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Interzone / Confidence.
« on: March 18, 2014, 12:05:46 PM »
What is confidence, anyway? Do you have it? Can you describe it?

I see, wherever I look, people either not having any of it, or simulating it, which is to say, simulating something they have no idea about, and so the simulation becomes a laughable facsimile of something that has no existence.

Stutterers are big on the idea of confidence. They want it. They want to know how to 'get' it. They know they need it, but they don't know what it is. They may be an extreme case, but not the only one.

Holy Ghost = confidence.

Holy Ghost??? WTF is that?

God = Reality. Jesus = proof a human can get it right. Holy Ghost = what happens when a human gets it right.

Confidence is a calm, beautiful, graceful quality that fills an empty vessel. The vessel, of course, must be empty, in order to hold it. It comes in, fills to the brim, and gives value to the vessel.

Confidence is not the appearance of confidence. It can not be manufactured. It comes from outside, and fills the inside. When it is there, it shows. Even to those who do not have it. It changes those who do. Profoundly.

Confidence is the reward for those who, through diligence and application, have aligned themselves with Reality, and given themselves up to it. The outward manifestation of perfect health.

Interzone / Mind and Truth.
« on: March 15, 2014, 10:54:47 PM »
When you consciously think, why do you do it? To find an answer to something you don't know?
Are you using your mind to find an answer to something your mind doesn't know?
If you are, is the answer you arrive at likely to be the truth?

The mind is a fabulous machine, but it was never intended to be directed by ego.
Ego, in this context, is what doesn't know the truth. This idiot directs your thoughts?
It seems an unlikely mechanism to use.

Consider that truth exists. It must, or you could not find it. You arrive at the truth; you do not invent it.
Therefore, arriving at it entails allowing your mind to do what it is designed to do: to see it.
Ego will prevent this, every time. It already knows everything, in its own opinion.

The key is to relinquish control of the mind, and leave it to its autonomous self.
To do what it is designed to do.
To know.

Interzone / What is leadership?
« on: March 13, 2014, 05:36:52 PM »
What is leadership?

A leader makes decisions. Choices. He does this based upon considerable experience. Thus a leader must be experienced. Experience gives him scope. Scope is a larger picture than a lack of experience allows.
Therefore, the young rarely make good leaders, lacking the scope of the older person.
This is why opinion can play no reliable part in being led.
Leaders do not lead by popular opinion. If they do, then it is called 'democracy', and we know how flawed that is.

I lend DMBM my full support and loyalty. Why? Because he makes enough good decisions, and makes enough sense, enough of the time, that I choose to support him. Sometimes he says flaky things. But rarely. Nobody is perfect, outside the realm of the spiritually-adept. And the only people who listen to the spiritually-adept, are either all five spiritually-adept people, or the tiresome group known as complete wankers.

There can be no real leadership unless the rest of the people are equipped to recognize real leadership.
The only way I know of, to do this, is to dispense with opinion. Agreement is not necessary. Ego never agrees with anything it didn't think of first. And so can never be led. Thus no real leadership can be possible.

Get my drift?

Interzone / Why?
« on: March 09, 2014, 10:37:02 PM »
I have a big Maine Coon cat. Every time I look at it, it is looking at me. Right in the eye.
I have a rabbit, too, that pretty much does the same thing.
Raccoons look at me. Birds...

Humans are the only creatures that ask questions in order to 'learn'.
But they don't learn anything by asking questions.
Any answer they may get inserts an abstraction between themselves and what they wish to 'learn'.
They 'learn' words associated with whatever it is. But they learn nothing about it.

What is 'God'? Who is going to tell you? Who knows?
Creatures do not ask, or wonder. They do what they always do. They live.
I am one of them.
You could be, too.

Interzone / What does it mean?
« on: March 05, 2014, 08:36:41 PM »
You fellas are always going on about there being no meaning in anything, and for all I know, you may well be right.
I am becoming aware that what passes for meaning, to me, might not to anybody else.
The other day, Bruce Charlton wrote something very odd - which is nothing very unusual, for him - something about "what God really meant..."
I smiled at that. Not least because God - in the Christian view - is actually a person, with a personality, and a whole pile of neuroses and insecurities and fears, like any other person. Hmmm.

