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Micro distro update:

BATHOVEN (Fin) Power Demo tape. Old styled Heavy metal

ENVENOMED (Chile) Total possession Demo tape. Old school thrash death

FILTHPACT (Uk) Resurrected under condemnation CD. Digipack. Crustcore.

LAPIDATION (Chile) Condemned to eternal darkness MCD. Old death metal

MEGALOMANIAC (Swe) No return Demo tape. Old school thrash

Back in stock: MAUSOLEUM (Usa) Eating your fucking brains live. Tape. Old school death.


Metal / Re: OSSUAIRE (France) Tape out now! Old school death
« on: April 25, 2015, 05:02:03 PM »
OSSUAIRE on Dailymotion:

SIMULACRES distro from Uk still seems to have copies of the initial CD release of "Le troubardour...", contact him if interested:

Last distro news:

OLD SCHOOL: Death metal/ Thrash metal/ Black metal...

-ASESINATO (Chile) Blasfemia Demo tape. Old school thrash death
-BASTARDOS (Argentina) Descraneados en las calles Demo tape. Old styled thrash
-BONESAW (Uk) The Illicit Revue CD. Digipack. Old school death influenced by Autopsy.
-DARK INSURRECTION (Chile) Destroy the Servant of god Demo CDr. Death metal/ Death black
-DEROGATORY (Usa) Derogatory MCD. Old school death
-ECTOPLASMA (Greece) Everlasting deathreign Demo tape. Old school death
-GLACIAL FEAR (Ita) Demo 1993. Tape. Old death metal (Rerelease)
-HEADFIRST (Fra) The sound of agony Demo tape. Thrash metal. Members of Affliction gate, Hungry johnny.
-IMPETIGO (Usa) Rode island deathfest - Live 1992. Bootleg tape. Old school death grind/ Grind
-INFECTED PRIEST (Fin) Hammering nails to fragile bones Demo tape. Death metal/ Grindcore. Members of Saattovaki
-KILLING FIELDS (Thailand) Gigantirix extinction Tape. Old styled thrash
-NECROMANTEION (Bol) Spirit of darkness Demo tape. Black death
-THE SULLEN ROUTE (Rus) Madness of my own design CD. Death doom
-TOXEMIA (Philippines) Ancient demon CD. Old death metal/ Death doom

BRUTAL: Brutal death, Death grind, Goregrind...

-ABANDONED MORTUARY (Hungary) Emotional wasteland Demo tape. Death grind
-BARBARITY (Rus) Crush of hypocritical morality Tape. Old brutal death
-BLUE HERPS (Fra) Nodul CD. Digipack. Brutal death
-EXEGUTOR (Rus) Embassy of hell Tape. Death grind/ Grindcore
-FLAYING (Latvia) Commandments - violated CD. Brutal death
-MULK (Fra) Testo(y)sterie CD. Digipack. Cyber brutal/ Noisecore/ Brutal death
-ORGASMIC VICTIM (Rus)/ BRUD (Ukraine)/ DISEMTOMB (Rus) Split CDr. Goregrind/ Death grind/ Goregrind
-POLYMORPH (Ger) Disgraceful supper MCD. Old brutal death/ Death metal

Fanzine: UNDERWORLD (Usa) #6: Trenchrot, Istidraj, Cultfinder, Toxemia, Evil madness, Demona, Funeral rites, Dethrone records, Spectral manifest, Nuclear rock radio... + reviews and a CDr compilation. 44 pages. A4. In english. 2015.


Micro distro update:

BEER CORPSE (Australia) Rough as guts Demo tape. Grindcore/ Death grind

BURIAL SHROUD (Usa) Angelic annihilation MCD. Obscure death metal

MORTOFOBIA (Bol) Mirando a la muerte Demo tape. Death metal

MURDER HOLLOW (Fin) Murder hollow Demo tape. Death doom

OMINOUS (Usa) Intercorpse CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death

Back in stock: PRAISE THE FLAME (Chile) Profane cult Demo tape. Death metal


Metal / Re: OSSUAIRE (France) Tape out now! Old school death
« on: April 11, 2015, 09:05:46 AM »

New reviews of the OSSUAIRE tape have appeared!

