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Interzone / Re: Faking it
« on: September 01, 2009, 07:07:10 AM »
I think what leads to people faking it is the thing missed at the UG threads (actually two things) - intelligence, and a deeper understanding of the nature and function of art, and this, I believe, is the matter to be confronted
Most people don't understand the Metal is a Way of life because they can't, and some won't see the phases in between.
Metal is music, which is art (unless it's crap), which "exists to communicate an idea, a feeling, etc." but is also an expression of some sort of mindset and values. A group of like minded individuals who share their mindsets, values, ideas, feeling, and attitude towards the world and work towards improving and developing these and themselves can be called a culture, and each culture has it's Way.
What I don't understand about the good people of ANUS is why waste time trolling UG forums when physical maturbation is much more satisfying, and we could do better if we concentrated our energies on people willing and capable of listening and understanding our ideas, and ACTING accordingly.

Metal / Re: Future of metal: change of obsolescence
« on: August 14, 2009, 10:28:09 PM »
I think the simptoms of "rock ghetto" and "honing in" are just a part of something bigger, probablya combination of real musical illiteracy and an ideaological vacuum, a lack of spirit. What happened to the days of "faster, bigger, stronger?" they were all replaced by chinese folk instruments and dead technique. The only band I got to know who tries to think outside the box these day is Unexpect. They might come off as incredibly hip, but after the third time you listen you realise that this "multi-tracked horror", as my friend put it, has a very unique way of accomplishing something which is mostly lost or missed by the bands of our days

Metal / Re: Metal dissidence and objectivity
« on: July 13, 2009, 01:24:43 AM »
It is like the story of the blind men trying to describe an elephant, only here it reffers to a person's ability to see through things/into them, such as in layers of understanding.
On the surface it might just look like a scene (or a fashion statement)
if you dig deeper you actually realize this is art! (or "A desire to communicate with external symbol and appearance")
deeper than that you will find in the following order - ideology and values, movement, culture
The deepest level which won't only require observation but also action in community.
I think that in order to really advance metal has to make an ascention into the community level, as in self sufficient relatively close communities which will be the beachead for a new culture and a way of life

Interzone / Re: Replacing public education
« on: July 12, 2009, 01:05:14 PM »
I am not suggesting that the common man shouldn't have understanding of the world around him, on the contrary, he should be tought how to use tools of understanding and debating, but the fact remain the same, your averege taxi driver won't be able to discuss phylosophy with you (probably) while a community leader would and should. It reminds me of Nietchze saying "If you want to train slaves, why are you teaching them to rule?" and this is the main point. Poeple should first have a profession, then skills required to get along with the world around them (basic arithmatics, biology etc.) and only then phylosophical education. Note that I did not mention cultural education, which was done for the following reason - culture is a dynamic thing, but it is inevitable that some would creat and some would participate. The abilities and training needed for both are different. I have no idea with a baker who writes moving poems on the nature of life and death, but it would probably be an exception. What all people should be familiar with is their own culture and be able to discuss and further understand its ideas to the extent of their capabilities

Actually, you missed the point in Job's story. It is not a "shit happens story" but more like "God had a party, Satan came to hang out, god asked, "yo satan? how're ye?" and satan replied "y'know, messin' with the bitches" the next thing that follows is that they have a bet to see whether Job would curse god if Satan made him miserable, and eventually Job yells at god "Why are you being a jerk?" and god's answer is practically "Because I can"
I think this story demonstrates the later trend in Jewish religion of being over-submissive and just bending over at god's command. What I think is very positive about Jewish thinking is it's analytical nature (wasted on religion, I tell you), and it's ethnocentricism covered in a healthy dose of pride (sadly most of it is lost). Jews used to be very warlike and less whiney. Furthermore, their insistance on quality and general stubbornedness have actually brought them to the creation of an efficient breeding program without even planning it.
From Christianity I think we do have a lot to learn about community structure, but It feels a little sheepish to me, and I'm not familiar with the religion, so, that's all I have to say about that

