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Interzone / Re: Is democracy failing?
« on: October 02, 2013, 03:25:49 AM »
According to Plato, doesn't every form of governing fail? It moves into a lower form... then a lower form... then a lower form. It is the rule of entropy. We start with ultimate order, and eventually move into a kind of chaos which some say to be order because of its uniformity. Well, this is is just a reversal of what order is! Up is down in human land!

Interzone / Re: A Dark Dream
« on: October 02, 2013, 03:21:13 AM »
I have seen a few threads before where people describe their dreams. Who knows if they really had this dream or if they are just making a point?

I remember a dream I had, I had set free so many people from their shackles... but when they were free there was a mad rush to escape. No one had time to be grateful, I was pushed aside. I went through much pain to get them there, much pain, but it made me both weaker and stronger to go through the ordeal. Weaker... because this experience of pure hatred aimed towards one, to make one hurt, at first is a terrifying experience. Why would another being wish harm to me? But you must accept this. When you accept that there are those who do harm, you wish to find out why. Is this something which must be stopped? If it is already trying to be stopped, is it something that should continue?

If I had not gone through the pain... I would not have been able to set the people free. When I was pushed aside by the people, I did not care, for I had already been through so much pain, so much deliberate hurt done to me, that accidental hurt was easy to brush aside. I simply wait for everyone else to move away, while I try to keep order as best as I can. In the end I am sure to be killed, but so are we all :)

Perhaps I am weak, perhaps Heyzeus has gotten too far into my head to ever come out. But I am a shepherd... I tend to the sheep, and if a wolf comes to take one away... well, this wolf better be prepared to fight. And wolves do fight. Foxes on the other hand... they are sly, they do not wish to be seen. Before you know, one sheep has gone, then another... all you hear is the foxes terrific shriek from the trees. I do not know if the foxes are smarter than the wolves, or if they are simply not as brave. I wonder which of them pursues life with the greatest ferocity... the one who hides, so he may get what he wants and get away with it... or the one who comes out into the open and says "This is what I want, and I know you do not want me to have it... but I am going to fight for it, and you will have to fight too if you are to stop me...". The wolves sit better with me, but that is just my personal instinct :)

Interzone / Re: Your Morals: A Quiz!
« on: October 02, 2013, 03:00:31 AM »

My answer:
Moral weight is meaningless. The only meaningful consideration is whether the actions undertaken satisfy the goal intended. If your goal is to stop the plague, then it's fine. If your goal is to "never cause harm to a human", then it isn't.

I don't care about causing harm to humans, but I wouldn't try to develop a vaccine either because there's too many fucking people.

Where do we get the goals from in the first place? To me, your last line sounds like a moral consideration. If you said "I wouldn't try to develop a vaccine because I really can't be bothered doing all the study that would lead me to a position where I could develop it", well this may not be a moral consideration. But since you are looking at the effects on humanity... is this not moral?

Ah, but who cares... there are different interpretations of what morality is. I like to think of "ethics" as the general guiding principles behind what we should be trying to achieve, and morality as a more specific thing which is dependent on biology and evolutionary forces. Ethics is like trying to find the harmony between the universe and the soul, regardless of what one's specific biological make up happens to be. It is the guiding force behind all action. It may even simply be a matter of making one's Will known. It is the meaning of existence. Morality might be a human thing, ethics is not. But I am defining ethics to mean what I want it to mean :)

Really I think morality is as important as anything in life. Either infinitely so or not at all.

Interzone / Re: Your Morals: A Quiz!
« on: October 01, 2013, 09:00:37 PM »

My thoughts on each...

Harm: I believe in my own version of Utilitarianism, so Harm should be important... however thinking Harm is bad tends to oversimplify things. To me it's like, if you are running a business and your number one goal is to profit... well, sometimes in order to make more money for the future, you have to invest your funds now.

Fairness: I often operate according to fairness, but really I think efficiency is the main thing. It doesn't matter if everyone is treated the same, what counts is what happens overall. Fairness can stop arguments, but it can also mean we have to sacrifice reality.

Loyalty: My highest score. I definitely am a fan of group cohesion, and being able to trust and count on those who you should be able to. A lack of trust in those around you means we can't work together towards goals.

Authority: My lowest score... but this is probably because of what passes as authority these days. From parents, teachers, police, government... I see all the corruption and illegitimacy of the authority these people have. I often think I know better than them, or at least that I can see many flaws to the method. I think I do value authority a lot though, but it has to be legitimate... I believe in Plato, everyone to their own position. What I am saying is I don't think society puts people in the right positions.

Purity: not sure of this one. I think that losing purity often means one arbitrary experience lessens everything that comes after it. This can be a very serious issue which most people try to ignore.

Well, it seems we have no liberals here. Liberals like to keep up with the times... they don't think over long periods. Individualism... everyone is equal, and everyone has rights - so harm no one and treat everyone the same. You are your own person, so you don't owe loyalty to anyone, you don't have to respect authority (which is all corrupt anyway...) and notions of purity are outdated and caused by personal feelings of disgust, not reality... well, I think conservatism is more honest... we have these in built moral codes, and liberals say, well let's do away with the ones that don't help us get ahead in modern society as individuals. Well, the group suffers if we forget all the factors and pick and choose as we please... but maybe this is a biological difference, not a cultural one... I am not too familiar with the work of the person who has made this division of moralities.

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