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Interzone / Re: The harsh truth and this website
« on: October 03, 2012, 07:18:10 AM »
It's good you understand things. Though, I doubt anyone is advocating brutality per se, but rather they are pointing out the pretense, denial and illusions of the degenerate and oversocialized being that is modern man.

In fact, we get our "misanthropy" from mentors like Nietzsche and Scopenhauer, of which the latter estimates that 5/6 of the worlds population are complete vile rubbish, but as far as I know, Nietzsche gave no concrete estimate.

If you go out in the world where you are not sheltered, you will be anally raped if you understand not the truth about this world. So you must understand, that the anal rapist is your enemy, and he disguise as your friend(or "equal," as some says), and it be your duty to kill him before he sodomize you. He is driven by hedonism which serves no purpose, but will take your dignity when he pack together with his democratic friends, only driven by hedonistic lust and envy of the wise, who has wisdom resting in himself and resting in the nature as God created it. They hate the quiet wisdom and the unbending will and wrath because they are not able to go to the extremes of intelligence, beauty and strength themselves, but thrive and exist only in the trivial and mundane. What the important thing to learn is then, that the 5/6 part of the world must be seen as enemies because their actions are turned against us---even if it migth be impossible to fight them in the open.

Interzone / Re: Poseurism and the burden of the accuser
« on: October 02, 2012, 04:42:02 AM »
Once you would go to the university to look for insight and truth. Today that is no more sensible than to go to anywhere else where people are not outrigth dumb. The reason is, that the university today has become an industry for the bureaucratic system, and lives off from spewing out as many papers and sub intellectuals as possible.

Everything drown in shit, even the good and true.

I listened to just a handful of bands on a returning basis. Surely I would never have listened to metal at all, if I today were to dig through all the crap in a record store or on Youtube.

Interzone / Re: Observation suggests multiple Big Bangs and multiverse
« on: October 01, 2012, 08:30:24 AM »
Well, a UNIverse is selfcontaining. There can be nothing "outside" it, as there EXISTS nothing but the real, the real universe. All "else" is nonexistence.

Langan/Wheeler said thus something like this : That it is the feedback loop where two mirrors reflect a beam of light between each other. It's selfcontaining, but the universe has only one mirror. That's the "explanation" of monism.

Some are talking about decoherent multiverses, which is something else than different universes "existing"  in nonexistence paralle to each other.

Interzone / Re: Animal/bird relationships.
« on: October 01, 2012, 07:28:07 AM »
Even wild animals  can learn to accept the presence of human beings. I'm sure Crow is not pulling our leg about his animal friends.

A dairy farmer raises his cow with love. It comes to him to be padded on the nose, but it is shot instead to be served for dinner.

The wild weasels in the forest are afraid of the fur trapper, and the two are in a mutual relationship of tricking each other.

Who is the real friend of the animal? In fact human friendship are often based on lies. It is a completely perverted kind of love for the cow, while the trapper migth have a true love of nature as a whole, and even a respect for the weasels as a species.

Humans pervert the terms of love, evil and good.

Interzone / Re: Animal/bird relationships.
« on: October 01, 2012, 06:39:05 AM »
It's a natural thing to rape.

The argument of palaeo diets is based on what was natural.

In fact, the reasons must be found elsewhere.

It's unhealtyhy to eat too much refined carbonhydrate because it makes your blood sugar sky rocket and result in cavieties, not because the cavemen Neanderthalensis didn't eat it.

It's moral to rape a feminist because she is a acting against God and Tradition, not because the ducks and other poultry rape as a natural way of reproducing.

»I drink water because my body requires it for survival.  However, I also drink water because I find it enjoyable.  Here we have a physical and a not-so-physical explanation for why I drink water. Both are true.«

You understand something about human nature.

We cannot describe livings things will as rational other than in an indirect way.

In fact it is altogether misguided to base ones understanding of the existence on a patchwork of scientific findings.

If one does not understand the fundamental importance of conciousness and will, then one is not able to discuss religion or philosofy. If we want to discuss existence, then we must first try to understand these things in ourselves.

