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Metal / GLAUKOM SYNOD - Covered in semen and slime. Out now!
« on: November 27, 2014, 10:38:34 AM »
GLAUKOM SYNOD - Covered in semen and slime. Out now!

Stream or download for free:

Electro industrial with extreme metal influences.
(Covers of Napalm death, Bolt thrower, Lez Zeppelin)


« on: November 01, 2014, 03:52:12 PM »

Lately the webzine was updated with:

Some interviews:
-CADAVERIC INCUBATOR: Death metal/ Grindcore band from Finland that released a very nice demo 10 years ago and are back to embalm your ass. (Includes members of Slugathor, Deepred...)
-MASTER FURY: American old school thrash/ speed metal band from the 80's, back to kick your ass.

Some reviews:
-CORROSIVE (Usa) Review
-ENGULFED (Turkey) Review
-HORRIFYING (Chile) Review

-ARGYOPE (Fra) # 2.2. Zine review
-HEADBANGERS (Hol) #4. Zine review

As always,
Click or be clicked:

Metal / Re: ATAVISMA (Fra) Tape out now! Death doom
« on: June 28, 2014, 11:30:24 AM »
The tape is now available on Bandcamp merch, Bigcartel and Discogs,
for those who prefer to use one of these sites.





Metal / ATAVISMA (Fra) Where wolves once dwelled Tape! Death doom
« on: June 27, 2014, 03:12:20 PM »
ATAVISMA (Fra) Where wolves once dwelled. Demo tape out now!

The first demo of french band ATAVISMA is now available on tape.
4 tracks of old Death doom, influenced by Funebrarum, Incantation, Entombed...


Released as a black tape with sticker,
and pro printed cover.

Available against 2,5 Euros + postage (No paypal fee):

More infos: http://nihilistic.voila.net/Label/moreinfos/moreinfos_atavisma.htm


« on: June 07, 2014, 11:28:04 AM »
A new NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST release will come out in a couple of weeks,
Files have been sent to the factory.
For more infos, keep connected to the bowels of the corpse.

« on: March 22, 2014, 06:08:37 PM »

Lately the webzine was updated with:

Some interviews:
-VAINAJA: Doom death from Finland.
-MORBO: Morbid Death metal influenced by Autopsy.

And some reviews:
-FLESH POLICE (Australia)
-GORTAL (Pol) Review
-KAIJU (Usa)
-DIOVIM (Lithuania) zine #5

The Guestbook is still available for those who feel like "travelling in time".

There's always a distro (Webshop and Excel file) and a spleeping forum (For those who want to insert their adverts).

Click here to browse:


Metal / Re: NO ONE WANTS YOUR DEMOS? Spread it for free...
« on: March 07, 2014, 03:46:57 PM »
The last CD of ASKARIS is now available for free on NIHILISTIC Distro!

Cool death metal/ Old school brutal death from France.

The CD is given away for free in orders.

More infos:

« on: March 07, 2014, 03:26:02 PM »
The last CD of ASKARIS is now available for free on NIHILISTIC Distro!
Cool death metal/ Old school brutal death from France.
The CD is given away for free in orders.
More infos: http://nihilisticdistro.tictail.com/product/askaris-the-waiting-room-cd

Metal / VAINAJA - Doom death from Finland
« on: February 08, 2014, 11:03:23 AM »
VAINAJA - Doom death from Finland

Cool band.

Album coming this year on Svart records.



New reviews of the TRENCHROT tape have appeared, you can find it at the end of the message.

The first album of the band will be available on the 18th february through Unspeakable Axe Records (Usa). It will be entitled "Necronomic Warfare" and will come on CD.

For those want a copy of the tape, it's still available for 2 euros + postage:


Nihilistic Holocaust always digs out the most promising Death Metal bands from the underground and this time is no different. What we have here is the demo of the American TrenchRot, playing Death Metal in the old school style with the thrashiness intact. It’s reminiscent of grating-era Asphyx (you’d know) mingled with some American sounds a la Malevolent Creation (first three albums) and first two albums era Solstice. Basically a mix of Floridian thrash-period Death Metal and Dutch gnarling.
The three songs display sheer promise, slowing down when needed as well as rampaging when it shines the most. These days bands like these are hard to come by, this level of energy is missed, where it’s about brutality and technicality than the catharsis of raw emotions. To cite more modern yet old school bands peddling in this art, think of a cross between say Affliction Gate and Glory Hole if it makes any difference, same meaning, same description but with newer, underrated bands. There’s always a place for good music and there are bands cropping up every now and then to remind us of just that.
With three songs, ‘Dragged Down to Hell’ is rather short and keeps me wanting for more, but it easily dispels any doubts about the potential of this band. TrenchRot is the one to look forward to for some really gritty, teeth-gnashing, rabid Death/Thrash Metal with passion and fervour of the old school kind.