Interzone / Re: Nihilism and concrete freedom
« on: June 28, 2009, 07:24:14 AM »
I hope your descisions on my confusion are making you happy, but I think I should clarify my claim, if nessecary:
I was trying to convey the idea that freedom is merely an illusion and can exist only in out minds because there are alway enviormental factors limiting us - Nature which forces us to survive according to its flow, and society imposing sometimes-arbitrary looking laws upon us, although it would be reasonable to see while you are free from societal limitations, you cannot go around killing people etc.
My offer is similar to yours, but works from the bottom up - nature poses limitations on us, so does society, and so does anything eles. True transcendance over these limitations is by plunging into the river and finding the flow of it, using it to propel yourself. If the flow is a river, your life is a boat, you better know where the big rocks are and how not to drown. We all die in the end. I don't see man as allpowerful, but as weaker because of the false world in his mind.
The bamboo bends in the wind but does not break

Interzone / Re: Replacing public education
« on: June 27, 2009, 09:31:43 PM »
It's not only about books to be read, but goals and objective in general.
I think that highschool education should familiarize the student with natural science, social sciences, and spirit sciences -
A highschool graduate should be fully capable in the fields of maths, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science in a basic university level
Should be aquainted with sociology, psychology and statecraft
should know at least five great artists from each age of art, and at least 5 pieces by each, as well as calssic civilization literature.

However, when I think of it, not everyone should study and are capable for learning these subjects to this extent. That's the stuff to grow leaders out of, not peasants or workers, we have to admit we need a different system with different goals for their education

Interzone / Re: Nihilism and concrete freedom
« on: June 27, 2009, 10:20:45 AM »
Assuming freedom can only exist intact let's assume you have been thrown back in time before the dawn of civilization and it's up to you to survive. You are on your own, and there is nobody who limits you. However, your freedom is overcome by circumstances - you can't do whatever you feel like because if you don't focous on survival you will die. So you work your ass off to secure your future and still you would have to work for your daily survival, even if only for a few hours. How can you ever be free? The concept of freedom in the physical world is flawed in essence, it is an illusion of modernity, all you have is your mind, will, and body.

Metal / Re: Looking like a metalhead
« on: June 26, 2009, 02:42:02 PM »
On the topic of comfort being the only thing considered, I would like to remind you that humanism is based on the assumption that each individual has a right to feel as comfortable as long as it does not interfere with other people's comfort. This attitude has led society into accepting appearance as secondary to comfort, metalheads not being any different. You can be an infantile idiot in metal clothing or just a regular T-shirt, it does not matter. See this link for more thoughts of this perspective http://www.udolpho.com/weblog/?id=01042&title=Dressing-like-a-retard-isnt-impressing-anyone

Comfort should not be the only thing considered.

If you're going to a job interview, don't wear your Anal Blast T-Shirt.

But being comfortable should be a chief concern. If you're dressed in a stuffy suit and tie, and you feel uncomfortable, you most likely will look uncomfortable, and this may detract from what you wish to accomplish.

The chances you couldn't find a suit which fits you comfortably are almost non existant, it's more about a certain mindset. Besides, you don't have to wear suits all the time, everything has a time and place, which falls under the common sense department, but not looking like a hobo is always a good idea, no matter how comfortable your inner child wants to feel.

Metal / Re: Classical music for metalheads
« on: June 24, 2009, 02:13:05 PM »
My recommendation for the more southern European orientated metalhead is Verdi's La Travieta. Very heavy and tends to get macabre at times, and still going through all of it in a very Italian-Dionysian way

Interzone / Re: Nihilism and concrete freedom
« on: June 24, 2009, 02:07:54 PM »
I do not think we could ignore the fact that phenomena are never isolated.
Are we able to be free inside our minds, or do we really need to accept the limitations and flow through them, is there a difference?
You are presenting a very Daoist approach in the sense of adapting to the world and freeing the self. I tend to agree with it, but I wonder how many people are really capable of these acts.