I see meaning in everything. Meaning being something signified by a manifestation of effect. It is very wet. Meaning it is raining. It is very dark. Meaning rain clouds have gathered. I am very cold. Meaning I am very wet. Many would moan about all this, because the effect is not something that they like. While I take it to mean I am not dead yet, and wow, what does that mean?

Here's what it might mean.

Most of us are hard pressed to even put one foot in front of the other, and even if we can manage to do that, to be able to do it without moaning about how crap everything is. But I don't do that. Because, so far, my feet still follow each other just fine. And while there is definitely a lot of crap around, it really doesn't bother me much, because I've decided that it's about time I started just being myself, abandoning any further attempt to protect everyone else from exposure to the monster that is me. They'll just have to deal with it.

So I subjected a cashier in the local food store to my special rendition of Shakespeare, in a suitable 'off' accent, which went like...

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble.
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Eye of newt, tongue of frog.
Dead man's liver, Dutch man's clog!

I'm not really sure how well it went down, but it sure was fun.

Interzone / Friendship.
« on: March 05, 2014, 01:04:09 PM »
Almost anybody can be my friend. As long as they are friendly.
I have almost no friends.
In fact, it is my very friendliness that ensures that this is so.
It scares people off.

I often see people 'acting friendly', but if they are to continue in this acting-out of friendship, it is required of those to whom this acting-out is directed, that they vocally display the 'right' attitudes. Usually political ones. In fact, a visible and vocal display of 'nice-ness' is required, in order to win this 'friendship' which is actually nothing to do with what it purports to be.


Animals, birds, trees, even insects, along with my wife, like me and befriend me, and I them.
They are able to detect my friendship, whereas the vast majority of - almost all - people, are not.

Interzone / Post Civilization Syndrome.
« on: March 05, 2014, 12:27:16 PM »
Post Civilization Syndrome, or PCS, is usually known by a more familiar-sounding, cosier synonym: Individuality.
This is a condition in which the larger picture is lost, in favour of the very small picture of oneself as the whole point of being alive.
This could be seen as personal survival.

It is sensible to have some idea of what the term 'civilization' actually refers to. Here is how I see it:
Civilization is the result of individuals banding together into a large group, to better ensure personal survival.
It can only occur under certain conditions, one of which is the ability to place oneself further down the hierarchy than the larger group.
This may initially suggest socialism, but it is very different.
Socialism is actually many individuals placing themselves, individually, at the top of the hierarchy, under the impression that they are the larger picture, and that 'civilization' is really all about them.

But civilization is an abstract idea, from which individuals give up some of their personal autonomy in favour of an It, which is larger and more enduring than them.

PCS is what afflicts those who exist inside a formerly civilized society, while they unknowingly tear it down with their every thought and action. It is a return to a pre-civilization 'me-first' mentality, while still using up the riches gained from civilization. Logically, there is a limit to how long this can go on, with none of an ex-civilization's members actively contributing anything to it.

It is interesting to note how few people seem able to understand any of this. Which is a prime indicator of just how many suffer from PCS.

Interzone / Be Poor!
« on: March 03, 2014, 12:34:03 PM »
Nothing wrong with being poor. I highly recommend it.
The best thing about being poor is not being poor, but having been poor.
So that when you no longer are, you can really appreciate it.

In fact, you will never not-be poor until you have been poor.
And so it is important never to try to deny anybody the opportunity to be poor.

People are always claiming that they have to do things they hate, and deal with people they hate, in order to make a living. But this is just another form of delusion.
Choose poor, and do it on your own terms, not somebody else's.

The only really bad kind of poor, is to be poor while having not-quite-enough stuff.

Interzone / Cheap Shit.
« on: February 28, 2014, 10:52:32 AM »
What does the title say to you? Have you run into Cheap Shit? How much of it have you run into? Is there anything left that isn't Cheap Shit?