BRUTALISM Webzine (Hol)
The most irritating thing one can come up with when listening to music is, having a band he actually likes and being able to find nothing about em on the net! Nothing at all! Same thing with those guys here. A demo of 2013 for review. The demo kicks ass, and when the research starts, the only thing available, is a Bandcamp page that has no other information than actually saying that they are from Philadelphia-USA, and that this demo is their very first release, succeeded by their full length of 2014. "Dragged Down To Hell" is the name of their demo and it really is a great example of well played old school death metal!
Old school, mostly European style although these lads are Americans! Once the CD starts, you will find a music influenced deeply by bands as Asphyx, old Entombed, Centinex and of course Autopsy. You can understand from the references that the demo is mainly mid tempo, with groovy guitar riffs and leads as the main tool to work on! The first song kicks in and after it's majestic intro all hell breaks loose! 'Gallery Of The Dead' is the title, and the place has already started to smell like Sweden did when it still knew how to play aggressive death metal. The glorious days of old unfold before you as this one proceeds. The vocals are very Van Drunen style, and they have an excellent flow. The starting riff is brilliant and the song is constructed upon it with leads and other enhancements making it a very powerful track as a starter. The second one has the title 'Trapped Under Treads' and it couldn't be very far from our predictions after the first! A bit more mid tempo than the first one and in this one we find the Autopsy influences more intense mainly due to the slow crawling break in the middle. The title track is the last one. This one starts with a small blast, but just for a while. The main song just keeps it groovy! Thrashy drum patterns, fat old school death metal riffs and let battle commence!
12 minutes total running time, and that is not enough. The production is the proper production for the kind. Fat and stinky, leaving enough room for every instrument to breath, but also muddy enough to create this choking feeling such releases need to have! An ultimate must for the old schoolers out there and the perfect reason for someone to search more on these guys! Old school bone crushing death metal at its best ladies! What ya waitin for?

"DRAGGED DOWN TO HELL" is the first demo release, on cassette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's very own TRENCH ROT. These guys play a monstrous style of old school Death Metal music. The style they play is more in the form of European Death Metal from the early '90's. They have a thick raw and aggressive sound that is brutal as shit. They add in some Doom Metal elements in the slower more dragging and chugging parts. The vocals are done in a thick and groggy low ended Death Metal growl style that is almost understandable. The dark, cold vibe sometimes gives them a bit of a Black Metal feel as well. The production of their album takes me back to the late '80's and early '90's when I was doing a lot of tape trading with bands all over the world. This is an absolute must for fans of early BOLT THROWER, DISMEMBER, ASPHYX, CARNAGE & PESTILENCE. TRENCH ROT is yet another great underground Death Metal band that can be added to the long list that Philadelphia has birthed!

Metal / NO ONE WANTS YOUR DEMOS? Spread it for free...
« on: January 16, 2014, 10:31:16 AM »

NO ONE WANTS YOUR DEMOS? Spread it for free...
If you have a dead stock of CDr demos or something else, if no one wants it,
if you don't know what to do with it...
I can help you to spread it to more listeners!

I will open a new distro section with items given for FREE.
I will send these demos in orders, so it will cost me nothing.

It can be a very simple release, a CDr with a simple piece of paper (Logo, tracklist),
it's not a problem, we're in the deep underground and it will be given for free anyway.

I already give bonus demos in most of orders,
but it would also appear on my webshop with the price "0 euros".
I can easily spread death metal, brutal death, grindcore, doom...

No need to pay expensive shipping, if you send something
do it without cases. (I'm located in France)

Mail me or send a private message if interested.
[email protected]

Last news from the trench:

An interview of TRENCHROT is in the first issue of VM UNDERGROUND zine.
Download it there: http://www.vm-underground.com

A very good review is on polish blog PANZERFAUST:

Fuckin crap… it is the second time I write this review; I thought that the one I wrote earlier this year has been published long time ago, but it turned out it wasn’t… and that I couldn’t find it anywhere. Well, no problem there though! At least it gives me an opportunity to listen to “Dragged Down to Hell” once more, as this is just truly killer and awesome demo and I can certainly say that Trench Rot did release one of my favourite demo cassettes of the year. The band is still quite new, formed probably recently, as “Dragged Down to Hell” is only the debut of these four guys… but damn, the music sounds just fantastic and certainly Trench Rot doesn’t sound like yet another mediocre band in the crowd. They are not like these…
The demo is rather short, with only three songs and twelve minutes of music on the clock. But for fuck sake, each of these three tracks is just awesome and I cannot stop banging my head, when such wonderful sounds of old school, traditional death metal start devastating my hearing. There’s nothing uncommon and original about this band; their music is traditional to the bone and has been explored many times by many bands before. But what is so awesome about “Dragged Down to Hell” is that Trench Rot simply composed three absolutely crushing songs, which are equally great to some songs of the bands from which they probably have been taking influences from… I can hear a lot of passion and enthusiasm towards this music from these guys; they have this feeling and skill of composing killer death metal and making it sound powerful, energetic, but also atmospheric, with its dark, horror mood. I think that Trench Rot have been equally influenced by the bands from several different regions of the world: the most obvious resemblance is in my opinion Asphyx (also because the vocalist sounds a lot like Martin van Drunen… but that is not a complain; Steven Jansson has truly awesome growling vocals), and the Dutch scene in general (with bands like Acrostichon, Pentacle, early Pestilence and Thanatos)… then there’s a strong resemblance here and there to Bolt Thrower and finally also to the Swedish death metal legendary scene. And everything is topped with the necessary dose of two of the greatest bands ever – Autopsy and “Scream Bloody Gore” era Death. Put all these bands together and you’ll get “Dragged Down to Hell”. Three songs, each is just superb, but my favourite is probably “Gallery of the Dead”, but that doesn’t mean that “Dragged Down to Hell” and “Trapped Under Treads” are any less exciting and killer… No, not at all. Fuck, you know what? I love this demo so much that I will give it a perfect score… and if no one will release it on 7’EP then I will fuckin do it! Keep your eyes open for Trench Rot – killer, killer band!
Final rate: 100/100

And Greek mailorder BLASTBEAT MAILMURDER wrote a very nice dscription:

Another cool tape from Nihilistic Holocaust!
This american band executes amazingly well death metal in the old-school european veins and with a top notch production! They are crushing, they are catchy and they have some variety going on in the songs. Check them out and get this cool tape now!



Here are other reviews of the TRENCHROT Tape!

It is still available from this webshop: http://nihilisticholocaust.bigcartel.com/
Against the low price of 2 Euros + postage...
For this price, no need to bother downloading the songs from russian blogs, to burn it on CDr, and then finally duplicate the sounds on tape?

NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST Underground adventures,
to be continued.


French label Nihilistic Holocaust really likes cassettes, and to be honest so do I. The latest release comes in the form of Philadelphia based death metal-band Trenchrot.
Trenchrot, while being from the US, hasn’t really got the typical US-Death Metal sound. I’d rather say that the sound is more European with some splashes of stuff like Autopsy. This type of Old School Death Metal has really been trending during the past few years, and honestly, I see no problem with this as long as it is done tastefully and with fervour and soul. Within a scene where a lot of bands doesn’t succeed to stand above the rest, Trenchrot is a band that do.
I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Trenchrot is something beyond most of today’s bands in the New Wave of Old School Death Metal-scene, but dammit! When the three tracks on this demo are over, I choose to<<–Rewind &  > Press play on tape. 7,5/10

Philly non è la città che i nostri lettori collegherebbero direttamente a scene come quella del Death Metal. Meraviglia ancor più, dunque, incontrare proprio una formazione che suoni uno stile legato all'epoca d'oro europea.
Il piede da trincea era un supplizio subito da tanti dei vostri bisnonni durante la Grande Guerra e ha provocato sovente la perdita di un arto. I TrenchRot fortunatamente non mirano a rovinarci i corpi, ma piuttosto vogliono rallegrarci con il loro Death Metal di stampo classico.
Le tre tracce di questa prima demo potrebbero sbucare tranquillamente da qualche cassetta dell'inizio Anni Novanta, quando la gente si scambiava le registrazioni per divulgare la parola. Non aspettatevi allora musica spolverata, lucidata e cerata; le scale sono grezze, la voce rauca e lo stile rammentano a volte un poco un misto moderno con il Crust; mi riferisco particolarmente a "Gallery Of The Dead" che mostra una tale cadenza. I ragazzi rinunciano ad attacchi di mitraglia, limitandosi a mantenere una velocità moderata come la conosciamo da alcuni gruppi seminali inglesi e olandesi. Sono certo che alcuni di voi scopriranno anche alcune scale tipiche per gruppi come gli Autopsy e tante altre formazioni classiche.
Amate il Death definito di "Vecchia Scuola"? Non v'interessa l'evoluzione musicale e volete solo rumore per scuotere la testa mentre gustate una buona birra? Andate dunque, andate e ascoltatevi la demo sul sito Bandcamp dei TrenchRot, prima di acquistarlo, se vi piacesse.

Metal / VALGRIND - Great old school death from italy
« on: September 26, 2013, 04:48:45 PM »
VALGRIND - Morning Will Come No More CD.
Great old school death from italy.

Surprised peoples don't speak more about it...



Metal / Re: Morbid Angel > Incantation
« on: September 22, 2013, 07:16:01 AM »
Morbid Ange >> Incantation

For various reasons:
If you take the first 3 albums.
If you take the albums on by one.
If you consider the impact on the scene and genre (Both on a musical and success point of view)

Incantation is good, but it's not the same

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