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Interzone / Re: The Treatment Room.
« on: April 16, 2013, 02:25:20 PM »
Anyway: these are my findings.
I have never met anyone, including myself, who can maintain reliable balance in a city environment. All is pretence, and the face one manages to wear for others, is not the actual face one wears.
That is why I will never live in a city again, if I have any choice in the matter.

Hey brother, it really depends with whom one spends their time. You can see truth in an overflowing newspaper bin. The pidgeons have mastered wu-wei. One can see a thousand small Arjuna rise between the concrete and bricks, or a thousand more crammed onto commuter trains, or sweeping the sidewalks.

Those cites with subways are like dirty compost heaps. Compost heaps where only certain plants can grow, like tomatoes  or squash, which do well in soil of high nutrition. Orchid or some other rare plants grow only in  special, ligther soils, as their roots are burned by the high nutrition content.

Most content in such a compost is only meant to be nutrition for future plants.

Soon the compost are owergrown, and the nettles come, and other of that  type of nitrogen loving plants.

First after many recyclings of the organic materials we will see the diversity of a natural meadow with beautiful flowers and other herbs among the mundane grasses.

Could anyone imagine such a city giving life to a Siddharta Gautama or "Odinic wanderer" Gandalf type of person?  Perhaps rather a Socrates talkative person.

At best we will probably see some  superficial intellectual types that can nitpick superficial arguments.

Many people chose to withdraw from interacting too much if they are forced to have interaction in the urban environment, some even chose to dull the nerves with alchohol or a narcotic types of cannabis.

Schopenhauer  spake of having sensitive nervous system and how having such was a burden, but also a requrement for the true thinker.

Interzone / Re: Da Gamez...
« on: April 14, 2013, 11:35:11 AM »
Modern people are living under some unnatural conditions, and many of the computer gamers want to vent some of their suppressed natural instincts of aggression and adventure through video games.

It the same as with the recent frivolity talk, in a feminized society with less people being married, people want some way to get their natural tendencies out.

It the expression of the evil, but the true evil is something else than frivolity and video games.

Everyone has to be carefull not to be sucked into slumbering in some artificial world or in superficial fulfilment of his need.

It's healthy to have some games to hone your character or brain, like  sports or some brainy games. I found that the game of internet polemics did much to hone my writing and verbal skills, and overall insigth into how stupid humans argue for their irrational  thinkings and opinions.

Even if there is no concrete border where these things become unhealthy, it is probably good to have some codex of honour about the limits of your doings.

Interzone / Re: Da Gamez...
« on: April 13, 2013, 02:15:26 PM »
I wasted a lot of time on rougelike games...

There can't be an ideal world, as existence comes from change, the breath of the universe. Something goes in, and something goes out, so the anus must always exist in the cycle of birth and death.

Interzone / Re: Da Gamez...
« on: April 13, 2013, 01:30:24 PM »
In an ideal world video games should be illegal.

Well, at least commercially sold ones. They are designed to be escapists tools. Like World of Warcraft, where the computergamer enters an imaginary world where he has to do such things as collects eggs and feathers.

Interzone / Re: Celibacy: no semen wasted
« on: April 12, 2013, 03:22:30 PM »
The classic kinds of askesis seemed not to do anything for me. In particular vegetarian diets seemed unhealthy.

The unhealthy is in indulgence and execces.

The gravest danger is not to masturbate for 30 seconds every other day, but it is, in particular for women, to go to the drunken parties and then go home with some fag, because that will lead to an emotional exhauastion where one is no longer able to have the sensitivity and sensations neccesary to bond in order to create a family.

There is nothing macho about being able to take such drunk sluts home with you from such a party. But you cant respect such a slut because you know, you are number 40 she goes home with,and that she is oblivious to the fact, that you migth create another human.

Sex is about the creation of humans, in fact, but modern people seem to have forgotten that, and thus they forget that the larger frame of the family and marriage is neccesary.

The ascesis migth was reasonable for hermits, as they had limited funds for food, and thus should not waste the seemen. Other people should just forget about those things and think about more important things.

