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Interzone / Ethnomusicology
« on: December 27, 2012, 09:36:58 AM »

Each ethnic group has its own distinct sound in music. Peoples and their cultures have evolved in certain ways, and the music they create is highly shaped by that.

This is most obvious in classical and folk music, but modern genres like death metal and industrial also have organic links to the peoples that created them. 

Black metal, for example, is a genre that seems very emotionally linked to the cold darkness and freezing winter climate of Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea, and the genre has been especially practiced by bands from these places. Take the early BM musicians in Norway - very few of these amateurs were actually influenced by their own traditional music, yet they still somehow expressed the gloomy Nordic "folk-soul" through their metal sounds. An example:


The same can be said about classical composers like Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, btw, who expressed that unique "Russian spirit" in their (highly Western-inspired) music far better than the myriads of other Russian composers who tried the same by copy-pasting Slavic folk tunes into their works.

Also, this part is from this site's "History" section:

The Celtic folksongs of Ireland and Scotland had two main influences: the pentatonic drone music of the Basque-Semitic “natives” of the UK, namely the diverse groups forming “Picts,” and the Indo-European traditional music which is continued in India today.

I found this passage really interesting. Are there any examples of pure Indo-European traditional music that are spread all the way into Europe? Do we have any recordings of European and Indian folk music that show striking similarities to each other? Any links to mp3s or youtube vids?

Interzone / Drug use in ancient civilizations
« on: December 24, 2012, 05:09:48 AM »
I'm writing a paper on drugs in ancient civilizations, and I'd like some input from the metalheads here.

Which cultures in the pre-modern world had well-established traditions of drug use? Which religions had mild-altering drugs as an important part of the ceremonies? What role did this play in their societies at large?

(I'm basically too lazy to do the hours of research myself.)