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Interzone / Hipsters: the porn movie
« on: February 21, 2014, 06:46:05 PM »
They were whores before it was cool!

A hipster girl doesn't have a dirty mind, she has a sexy imagination. Once these non-conformist take off their oversized sweaters and leggings, turn off whatever unsigned noise pop, indie, fold wave band they're listening to and put down their books exploring the depths of existentialism in cinema. They like to get dirty! Come to find out these glass wearing, book reading babes are so fuckin' horny that they throw pretension into the wind and embrace their love of cum with open legs and mouths. Smart and interesting girls definitely know how to take a cock and use it as a paintbrush while their bodies are the canvas. They turn the act of fucking into a form of art and expression!


Audiofile / Cock Sparrer
« on: February 06, 2014, 12:13:14 PM »
Cock Sparrer - 40 Years
Decent compilation of this legendary UK streetpunk band. Featuring new re-recordings of "Because You're Young" and "England Belongs To Me"

[an] American commander who took the same vast losses as General Giap would have been sacked overnight," his old enemy, the late U.S. General William C. Westmoreland, was quoted as saying in a 1983 book.

Giap's response to such accusations, according to Vietnam War correspondent Joseph L. Galloway, was that "I would have gladly sent 5 million or 10 million if that is what it took to rid our country of the foreigners; to gain our freedom."


In 1944, Ho Chi Minh called on Giap to organize and lead guerrilla forces against Japanese invaders in World War II. After Japan surrendered to Allied forces the next year, the Viet Minh continued their fight for independence from France.

Giap was known for his fiery temper and as a merciless strategist, but also for being a bit of a dandy. Old photos show him reviewing his troops in a white suit and snappy tie, in sharp contrast to Ho Chi Minh, clad in shorts and sandals.

Giap never received any formal military training, joking that he attended the military academy "of the bush."

At Dien Bien Phu, his Viet Minh army surprised elite French forces by surrounding them. Digging miles of trenches, the Vietnamese dragged artillery over steep mountains and slowly closed in during the bloody, 56-day battle that ended with French surrender on May 7, 1954.

"If a nation is determined to stand up, it is very strong," Giap told foreign journalists in 2004 prior to the battle's 50th anniversary. "We are very proud that Vietnam was the first colony that could stand up and gain independence on its own."

It was the final act that led to French withdrawal and the Geneva Accords that partitioned Vietnam into north and south in 1956. It paved the way for war against Saigon and its U.S. sponsors less than a decade later.

The general drew on his Dien Bien Phu experience to create the Ho Chi Minh Trail, a clandestine jungle network that snaked through neighbouring — and ostensibly neutral — Laos and Cambodia to supply his troops fighting on southern battlefields.

Against U.S. forces with sophisticated weapons and B-52 bombers, Giap's guerrillas prevailed again. But more than 1 million of his troops died in what is known in Vietnam as the "American War."

"We had to use the small against the big; backward weapons to defeat modern weapons," Giap said. "At the end, it was the human factor that determined the victory."

Historian Stanley Karnow, who interviewed Giap in Hanoi in 1990, quoted him as saying: "We were not strong enough to drive out a half-million American troops, but that wasn't our aim. Our intention was to break the will of the American government to continue the war."


Interzone / HIV resistant superman commits suicide
« on: September 17, 2013, 10:55:58 AM »
A New Yorker who fascinated doctors because he was resistant to H.I.V. and AIDS has committed suicide, aged 66.

Stephen Crohn was dubbed 'The Man Who Can't Catch AIDS' by The Independent in 1996 after his boyfriend and scores of his friends passed away from the disease but he remained healthy.

Bravely, he volunteered to have his white blood cells exposed to H.I.V. but doctors were unable to infect him - even at concentrations thousands of times stronger than anything that would occur outside a test tube.

But on August 23, he committed suicide, his sister Amy Crohn Santagata said on Friday.

'My brother saw all his friends around him dying, and he didn't die,' Ms Santagata said, according to The New York Times.

'He went through a tremendous amount of survivor guilt about that and said to himself, "There's got to be a reason."'


Stephen Crohn, the man who couldn't get AIDS.

Interzone / Baby boomer dictionary
« on: September 13, 2013, 05:24:40 AM »
baby boomer
a person born during a baby boom, especially one born in the U.S. between 1946 and 1965.
1970–75; baby boom + -er1

Is anyone feeling creative? Let's make a dictionary for baby boomers!

baby boomer
[bey-bee boo-mer]
a person born during a special era of enlightenment, a baby boomer is never wrong and knows exactly what the world needs.
1969; when spinning the Beatles "Abbey Road" album backwards the following message can be heard: "hey hey all you baby boomers, sacrifice your children... sacrifice your children..."

noun, plural e·qual·i·ties.
1. An ideology that holds that some people deserve more chances than others based not on their merit but on their gender, race or religion.
2. Lowering standards until everyone can reach them.
3. Cultural relativism a statement that two opposed cultures are compatible.
1945; Animal Farm by George Orwell

1. critical thought, emancipation, independence, fairness, logic, justice

[wurk] noun, adjective, verb, worked or ( Archaic , except for 29, 31, 34 ) wrought; working.
1. Producing useless junk while intending to make a financial profit.
2. Making the earth inhospitable to the generations that come after you.
3. Draining the earth from most of its resources in just one generation.
4. Outsourcing jobs to countries with lower wages and less worker rights.
5. All of the above.

6. Being involved in criminal activities: Those Mexicans just come to our country to work.
7. An excuse for being a lazy irresponsible asshole: Hey man at least I work! or I work so I've earned it!
8. Hanging out: Tim works as a civil servant.

1967; "Hey man fuck working at a real job!" - some hippie at a Grateful Dead concert.
1995 "Of course I work and so do all my female friends! But no, I don't know anyone who works in a coal mine or on an offshore platform. How is that relevant anyway?" - a feminist.

1. prostitution, vampirism, mental dehydration, boredom, self-immolation.