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Interzone / Re: How can I be tough?
« on: October 13, 2011, 12:54:55 PM »
Kids are getting softer and softer. I blame lack of father figures and smart phones.

Interzone / Aggressive thoughts
« on: October 13, 2011, 12:45:05 PM »
I constantly find myself struggling with aggressive thoughts and fantasies. I try my best to let them out through humor, working out, sparring, etc. I hit the punching bag at the gym and all it does is make me feel better prepared for the time come. I've only been in 2 actual fist fights and I lost. I guess that put a pretty big chip on my shoulder. All through high school I got bullied and took it. My whole life people have been pushing me around, whether it be people that are bigger than me, thugged out ghetto dwelling hoodlums, the police, people I work with. I assert myself, but if it ever comes down to fisticuffs, I'll usually try my best to dissolve it before it gets to that point. Part of it is because I'm aware of the consequences (i.e. jail), but also because I'm not entirely sure how the fight would turn out.

But with every failed encounter, I care just a little bit less. I'm tired of people thinking they can punk me out all the time. I want their blood on my hands. I want to humiliate bullies, people that are unfair towards myself AND others.

Lately I've been engaging in antisocial behavior, being less and less diplomatic to potential bullies, sharing my violent fantasies with others.

Today, someone I didn't know came walking through my apartment complex. I stared him down for a long time, giving him weird looks, partly because I hate it when people do that (we live in a quiet subdivision of mostly elderly people, often wiggers ((I hate that word)) will stroll through, doing drugs, damaging property, loitering on my porch, or using our subdivision as a hideout from the police) but also because I wanted to be challenged. I knew he didn't live there. He started blabbering his mouth as he was riding away on his bike. He was younger, but looked tough for his age. He told me to come over towards him and he'd sock the shit out of me. So I did. He continued to ride away from me. I chased him. I saw his bike outside a nearby gas station. I walked in. He was at the counter buying cigarettes. I stood behind him. He turned around and there I was, his eyes like a deer in headlights.

"The fuck's your problem, kid?"

He pretended it wasn't him at first. He told me to step outside. I repeatedly told him to swing on me and he continued to run his little mouth as he was mounting his bike and leaving the scene. I speedwalked in his direction because he was heading back to my apartments, but then a cop who was pumping his gas and was watching the whole thing stopped me.

Oddly enough, he was on my side. He told me the guy had no right to be there and that next time I should call the police (yeah, right).

Cop and I shake hands. I start walking home. And there that little fuck is sitting on a porch of an apartment building adjacent to mine. I give him the finger and say "nicely done, tough guy!". Here we go again. His mouth hit the on switch except this time he had a friend with him. I started walking towards him, calculating in my head the easiest way to stomp on his head, then the cop I talked to before swooped into the parking lot and told me to go home. I did.

After the cop gets done talking to them, he leaves. Then the two homeboys come up to my parking lot. They're watching me the whole time and I'm not breaking eye contact. They look over their shoulders. I give them the beckon. They come over and I start asking what the cop said. They started calling me a narc. I told them to walk on home and they did, without giving me any trouble this time, other than mumbling under their breath how much of a narc I was.

This situation could have ended badly. I could have ended up in jail right now if I swung on this kid, that cop watched everything. I would have lost my job, my girlfriend, and possibly 6 months of my life.

This guy was scared. I gave him way more trouble than he was looking for and now we're both pissed off about it. It wasn't worth it. But when I'm threatened and then my provoker runs away, it's natural to get pissed, right?

I'm not sure what I should have done, all I know is I'm coming closer and closer to a boiling point. There's gonna come a time when I won't give it a second thought and I'm just gonna hit somebody over something stupid, especially if I'm provoked.

Does anybody else struggle with this kind of thing or is it just me?

Interzone / Re: How can I be tough?
« on: October 09, 2011, 05:45:16 PM »
Running is a man test for sure. It's all pretty self explanatory. Don't be a wimp.

