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Interzone / Re: A better insanity than neurosis
« on: August 29, 2013, 08:57:05 AM »
I mean... I can sort of see it, but anyone who goes to live with fucking bears is just a loon. It is one thing to live in nature apart from modernity, it is another to be chums with a creature that can behead you with a slap, whose driving motivations you cant really understand. Red in tooth and claw means respect, and this was not respect.

That reaction is a normal human reaction, but I have to be honest, I am not happy about the dead bear. Dont get me wrong, I feel for the bear more than Treadwell. It is just a curious thing...

But I do know if Treadwell was my brother I would be hankering for a bear pelt... Curiouser.

Interzone / Re: A better insanity than neurosis
« on: August 29, 2013, 12:53:30 AM »
It depends on the animal, but predators that kill a human are known to make a habit of it, some tigers being legendary in this regard. Once they identify humans as potential prey, they are a threat. Domesticated animals like dogs prove behaviour incompatible with their very purpose (they must fundamentally coexist with humanity) and once again, are a proven threat. Of course they are animals acting off instinct, but instinct is not automatism. They are living, learning creatures. Anyway, that is the reason they dont get a trial!

Perhaps it would be interesting to explore why you have this visceral reaction when you dont really care about the dead human? What kind of a species has such a skewed preservation instinct? I believe this to be a perversion of human instinct essentially, in favour of empathic rationality. Despite that if your kin was killed by a bear you would lead the bear holocaust.

Metal / Re: Revolt against modernism metal: Self Promotion yay!
« on: August 28, 2013, 05:52:29 PM »
Could you link some more material please? These are impressive efforts. As far as criticism is concerned, the Indignation and Ossuary Vault tracks seem to miss some of the concept of metal riffs. From a post on the front page:

...uses static riffing here, where a chord is used to sketch out a rhythm. This is different from the normal phrasal riffs of black metal and death metal, where chords are used as notes in melodic phrases that resemble the objects of their symbolic role in the song.

Now this does not completely apply to your material, which obviously comes from someone familiar with great metal, but the riffs themselves dont really extend beyond textural filler for each part of the song in these two links. In case you dont already do this, conceive of them as a melody and write longer melodies (not necessarily longer riffs though). An element of drama or theatricism is also missing, as Annihilation noted. Let loose a little bit.

Something I intuit, correct me if I am off base: I get the impression that you wish to create impersonal music, that isnt all me-me-me. I fear though, that in doing this you miss that great artistic experiences are of an internal phenomenology. You can be inwardly focused while not being personal.

Interzone / Re: Spiritualism
« on: August 27, 2013, 07:39:34 PM »
Jesus was no absolute pacifist and neither was the Church for centuries, this is a more recent sickness.

Metal / Re: LLN (Les légions noires)
« on: August 27, 2013, 03:34:13 PM »
Vlad Tepes is pretty enjoyable stuff. I agree about that earthy feeling. It isnt anything groundbreaking but it is very energetic and sincere heavy metal/black metal. The three projects mentioned in the first post seem to be all that is worthwhile out of LLN.

I get you with the overlong riffs re:Mutiilation, but that kind of seems to be the point. The technique is altering the end of a phrase to create a set of mostly similar phrases in melodic continuity and adding on to this (filling out the chords/phrase) until some climax is reached. It is done in a quite subtle and subdued way which can easily hide this under the wash of noise on most tracks. A mood is patiently developed and then altered internally for communicative effect, followed generally by transition. Possessed and Immortal is the template example here,

What about the dark ambient project? Aakon Keetreh? Any good?

Interzone / Re: Jaguar.
« on: August 27, 2013, 03:14:28 PM »
Fierce and lethal, but get the job done fast, before energy fades.
Do the deed from behind, not full frontal assault.
Meter out energy. No unnecessary motion.
Stealth and patience. Silence and senses.

