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Metal / LIGHTLESS - black metal from Tasmania, Australia
« on: May 01, 2013, 04:07:23 AM »
For those who prefer to go straight to YouTube without reading the bio, here is the link:

Lightless is a solo black metal project from Tasmania, Australia, which was initiated in 2006. Inspired by the likes of Burzum, Striborg and Xasthur, the lyrical content focusses mainly on misanthropy, hatred, nihilism and depression.

The  first demo, "Canonisation of the Antichrist", was released in October, 2006. A spontaneous recording and release from the young project, but the seed had been sewn. Its initial twenty CDR copy limitation saw it sell out quickly.

The second demo, "Wandering Across the Icy Hills", was released on the final day of April, 2007. More mature and meticulous in its approach and execution than its predecessor, "Wandering..." had an initial limitation of fifteen CDR copies. Again, all copies going soon after release.

2008 was a quiet year for Lightless; little composing and no recording took place. However, both demos were rereleased on cassette tape in five for the first, and ten copies for the second title, rounding out the total to twenty-five copies per demo.

"The End of Coexistence" was released in September, 2009, as Lightless's first full length album. It consisted of some new tracks, nearly the entire second demo in rerecorded form, and concluded with a selection of unreleased tracks, recorded around the time of the demos. Its initial thirty-six copy limitation was quickly consumed, prompting a rerelease version the following year.

The follow up full length, "Into the Haunted Heart of the Blacklands", released in July, 2010, is the title which put Lightless on the map for many current listeners. Its further developed approach and greater emphasis on depressive elements and atmosphere earned it great praise.

Overlapping the writing process of "...Blacklands" was what became the third album, "Humanity Erased". This title saw the light of day in January, 2011; following just six months behind its predecessor. "Humanity Erased" saw a more straight-forward approach in its writing and execution. This time, leaving behind depressive elements, and aiming for a more aggressive outcome. The album concluded with covers from Absurd and Skrewdriver.

What followed was what could be considered quiet time for the otherwise busy Lightless project. Tracks were being turned out but not all material was of a satisfactory standard in the creator's eyes. Numerous completed tracks were overlooked as a result. Some were revised and what resulted was the fourth album, "Poetry From a Pessimist". This was to be the first professionally released work for the project, released by German label Schattenkult Produktionen in February, 2013.

The depressive approach was returned to, this time, displaying a more mature, a more evolved method and overall project. This led to a much more distinguished release from previous efforts. Many listeners consider this album to be the strongest thus for from the project.