Interzone / Re: How can I be tough?
« on: October 09, 2011, 11:38:07 AM »
Get yourself a nice mountain bike. Replace all your small trips with bike rides. Ride through cold, rain, and snow. Eventually you'll find yourself thinking nothing of 20 mile trips while your friends think you're a maniac. (20 miles is a big deal here due to the hilly terrain). Let just a little bit of sanity within you die.

Interzone / Re: Liberals love to gather and do nothing
« on: October 02, 2011, 02:32:03 PM »
As much as they'd like to think that a revolution is a'brewin', this movement will be resolved in hopeless diplomacy.

Interzone / Re: Liberals love to gather and do nothing
« on: October 02, 2011, 02:29:29 PM »
I'd really like nothing more than to crush this movement. They are organizing a demonstration in my city next week.

No one has been able to clearly articulate what this organization's goals are or what they plan to do to solve the economic crisis we're facing. Their consensus is the same as all liberalism, and one that this site has pointed out and mocked for decades. Crowd tyranny.

"We, the 99% are going to fight wall street by showing them that we're the majority and have the power to overthrow them."

Maybe, but not without turning this country, this world, and their own lives into an even worse shit-hole than it already is. As fond of a notion as the solution being that simple is, I'm just going to keep going to school, working out, and spending my money on living as spiritually rich of a life as possible with as little excess as possible. My form of activism is one of example. Live a better life, don't kill yourself with alcohol or shitty food, support the arts, and have a goal to aspire to. It sucks that I have to give my money to companies that treat this world like shit, but in my current state, and I'll be honest about this, I'm a nobody. I don't have the power to fix it. Not I, not my friends, not a crowd of 10 million nobodies.

And this is why I despise democratic action in any situation, ever. It leads to directionlessness.

A little idea I've been pondering for a while: The only difference between conquest and rebellion is popularity.

Interzone / Re: Wisdom of the hobo
« on: October 11, 2010, 02:14:55 PM »
I was at an art gallery in the downtown area of my city when I was 17. The building was about 10 stories high with art exhibits on each floor. On floor 4 was a room with 3 homeless people inside it and an older photographer who had befriended them. The homeless guys were there to mooch hors d'euvres and wine, and when there's over 100 exhibits, each one serving wine and snacks, that's a pretty good score. This was at a time when I still wore metal shirts, denim, leather, spikes, and all that shit and my friends did too. The leader of the 3 (I say that because he was the only one that was articulate and outgoing enough to talk to us) approached us saying something like "My brothers! The apocalyptic warriors of the future are here!" He was a little drunk, but still coherent. I was getting there.

We continued in a conversation for a little bit longer. The Call of Ktulu came on over the radio and he was quick to turn it up loud enough for the rest of the art snobs to hear. I was pleased with this decision. He spoke to us about how civilizations are crumbling because "we've all been bred into the sheep mentality" and how "we must stand up and become wolves!". He told us he was homeless because didn't want to give money to the government or make anybody rich. He talked to us about how the apocalypse won't be brought on by gods but people and how our generation would be the one that has to witness it.

The gallery was closing and it was time for us to leave. He ended the conversation with this "Brothers! There will come a time when you must taste human flesh!"

Metal / Re: New York Death Militia International
« on: October 08, 2010, 12:11:20 PM »
They're no different than the hardcore crews in the 1980's.

Interzone / Re: Man leaves behind 1905-page suicide note
« on: October 04, 2010, 12:42:36 PM »
You don't have to have high self esteem to have an instinct for survival.

Interzone / Re: Why presentation is important
« on: October 04, 2010, 10:49:37 AM »
It's the same reason that it's a tragedy that Timeghoul never made it to release an album. All I've heard from them is their Tulmultuous Travelings demo and it is one of the best pieces of music I've ever heard. Musically, they blow bands like Infester out of the fucking water, production aside.

How this band never made it further than two demos is a mystery to me, they probably just called it quits. And that's the sad injustice of it all. The quality of the demo doesn't do their music justice. Not by a long shot. It completely ruins it. All you hear is brilliance buried deep in a well of subsonic rumble and poor mixing. Shame.