-Ode to the geriatric rapist (2013)

Metal / Re: Scalpel
« on: August 27, 2013, 08:41:17 AM »
Besides the above mentioned: Blaspherian, Winterwolf, Cruciamentum, War Master, Vallenfyre? I ended up disliking it personally. If previously active bands count then Enthroned is the Night, latest Cianide maybe.

And I really don't want to talk about The Jews(tm).

A response to this, not from me:

...one of the omissions that MacDonald offers a huge correction for is that Jews were at the center of the social upheaval that happened in the 20th century...and I mean right at the center, laying the groundwork, putting in the time, recruiting the soldiers, everything from forming the NAACP to changing immigration law to pushing anti-science movements in academia

it sounds like a big fat conspiracy theory of the sort clung to by bitter white nationalists, but anyone with sufficient education knows it is pretty much true--the 20th century was the story of WASPs standing by and doing very little while Jews supplanted their customs and ideology with Jewish-friendly customs and ideology

and the results speak for themselves--WASP institutions and social structure crumbled, social pathology among European-derived peoples rose, whites found themselves disadvantaged by the new multicultural order, and at every point Jews either saw no change or a dramatic improvement in their circumstances (and certainly a relative improvement)

Hannah Rosin is, like most Jewish women, ugly as sin--a great argument for giving the burka a second look, and I think when you look at the rise of intellectual movements it always pays to keep your focus on the primal motives, because they're the ones that endure long after people have forgotten the complicated intellectual arguments...feminism was driven in part by the hate Jewish women felt for the human housewife and her satisfied human husband (of course there were other factors at play, including scale)

at some point you have to accept that the intelligentsia we suffer under is lousy with Jews, and a discussion of our condition becomes impossible without addressing their differences and tendencies...of course Roissy works in DC so the choice is pretty clear for him, not really a choice at all as he marinades in Jewish thinking from dawn to dusk, and likely has forgotten what it is like to live in any other circumstance

MacDonald is the author of a penetrating series of books on the subject called The Culture of Critique. No conspiracy. Naturally the neo-Nazi and even rightist neopagan response to this issue is a bit crazy, but that just comes with the territory with those people. Doesnt mean there isnt something there that should be looked it. It isnt useful to make scapegoats out of one people when the problem is deeper, but it also doesnt mean that the human enemies that promulgate this deeper problem should not be talked about. It certainly isnt about all Jews, and I do believe that the Jewish people deserve a homeland. When it comes at the expense of the same for everyone else in the world, I am not so much in favour.

I sometimes find it hilarious that Christian and Western secular writers were able to convince me of the merits of some anti-semitism when my Islamic upbringing did no such thing, despite the ubiquity of an anti-Israel viewpoint in those countries.

Hannah Rosin: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2009/04/the-case-against-breast-feeding/7311/

Metal / Re: New Underground Wave
« on: August 23, 2013, 06:47:55 PM »
Even ignoring all of that the music is poor, no possible mastery of technique or quirk of songwriting can make up for such a gross deficiency. Though as far as songwriting is concerned, extremely long winded and maudlin; seemingly interesting happy objects appear and disappear, loudly proclaiming their own importance without any substance. Airy fairy stuff that they dont believe in or even perhaps understand. It is all pretense. I dont know what Liturgy look like but I can imagine a couple of smooth college graduate looking kids in yuppie gear, their music screams it.

Edit: Might as well go into some detail I suppose: There is also little of what this website calls `phrasal` songwriting. A Liturgy song is difficult to assemble in your head as a coherent `melody` (basically musical forms progressing as idea). When you do it sucks anyway. It instead tends to use rock harmonic or purely rhythmic techniques. This alone doesnt really take it outside the boundary of metal, as a lot of shitty modern metal tends to do that as well. Contrast with an Incantation song, you are able to `whistle` that in your head, assemble it as a coherent structure, no matter how chaotic or chromatic it is. This is even possible with polyphonic classical music, like the fugue; despite polyphony one is able to grasp melodic threads and follow their progression. Liturgy`s music is absent in this (to a degree), but that is only one of its many faults. Meshuggah is a band in a different style that has a similar problem. There is a great thread on this forum which I dont know if you have read, but it may shed some light on the objective weakness of Liturgy from the perspective of this website: http://www.deathmetal.org/forum/index.php/topic,13816.0.html /Edit