BRUTALISM Webzine (Hol)
This is a re-release of this French death metal bands 2005 demo tape, although listening to the tracks I would swear it was from the early 90’s. This is savage old school death metal. The production is perfect for the style, it’s creepy and earthy in all the right places and the music itself is like a dismembering ritual on a harlot from hell or at best the most daunting music to teach any particular person that pisses you off a real lesson in assaulting death metal!
There are a few atmospherics, the title track ‘Le troubadour nécrophageophile ‘ is savage, with the brutality of the early Florida scene, the guttural vocal attack of later brutal death metal with an overall sound that’s sounds like war, especially with the blast beats added. ‘Necrofistum prima nocte’ again tugs at the heartstrings of the death metal purist, groovy and battering, even underneath some pretty raw production. Bolt Thrower may spring to mind, but that’s too easy, but you get the meaning, its getting towards that stage of naming every early 90’s death metal band as an influence, which I feel is from both sides of the pond, i.e. Europe and the USA.
Refreshing is how I would describe this release, old school is bounded around a lot for bands that play a particular style, you may be fed up of hearing that term, but this is one of those releases that actually feels right to be tagged in such a way. The vintage is perfect and if you want to burst a blood vessel, bang your head and smash shit up, then Ossuaire know how to provide that perfect soundtrack. 4/5. Maul Madison

CHAINSAW GUTSFUCK Newsletter (Chile)
El primer demo de Ossuaire les va a volar la raja. Estos franceses saben lo que es tocar death metal oscuro, sin conseciones ni altibajos maricones. Gracias a Gab de Nihilistic Holocaust nuevamente por hacer llegar este material. Encontraras en estos 4 temas y una intro de momentos epicos de brutalidad como el antiguo Morbid Angel y esa atmosfera plagada de riffs intensos de 'In Battle there's no Law". La tematica se basa en los horrores y atrocidades del medioevo. Quizas el mejor demo llegado a Chainsa para este issue.


Last distro news:

BOLZER (Swi) Soma Tape. Black death

DISFORTERROR (Bra) 20 years of terror metal Tape. Death black (Songs from old demos)

FIEND (Usa) Derailed Demo tape. Grindcore

GOAT SEMEN (Peru) Soykirim Demo tape. Black death

INCANTATION (Usa) Tribute to the goat Tape. Death metal

MAZE OF TORMENT (Bol)/ TREPANACION (Chile) Split tape. Underground death metal

MERCYLESS (Fra) Visions from the past (Live 1989 official bootleg) CD. Death metal/ Thrash

MORTEM (Peru) Decomposed by possession Tape. Death metal

PYRE (Rus) Ravenous decease Tape. Swedish death metal close to Dismember.

RESPAWN THE PLAGUE (Gre) Gathering of the Unholy Ones Demo tape. Death metal influenced by mid old Morbid Angel

RIPPER (Chile) Fatal memories Demo tape. Old school thrash

TOXEMIA (Philippines) Planetary devastation CD. Old death metal/ Death doom

TRASHNASTY (Fra) The will of the dead MCD. Death metal/ Blasting thrash

UNMERCENARIES (Rus) Fallen in disbelief CD. Funeral doom/ Death doom

VENUS TORMENT (Chile) Espiral infinito Demo tape. Old school thrash

WOMBAT SIMOGATO HAPSIK (Hungary) Demo tape. Cybergrind. (Comes in a tissue bag)

Fanzine: OGREBALNI USLUGI (Bulgaria) #1: Morpheus descends, Wormridden, Rippikoulu, Manipulator, Bones, Torture rack; Inisans, Old chapel, Nameless tomb, Barberian swords, Nekro drunkz... + reviews. Death metal zine.
48 pages. A5. In english. 2015.


Metal / Re: Morta Skuld - Dying Remains
« on: April 01, 2015, 04:35:26 PM »

MORTA SKULD Interview online now!

Death metal from the 90's,
back to mash your face.



Micro distro update

ABYSM (Uk) Unleash the fallen Demo tape. Dark death metal

DRIFT OF GENES (Ukraine) Perverted memories CD. Brutal death

NEKROHOLOCAUST (Philippines) Prelude to extermination Tape. Gore brutal death/ Goregrind

NECROLEPSY (Bangladesh) Exhibition of mutilated apparatus Demo tape. Deathgrind with gory vocals.

