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Interzone / Re: Who/What is Satan?
« on: December 08, 2013, 08:59:12 PM »
Awful lot of shit-talking Satan for a metal forum.

It didn't take me long to realize why God caused so many problems for people. It's because God is a different thing to everyone. The word is diluted to the point of ambiguity.

Looks like the same thing has happened to the glorious name of Our Horned Lord.

Interzone / Re: Who/What is Satan?
« on: December 08, 2013, 09:07:48 AM »
I think it has very few - if any - limits. We are the ones that do the limiting, by the things we believe or don't believe.
It starts early. Conditioning, brainwashing, schooling, socialization, beliefs and wrong beliefs, stigmas and taboos...
I have successfully experienced freedom from all that, and returned to tell of it.
It is possible.

That, I believe.

The tricky thing is the fact that most everyone (where I'm from) has necessarily endured the conditioning and brainwashing.

How to break that conditioning? It must be destroyed violently, there is no gentle process. One must separate from the corrupt whole. So, one must be EVIL.

Not forever. The point is to synthesize the two evident opposites, good and evil. They are not even really opposite ends of a spectrum. They are more like spokes on a wheel.

I have been championing Nadia since it was on the front page earlier this year. Outstanding stuff, haven't stopped listening since. So, seconding the recommendation.

I'm surprised at the mention of Blitzkrieg. It is a style that is easy for me to like, so I have been listening to it a lot, but there are at least two songs on the album that are straight-forward god-fucking-awful radio rock. And then there are a couple of songs that go nowhere for every minute they are on. Also, NWOBHM with so few solos?! That's not cool, man.

Why does it deserve to be on best-of-the-year list? I'm baffled.

Metal / Re: What Band are you listening today?
« on: December 08, 2013, 08:53:12 AM »
Reforming Christianity and reviving Nordic ideas is incompatible with the the claim of having no religion.

Well that's what I was going to say. Maybe trystero means that they don't have an established background or foundation in a traditional religion. I don't think such an establishment is necessary for religion though. Religion can be created most anywhere from most anything (and I'm talking of REAL religion, with a moral code, worship of aspects greater than the individual, rituals to transcend the mundane and profane existence, and the rest of that jazz).

I'll look for that older thread, trystero. Thanks for elucidating.

Metal / Re: What Band are you listening today?
« on: December 07, 2013, 06:55:17 PM »
Dont have to be PC to knock N5BM, it sucks, the bands suck, the ideology sucks too. Yeah sure there are a few exceptions, but they are not really notable (I can only think of NM atm). As far as the ideology is concerned, getting a lot of things right but some vital things wrong is worse than bad.

I can imagine many reasons why you would say that, but I'm curious enough to ask you to clarify and elaborate. Do you take issue with National Socialism in general as an ideology? Or do you mainly have a problem with the bands?

Also, today:

More Bathory

The Abyss - The Other Side

Interzone / Re: Black Holes.
« on: December 07, 2013, 06:49:08 PM »
That is important, crow.

It is pretty far out to listen to people talk about how important it is for humans to colonize distant planets. Even worse, one of the main justifications I hear is that our Terran home lacks sustainable resources, and can't support human life indefinitely. As if other planets would offer indefatigable resources.

Interzone / Re: Who/What is Satan?
« on: December 06, 2013, 09:20:43 PM »
You don't think the human mind is limited necessarily to temporal restraints?

I wouldn't argue the other way. Asking out of curiosity.

Interzone / Re: Who/What is God?
« on: December 06, 2013, 09:15:23 PM »
Nearly 100% of people who drone on about 'spirituality' have any inkling of what it is.
As far as I can make out, what it means to most people is performing the appearance of some secret way of behaving, that means the performer is somehow better than the one being performed at.
It has a lot in common with leftism and the antics of leftists.

Whereas: actual spirituality is the appreciation and the embodiment of what goes on behind the material, in order that life and its living should make sense, be what it is, and effortlessly absorb the spiritual person into itself.

In other words, you are saying that spirituality is the admission that humans are weak and impotent in the face of The Universe?

Interzone / Re: Who/What is Satan?
« on: December 06, 2013, 08:43:34 PM »
Well, we ARE humans, After All.

I can go into a brief bit of personal theology here. Tune out if not interested.

"EVIL" is separation.

"GOOD" is joining together.

This does not relate specifically to humans. It happens universally. Primitive humans knew this. In the Christian Bible, we see Lucifer rejecting the authority of Jehovah (singularity, harmony, togetherness) and establishing a kingdom on The Earth (separation). I can provide more references and examples on request.

In modern scientific cosmology, we see that there is a distinct imbalance between "positive" and "negative" energy. Because our universe contains more "positive" energy (which is named arbitrarily [or not]), physical matter is able to exist in a relatively stable state. Due to Entropy, we see a decay in this state. Turns out, "stability" is very relative too. True stability is stasis. No movement. No time. No energy. This is pure "GOOD".

