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Interzone / Re: Sociology
« on: March 12, 2014, 08:51:31 PM »
I wouldn't consider it a real science, but that doesn't really mean much. Math isn't a science either.

Interzone / Re: Deleted post.
« on: March 12, 2014, 08:06:24 PM »
I don't really see there being any fundamental difference between the various power structures. It's always an elite few ruling over the masses. In (representative) democracy the system gets to choose who and what you are allowed to vote for. In communism the means of production, and wealth, are in the hands of the inner party members, not the people. UAE/Dubai is a monarchy, yet effectively looks every bit as crass as american style capitalism.

I think my biggest gripe with democracy is that it has the annoying ability to endlessly shift blame to different branches of the government. Sure you can replace the president but it doesn't effect the majority of the power structure.

At least in a monarchy its clear who to lynch if needed.

Interzone / Re: Deleted post.
« on: March 12, 2014, 12:15:15 PM »
Thinkers and the public? Are those two groups somehow connected?
My own experience of fascists is that they are, without exception, left-wingers who excel in projecting their own mental state onto anyone who is not like them.

Anti-egalitarianism is central to fascism making any sense at all - a concept the left begins foaming at the mouth when confronted with.

No doubt though, fascism has certain elements of the left in it.

Interzone / Re: Deleted post.
« on: March 12, 2014, 12:07:52 PM »
Fascism has nothing to do with the far right. It's a common misconception.

Just because fascism is nuanced and hard to place on the spectrum doesn't mean that it has nothing to do with the far right.

The left/right scale is overly simplistic, to the point of being useless, for anything other than propaganda purposes - i.e. we're on this side; if you are on the other, then you are a horrible person, tsk tsk.

Interzone / Re: Cheap Shit.
« on: February 28, 2014, 01:16:36 PM »
I have a little gas-powered generator that advertises itself as being able to deliver 950 watts. After having it fail to live up to expectations for the nine millionth time, I undertook to measure its actual output. My ability to measure such things is a bit limited, but even so, I estimate that it can provide a peak output of somewhere around 700 watts momentarily, before dropping off to a mean output of around 400 watts.

It's safe to assume the technical specs on the back of any product are written by the marketing department, and are consequently guaranteed to be complete bullshit, or at best, full of partial-truths and distortions.

Interzone / Re: Command Interpreter.
« on: February 28, 2014, 01:06:57 PM »

Yea, except 4.4BSD's (what OSX derives from) shell/console environment is about a million times more functional than what comes in a default window's install today. Windows was POSIX compliant at one point too, unfortunately they intentionally crippled it. Good idea from a business standpoint, bad from tech.

Anyway, every time someone uses a computer analogy it eventually ends up distracting from the point rather than illustrating it.

Interzone / Re: Command Interpreter.
« on: February 28, 2014, 02:32:14 AM »
I submit that for many humans, their own organic version of the Command Interpreter is faulty.

I'd say they're all faulty, or more precisely: the Command Interpreter is limited, by design, to prevent overload/spontaneous combustion. Some realize this and work around it and some don't.

It seems that at any given time you simultaneously exist in multiple meta-realities, and additionally that the person who you are is actually different in each one. On the one hand you have a "true" physical reality, that you interact with on a purely mechanical level, as a blob of atomic matter and biological cells or whatever. Then you have the subjective reality of your own mind, encompassing the person who you think that you are - "the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves" - which btw, are probably lies. Then you have the person who you think that others think that you are. Then for every person observing you there is an alternate version of you; the person who _they_ think that _you_ are, which is not just _you_, but a projection of themselves onto you - or a mapping of the idea of you, onto their personal subjective reality, that conforms with the structure and expectations of their reality.

Metal / Re: How to make metalcore in your home
« on: February 27, 2014, 08:37:50 AM »
Yeah I listen to a couple of Rise records bands, why? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDgbYF48UPw

Can someone please explain this to me, i honestly don't understand how this isn't a troll band. Even setting aside the fact that the music sucks, why would anyone think those vocals fit with it all? Its like pouring gravy on cake - what kind of sick fuck does that?

Interzone / Re: Further ruminations
« on: February 26, 2014, 02:40:51 AM »
Ve still vant ze money, Lebowski, or veee fuck you up.

Anyway, if policing/maintaining the forum isn't rewarding for you don't do it. Political revolutions only seem to be successful when the instigators are tapping into preexisting sentiment in the crowd anyway - i.e. preaching to the choir. Icelandic vulcanism probably had more of an impact on the french revolution than any enlightenment ideals. Severely traumatic events are required before a person's protective relationship with the preexisting Symbolic Order/Big Other/god is shattered. Once gone, it can be arbitrarily replaced, since humans have a problem with being confronted by otherness without the "protective screen" of the symbolic order - easily observed by breaking the most trivial of social protocols and watching how people freak the fuck out.

TLDR: the existence of this forum isn't going to gain you any meaningful influence.

