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Metal / Re: PENTHOS - Lifeless haze Demo tape (Death metal)
« on: October 08, 2017, 02:57:33 AM »

The PENTHOS tape is now available on Bandcamp:



Metal / PENTHOS - Lifeless haze Demo tape (Death metal)
« on: October 06, 2017, 04:30:01 AM »

PENTHOS (Uk/ Fra) Lifeless haze Demo tape. Out now!

Old school death metal/ thrash with a technical twist.


Cover on beige paper, black tape with sticker.

Available from Visceral circuitry:


« on: September 28, 2017, 12:50:28 AM »
Last distro news:

ACEDIA MUNDI (Fra) Speculum humanae salvationis Tape. Black metal

CRUCIFIRE (Australia) NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) Split tape. Death black/ Black death

MORBID STENCH (Costa Rica) The stench of doom Demo tape. Death metal

NECROCHAKAL (Gre) Profanation of the gods Demo tape. Black death/ Black thrash

ORATOR (Bangladesh) Gnosis stained Khadga - Live in kuala lumpur Tape. Old school death (Rew sound, for big underground fans).

PANDEMIA (Spa) Aggression desires MCD. Thrash metal

RIFFOBIA (Gre) Laws of devastation CD. Thrash metal

ROTTEN TOMB (Chile) Necropolis MCD. Swedish death metal

RUIN (Usa) Dorwn in blood Tape. Old school death

ZOMBIE RITUAL (Jap)/ TERMINATION FORCE (Usa) "Zombie termination" Split CD. Old school death thrash/ Raw thrash metal grind

THE BOLLOCKS (Malaysia) OPPOSITION PARTY (Singapore) Split tape. Punk hardcore/ Crust

FREDAG DEN 13:E (Swe) Domedagar Tape. Punk hardcore/ Crust

ATTICK DEMONS (Por) Atlantis CD. Heavy metal


« on: September 16, 2017, 09:14:38 AM »
METAL FANZINES: Last arrivals

A quick look at the metal fanzines I received lately.



« on: September 16, 2017, 01:23:37 AM »
Last distro news:

BESTIAL DEVASTATOR (Ger) Merciless attacker Tape. Black thrash.

CATABOLIC (Fin) Catabolic MCD. Digipack. Death metal in the 90's floridian style.

PROPAVA (Ukraine) Supredator Demo tape. Fast black metal

REVENGE (Col)/ NADIMAC (Hungary) "Brotherhood of guillotine" Split tape. Speed metal heavy/ Thrash metal

SHITFUN (Bra) Killer live Demo tape. Grindcore

THRASHERA (Bra) Speed sex’n’Roll Demo CDr. Cardboard sleeve. Thrash metal

UNJUSTICE (Chile) Final sentence MCD. Old styled thrash. (Previous member of Dekapited)

Fanzine: CALL FROM BEYOND (Usa) #1 Denial, Morta skuld, Infinitum obscure, Putrid, God dethroned, Morbid metal records, Ungod, Overthrust, Sarin vomit, Viande, Dark half, Uada, Heavens decay, Argentum, Luciferian rites, Hate manifesto, Black moon...
72 pages. A4. In english. 2017.

Fafnzine: WAR ON ALL FRONTS (Uk) #1: Desaster, Portrait, Nuit noire, Ereb altar, The wounded kings, Fuil na seanchoille... + Reviews, live reports.
64 pages. A4. In english. 2012.



MORPHEUS - Corpse Under Glass Demo'92
Old school death from Usa, Pre Morpheus Descends

NEUROSIS - Live Kentucky
Nicely heavy and thick music

New brutal death metal band from France
This is brutal, yet with epic and technical touches à la old NILE.

A band between stoner, energetic rock and metal.
Cool gig. Saw them live this week in France.

« on: September 09, 2017, 12:39:17 AM »
Last distro news:

AMULETO DE CALAMIDADES (Ecuador/ Paraguay) Amulet of calamities Demo tape. Black metal

EXCISED (Chile) Rotting away Demo tape. Old styled death

JACK (Hungary) Neurosis Demo tape. Death grind/ Grindcore

RAVENOUS DEATH (Mex) Ominous deathcult MCD. Obscure death

SEPULCHRAL WHORE (Bra) Everlasting morbid delights Demo tape. Old school death.