NOTA NECROLOGICA (Spa) Nota Necrológica MCD. Death metal/ Grindcore

Back in stock: NECROPSY (Fin) Psychopath next door MCD. Old school death



Metal / Re: OSSUAIRE (France) Tape out now! Old school death
« on: March 25, 2015, 05:16:11 PM »
Ladies and gentlepukers,

A very good review of the OSSUAIRE tape was published on the American webzine CULT NATION.
Reading happens in there:

Another good review will also appear in the next issue of German paper zine FATAL UNDERGROUND.
You can see it there:
Ist ja doch in letzter Zeit verstärkt mal wieder angesagt ,olles Zeug aus der Versenkung hervorzuholen und dies nun erneut auf Euch loszulassen ,zumal ja die Welle an old school Death Metal Veröffentlichungen erst so richtig begonnen hat ,an Fahrt aufzunehmen .Bereits  2005 haben die Franzosen das mit 5 Songs bestückte Teil rausgehauen und lassen uns Anfangs erst einmal mit Glockenläuten und  leichten Windgeräuschen in Erwartung schwelgen .Dauert aber nicht wirklich lange und dann betritt man auch schon brutalere Wege .Recht dunkel gehalten ,zelebriert man dann Death Metal der alten Schule ,welche sicherlich zum größten Teil seinen Ursprung im amerikanischen Sektor wiederfindet .Gespickt mit massig fetten und vor allem brutalen Elementen ,zeigen die aber auch immer wieder mal ihre Fingerfertigkeit an dem Saiteninstrumente auf und legen ein paar echt gelungene Gitarrenarrangements an den Tag .Hierbei kriegen‘s die Typen dann auch vollkommen hin , die Atmosphäre der alten Death Metal Schule ganz deutlich hervorzuzaubern  bzw. rüberzubringen .Gesangsmäßig wird hier natürlich  im typischen tiefen Growlbereich herumgewerkelt ,was aber so halt einfach nur passt und auch so sein muss .Also ,ich bin schon irgendwie recht positiv bei der Mucke gestimmt , zumal ich mich halt erwische ,das ich nach den leider nur knapp 18 min . gleich noch mal die PLAY Taste gedrückt habe . Die Band hat(te) es auf jeden Fall wirklich verdammt gut drauf , auch wenn ihre musikalische Darbietung an sehr vielen Stellen doch verdammt stark an die Anfangsjahre von „Morbid Angel „ erinnert .Aber drauf geschissen ,die Mucke reißt mit ,macht an und bietet für ein Tape einen durchaus ansprechenden Sound .Dafür kann man getrost nen Plätzchen in seiner Sammlung freihalten ! ( LEO )

Cassettes and hand-cut flyers keeps on circulating in the intimate darkened rooms of the deep underground,
Contact your local dust-dealer to procure yourself a copy.


Last distro news:

ACEPHALIX (Usa) Deathless master Tape. Death metal/ Crust

CRUCIFIRE (Australia) NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) Split tape. Death black/ Black death

DEATHLY SCYTHE (Chile) ... Will of death!! Demo tape. Retro Death metal/ Thrash

DECAY OF REALITY (Rus) Reality of decay CD. Death metal/ Death doom

EXTREME DEFORMITY (Hungary) Internal Tape. Rerelease of album from 92 + bonus songs. Death metal/ Early brutal death

GRACE DISGRACED (Rus) The primal cause: Womanumental CD. Technical death like later DEATH.

HUMUGUR (Hungary) Endless caverns Demo tape. Raw death metal/ Old brutal death

METASTASIS (Chile) The blackened essence Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Thrash death. Merciless (Swe), Kreator.

MION'S HILL (Nor) Black death Demo tape. Retro thrash black/ Doom. Influenced by Celtic Frost.

OFFENSIVE (Uk) Offensive Demo tape. Black death (New band of Callum/ Cunt & paste zine)

PROMISCUITY (Israel) Basic instinct Demo tape. Thrash metal

SHADES OF THE BLACK SKY (Rus) То, что нас поглотит CD. Doom/ Funeral doom

SICK SAD WORLD (Can) Free your mind Demo CDr. Grindcore/ Death grind

TOXIK DEATH (Nor) Speed metal hell Tape. Thrash metal

UNDERGANG (Den) Kogt i blod Demo tape. Death metal/ Death doom

WHIPSTRIKER (Bra) / BULLDOZING BASTARD (Ger) Split tape. Thrash metal

WITCHTRAP (Col) Dark millenium Tape. Black thrash

2nd hand zine: DEHUMANIZED (Uk) #6: Entrails, Necro, Circle of tyrants, Aggressive mutilator.
+ small articles (unleashed, Banished from inferno, Deranged, Proletar, Desecration) + reviews, live reports... 52 pages. A5. In english. 2015

2nd hand zine: DEHUMANIZED (Uk) #5. Earache recs, Agathocles, Vomitory, Gorerotted, Dead like me, Bolt thrower, Defeated sanity... + Reviews. 40 pages. A5. In english.


