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Interzone / Re: Drugs are for depressed people, period.
« on: November 09, 2012, 07:11:48 AM »
The enochian, ofcourse.

Besides, does there actually exist some well documented record of hallucigen use in shamanistic or esoteric rites?

Can you mention something more concrete than soma or the apparently dubious mescalin accounts about the indians?

Interzone / Re: Why is this place a lurker's haven?
« on: November 07, 2012, 08:24:15 AM »
»the "normals" (this unfortunate term came up in some thread here, attempting to capture some sort of generic individual that doesn't really exist, but I think you get the point) around me are also dysfunctional but in other ways.«

"Normal" do not come with particular negative connotations, but means, that a person does not distinguish himself in a positive or negative way. Normalcy is a spectrum of attributes.

Ofcourse, they are sheep who together just run the way of the heard, and thus in need of a shepherd in order not to act stupid.

Interzone / Re: Drugs are for depressed people, period.
« on: November 06, 2012, 07:22:45 PM »
I did psilocybin and cannabis at a young age at parties, but stopped. But now I was thinking of doing it again in the forest or at home. Would there be a great difference? People called many things escapism, but something is not escapism because it is interessting and inspires us. They said Tolkien is escapism because it takes us into a diffenrent world. Maybe the dangers of drugs rather are they fuck with your mind and can trigger some bad reactions rather because some find them interessting?

Interzone / Traditionalism texts recommendations
« on: November 04, 2012, 12:41:12 PM »
I'm not well versed in the philosophy usually called traditionalism.

Could someone who are recommend some texts from these writers like Guenon, Schuon, Nasr or Lings or the likes?


Evola is probably already well known to most readers, so let“s forget about him for now.

When going into a new subject, the greatest challenge is to sort out something you can truly appreciate. And ofcourse most want not to spend too much time reading, so try to mention some works, that made a thorough impression on you, if you can.

Interzone / Re: Being and staying healthy in modern times
« on: October 28, 2012, 10:26:08 AM »
Most training theory are thougth for the use of elite atletes, or worse, for aesthetic body builders. Mostly their pitfalls are not necessary to consider for normals.

Sure it's good to know something about physiology, but I don't think there is so much sense in being afraid of training with for instance taking a little walk of 100 m every other day with two heavy bags in each hand, or something like that.

Most injuries allegedly comes from inactivity or from endurance sports like running or bi-cycling.

But you have an important point in that one must work up very slowly to heavy loads, as muscle and nerveous system efficiency develop much faster than ligaments and bones, meaning to much stress on such! The only thing that can save you from injury is slow progession and paying attention to even sligth pains.

Interzone / Re: Being and staying healthy in modern times
« on: October 28, 2012, 02:16:36 AM »
It depends on if you are breaking down tissue faster than you regenerate it.

If you move on slowly(progress over years), the tissue of the spine, like cartilage, ligaments and lumbardiscs, will be much stronger than before.

Ofcourse, the best health benefit is stronger muscle, that helps keeping everything in place.

Most cases of back problems are allegedly caused by inactivity.

Interzone / Re: The problem is not all of us
« on: October 25, 2012, 12:59:31 PM »
Most of them making goofy comments are probalbly teenagers who are not stupid, and migth be able to understand a lot more than they are able to express than we older with wonderous university educations can express with wit and eloquence.

People write wonderful things because they feel ripe and pregnant with ideas and feel they must  get the ideas out. Maybe your blockade is internal and not to be found in goofy internet posters?

Interzone / Re: War Against the Wise: Divide and Conquer
« on: October 24, 2012, 01:16:35 PM »
IQ isn't the same as intelligence, but it correlates with an overwhelming number of real life abilities. Different people have shown to score different of different types of tests.

As I think I wrote earlier, they diffenrentiate between only two types : Fluid G and crystalized G. Howard Gardner and kinestetic intelligence etc.? It bullshit.

An IQ-test can help clarify to yourself who you are when you got some concrete number instead of only a feeling of seeing things in a diffenent way. Sometimes it's  more difficult to interact in a natural way with other people when you are both high intelligence and of different psychological type (personally i scored 128 on Ravens Progessive Matrices and suppose to be the INTJ type or whatever.) Such tests are something you can use in a personal way. If you want to test if a person can do math or write a novel, then it's better to do the test the normal way of simply letting them do the task. If they do well at that, chances are they will also do well on an pattern recognition test.

Interzone / Re: Facing reality as Mother Earth created it
« on: October 23, 2012, 03:50:44 PM »
»Science and logic are morally neutral, but their hypertrophy and incorrect application have given rise to numerous evils, perhaps this is what you are getting at?«

Yes, in the wrong context and with the wrong application they gave rise to evils.

Humans act mostly not on reason, but on fuzzy logic, hunches and intuition, then they afterward invent rational explanations. That's just how they are, and we should not try to reshape them in an ideal way.

To take an example of how humans work : Tradition is not a logical system like an algorithm that respond in logical ways, but it is a set of values where every part gets meaning from the whole in an integral way, like in the example with the meaning of families, where no part could be taken out and explained by itself without destroying the whole.