SUHRIM (Bel) The cunt collector CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death

WORSHIP DEATH (Chile) Arise from the cemetery MCD. Old school death


Trois nouvelles chroniques d'EXCORIATE ont été publiées!

WINGS OF DEATH Webzine (Hol):
Excoriate is een van de vele bands uit Zuid-Amerika (in dit geval uit Chili) die nog zo rauw en authentiek musiceren dat het eigenlijk niet meer in deze tijd past. Natuurlijk heeft deze pure, eerlijke aanpak z'n charmes, de muziek kan ik ook prima hebben. Hun versie van old school death metal is vanwege de aanpak zo duister dat het gelijk raakvlakken heeft met doom(death), ondanks het soms toch best opgefokte tempo.
De band bestaat sinds 2002, en heeft sindsdien alleen maar demo's en splits uitgebracht. Het meest recente werkstukje heet ... Of the Ghastly Stench, en is door het Franse Nihilistic Holocaust op tape (jawel, zo old school) uitgebracht; en grappig genoeg ook digitaal. Het beste van twee werelden.
Het begrip underground lijkt daarmee in zekere zin achterhaald, omdat muziek simpelweg op eenvoudige wijze wereldwijd voor het voetlicht gebracht kan worden. Aan de andere kant: het blijft evident dat obscure metal als die van Excoriate zich zeker in productioneel opzicht niet kan meten met die van meer gekende acts. Dus de underground-gedachte blijft in die zin gehandhaafd.
Gelukkig doet de karige productie niks af aan de muzikale bedoelingen en de vaardigheden van de deelnemende muzikanten. Want daar is in mijn beleving niks mis mee. Vooral het aanwezige, logge basgeluid drukt de band de doomy hoek van de death metal in, al zijn er in de karige blastpassages net zo goed raakvlakken met black metal. Dit is gewoon goudeerlijke old school extreme metal, gemaakt door muzikanten met het hart op de juiste plaats. Alsof we nog steeds rond pak 'm beet 1990 zitten. Niet zeuren, gewoon ff luisteren!

One prevalent thing that I have noticed about record labels these days I that more and more of them seem to have a target audience – More so than merely being a ‘Metal’ label, for instance (such as is the case with Nuclear Blast). These days many smaller, more specialized labels can be found, who focus on one specific subgenre and almost or completely exclusively record and release bands and albums from within this genre. One such example would be Nihilistic Holocaust, whose main focus is on underground Death Metal, the way it is supposed to be played.
The newest record that has found its way across my doors threshold from this label is called … Of The Ghastly Stench and is the fifth release from Chilean Death Metallers Excoriate – A true underground act, both in sound and in releases. All of said releases have been either Demos of Split albums, and … Of The Ghastly Stench is no exception, being a Demo Tape (as far as I can tell, the band almost exclusively sell their records as cassettes) showcasing four old-school tracks, which combined roughly hit the half-hour mark.
Now, for those of you who are expecting an exciting new release pushing the boundaries of what Death Metal can and cannot be, whether that is a more melodic approach or perhaps combined with another genre… You will not find what you are looking for.
What you instead will discover, is a throwback to what the genre was back in the late eighties, when bands such as Bolt Thrower Suffocation and Entombed reigned supreme. Excoriate magnificently encapsulates everything that made the genre great as well as showing off what muscle this musical approach had both back in the day, but even more so today.
Excoriate has a very slow, bas-fuelled approach to their music, something that I personally rarely see these days (perhaps I would if I delved more in the Doom Metal genre – But I digress). This is very evident on both the introductive track ”Teofisto”, as well as the first actual track ”Oh! Peaceful Derketa”, the coherent sound of which is a prime example of what this Chile-based quintet is capable of.
A release for fans of the old-fashioned Death Metal approach (and as such it is aptly released on Cassette), one recommended for fans of, as stated above, fans of Bolt Thrower, Sufocation and Entombed.

