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Interzone / Re: Suicide
« on: June 12, 2013, 04:17:04 PM »
When did human life become more important than everything? What's wrong with suicide? We have seven billion people on the planet.....you wont be missed.

Interzone / Re: Loneliness
« on: June 12, 2013, 03:56:00 PM »
Why feel lonely? Perhaps it's just a result of having to rely on being so social. You were born alone and will die alone and besides most people you come in contact with are just faces and voices, no real connection. There is a certain beauty and purity in solitude that is very often over looked or neglected by most people.

Interzone / Re: Loneliness
« on: June 12, 2013, 03:37:35 PM »

Interzone / Re: Drunk, Destructive, and Disturbed
« on: June 06, 2013, 10:39:06 AM »
I recently watched the Hated : GG Allin Documentary, and asked myself is there really anything beneficial that could come from those types of actions and world views?

Is there anything one could possibly learn from delving into the shit abyss that is being drunk and disorderly and completely disregarding social norms?

Sometimes I implode and act like a fucking maniac and it feels good from time to time to blow off the steam.

My question is, How are we supposed to legitimately show that we are feeling repressed, angry and tired of the bullshit we are bombarded with on a daily basis, when any action of rebellion is tied to fines or "public disturbance"?  How do we cause/announce our problems and not be apart of the governments master plan?

Can anything beneficial come from anything? Human Failure seems to be one of the most enduring things next to ignorance. To me GG is more inspiring than anything. Just living and dying in stark contrast to society is inspiring. He seems to honestly be that way, in lieu of any stage gimmicks or superficial bs.

Interzone / Re: Creating a new religion
« on: June 06, 2013, 10:25:12 AM »
Seeing god as ...[an]... underlying process of reality.

To be pedantic: why even bother using the word god at that point? In polytheistic religions god implies a certain level of anthropomorphism. Christianity capitalizes the G to denote the consolidated god, but this seems like a move designed to ease the conversion process for heathens. It seems to obscure the "supreme or ultimate reality" aspect of the word.

Question (not aimed at anyone in particular):

If perennial philosophy eventually evolved into the New Age movement, which is clearly full of wankers, what values prevent other Traditionalists from going down a similar path?

I think we've all met the airhead chick who claims to be "spiritual but not religious", and uses a bunch of quasi-profound concepts/memes (preferably of eastern origin) to decorate and inflate herself. This level of superficiality isn't usually found in, let's say for example, Islam. Why is this? Is it the dominating aspect of the institution? Lack of novelty? Does the average Muslim understand the philosophical underpinnings of the religion, or does he just follow the rules to avoid decapitation? Can the crowd be expected to understand, or does the religion have to reduce itself to a simple "do and don't do" list for it to be effective.

Even in these types of major religions, a practitioner's self concept of righteousness is often a form of conceit. Can one's ego be truly overcome (and not just mitigated), or is it a paradoxical situation, where fancying it to be so is in itself an act of egotism?

Entropy affects everything. Anything over time will be tainted by lesser people, The thing concerning religions there are always those who look deeper into said religion(esoteric) and those who just do what there told to get whatever goodies await them in the after life(exoteric). A new religion would not be any different.

Interzone / Re: To Civilize or not to Civilize...
« on: May 31, 2013, 11:49:56 AM »
It all comes down to what type of person are you trying to create. Have you ever wondered why black metal bands sing of/ hold reverence for things like cold winters,combat,struggle and isolation? Some people crave a environment conducive to barbarism, an environment which is rather wild and indifferent to humanistic concerns. Or civilization which can be very effective to an extent but when civilization becomes the end instead of a means it produces passive aggressive's, hedonistic boors, and feminist types. Power is based off how many idiots can you rally to your cause. Off course having people follow you is imperative to barbarism but unlike western society it isn't solely based of sycophancy. So..... It's all on the type of person you want.

Interzone / Re: Creating a new religion
« on: May 31, 2013, 11:23:02 AM »
The centre of human culture and personal life is spirituality and religion.

Of course Christianity is about dead today.

We need the eastern thougths as it is only in some of these religions the metaphysical truths have been explained in letters.

Most of the eastern religious movements in the West are too much focused on the indian, tibetan form , so much, that some of them seem unable to explain even the most basic core of metaphysics behind the religion!

They want the tibetan incence and the singingbowls, but have they heard about the four noble truths?

Religion today is mostly an identity procuct, that people take on to themselves to look cool.

The yoga classes says : "You can get all these things, if you pay us your money, self confidence, happiness and success in your career." But they never seems focused on the most important, the unspoken wisdom about your existence.

In reality humanity have already created the complete metaphysical science about existence in the upanishadic litterature and in early buddhism, but it need to be shaped to a western mode of life without loosing its essence, like it does with the New Age-movement.

Some says islam should shape the modern world into something more appriciateeable. Though, that culture is so focused on the dogma of the letter and on the inherent moral truths, just like the fault was with christianity.

If you ask me, people should be forced to convert to buddhism. They are already atheist, so all they have to realize is the selflessness to accomplish that.

I can agree with the Buddhist sentiment. It would make the most sense. The main issue with all religions and trains of thoughts in the modern world is a lack of a caste system. A system where everyone has there place would give said religion it's artisans,soldiers,workers,priest,merchants etc.