Micro distro update:

DENEB (Pol) A path without destination Tape. Death metal

MAUSOLEUM (Usa) Eating your fucking brains live. Tape. Old school death.

PISSGRAVE (Usa) Pissgrave Demo tape. Black metal/ Death black with grindcore influences.

SPLATTERED MERMAIDS (Swe) Creation of wounds Demo CDr. Death grind/ Brutal death

VOMIT TROUGH (Usa) It's grind! MCD. Death grind. Grindcore


Last distro news:

ABYSSUS (Gre) Summon the dead Demo tape. Old styled death metal.

BEAST CONJURATOR (Mex) Born from the Darkest Entrails MCD. Old school death/ Thrashing death


C.H.U.D (Can) Tales from the C.H.U.D. MCDr. Goregrind/ Brutal death

CHURCH OF DISGUST (Usa) Invocation of putrid worship Demo tape. Death metal

CREACION Y MUERTE (Ecuador) Necrodeimos II MCD. Death metal


INCINERATOR (Hol) Human garbage Demo tape. Old styled death metal

INVINCIBLE FORCE (Chile) Satan rebellion metal Tape. Thrash metal

LEGIO OCCULTA (Swe) The cross turned upside down Demo tape. Swedish death metal

MANDATORY (Ger) Ripped from the tomb CD. Swedish death metal

MORBID FLESH (Spa) Reborn in death CD. Old styled death metal

PRAISE THE FLAME (Chile) Profane cult Demo tape. Death metal

SAATTOVÄKI (Fin) Cryptborn creation Demo tape. Death metal with grindcore influences

SHAMBLES (Thailand) Black candles magnetic doom Demo tape. Dark death metal

TRIOXIN 245 (Can) The Experiment CD. Crustcore/ Dbeat


Metal / Re: OSSUAIRE (France) Tape out now! Old school death
« on: March 04, 2015, 05:07:18 PM »

The time has come to open its doors,
and to one more time penetrate the ossuary.

This tape of coagulated medieval blood has received more numerous good reviews!
You are able to travel through the words by following these links:


ZWAREMETAL Webzine (Belgium):

METAL LIBRARY Webzine (Russia):

DEATH METAL.ORG Webzine (Usa):

KAOSGUARDS Webzine (France):

Those who need to learn more about the band can inspect an interview with Olaf I conducted in 2006, quite shortly after the initial release of the recording:

The cassette is still available for the rustic price of 2.50 Euros + postage:

Pile the bones,
Spume the blood,


« on: March 01, 2015, 04:58:05 PM »

Lately the webzine was updated with:

Some interviews:
- VIOGRESSION: The 90's doomy Death metal band is back!

- SKELETHAL: New thrashing death/ putrid death metal band from France.

- SLUGATHOR: The finnish Death metal band was ressurected for the duration of an interview, to clarify some points and matters of the grave.

And some reviews:
-BUTCHER ABC (Jap) Review
-DESECRATE (Spa) Review
-EXANIMATVM (Chile) Review
-MORTA SKULD (Usa) Review
-MUCUS (Bel) Review
-NECROPSY (Fin) Review
-ROTGUT (Malaysia) Review
-SHROUD (Usa) Review
-XTOM HANX (Usa) Review
-CRUSH THE INSECTS (Col) #2. Zine review

Psyosified and macabre clicking:

(25,80697580112788) x (25,80697580112788)

Micro distro update

DEADSHOT (Malaysia) Thrash nyentuk ke parai Demo CDr/ Pro CDr. Thrash metal

IRON DOGS (Can) Ripping torment Demo tape. Old styled heavy/ Old speed metal

SOULROT (Chile) Horrors from beyond Demo tape. Old styled death metal

SPASTIC BURN VICTIM (Uk) Carpathian florist Demo tape. Grindcore with crazy influences (Noisecore, jazz...)

Back in stock: CRAWL (Swe) 1: Serpents Demo tape. Death metal


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