Lets face the fact, that we must go away from the blind path of rationalism and understand, that the coolness of intellectualism is altogether a misguided notion.

Metal / Re: Graveland Memory and Destiny remake
« on: September 23, 2012, 01:11:27 PM »
I liked the old album of Memory and Destiny. The heroic sound. The new sounds much the same but more polished and Lord Wind'ish. We willl see. He continues to produce interessting stuff.

Interzone / Re: What have you been reading lately?
« on: September 20, 2012, 12:38:45 PM »
One should read Lost Tales before reading Silmarilleon. Narn i Chin Hurin is a very nice novelle similar to Robert E. Howards stories and the Norse heroic sagas. It shows clearly here he was a filologist by profession.

That's exactly the reason I never read 'philosophy', along with the conviction that the only philosophy that really counts for anything, is the one arrived at by considered experience.
Any idea or concept worth considering, is communicable in simple, easily-understood terms.
It's the best you can do.
Since people don't understand shit, anyway.

Life, and all its wonders, is the simplest thing there is. It only involves living-it.
Which is why so very few understand what's going on.
Too intellectual.
When reading the thoughts of others it has to speak to you at a level you are already at before you understand and are inspired fully.

People who read without getting some direct inspiration therefrom are pretentious to themselves like hipsters.

So the main difficulty of reading is to sort out what is crap and what does not speak to you. I could probably mention a few books, you would enjoy.

Modern career academics have infested learning like parasites to such a degree, that it is impossible for an outsider to come and point out the banal truths about their faults -- which they like squids cover in a dark cloud of ink. Ink whichs speaks in a grammmatical correct and bloated language about abstract things, but which lacks real substance anchored in profound knowledge and insigth.

The best thing to do is to troll them into indignation like Socrates did. Though their ivory tower cannot be scaled by mere non initiates.

»Strauss was a very complicated writer and that's where Lampert comes in. Strauss was very cryptic and hid things in his writing, and had theories that most of the great philosophers did the same (that they had both an 'easily read' part of their philosophy, and a 'hard to read' part that was the essence of their though, hidden so that only those people committed enough to thinking it out on their own would come to grasp it).«

This is the style of writing Schopenhauer thunders against in The Art of Litterature and other writings. He just hates those sofists and charlatans who chose not to put ideas into the plainest words possible.

Interzone / Re: Buddhism complaint on wikipedia - Buddhism is not 'ethical'
« on: September 14, 2012, 12:16:12 AM »
Bill : I didn't knew Nietzsche was that much discussing Buddhism besides mentioning the extreme pessismism towards life. So no.
My opinions on Buddhism are primarily formed from Ananda Koomoraswamy and reading parts of early buddhist litterature.

Zyklon-B : You seems to be an idiot who cannot formulate a sound point or critique.

Interzone / Re: Buddhism complaint on wikipedia - Buddhism is not 'ethical'
« on: September 13, 2012, 02:35:04 AM »
It's simply because Buddhism was absolutely pessimistic towards life. The tool to reach nirvana is to destroy the will to life understood as the most basic instinct that drives all life to action. "Life is suffering" is to be understood literally and is opposite of Nietzsches "blieb die Erde treu."

The optimism of the early Vedas with the prayers for sons and cattle is still an element of the Upanishads and such where we see both an understanding of metaphysics and at the same time an understanding and acceptance of human life and the nature of earthly life : "Go the war with peace in thy heart" saith Krishna. "Be thou just the sword that execute the karma I have prepared for thine enemy" saith Krishna (or something like that.) In brahmanism the goal is complete understanding of Brahma : 

Brahma means the cosmos understood as the monistic, undefineable, selfcontaining whole.

Atma means the reflection of Brahma in the mind.

So the great difference is between absolute nihilism and absolute self denial and  of complete devotion to truth(Brahma).

Interzone / Grady Towers
« on: September 07, 2012, 12:03:46 PM »

Good argumentation for some issues you are already aware of.