I am old enough to remember the relationship between things you'd buy and what you'd reasonably be able to expect those things to do. The price of things reflected their capability. And capability was something you were buying when you parted with the price.

Things are not remotely like that any more.

Some time ago, I realized products were coming to be almost nothing to do with what they were advertised as being able to do, and almost entirely about persuading you to part with your money. That any business was not about what it could do for you, but instead, had become purely about fleecing you.  Even medical care had somehow turned into raping your finances, while quietly dispensing with 'care'.

I have a little gas-powered generator that advertises itself as being able to deliver 950 watts. After having it fail to live up to expectations for the nine millionth time, I undertook to measure its actual output. My ability to measure such things is a bit limited, but even so, I estimate that it can provide a peak output of somewhere around 700 watts momentarily, before dropping off to a mean output of around 400 watts.
My regular battery chargers advertise an output of 6 amps, but seem to actually deliver only 4.
There are so many examples of this principle that it boggles the mind.
And things that might once have been expected to last for decades now routinely last six months, if they even work at all, once you get through the armor-plated packaging.

The idea seems to be that in order to get consumers to buy a product, it must look appealing, cost almost nothing, and include a free giveaway that has no use whatsoever. Interestingly, what looks good to most consumers almost always looks absolutely revolting to me. I don't really want a toaster that looks like a half-melted satellite that rings, dings and buzzes every few seconds, and displays an LED readout about nothing. But other options are few.

One reason I keep hanging onto, and maintaining, my rusting 1992 Nissan Pathfinder, is that it works. I swear the thing could crawl up my wall and over my roof, if I wanted it to. It's never run into anything that could stop it. Only the decaying frame seems able to permanently stop it, which really saddens me. Because a new Pathfinder is about the ugliest thing I've ever seen, and I'd rather ride around in a wheelchair than drive one of those.

I have lots of battery-operated drills and screwdrivers that have either melted, or their batteries have completely died, refusing to accept any kind of charge. Saws that don't saw. Snow tires that do nothing. A Volvo that has a rough time even rolling downhill.


One thing I have learned from all of this, is that cheap doesn't cut it. Neither does expensive. Neither does constant replacement. In fact nothing cuts it, any more. Except, perhaps, what our forebears knew, back in the stone age:
Stone Age Shit Rocks!
If you can't do a job with your own body, mind, and a stone axe, that job probably isn't worth doing!

Interzone / Command Interpreter.
« on: February 27, 2014, 01:59:00 PM »
Computers are interesting things. Often in unexpected ways. Built by humans, they reflect the way humans think, and get things done. With all their genius, and all their flaws.
The Command Interpreter sits between the operator and the machine, translating human language into machine language. It is an insert, that comes between the two. Ostensibly to connect the two...

Consider what the result would be if the Command Interpreter was faulty.

I submit that for many humans, their own organic version of the Command Interpreter is faulty.

If this were so, how would the human know? All its input, everything it receives from its senses, would be flawed. But how would it know?

The mind can only juggle what it has to work with. Even an abstract hypothesis can only encompass the raw data it has access to. What if the conduit for delivering that raw data was flawed?

This accounts for the seeming impossibility of successfully presenting to anyone anything that they do not already know. The paradox of modern times. Shut down by an inability to receive new data that does not conform to what is already assumed, what other result would be possible? This is the nature of dogma. Once accepted, it is the ultimate death-machine. Nothing new can enter. Anything yet unknown, can never be known.

Those who recognize this will immediately understand. Those who don't quite possibly never will.


Interzone / Hierarchy.
« on: February 23, 2014, 02:03:32 PM »
People often use the term 'hierarchy'. But what is it? Is it good, bad, useful, or useless?
It, itself, of course, is nothing. A sound, or series of sounds, used to grunt to somebody else, hopefully to signify whatever it signifies. What does it signify?

Leftists would do away with it altogether, because it seems at odds with their avowed God. That is to say: Equality.

But hierarchy is what you do with it. Which is dependent upon how you see it. Here's how I see it...

