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Metal / Media and teenagers research report from Morgan Stanley
« on: July 14, 2009, 11:36:44 PM »
A 15 year-old working in Morgan Stanley's London office has written what may be the firm's most popular research report in years.  In it, he explains that none of his friends read newspapers and few watch TV.  He also, interestingly, says none of them use Twitter, because no one reads the tweets texting costs money.


It says nothing new really but it does show some traits of where a) the "culture" is going and b) why music trends are getting more stupid every day.

Metal / Old school death metal "mixtape" by Fenriz online
« on: July 14, 2009, 02:39:04 AM »
I started the comp by thinking of some acts that should definitely be on there. Then I mulled it over for a week. I then sat down to structure it, and I had several darlings to kill and new ones to include. I am not making a ONE STYLE comp here, like ‘occult thrash’ or something. I chose numbers mostly from bands that are/were old and rough and soulfully sounding, but thrash is one of the most intense genres, so it sort of HAS TO be varied WHEN I MAKE 78+ minutes here! I was thinking of dropping three of the songs to make it more like a hit parade, but one needs some ups and downs in life, ha ha. Better to leave the mix untampered with. So it is sort of a whole labyrinth of songs, a world to get lost in.

01. Necrovore (USA) ‘Mutilated Death’ (1987)
02. Mental Decay (Denmark) ‘Eat the Posers Guts’ (1987)
03. Pentagram (Chile) ‘Profaner’ (1987)
04. Necrodeath (Italy) ‘Agony/Flag of the Inverted Cross’ (1987)
05. Morbid (Sweden) ‘Wings of Funeral’ (1987)
06. Poison (Germany) ‘Yog-Sothoth’ (1987)
07. Devastation (USA) ‘Devastation’ (1987)
08. Merciless (Sweden) ‘The Awakening’ (1989)
09. Minotaur (Germany) ‘Fall of the Gods’ (1988)
10. Mutilated (France) ‘Funerarium’ (1988)
11. Deathhammer (Norway) ‘Toxic Radiation’ (2008)
12. Obliveon (Canada) ‘Whimsical Uproar’ (1987)
13. Obscurity (Sweden) ‘Demented’ (1987)
14. Morbid Saint (USA) ‘Beyond the Gates of Hell’ (1988)
15. Vulcano (Brazil) ‘Guerreiros de Sata’ (2003)
16. Whiplash (USA) ‘The Burning of Atlanta’ (1985)
17. Infernö (Norway) ‘Thrash Metal Dogs of Hell’ (2004)
18. Aura Noir (Norway) Iron Night/Torment Storm’ (2008)


Good choices here, except for a couple of unnecessary Norwegian retros. And it does play like a journey. I approve - and still think it's old death metal even though he calls it thrash. But that's probably due to our personal history, origins, language and education - all things that made true metal mutate into diverse blasphemies.

Metal / Norwegian death metal
« on: May 25, 2009, 12:59:17 AM »
Iconoclasm Sweeps Norvegia: Impressions of Norwegian Death Metal

The article presents an overview with reviews on the early Norwegian death metal phenomenon which gave birth to the much more known black metal culture over there. Comments have been kindly provided by experts on the subject: Fenriz (Darkthrone), Anders Odden (Cadaver) and Manheim (Mayhem).

Interzone / Winter Gardens
« on: May 22, 2009, 01:53:17 AM »
Winter Gardens

It seems I found the first good synth neo-classical band from Finland in a while: Winter Gardens. Jääportit was sort of interesting, but it drifted out (or my interest in it did). There's a lot of dark ambient and noise projects here but very little in this epic, classicist vein.

Here's another which shows some promise:


Metal / Old zine scans @ FMP
« on: January 24, 2009, 04:25:37 AM »
Full Moon Productions uploaded an inspiring collection of scans from ancient zines, including BURZUM, VLAD TEPES etc. interviews.


Interzone / Metal junkyard
« on: December 22, 2008, 05:00:13 PM »
Chuck Berry invented the paradigm of rock music: three minute melodic songs, mainly driven by the electric guitar over a rhythm section of bass and drums, and sometimes arranged with other instruments. Fifty years later the world audience of rock music had been served more than 100,000 collections of songs, for a grand total of more than one million songs. Every time a musician of the 2000s released an album that was a collection of three-minute songs, that musician had basically answered "yes" to the question "Does the world really need ten/fifteen more of these three-minute songs, so that the grand total goes from one million to one million and ten?"

No matter how much the magazines hailed the new album by this or that "next big thing" or "alternative artist" (obviously convinced of having a unique voice, a unique message and a unique set of refrains never heard before in the history of music), there was something terribly obsolete and (ultimately) tedious about listening to yet another batch of three-minute songs. The magazines hailed them as masterpieces, one after the other, but over a decade the same magazines would remember only two or three of the songs contained in all the "masterpieces" of an artist. This huge library of more than one million songs was fundamentally a junkyard. These boatloads of new songs were moving straight from the store to the junkyard after a brief stop in the CD player of a hapless consumer. Something was fundamentally wrong about an art whose main effect was to create the biggest garbage dump of all times.

Last but not least, the lyrics of a three-minute song are neither William Shakespeare verses nor Henry James novels, despite what most songwriters and most of their reviewers may think. Listening to a new three-minute song invariably meant listening to yet another bad example of storytelling or bad example of poetry oversold by reviewers as meaningful, poignant, touching, thrilling...


This was part of a disappointed commentary on this decade's rock music but of course it applies to all metal genres as well.

Music of this decade is nearly always a statement on something, a commentary of something, meant to show off an attitude like one's dress and one's use of language. The new generation is not attempting to produce time transcending masterworks but temporal artefacts to consume. The vital process is still there but it is getting harder and harder to figure out what anyone you don't know personally is trying to say with any musical work, because all contained information is in a sort of "scene language"; you're supposed to understand what this choice of symbols, words and sounds means in these peoples' group of friends, networks and forums. It's not composed in the language of the universal man (logic) like Chopin, Tangerine Dream or Branikald are.

Interzone / A new school shooting in Finland
« on: September 23, 2008, 03:08:40 AM »
A mass murder started at 11 AM in Kauhajoki, Finland has just ended.

Nine people are dead, faces are turned away, the government retreats behind enclosing walls and the tears of Christ fall upon the Earth as burning flames greet the assassin...


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