Interzone / Re: Southern Europe ruined again
« on: September 06, 2012, 10:47:06 AM »
I heard everyone in Spain takes a 3 hour lunch and several siestas throughout the day. I wonder how they make money anyway?

Sounds great!

Economic regression strangles feminists oppertunity to be self absorbed brats.

We killed European production by "replacing" it with Asian imported crap -- where is the European steel industry today?

Lets hail the economic collaps as a great oppertunity to have a showdown with extremist feminism and leftism.

It's just the plain truth : Kazcynski was right, all these riches and technological toys are not healthy for society.

Interzone / Re: Fatherhood
« on: August 31, 2012, 02:08:15 PM »
These answers SHOULD come natural to you, so no need to fear of being ill prepared . If you need to ask, your real problem is probably you are afraid you will pass on the moronicness of your own parents on to your child.

Some people crack under the pressures and become neurotic by bad experiences in life. Some are just insane.

Some are impaired by other misfortunes as disease or malnutrition.

If there are no GOOD explanation your parents were dweebs, you probaly are a dweeb yourself, who should not have children.

In any case, could someone please post this stupid poem to the Liturgy Facebook, as I have been blocked there from :

Pass me the unholy cup of jenkem,
let the sombrelain fluids flow into our innumerable mouths,
a thousand fags stand ready, to absorb the brown, the fair trade organically fermented, out of the Brooklyn gutters of recylcling.

The sulperic cloud blackens the sky,
The faggots huffing the ammonia gass,  exhillarate the LGBT hipster horde,
Methane covers the earth as the gate to hell is unzealed.

Unholy fumes of jenkems transgress into the heavens, the most exiliarating sombrelain fluid sprays into the face of God, unholy black metal hipsters spray while chanting the burst beat from the hole whence the unholy shamanic remedy comth.

Dark Brooklyn pavement, under the glooming sky, here the skull of hipsters compost, crushed to our lord deligth, composting in the abdomen of Satan, to be sprayed out in our bottle, we drink jenkem at full moon, and deligth in the somberlain fluid. Vobiscum jenkem!

Ohh, brown lord of of the depths, spray thine brown gass of tranquil exhilarating into our face, open thine hole from where our most exilarating shamanic remedy comth, organically fermented fair trade, from the gutter of the Brooklyn alley, the unholy liquid flows into our mouth, the unholy exhiliarating secretion of Belzebub.

The brown abyss opens, like, the burst beat sprays brown darkness, like, huffing to trancend, like, jenkem lord of the depts, fair trade demon of ancient positivity,like, to huff the jenk, jenk on the bottle which trancends the haptic, like, void.

Jenking to trancend. Huffing the brown gass, it's the positive spiritual exhilaration transcendense of the burst beat. Bursting the brown beats from the balloon, ammonia dreams of transcendense.

Raping thousand virgins, vacuum cleaner, milking them of the brown exhiliarating fluid, to feed the sludge of our lord, the dark eternal, our lord of the anaerobic compostation of the exhiliarating fluid, hipster lord of sanguine wisdom, lord of the exhiliarating fluid which is consumed as our dark lord Belzebub sprays the unholy sulpheric gass into our abdomen.

Open thy inumerable mouths, rapping in indie tones under the thundering sky. Show thy manifold celestial beings of innumerable forms, ohh, jenkem master of the brown ring. "I stand before thee, I don't belive in gender differences, we are all just fags, though I still want to rape your daugther." Hipster master supreme !

Raping hords transcends from the mountain of the haptic void, ever rapping out of  manifold  mouths

Feministic hordes approach, humanistic apocalypse comes near, affirmative trancendens opens up the gates to hell, come near, dark lord, send forth thine beast, send forth the raping beast over our hipster horde.

Raping to trancend, the jenkem rap chants the signal for the war : Total affirmation, revel in positivity, send forth thine demons, let them feast upon these hordes we lay out for thine mercy, rape rape rape, milk the brown exhiliarating fluid from the virgin corpse.

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