At the very top of the hierarchy is Reality. Aka 'God'. This being the pre-existing framework in which I exist.
I revere it because - if nothing else - it is rather bigger, and older, than me.
Next there are the manifestations of Reality. The earth. The weather. The myriad lifeforms around me.
Then there are the things that humans have built, over the ages, that have lasted as long as they have.
I revere them, too, because they have lasted as long as they have, were built up by many, and are the result of countless individual lives.
Then there are other humans, which, as crappy as they so often are, are still living beings. And for as long as they are living, contain the potential to be more than they were, yesterday, no matter how unlikely that may seem, today.
And right at the bottom of this hierarchy, is me. Mr. Unimportant. Doing my very best to not betray the life that has chosen to reside in me, for as long as it chooses to reside there.

Although it very often appears to others that I consider everything to be about me, this is as incorrect as anything could be. It is, in fact, a perspective held by others, because that is the only perspective they have, in their inability to even conceive of living a life in which everything was not only about them.

Hierarchy. An appreciation of how things stack together, according to what works, and what doesn't.
The most important part of which, is an ability to place oneself at the bottom. Not because one has no value, but because value only comes from being able to disappear into one's life, as opposed to life being nothing else than whatever one thinks one wants.

Interzone / Pissing into the wind.
« on: February 23, 2014, 01:22:52 PM »
It is interesting to study, and note, what happens to unstable people when a sudden jolt occurs.
They become unstable.
It is not the job of any leader, government, or police force, to render people stable. Such a thing is impossible.
Stability is the job of the individual. Nothing and nobody can do this job for anybody.

Authority may decree an environment, and set up conditions that help people feel stable, but the actual stability is either cultivated, or not, by the individual.

Society has become unstable. Very unstable. The population has become, and is becoming, ever more, a vast collection of big red buttons, liable to be pushed by even the slightest tremor. People are becoming more and more hair-triggered, in their propensity to react emotionally to anything that comes their way.

Couple this with the absolute faith that has been encouraged in people, by the left, that each one of them is the unassailable authority on everything, and you can see why they have come to very much resemble nitro-glycerine.
A single shudder can make them explode into a frenzy of spontaneous destruction.

In fact, the only really distinguishable property of individual humans when compared to high-explosive, is that high explosive is exactly what it is, and nothing but. Whereas humans have no faint idea of what they are, or how much damage they can do by not knowing.

Every one of them is 'right'. Every one of them is 'entitled'. Every one of them has 'rights'. Every one of them is infinitely more important than every other one. This is the nature of instability.

Is there anything to be done about any of this?
Or are all the efforts of those even able to detect the problem, and isolate it, doomed to be an ongoing effort to piss into the wind?

Interzone / So you want Nihilism?
« on: February 22, 2014, 05:38:05 PM »
You want Nihilism? I'll give you fuckin' Nihilism...

Nothing means anything. Nothing has any meaning. It follows, then, that this forum has no meaning, and most of all it means that YOU have no meaning.

Get my drift? Not yet? Too dumb to figure it? I'll elaborate...

I don't give a rat's ass about any of you. And by 'you', I mean YOU. Dickhead!

After due consideration, I've realized that I've been extending far too much respect where none is deserved.
I hereby withdraw that respect. Gone. There will be no more forthcoming. You're all shit on my shoes.
If I could, I'd ban myself for that little outburst, and while there are actually ways I could accomplish that, it would be difficult, and it would leave the forum in the hands of irresponsible vermin, and I can't have that. So...

Here is an update on the rules, since YOU seem unable to function without some draconian admin reminding YOU of what's what. Ready?

Deathmetal is a vehicle. Know what a vehicle is? Google it.
This forum is a vehicle. It is ostensibly a deathmetal forum, but here's the big surprise: It's NOT ABOUT deathmetal.
And it certainly isn't about YOU, or whatever YOU might think, or have an opinion on. So WTF is it about?
Read today's post on america.org and find out.

