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Metal / Knowing ones place: Burzum and 0peth
« on: July 14, 2013, 09:50:14 PM »
Out of the whole of the newest metal Burzum album, i would say this is a worthwhile track. But it's not metal. In fact, it's closest to prog folk music or something using electric guitars. It has the melancholic and tragic vibe of some norwegian folk music too, or so I can tell. I posit that it's a very nice track, albeit in a different emotional mode than his classic black metal.


In addition to re-visiting ambient electronic music, and since leaving prison, Varg should have dropped the metal pretentions and created this sort of epic nordic folk music. It is what he seems to be into philosophically and aesthetically these days too.

This leads me to another band, 0peth. 0peth's pretention to play 'progressive death metal' is bullshit. It's nothing like death metal and never has been. However, their recent turn to classic progressive rock is, I think, a welcome direction for the band. They have always been unconsciously wanting to play this sort of music, and to finally embrace their 70's heroes. The move away from metal and into 70's prog displays honesty and the kind of 'good fit' which comes from no longer trying to insert a round peg (progressive rock) into a square hole (death metal).


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