Interzone / Re: Allergic to the 21st century
« on: June 24, 2009, 02:37:53 AM »
We can thank the 21st century for making us this way. Pumping chemicals into our food, soaking every piece of cloth with flaming retardents, teflon poisening, heavy metals, GM crops, medicines and chemical in water supplies, cosmetics, chemical residues from manufacturing processes, air pollution. The healthy life of the 21st century. Molly's body was probably so soaked up with poisens to start with, that her immune system went berserk and developed allergies, and is probably weaker.
Too many people, too many unnatural resources, is it that difficult to see? use hemp instead of wood and oil, use the stupid and sick as fertilizer, now it's all about marketing

Interzone / Re: Nihilism and concrete freedom
« on: June 24, 2009, 02:26:18 AM »
The problem with the attitude above is that it could easily lead to atomism. People freeing themselves of all societal limitations would be hazardous. Could real freedom be not of social limitations but choosing which limitiations you impose on yourself? I extends to far more that clothing, becaus it also reflects on character and attitude, self respect, and your relationship with your surroundings. This way we can see that the process of freeing oneself from all limitiations imposed by society would lead to atomism, because it renders the surrounding world irrelevant and assumes things can exist in isolation. A healthier alternative would be looking on limitations from outside, analize them, understand, and act accordingly. Because most people aren't capable of this process, they must have limitations iposed on them, so it's useless to be caught up in motal reasoning.

Greenism is more than a wagon to jump on for politicians, it's a surrogate for every person needing to feed his ego mania.
Many times I find Greenpeace activists outside the trainstation. "Just pay a yearly fee, get our cool magazine, and help save the world", or "Help us lobby for more useless laws and beurocracy". This is not helpful in any way, but when you go and talk to them and try to make them face the real problems as they are, they get caught up in moral reasoning and over-socialization, and even if they agree the facts are correct, they are evil, and therefore another course of action must be found, despite the fact that they know there is non.
Another trend here in Israel is all about helping people feel morally supirior by "saving the country". "Israel is drying, use less water", "We don't have free access to power, turn the lights off". Closing the tap for acummulative 5 minutes a day is not going to help the county or save it from drying, it might just make it slower, but the people feel as if they're making a difference, and that's what counts, right?
The solution should be rather complex but it can be achieved by helping people free themselves from false moral premises and see things for the way they are, this is why I bothered to speak with the greenpeace activists in the first place, even told them about ANUS and CORRUPT and Petti Linkola. If such ideas infiltrate existing organizations, it might be a start.
And I think a little George Carling would be good to beat them into common sense.

Metal / Re: Looking like a metalhead
« on: June 23, 2009, 04:02:06 AM »
Looking like a metalhead could be viewed as important for some, depending on their outlook on metal.
The way I see it, it's a tribe, most people aren't born to it, but join it, and it is very true that some don't belong there.
Every tribe and every culture has holidays and festivals, in which one wears ceremonial clothing and other accessories. I have come to view the metal look in such a way. It is unnecessary for me to dress my ceremonial clothing, mostly misinterpreted by other people, and atracting undesired attention from other metalhead. No, I am not interested in listening to your constant gibber on Cannibal Corpse and how they are the most wonderful band in the world, and I don't want to know how you feel about Dimebag Darrel. Mostly, when not in concerts, metal shirts would call for attention from undermen, metalheads or not.
On the last concert I've been, I made an experiment: I came wearing all black, but in semi formal dress - buttoned shirt and some nice trouses. People asked me if I dressed for a Bar-mitsva. I could very well ask them if they have descided to dress like homeless people.
I know that in the end of the evening, at least one of my friends have considered coming more elegantly dressed on the next concert. I'd see how it would turn up.

On the topic of comfort being the only thing considered, I would like to remind you that humanism is based on the assumption that each individual has a right to feel as comfortable as long as it does not interfere with other people's comfort. This attitude has led society into accepting appearance as secondary to comfort, metalheads not being any different. You can be an infantile idiot in metal clothing or just a regular T-shirt, it does not matter. See this link for more thoughts of this perspective http://www.udolpho.com/weblog/?id=01042&title=Dressing-like-a-retard-isnt-impressing-anyone

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