When ‘…Of The Gastly Stench’ arrived at my doorstep, I guessed the mighty Exmortis (U.S.A.) finally was resurrected from the grave. After a second look I figured out I was wrong. Excoriate’s logo has some similarities with Exmortis’ logo I think. Anyway, this is Excoriate I’m talking about here. The band hails from Chile, has released some demo’s and splits with Demonic Rage (‘Death Communion’) and Horrifying (‘A Dismal Journey To The Oblivion’).
Now the band releases a third demo that holds four tracks. All of them already were available through the split CD with Horrifying (2015) so I don’t know what’s the added value of this release? To me, the ‘…Of The Gastly Stench’ demo is a great first acquaintance with Excoriate, a band that plays raw underground death metal with some black metal influences which is not for the faint of hearted. If you want to know more about these killer tunes, visit Nihilistic Holocaust’s webpage

« on: August 30, 2017, 12:55:33 AM »
Last distro news:

AMORITE (Hungary) Invisible fire Tape. Death metal

BLESSED REALM (Uk) Doomography 1993-2002. CD. Digipack. Doom. Collection of old demos.

BLOODSHED (Russia) The hunger and the agony CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death, reminds of Sinister or old Vader. (Members of Immoralist)

DARKCREED (Mex/ Swe) ...Is dead and always has been dead.CD. Old school death. (Members of Remains, God macabre... )

GRAVEYARD (Spa) The coffin years CD. Old school death/ Swedish death

MONASTERY DEAD (Russia) Black gold appetite CD. Death metal. Brutal death

OBSECRATION (Gre) Beholed the pale horror Demo tape. Death metal

PEST HOLE (Ger) Wizards Demo tape. Crust Hc/ Thrash metal

SERAPHIC DISGUST (Usa) Altar cunt Tape. Death black



Noise / Analog industrial / Experimental

7 songs recorded in an old grange, a garage and a kitchen,
the old way.

Trades: Ok



« on: August 19, 2017, 12:24:32 AM »
Last distro news:

AKATECHISM (Ger) Dripping flames Demo tape. Doom/ Black/ Dark

ANATOMIA (Jap) Cranial obsession Promo 2017. Tape. Old school death

DEATHCULT (Usa) Tyrant of all tyrants CD. Old school metal: Between thrash metal, black and death. (2nd album)

DEIVOS (Pol) Endemic divine CD. Brutal death/ Polish death. (Members of Parricide, Azarath, Ulcer)

DRENCROM (Chile) Banished from sanity Demo tape. Thrash metal, aggressive and old styled.

KURNUGIA (Usa) Condemned to obscurity MCD. Old school death/ Obscure death

MORBID PERVERSION (Chile) Rites of lust and blasphemy CD. Old school death/ Death black. Members of Poisonous, Impetuous rage

NAUTHIK (Ger)/ BABYLON ASLEEP (Ger) Split tape. Doom

NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) Screams from the pandemonic tomb CD. Black death

ORDEAL (Gre) Ordeal MCD. Doom/ Death metal

QRIXKUOR (Uk) Three devils dance Demo tape. Death black, obscure stuff.

RELENTLESS (Usa) Night terrors CD. Doom metal/ Heavy doom (Members of Deathcult, Scythe)

SPECTRAL APPARITION (Uk) Manifestation Demo tape. Death metal/ Blackened death


Webshop updated with a lot of new sickness!

Grindcore, harsh noise, industrial, dark ambient...

GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Macabre remixes Demo CDr.
Industrial/ Cyber grind. 

DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND - Abominacoes cadavericas no degredo Demo tape.
Grindcore/ Raw grind/ Noisecore

Goregrind death grind/ Harsh noise grind
Special packaging

YOGASH GHOUL GOD (Usa) Morbid spiritualism: The serenity of the corpse Demo CDr/ Pro CDr.
Lofi black metal/ Noise grind/ Improvised

YOGASH GHOUL GOD (Usa) the great dead ones Demo CDr/ Pro CDr.
Black metal/ Grind noise

NOTHINGISTTRUE - Anti antifa Demo CDr. Dvd case
Harsh noise

Dark ambient

CLAY FIGURE - Songs for friends of the past CDr.
Garage rock/ Alternative

BABEL Z (Fra) Night garden Demo CDr
Dark electronics, experimental, ambient, drum'n bass

BABEL Z / SLY - "Staz" Split CDr.
Dark electronics, experimental, ambient, drum'n bass

LASER MOUTAIN - The uncommon ingestion of lazer mountain Demo CDr.
Noise experimental

CHICA X - Demo CDr
Experimental, noise, lofi

Evocation Of The Demons Compilation CDr.
Death/ Black/ Thrash/ Grind compilation.   