Interzone / Re: Why presentation is important
« on: October 04, 2010, 10:44:01 AM »
but deliberately obscuring production IS paying attention to presentation more than the spirit of the music.  The OP is arguing for an honest production/representation.  The mistake is that everyone, including the OP, is assuming they know the motivations of Infester:  was it laziness?  was it deliberate?  In Infester's case, I tend to disagree w/ the OP, it probably was a deliberate touch, and an effective one that syncs up with the spirit of the album.  But the broader point, in my mind, is that a straight forward, honest production is hard to argue against, and it does, in fact, indicate that one is NOT paying attention to the presentation more than the spirit of the music.
I don't know the intention of Infester, you are quite right about that. The simple fact is that deliberately obscuring the production was a mistake. I"ll continue:

What do you think of the production on pierced from within? curious.

Masterful, brilliant, and pleasing to the ears, which brings me to my next point.
Just want to say i finished listening to INFESTER, i enjoyed it all the way through, very memorable.

Infester is awesome. I just never commented on this thread because you can't win with people who are sticklers for production.
It first dawned on me that maybe the problem is that it's a matter of personal taste. But I won't settle for that. I tend to believe that there's a generally accepted consensus on what sounds "good" and what sounds "bad". Subsonic rumbles ripping through your subwoofers and high pitched smoke alarms don't sound good. They hurt your ears. It's not pleasing to the sense of hearing. Humans innately have a sense of what they want to hear, regardless of their musical taste. While Forest Poetry is admittedly one of my favorite albums of all time, I do acknowledge that it doesn't appeal to what humans would generally agree upon as a "good" sounding album. I let that slide with bands like Ildjarn, however, because as I pointed out before, the beauty of their music is that it's a message encoded in noise.

That doesn't work with Death Metal. The more complex moving parts a machine has, the more likely it is to break down.

Inanna, I believe you said it was probably a deliberate touch. You might be right about that, but it was a mistake. What I'm saying is, they could have gotten their artistic point across AND THEN SOME with a better, more unique production. They could have made their music stand out, not only with better representation of the instruments (after all, why write complex riffs if you can't hear them in the final mix), but with a unique sound that would make theirs stand out from anything ever done. To me the production on To The Depths... Sounds a lot like Incantation's Onward to Golgotha.

I'll always like Ildjarn, Infester, and Incantation, but as a matter of personal taste, and I know I'm not the only person with this sentiment, I prefer albums that make me glad for every dime I spent on my stereo system. Pierced From Within, Close to a World Below, Obscura, From Wisdom to Hate, all sound beautiful and they give my ears a raging hard boner.

Interzone / Re: Why presentation is important
« on: October 03, 2010, 04:50:20 PM »
Wolfgang, you have concluded that I am just a hipster barely dabbling into the death metal genre. You are wrong in that presumption. I've been listening to this CD since 2005 after ordering it from Moribund on a 100-Watt receiver with 2 large, reasonably bartered house speakers. It's rare that I ever listen to music on headphones these days because I don't have a computer at home. I post on friend's computers or library express terminals.

From what I can remember, jacking up the mids did nothing to fix the problem of incomprehensible riffs.

Anyway, my point was that I'm sure Infester would have been a DAMN good listening experience live. It's just not a very well mixed album. No excuses.

I opened up this thread to begin a dialog about presentation itself. Presentation is important because it is a front for the substance of any work of art. It's important because any good idea is ruined by poor presentation. If you're trying to sell a house, you tell the squatters to hit the road, decorate the place a little bit, provide some hors d'oeuvres, etc. Spruce it up a little bit.

What I'm saying is this. The only purpose of rejecting immediate appearance is to put it in its place, which is small. Doing away with it altogether is an overreaction. Sure that house might be in a great neighborhood, have the best subflooring job in the city with state of the art energy efficient windows. But if there's a junkie in the corner shooting up then nobody's going to stay around for the briefing. Am I getting my point across?