Despite how easy subcultures are to manipulate through false elitism and symbolic fetish objects (used to manufacture authenticity), its still pretty difficult to do something as trivial as convince the majority that Opeth is a shitty metal band. Bands like Metallica and The Exploited have their particular reputations due to their implicit relationship with the preexisting order. Case in point: http://www.revleft.com/vb/exploited-t41374/index.html?s=9f65bee504f45d6f246cd06174b7984f&

Explicit message:
Thank goodness i only have one track by them... Fuck the usa..
im gonna delete it. damn punk posers. :angry:
punk rock is music of the left, how dare them use it like that!!!

o yeh.. FUCK 'EM!!!!

Implicit Message:
Thank goodness that you know my net loss of social status is mitigated by me having only 1 track and not the entire collection! I'm going to delete it so nobody questions my authenticity, and to congratulate myself on how i uphold my (other's) ideals.  I guess its true though, not everyone can be as authentic as me, but luckily they can exist as a symbolic reference point in which i can elevate myself in relation to. Punk rock is the music of my demographic, how dare they appropriate our exclusive branding in that manner! Don't they know it makes us feel less special?

Oh yeah, i should probably include something emotive to fully parade my dedication.

Whatever, just turn Audiofile into a radio station and archive. Should be more interesting than dicking around on a forum.

Interzone / Re: Socializing is deterministic
« on: February 22, 2014, 09:47:07 AM »
Talking to someone in the service industry is like talking to an AI vending machine.

Interzone / Re: Sanity.
« on: February 14, 2014, 04:03:33 PM »
Insanity is: http://rainworld.info/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/zentai-party.jpg

Ahaha, from the makers of Dekotora, who else?

Honestly, the dehumanizing aspect makes it kinda hot.

Metal / Re: Most black metal is fake
« on: January 16, 2014, 07:04:20 PM »
Waitain: blah blah blah
Same can be said for any number of genres. Let's play a game. Randomly pick a letter, search itunes or whatever gay shit, then randomly preview one of the results. What are the odds of finding something that isn't complete trash?

1.) Xzibit - restless : Generic beats; stupid lyrics even for hiphop.
2.) iamwhoiam - N: Unremarkable, but better than the previous.
3.) whocares - D: Porno background music. At least its utilitarian, i guess.
4.) woeisme - I: I'm too illiterate to properly describe how bad this screamo is.
5.) Nuclear Assault-F#: nice random pick but i never liked this song.
6.) C,R and Promid - Electro Queen: electronic music made using all the presets that came with the software.
7.) Ani DiFranco - J: call center music for when you've been put on hold.
8.) B - Birdz n Beez: African-American with downs syndrome.
9.) Ivan sandomire - L: 1950s love song mixed with carnival music. somehow less offensive than the other material so far.
10.) E - Fitting in with the misfits: feel good christian music for attracting losers to your doomsday cult.

Will someone bash my head in until i forget the last 15 minutes? I think i had a point to make somewhere but i'll be damned if i can find it. Whatever.

Unsurprisingly, most music is bullshit. Also, there always seems to be this underlying sentiment that the author is embarrassed with himself for being peripherally associated with something as nerdy and ridiculous as blackmetal (as its publicly perceived), and feels the need to justify it to himself. Oh no, i listen to the real stuff, you see, because they don't make hilariously absurd photoshoots and, oh wait...

Also, look at that high-fiving circle jerk in the comments below the article haha.

Metal / Re: Case Studies of Metal Art
« on: December 25, 2013, 11:32:03 AM »
sounds suspiciously similar to Exploited - Troops of Tomorrow


Metal / Re: White Supremacists Are Using Black Metal To Promote Hate
« on: December 24, 2013, 05:56:52 PM »
This is a more general question:

Why are people (metal fans and non-metallers alike) more prone to lose their minds when a band is openly hateful against Jews or any other race/religion, when hating Christians and liberals normal for other bands in the same field?

Social programming. Logical inconsistencies are probably considered a feature.

There's an implicit assumption that Metal participation entails some type of 'otherness', yet subculture participants are often more conformist than average, due to their strong desire to appropriate an external identity. The younger they are the worse it is.

Also, it's fairly standard practice to retroactively impose ideology over arbitrary youth subcultures. The true underlying patterns that bind a subculture together are often entirely implicit with a complete lack of explicit rules (probably due to them forming from the bottom up). Participants develop an intuitive feel for what works and doesn't when socializing in the group. Anyone sufficiently adept at manipulating the implicit rules, increases his in-group status, and is free to impose semi arbitrary explicit rules. Disagree? leave our club poser/hipster/personwhoisn'tauthenticlikeme.

And by the way, "political" music from the right tends to be fucking terrible. They rightfully treat it as a generic propaganda platform and produce things via template without any pretense of art. While the left seems to produce narcissistic love ballads dedicated to whatever darling idea they are currently fetishizing.

Interzone / Re: Education itself is the problem
« on: December 19, 2013, 11:53:31 AM »
Real life is about how well you can bullsh*t your way through it, and that’s not something taught in a classroom.

Why most low level employees are fucking borderline useless, and yes, that is implicitly taught in school.

The author:
Lauren “LMoney” Martin grew up aspiring for one goal, to be the first woman engineer. Upon finding out there already were women engineers and she was not able to pass Calc 1 she reevaluated her life and chose to study the beautiful and honorable art of advertising. When advertising became too much work she opted for acting then realized she couldn’t get on stage. And when she failed at everything else she decided to become a comedy writer.

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