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Interzone / Re: Thinking about death.
« on: July 22, 2012, 10:38:19 AM »
Well, I had to start a new account due to my old computer crashing and I had lost my password.

At any rate, for me personally I have seen death and have almost died. I believe this gives you a perspective, that not being close to death, can bring.

Also the one true aspect of death is not knowing what lies after. I am sure this topic can rage on for centuries, and even the tough guys after think to themselves, that when you die, what is there?

I did not scan this post like I should have, but I automatically knew that I had experience with this subject. This year, three months ago, I lost both grandparents in two weeks. I was ready and happy for their peaceful slumber.

In closing, death is "scary" because the thought of losing what you know can be numbing, but at the same time, I await death with open arms in excitement to found out. If there is nothingness, then I am already there!

Interzone / Re: Southern Europe ruined again
« on: June 07, 2012, 03:22:58 PM »
this is what happens when you try to create a rival to the united states, and force differing countries together under one umbrella.

germans are much different to spaniards, like the italians are different to the dutch, and the portuguese are different to the poles, etc, etc. it's not even about politics as much as it is about culture.

northern european countries are simply better at organization and living within their means. from an outsider's perspective, it just seems like the southern europeans are spoiled children who have no sense of money, while the northern europeans are the parents who are trying to keep their kids in-check.

europeans need to break up the e.u. or they need to remove the, "trouble' countries.

Oh man my friend, you have never been to my part of Southern Italy! There we live by the basics: no tv's no phones, and just plain good home cooked food. Add wine to that and you get the idea. If I was to say, it is the Northern Italian who live outside of their means, because they are the ones who used to a higher quality of life .

Just some view points....

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