Interzone / Re: Facing reality as Mother Earth created it
« on: October 23, 2012, 09:43:15 AM »
Good then they died before the novel went indecent.

The attitude we take to life don't always show up immidiate consequenses. The decision of Konstantin to convert to Christianity first showed it's real consequences much later, f.e.

You cannot remove philosophy too much from the actual realities of life by the use of analytic dissection without loosing some of what makes us true humans. Science and logic is mostly evil in the wrong context and should at least be removed from everywhere but the laboratory.

Bill Hopkins and §Trancix migth not be as evil as the villans of the  (very short )novel, but at least they are repressentatives of logical thinking materialists and intellectualists. And somebody has to take the role of villans.

Interzone / Re: Facing reality as Mother Earth created it
« on: October 22, 2012, 02:17:28 PM »
The logical thinking materialists was making complete sense in everything they spoke, but behind their words was hidden intentions of personal desires,

They were so fixed on the details and subconsiously motivated by their personal desires, that they completely forgot the larger picture.

Interzone / Re: Facing reality as Mother Earth created it
« on: October 22, 2012, 03:49:03 AM »
§Trancix exclaims boldly : "There will be some external force comming to save us. We will go just fine through the winter until the ships sail again. Let the mob chat and rave about what is below mine fine thougth world, that is so removed from the base, mundane world of mud and rain of the winter."

Then Waaaaagh said "I'm a nihilist, so I belive in no absolute values, yet I feel good about drinking these beers, so instead of gratifying the sexual desires, let us brew beers our of these cocouts. Ethanol is nutritious, and will help keep us warm as it makes the blood vessels open up in the outer layers of the body."

It was beginning getting cold, and the metalheads had not yet solved the problem that was facing them soon : A dark nigth of rainfall at temperatures not entirely pleasant.

Where was the guy to warn them, that most cases of hypothermia happens in rainy weather at temperatures about the freezing point?

One of the logical thinking materialists offered a suggestion : "It is freezing! Let us all cuddle together to each other bodies, so that our bodily heat may not escape out into the darkness......"

What did they answer in reponse?

Interzone / Re: Facing reality as Mother Earth created it
« on: October 21, 2012, 09:03:03 AM »
A guy then said : "Well, the sexual intercourse cannot be reduce to something in itself of just a pole and a hole, but it is interconnected and a part of the childbirth, the family rearing, the extended familiy as a line of men and the family as an economic institution which is again interconnected and integral to our whole way of life and value system. Even if your argument is entirely logical, we must dismis it totally because it is conflicting with our values. Family is interconnected with our whole type of life, and it is impossible to take out any part and say, hey, it's just a hole, because it cannot be reduced whithout taking out the whole that motivates us in the first place to live and figth. It can't be explained or justified, because it is simply just an expression of how we are."

At this time the sun was beginning to set, and the reality of the cold nigth was drawing neigh. The metalheads discussing, they had themselves trapped in their own inability to make decisions. As the sky opens and out of the last beams of the falls red  sun the raindrops glimmered in the waves, one of the materialists said : "Well, I still belive the homosexual desires is latent in every beast that walks the earth...[Continue the novel.]

Interzone / Re: Facing reality as Mother Earth created it
« on: October 20, 2012, 03:22:57 AM »
Meanwhile the metalheads sit and discuss, Bill Hopkins and the rest of the physialists have been sitting behind some bushes. They come forward to the group, and they have something to say "We were thinking, we all got sexual desires, rigth? You know, a hole is a hole regardless of the context. It's always just a hole in itself, it can be scientifically proven with this hypotheisis." Then they start a long argument of how a hole is a hole whereever it migth sit, and finally prove the hypothesis with logic. The metalheads stir in the circle, and they look at the oddly frail guys who interrupted their discourse. What do they say in response? Continue the story.....

Interzone / Facing reality as Mother Earth created it
« on: October 20, 2012, 01:54:29 AM »
When discussing philofophy, metaphysics or anything other very abstract, it is impossible to verify who is correct, and who are wrong.

It's easy to make a bold position, as it will have no actual concequences, and whatever position you chose will not influence much in your physical life. Our value as philosophers and internet polemisists are never truly tested.

It is kind of similar with our choises in life : There is a bureaucratic state that holds out its hand under us even if we act as dimwits and take krokodil, jenkem and just sits before the TV. It supports us and all of our children!

But outside of this HUMAN CONSTRUCTED WORLD there is a harder reality.

Imagine if all the Metal Hall posters were stranded on a remote island, and they had to face this hard reality where all of their choises and posistions, they chose, had consequences.

The island had limited resources, and only one or a few could manage to survive so long that the summers merchantships would sail past.

The black metal bitchfighters set themselves in a circle to decide upon what to do. §Trancix says "Let the most intellectual be the grammar king of the island." Crow says "Let the most experienced be the king." ...... What do you say ?

The metalheads sits scowling at is other with sligthly tembling hands. This is going to explode anytime!

When we meet reality as Mother Earth created it, who will enherit the earth?

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