The only reason we exist and interact with various "individual" elements of the universe, is because of "EVIL".

Satan provided us with the opportunity to become "individual" beings.

Jehovah provides us with the opportunity to "individuate".

Both are necessary.

Our (United States citizens [I am only acquainted with those]) current mass mindset is that of individuation. Clearly (to a detached observer [or, in my case, an occultist]) this is destructive to society (which is arbitrariliy valuable). At the same time, I cannot deny the fact of entropy; "we" (as in humanity and the rest of the universe at large) are moving toward a state of minimal motion/energy/time.

Thus I act as a Satanist in the theological and psychological sense. This hinges on the idiomatic interpretation of value: Separation is more interesting than individuation.

That tells you more about me as a human being than any other text ever will.

Interzone / Re: Who/What is Satan?
« on: December 06, 2013, 07:47:12 PM »
The real trick is to define Evil.

In my experience, Evil does not benefit any one. Evil is any anti-human act.

Most people would love to think that something like this doesn't exist. That's cute.

Interzone / Re: Night
« on: December 06, 2013, 07:45:53 PM »
I've been really lazy recently and have not been very quick about finishing the books in my 'to read' queue.

But I promise that the next book I check out will be some Nevins (assuming it is available at my library).

Interzone / Re: Meaning.
« on: December 06, 2013, 07:44:02 PM »
Alright, I guess I should lay off the pot when I'm browsing the DMU forum.

Interzone / Re: Black Holes.
« on: December 06, 2013, 07:41:22 PM »
An intermediate between a planet and star was located. Add more mass and the nuclear oven starts. Take away mass and the oven can't run. I like the idea of planets, at least the gas giant kind but quite possibly almost any type, as potential stars. Maybe they will eventually come up with a single comprehensive table for all matter based on mass ranging from quarks all the way up to the class A super giant. Doesn't mass determine elemental composition + density from which we get a stellar spectral type?

Astronomers have found a distant planet so strange, that according to current planet formation theories, it shouldn’t even exist.

The planet is 11 times Jupiter’s mass and orbits its star at an incredible 650 times the average Earth-Sun distance.

Named HD 106906 b, the planet is unlike anything in our own solar system and doesn’t fit with any existing planet formation theories.


Wow dude. This has floored me. This universe is not our own, no matter how much we'd like to think so. We are only guests. Unwelcome, most of the time, it seems.

Interzone / Re: Who/What is God?
« on: December 06, 2013, 07:29:29 PM »
There have to be a prior set of physical laws in order for us to even have material, particularly stable matter. The laws themselves are without substance and it should follow that they would have a prior cause as well.

Materialism only possibly makes sense as a philosophy fit for the proletariat so that in the Leninist view, they can keep their focus on labor and working class interests rather than, as they said, "pie in the sky" religion or ethnic interests

I'd bank on the political left's propaganda in promoting materialism through the institutions (no school prayer, multiculturalism e.g.) rather than on any vigorous, logical legitimacy. The original hipsters must have felt that a world of grey, passive drones who only differentiate themselves in harmless, superficial ways after work hours was ideal.

Instead of materialism, I suggest what is ridiculously called "physicalism". In a word, it describes the idea that physical phenomena is "all that there is" insofar as what we can observe and experience. But like you said, laws have to come first, right? Maybe physicalism suggests that there is no such "chicken and egg" question; physical phenomena exists necessarily, and that is all there is to know. Such an idea, to me, has far more spiritual implication than the idea of spirituality itself.

Metal / Re: What Band are you listening today?
« on: December 06, 2013, 07:24:54 PM »
Wordfilter strikes again. I didnt realize grand belials key was an N5BM band though.

Listening to Baphomet - The Dead Shall Inherit. One of those albums that initially misled me due to its aesthetic. The classic example of an album like that is Onwards to golgotha I suppose. It seems really primitive and bad, but once I had the patience to stick with it the impressive songwriting became apparent.

Shut me down if need be for going off topic, but I didn't realize there was an issue here with National Socialist bands. I got into a handful of Blazebirth Hall groups a little while back and was really floored at the quality of the composition as well as the raw quantity of energy coming from them. I know that knocking National Socialist bands is the PC thing to do but I never expect PC perspective to pervade this particular forum.

To compensate for my deviance, here is what I listened to today;

Atheist - Unquestionable Presence was annoying to me at first but this is just a plain good album no matter how you judge it. Good in all senses; outstanding depending on your perspective. Outstanding in my perspective.

Bathory - Hammerheart is always good.

Artificial Brain - Butchering Cosmic Giants (EP) - has anyone heard of these guys? I think the members come from faux-extreme metal groups but this is really engaging to me.

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