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Interzone / Creating a new religion
« on: May 30, 2013, 07:37:06 PM »
Christianity is pretty much dead, right?  Though, nothing has replaced it yet.

I am attracted to the traditional values and ascetic practices of Christianity.  Little of this remains in Christian culture today.

Will a new religion arise? Is there a better place for it to be born than at the ANUS forum, as a group project?  Most of us desire some form of community based spirituality, and we share a fairly uniform set of ideas and knowledge.  Letís start a cult! People feel defeated and somehow forget how easy this could be. No one is going to stop us.  We can be pessimistic about our numbers, but it really only takes a single man and a single woman (or perhaps even a single parent with a couple of kidsÖ) to grow into a huge religion, even if it never spreads beyond direct genetic descendants.

I propose the following:

1. We create a religion which explains only the explainable
2. We worship god. The same god whose voice has been worshipped by nearly all of the successful religions, but this time without fairytales. Fairytales seem silly to modern man and are responsible for the decline of Western religion.
3. We create some sort of shared form of worship and tradition. This will involve meditation, ascetic practices (or at least moderation...), prayer, etc.
4. This is not a commune type cult.  Letís start with an online community and a yearly gathering.

I have lots of thoughts on this, but I want to see what response I get if any before writing more.