it, but at the people themselves, because people really are such a riot. After all, I do some pretty odd things, too, and consider some of those things to be very important. Which is why I so often laugh at myself.

Yes. I am laughing, really, because I am a crow. And because that is what crows do. Just as Death Metal sounds awful to crows, so do laughing crows sound awful to Hessians (my new word for the week). And if you find yourself unable to figure any of this out, then don't give it another thought. It's really not very important. In fact very little is very important, when you really get serious about investigating it. You may find, that after delving as far as you are able, that the only really important thing there is, is being alive...

Interzone / The Establishment.
« on: March 24, 2013, 12:48:33 PM »
I wonder, sometimes, what certain left-leaning people are referring to when they rail against 'The Establishment'.
Do they mean that state-of-things that existed before they, and those like them, started destroying it, piece by piece, some time ago?
For The Establishment, such as it was, has not existed for quite a while, now. It has become nothing like it once was, and is now only recognizable as a non-functional, directionless, hopeless behemoth that fails and fails and fails.

We started out as savages. Which was fine, back then, since nobody had anything to compare that to.
But now we do have something to compare it to. And in most cases, what we attained, within the living memory of anyone older than - say - forty, was demonstrably superior to savagery.

Dentists, doctors, ambulances, houses, pubs, safety, long life expectancy. Schools, religions, Titanics that often crossed oceans without actually sinking...
Pretty good, really, wouldn't you say?

It is a mystery to me, that when you think a thing that is your entire life-support system, could be improved upon, that you don't devise some plan to get you by in the interim period, before you set about destroying it completely.

Nobody, really, can point to the way things currently are, and the way things are 'run', and call it The Establishment.
That has gone for good.

We're just too clever.

Interzone / Squawk!
« on: March 24, 2013, 10:46:02 AM »
Can you simply observe, without judging what you observe?
Can you simply report what you observe, without giving it spin?
Can you remove all context that is not your own, and rebuild your own context, through observation?

Like everyone else, you've been got-at. You have attitudes. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, although often it is.
People search for something they call 'truth', thinking it is something they can be told, by someone else.
But hearing it from someone else, it becomes suspect, because so often, it is.

Do you trust anyone? Do you even trust you?
You had better trust you, because anybody else is completely beyond your control.
Maybe you had better become trustworthy.

So when you know something about something, through observation and experience, you can trust yourself to know.
When you know enough about enough things, you can then extrapolate, with a high degree of accuracy.
Did you know you can see into the future?

The future is not so hard to see, when you stop hoping it will be something it couldn't possibly be.

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