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Metal / Chthe'ilist - Occult Death Metal from Quebec
« on: April 10, 2012, 04:48:29 PM »
I haven't posted here before, I've only been lurking on this site for years - Total shameless self promotion, I know.
Here's my band Chthe'ilist. We just uploaded a track on soundcloud. You can listen to the track here :


I wrote the music and lyrics during summer 2010 and winter 2011 and the demo was recorded a year ago actually. Some new stuff is already in the works.

I recorded the guitars, the bass of all of the vocals too but Iím far from being a competent singer. I had to record the vocals myself because the former singer left before the recording started.

Our music isn't original and our influences are extremely obvious. We draw influences from 90's finnish death metal bands like Convulse, Rippikoulu, Demilich, Adramelech, Agonized, Privilege of Evil-era Amorphis, Abhorrence, Xysma, etc.

Timeghoul and Incantation are also definitively huge influences on our music too. Hope that some of you will enjoy this a bit. More infos about the demo and additionnal songs will soon be posted on our soundcloud and facebook page (www.facebook.com/chtheilist).