Metal / Re: Reggay that is similar to metal and kraftwerk
« on: May 13, 2013, 06:51:07 PM »
Same goes for noise music. The hardest part is composition.

Metal / Re: Reggay that is similar to metal and kraftwerk
« on: May 12, 2013, 05:44:47 PM »
Very interesting, but I personally canít feel much metal spirit or Kraftwerk influence in this piece.

I have been quite interested in the potential for electronic music of the broken beat or dubstep variety since hearing Beherit songs like Tribal Death or Temple of Lykos.

I just love the hypnotic, ritualistic atmosphere it creates coupled with that pulsating sense of motion found in all the Kraftwerk albums. I think it works by using pure rhythm to in some way de-emphasise rhythm and in turn create an ambience and spaciousness for (meta-)melody to evolve.

Also check out:






Ditto. There are some rather good ideas in dub step if people would remove their heads from their asses long enough to look deeper. There is so much depth and opportunity for variety in the synth modulation found in the genre it's nuts.

In a act of extreme compassion, I would like to extent out to you all and say... Nobody cares. I'm not sure if there is anything positive to say about modern trains of thought other than the fact that we are so devoid of anything but the physical reality we have learned loads about physical matter.

Interzone / Re: Maryland Deathfest: Who's Going
« on: May 10, 2013, 11:59:23 AM »
1. I almost never see crusties.
2. They at least get some cool points for living alternatively in some manner as opposed to Hipsters which are EVERY FUCKING WHERE and are just like everyone else.
3. Yeah I'll be there lol MDF is usually solid as far as state side festivals go.

Interzone / Re: The Aghori
« on: May 10, 2013, 11:49:25 AM »
They are an interesting sect(for lack of a better word). A good example of the Shaivaic train of thought.

Interzone / Re: Science: metal listening helps brain fitness
« on: April 28, 2013, 02:24:19 PM »
(Meanwhile in the universe Brett Stevens is posting some study about how metal music causes squirrels to ovulate at higher rate)

Interzone / Re: Is life sacred?
« on: April 12, 2013, 03:13:13 PM »
I will it to be sacred, because this is a choice.
I had this same exact thought a few weeks ago. Although, I have to disappoint you: it was in regards to humanity specifically :)

Perhaps life is not sacred. I believe it is. Not because I see evidence for its sacredness. Not because I think this is the most logical course of thought. Not because I think this state is conferred by the natural world.

Rather, because I choose to. Even if we were to somehow prove the universe to be entirely materialist, I would still behave as if it were not. Not just behave, either; believe, as well. Even if we somehow knew, objectively and absolutely, that God and soul and importance and beauty are completely erroneous concepts no matter how they're formulated, I would still believe in them all.

This is, I admit, essentially taking pride in a dissonance between what is real and what is accepted. I also realize this is the main problem in sinister -i.e., left-leaning- ways of thought. The key difference is that, unlike the liberal's, this approach to life does not need to claim reality has re-aligned itself to my desires in order for me to have them. A liberal does not demand that society change itself according to his vision of utopia simply because he personally wants to control society. That would be too... authoritative. Monarchical. Will-driven. Masculine.

Of course, this is the only actual motivation behind his demands; it is the only actual motivation behind ALL such demands. But because he is so terrified of POWER, because he sees it as intrinsically flawed, he cannot accept such a motivation in others - leading him to be incapable of accepting it within himself either, as that would be hypocritical. So instead, his demands become justified by the rest of the world; they are fair, deserved, natural. It does not matter if the world does not actually reflect this; studies will be done, statistics quoted, exceptions pointed out, and metaphors made. All in an effort to prove that the natural, amoral world reflects his opinions of what he deserves.

Unfortunately, this makes it a lot easier for most people sitting in the middle to be convinced by the sinister ways than by the righteous. The left puts a lot of effort into distorting our image of reality, giving the impression that reality does support its methods of thought. It does this by default; it is completely necessary to liberalism, because liberalism is by definition a search for change - not an embracing of what is, but a rejection of it. Only it cannot admit that outright.

So the liberal's dissonance is hidden, unrecognized, and even denied. The dissonance inherent to my way of belief is openly acknowledged and understood for what it is. I do not require the universe to agree with me, in order to believe what I do. That is the blessing I have received as an occupant of the brotherhood of man. That is the unique and utterly salient power I possess as a human - the power to move beyond the realm of what is. The trick is to not to hate existence as a result, and thus imagine it to be something it is not.

You mean neurosis? From what I gather life is rather subjective, the thing is very few have the will power to do much of anything other than do what they are told by those with stronger wills. Since we are all nihilist here there is no need for me to say that my opinion doesn't mean shit without my will to enact it.

Interzone / Re: The "Dark Ages"
« on: April 12, 2013, 02:39:17 PM »
'Bigotry' = anything the individual doesn't like.

In a way....yes. I mean't bigotry as just a vague disdain as opposed to recognition of the fact that we are not all created equal.

I don't know where you live, but where I live, 'bigot' is a term freely used to label people as worse than Hitler.
In fact, anyone who does not repeat the left-wing script gets labeled a 'bigot'.

Yeah.... that's about right lol humanism is the prevailing religion of the day.

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