DISAGREE big time.  That album sounds exactly like it should, as does In the Nightside Eclipse, Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul, Det Frysende Nordiriket, etc. etc.  Death to the mainstream, and spending a month writing your album in a goddamned studio.
When did I say anything about the mainstream? Is sounding "raw" what it takes to not be mainstream? Please inform me what standards must be abided by before it can be considered non-mainstream? That said, I think In The Nightside Eclipse has a beautiful, unique production. One of my favorite. They did a good job. 

I'm not going to split hairs with you about Ildjarn and Mutiilation, however because I believe a certain degree of noiseyness adds a tremendous amount to those bands' works. Death metal lacks such simplicity and consequent ambience. For the same reason, I think that "rawness" was important for bands like Darkthrone, Discharge, Beherit, and Burzum to some extent.

Why do we want to keep metal obscure? Why do we want as few people to hear about it as possible? Let as many people hear it as possible. Art is communication, therefore success as an artist should have at least something to do with the amount of people who are communicated to, no?

I'm not proposing in any way that bands compromise ANY part of their music or what makes it genius. Just that production is overseen with a little bit more concern for what sounds good. What "works". Infester had some damn good ideas and they were demonstrated poorly. End of story.

I will not tolerate being crucified for sharing this belief. I am not a hipster, and have never owned an ipod or any other apple product for that matter. I am not mainstream because I choose not to tolerate a poor job in the studio NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE MUSIC ITSELF IS! If it sounds like shit, be big enough to admit it. Metal has a lot of possible directions to go. We can do better than that.

Interzone / Why presentation is important
« on: September 29, 2010, 03:12:46 PM »
I was listening to Infester earlier this afternoon, when an intrusive, sad thought entered my mind. To The Depths... In Degradation, their only studio album to my knowledge, was an intellectually stimulating, brilliantly structured, and undeniably "metal-in-spirit" work of art. It speaks to my darkest primordial instincts, titillating the urges that Western culture has forced me to repress, awakening a viciousness that most modern men lack. There's just one problem:

It sounds like total shit.

Despite my admitted long time spent tweaking the bands of my stereo's equalizer, I can barely make out what is going on in some of the guitar riffs. I have an affinity for atonality and a long history of listening to demo-level bands just crowning from the womb of obscurity. I would have tolerated this if it were a demo, but it's not. I've tried to shake this for a long time and make excuses for bands whose album production is sub-par, but there's just no reason to it. Why would you want a poorly represented piece of music to be your final product?

In addition, upon close listening, mistakes are present in the performance of the guitars and drums. A misplaced powerchord sloppily adjusted, the drummer's inability to maintain a consistent blast, causing slight fluctuations in tempo. Really?

This album was recorded in a studio. As such, all the tools to properly mix this album and give it the sound it deserves were both present and ignored. On top of that, a lack of discipline in musicianship takes away from the "tightness" that makes most good death metal albums shine.

It's time to stop tolerating shit production, even if the music shines with the complexity, spirit, and concept that Infester COULD have unleashed. A common PC and some "liberated" software is all it really takes nowadays to properly mix and produce music. I've done it. No, it wasn't Infester, nor was I vain enough to try to pass it off as a release.

It's time for bands to stop making their guitar tones deliberately ugly, practice until their sound is immaculate, settle for nothing but the best they can possibly do, and stop fooling themselves into thinking that a harsh, ugly, sound is any purer in intent than a well produced, digitally enhanced masterpiece of studio mixing.

Metal needs to evolve, and in doing so, understand two fundamental things: it should never be an artist's goal to remain underground, and "slick" production sould never be a compromise. It should add to what is already there and then some.

Death to the unter-ground

Interzone / Re: How crippling is alcohol?
« on: July 31, 2010, 02:15:49 PM »
I side with the opinion that the crippling effect of the alcohol depends on the individual.  I work with a master carpenter who has been a full blown alcoholic for 20+ years and he's one of the best I've ever seen. Some people manage to defy the odds and keep their wit, charm, and in this case, skills. Even if they lose everything else. If alcohol didn't get him, something else would have.

Interzone / Re: your favorite movie soundtracks
« on: July 03, 2010, 01:08:03 PM »

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