Interzone / Re: The "Dark Ages"
« on: April 11, 2013, 09:58:24 AM »
The Franks were quick to adopt Roman culture, which catalysed introduction of Roman learning into Northern Europe through monastries in the Paris Basin area. Obviously you are right.

But then the changes to more centralized government  also meant that kin-group, culture-based type of society began to wane, meaning the first start of the decline to the cultureless modern society.

Mostly the Christianity critics we see are so in a marxist way rather than in a Nietzschean way : "The Christians took our freedom by oppressing us with lies!!" But it's not that simple, as what happened in the Middle Ages was what laid the foundation of all the great things accpomplished by Western Europe.

Interzone / Re: The Treatment Room.
« on: April 10, 2013, 09:22:32 AM »
I used to accept the "be poor" approch to get away from society, and was in fact also drifting around for shorter periods. I never learned to fit in either, probably because of growing up in rural surroundings.
You have a point in many of the conviniences of urban hell living are unneccesary, though actually starving and freezing isn't exactly something most people would want to accept.
If just some of all the people would disapear, there would be enough space for all.

Interzone / Re: The Treatment Room.
« on: April 10, 2013, 07:54:25 AM »
That's nice to live such place. Sadly it very difficult to get your whole life together to makes such a shift economic wise---you have to make some money, which is difficult on the fringes of the world.

Most places it feels like a panopticon. Always there could be someone watcing you or neighbours could hear your doings and conversation. Modern lifestyle is quite inhumane.

Don't forget what kind of people spend time reading and writing on those social media pages. You  are sure not to find an audience if you attempt to speak the truth.

Writing on Facebook is similar to masturbation : It is not that sinful, but serves no purpose and so do not deseve  to be justified with reasons.

It would make more sense to use the pages to troll/mock the hipsterish trends. I found the page "Hipster Black Metal" and a fake page of Liturgy, which seems like a more sensible approch to use Facebook rather than to write about what is true.

It will affect people to shake them out of safe thougth patterns to be confronted with some of the things, that a troll migth present them with on the internet.

The talk was about why to use the social media.

It is stupid with such a specific goal as yours, which is isolated from all of the much larger world, which in fact influence your specific interest in the first place .

Rather, one should define a meaning behind why one do things in the first place.

So instead of submitting to the social consensus attitude of the social media, like you do when you go to Reddit and writes on the wall : "Hey,look friends, I'm so hip I listen to this uncrappy metal," you should acknowledge that the social mechanisms of the social media is in fact the same that are behind that "crappy metal" is produced in the first place, and you should therefore  treat Reddit, Facebook and Twitter accordingly as enemy territory.

To destroy in the humankind the notions born from the post Medieval times thinking about the place humans has in this universe(e.g renaissance humanism," freedom & equality") and the modern cosmological understanding as it is.

 And so it is to replace so called freedom and democracy with natural aristocracy.

This means we must also destroy Facebook and Reddit and all the other pages, and in fact all of the internet. Of course it is dream thinking as of now, but in a distant future HTML and television must be forbidden, at least for the vast majority of humans.

Yes, the internet must be closed down.

I believe all the pages Twitter, Reddit and such are similar to Facebook, where people share things with "friends" on a "wall."

Those social networking sites can make a troll "go viral" to dramatic degree, but it is very unpredictible when that will happen, so you cannot really design anything that that will work that way---or prevent it from happening.

The Facebook-like pages are completely controlled by herd thinking mechanisms, and there is no way to get actual communication of truths out on those pages. Think rather in terms of commercials playing on emotions  than in presentation of facts.

I don't know anything about the hippies after all, but it seems there were different layers of hippies, where some of them were actually willing to adapt to unconform lifestyles including environmental and spiritual awareness. Ofcourse the lot of them are today very trivial, boring people, like to most conform leftists.

A hippie-nazi filial 1 hybrid sounds interessting if the positive sides of both could be inbred to homozygotic in the offspring, so that the offspring has the valour of the nazi and the openmindedness of the hippie.

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