We have more or less established that there is no meaning in anything. So we have a choice of how to respond to that shocking truth. What are our choices?
Well, we could do what YOU are doing, and simply declare that since nothing means anything, it should all be torn apart and shat-upon, or...
We could get off our lazy fat asses and start looking for some meaning to inject into the meaningless.
Any God can do this, and so can YOU. If YOU'RE so fuckin' important and smart and indispensable, then start behaving as if you are. Don't know how? Waiting for Daddy to tell you? Fine!

This forum is about relationship-building. Which is no different to civilization-building. You don't do either one by witlessly destroying every contribution anyone makes. You certainly don't do it by - to cite one terrific example - labeling anyone who shows interest in a contribution a 'copy-crow'. Aha. Did a dim light just flicker on?

What we have is a little group of utter losers who demonstrate with every sentence, the complete uselessness of intelligence, without anything to direct it. Intelligence + massive ego = typical deathmetal forum commenter.
Go die, already, because NOBODY needs you. A bit like The Daily Mail. Google that, while you're at it. It may suit you better than being here.

From now on, axes will drop. And drop fast. Without warning. And fatally.
Any ban from now on will be permanent. Make sure you understand this, because it is not going to be repeated.
It's way past time some responsibility for behaviour began to show up here.

If none of the above applies to you, then YOU does not mean you.
If any of the above applies to you, consider yourself as being served final notice.

And if you, dear reader-but-not-commenter, have been reticent about commenting because of the sorry excuse for forum-culture here, then be encouraged. Normal service will shortly be won, and mercilessly enforced.

And that, for all those who have never before witnessed such a thing, is called LEADERSHIP.
AKA in forum-terms as ADMIN.
Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

Interzone / Tightrope.
« on: February 20, 2014, 10:20:31 AM »
When a keyboard-commenter initiates an online engagement, it resembles setting out to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope.
He can suddenly wake up to the reality that this is getting very unnerving, out there in the middle, with nowhere to go that can be easily reached.
No. Now it is going to take a great deal of arduous and dangerous maneuvering to survive.
But that's the nature of engagement.
If one doesn't have the conviction that he is really up to sudden wind gusts, and a loss of nerve, he might do better staying at home and safely watching the spectacle on the ten o' clock news.

Meanwhile, those less impulsive, safe people are watching, secretly hoping for a spectacular fall into the icy waters. Like the crowd at an airshow, or a motorcycle race.

Interzone / Tools for the job.
« on: February 19, 2014, 05:12:48 PM »
What you know is what you know. Where you are is where you are.
You have the tools to get you to what you know, and to where you are.
Do you have every conceivable tool?

What if somebody starts talking about something you do not know? About somewhere you've never been?
It follows that such a person has the tools to get him to what he knows, and to where he is.
Maybe he has tools you do not have.


Maybe that person is just plain nuts.


Maybe not.

For every scrap of knowledge humans possess, one human had to be the first to know it.
No knowledge ever just came to all humans at once.
Communication allowed those who knew, to share it with those who did not yet know.

Everybody has different tools. Because no two people have led identical lives. Tools are only developed when a situation requires their development. If no tool-requiring situation arises, then no tools are developed.

If mathematics, logic, reason, science have not led one to a state described by someone else as a very highly desirable state, then it is likely that those particular tools are not the ones required for the job. 
Therefore, using those same tools, one is not likely to arrive at such a state, no matter how long or how hard one applies those tools. Because those tools are simply not the right tools for the job.

Not everything can be measured. This does not prevent those things from existing. It simply shows that some things are not of a measurable nature. Can you measure love? Nostalgia? Regret? Loss? Joy? Pleasure? God?
Exactly how tall is the invisible man?

Sometimes, a job just can not be done, with the existing tools one has at one's disposal.
It becomes necessary to develop new tools to do the job. New techniques. New outlooks and angles.
It's called growth.

Otherwise, it becomes like a stutterer complaining that nobody else stutters, and that is just so unfair, and that they should. And that stuttering is nothing whatsoever to do with them, or their behaviour.

The only kind of change that is worth anything, is the kind that enables a man to accomplish more. Not less.
To accomplish more, with less effort, perhaps, but not less with any amount of effort.

Tools for the job. You can never have too many tools.

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