Those who want to learn more about the Chilean EXCORIATE can read an interview I did with the band in 2016 :

\\\ Underground eternal ///

« on: August 05, 2017, 12:18:28 AM »
Last distro news:

DEIQUISITOR (Denmark) Deiquisitor Tape Lp. Death black/ Death metal

HELLISH GOD (Ita) Impure spiritual forces MCD. Fast satanic death

IRONBIRD (Malaysia) Heavy metal evil Demo tape. Old school heavy metal

LURKING TERROR (Ita)/ MORBUS GRAVE (Ita) "Omega doom" Split CD. Old styled death

NECROHERESY (Slovakia) Divine betrayal MCD. Old styled death/ Thrashing death

OLIGARCH (Australia) Hypocrisy oath Demo tape. Bestial death black. Members of Belligerent intent, Cemetery Urn,

TOXIC CARNAGE (Bra)/ RAPTURE (Bra) Split tape. Thrash metal



Cool mixture of old school death and goregrind,
for fans of ooold Dead infection and cool retro gore.

Y&T - Live 1986
Cool heavy metal from the 80’s

Industrial/ Cyber grind from the caves


The first review of the EXCORIATE Tape was published on VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE Webzine, Ir’s a very good review!

It's always a great pleasure for me to find out about new (more or less) bands that are dedicated and see their idea through, no matter how long it takes, not minding the circumstances. EXCORIATE from Chile fit this category. The band from Puerto Montt in the Southern part of Chile is around for 15 years now, but the discography is very manageable. Just two split releases (a CD and a tape album) and two demo tapes, the first of which became part of a split tape release with DEMONIC RAGE. This newest release, the band's second demo tape, also saw the dark of day before as EXCORIATEs part of the “A Dismal Journey To The Oblivion” CD with their brother band HORRIFYING in 2015 on the Chilean label Apocalyptic Productions. But the four songs were too good not to be released again worldwide. Thus they were put out under the name “...Of The Ghastly Stench” by dedicated French underground label Nihilistic Holocaust. But what makes these four tracks so good that they should be heard by anyone? Well, I guess most of you recurring readers will by now have heard from the nearly legendary reputation of the Chilean extreme Metal underground. EXCORIATE feeds this reputation here in a perfect way. The band is praised as old school Death Metal, but this is just half of the truth. The other half is Doom Metal. And even though this mix is not a new invention, EXCORIATE are a very refreshing band in the genre. Their main influences are those pioneering bands of the times before 1991, when Death Metal was still on its way to rise from the underground. Sometimes I hear moments of old MORGOTH and early PESTILENCE, sometimes it's a lethal dose of old Doom heroes. The instrumental intro piece 'Teofisto' is nearly pure Doom stuff, while the following 'Oh! Peaceful Derketa' should please anyone who might dig a fine mix of INCANTATION and early CELTIC FROST. I can hardly deny that it needed only this song to praise EXCORIATE for what they delivered, but the other two songs are of the same quality for sure. 'Black Streams On The Ground Of Cruelty' summons the spirit of old MORGOTH and 'Ghostly Stench Of Mortal Remains' is either great old fashioned Death Metal, with a not as high dose of Doom, but hints on the Swedish school of Death Metal instead. So, EXCORIATE should please all those who love their Death mixed with Doom, played the old school way and with loads of passion. As an additional bonus extra, the sound of “...Of The Ghastly Stench“ is authentic, just like it is a very good demo recording from that era I already wrote about. Honestly, if this tape would have been released back then, it would have a cult status today for sure! And I wish it will have it in 25 years, it is worth that status 100%. Especially if you take into concern that “...Of The Ghastly Stench” comes along like a professional release with a printed cover, black tapes and an extra sticker. I just raise all of my thumbs for EXCORIATE and leave it up to you not to miss this great band. Visit: nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr and listen at: nihilisticholocaustrecs.bandcamp.com


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