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Metal / Angel Corpse
« on: August 15, 2008, 10:41:42 AM »
The early works Angel Corpse (up and till Exterminate) has to some of the most straight forward yet transcendental Death Metal ever created. The combination of primitive aggression and complex ideas makes for an unforgettable ride. I always like Order From Chaos but it seemed that the crude punk-fused music of OFC never really went that well hand in hand with Pete's lyrics and concepts. That all changed with the Corpse.

I used to hear alot of people accusing them of being a Morbid Angel clone band. In my eyes they are so much more than that. They come off as a sterile and well calculated killing machine where Morbid Angel aound the time of Heretic's release seemed like a band at war with itself. Did anyone say Robbins?

Anyway, This is a thread about Angel Corpse. How do you people feel about them?

Ps. I have been trying to browse this forum for a topic on Angel Corpse without luck. So if there already is one then please forgive me.