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Interzone / Re: Subjects in death metal lyrics
« on: October 28, 2013, 11:03:28 AM »
Arghoslent took power relationships and the worship of strength to a notable level. Check out some lyrics from their 1998 album Galloping Through the Battle Ruins.

"The Banners of Castille"
Spurred on by hope of conquest
Lusting for spice and gold
Into the churning seas
In the frail bark of tiny boats

Embedded in the soil of every continent
The bones of our ancestors lie
Testifying to a higher mandate
Sent down to warring soldiers

In the shadows of our banners
The indigenous bow to their masters
O' mighty winds caress our sails
And take this wrath away

Men of awesome might
Blue blood bred of steel
On cloven hoofs they ride
In the banners of Castile

In the sign of the martyr's cross
We torch the tropic fields
To the windswept shores of gold
With the banners of Castile

For blood and gold
The banners of Castile are raised... "

And here they aren't afraid to take the trope of the ancient and powerful ancestor and attribute to it a notion of GENETIC superiority. Beyond the music is a sort of deified place for progenitors-of-races which realize their potential through the process of conflict through history. Accompanied by the brilliant proud sound of their music, this is practically the best propaganda for the virtue of military might of the post-fascist era.


Metal / Re: To the guy who promoted NOISE MUSIC here
« on: August 02, 2013, 04:01:30 PM »
As far as noise music is concerned, I have no greater recommendation than Alberich.

"To be the Strongest"

Also I'll recommend the Finnish label Filth & Violence with artists like Bizarre Uproar, Xenophobic Ejaculation and Sick Seed for especially brutal material and Danish label Posh Isolation with artists like Croatian Amor, LR and Damien Dubrovnik for more subtle, ambient and still "necro" sounds.