Their deficiency is the lack of any unifying meaning or purpose to the music beyond an exercize in the superficial. Are post-rock and black metal techniques really that interesting or outre? I simply cant imagine the kind of feat Liturgy must accomplish to make up for what is wrong with them. It isnt just not metal, it is ironic meaningless pop culture distilled, the kind of thing metal is supposed to be against. No poseurs.

I did read Hunter Hunt-Hendrix`s Transcendental Black Metal pamphlet though. I think it is required reading for any student of hipsterdom. It isnt a joke for these guys! That said no offense to you here dead last, it is just baffling. Either that or I am easily confoundable.

You know speaking of technique in black metal I do wish someone would try and copy pure holocaust and blizzard beasts.

Considering a Canadian was recently fined thousands for calling a smelly panhandler a smelly panhandler I think you probably dodged a bullet there.

Metal / Re: New Underground Wave
« on: August 23, 2013, 01:56:04 PM »
That is pretty much what I am saying, yes. I dont understand how you can like Liturgy. Malmsteen is not a strawman, the man doesnt just have dextrous fingers but produces quite `complex` music. It is quite difficult to express in words what it means for music to be evocative, what it means for art to be good because we do process it subjectively. It does matter if a painter adheres to form and tradition, and if he is skilled, but in the end it is what he paints that matters most. The spirit of Liturgy is almost anti-metal, and it comes out in the music.

As far as insincerity is concerned, Liturgy itself is insincere (whether they realize it or not) so extending this to Liturgy listeners is not a big jump. Nor is it inaccurate as a generalization.

What are the positive points of Liturgy anyway? I know you have mentioned some but lets have some detail. Defend Liturgy. I may not be up to answering but we do have people on the forum who can elaborate on technique if you go in that direction.

In your old home crow, they call them Learning Disabled now. It is funny when such people are described, even professionally. It always comes out as; he has *pause* learning disabilities. Of course no one will come right out and say what they all realize implicitly because you could lose your job or even end up in jail.

It isnt as bad a term as most politically correct abuses of language though.

Metal / Re: New Underground Wave
« on: August 23, 2013, 10:32:29 AM »
You obviously dont hate playing that card my friend. Incidentally are you also the person writing walls of text in a Carcass post on the front page? A `well crafted` piece of shit stays a piece of shit. It is the Yngwie Malmsteen argument, have you ever heard what a zealous defender of Yngwie sounds like? Poetry that uses every single textual trick, that is meticulously crafted and even fits its topic is still terrible if it is superficial. There is no `heaviness` to Liturgy, no depth to the experience. I dont know how interesting it can be, but it evokes nothing (except annoyance).

Interzone / Re: Pop culture's greatest (s)hits
« on: August 23, 2013, 05:35:38 AM »
This does that for me:

Welcome To My Hood

I see this Communist-infiltration-of-US-universities (or anything) meme pop up and I cant help but think, how besides the point? True or not, is this the source of decay? It isnt the left wing that has marched through institutions so much as leftism that has marched through the hearts of most men. Most people are always told what to like and what to do, they keep their heads down and follow the herd. That is the nature of mass society, and in a way that is maybe a useful thing, especially when adversity comes. Prosperity and godlessness (material wealth + spiritual decay) has allowed those who dont follow the herd to lose sight of their place and descend into passive nihilism, hedonism and with the addition of empathy to that hedonism; utilitarianism. It is the elites that are corrupt, which is something this place used to get wrong (kill all <120 IQ, wow now you live in a world of starry eyed hipsters, videogamers and anime arch-leftists and all the good, ordinary people are dead).

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