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Interzone / Re: The Treatment Room.
« on: April 16, 2013, 08:41:51 AM »
Anyway: these are my findings.
I have never met anyone, including myself, who can maintain reliable balance in a city environment. All is pretence, and the face one manages to wear for others, is not the actual face one wears.
That is why I will never live in a city again, if I have any choice in the matter.

Hey brother, it really depends with whom one spends their time. You can see truth in an overflowing newspaper bin. The pidgeons have mastered wu-wei. One can see a thousand small Arjuna rise between the concrete and bricks, or a thousand more crammed onto commuter trains, or sweeping the sidewalks.

Plastic is natural, so is diet soda, so is everything else.

It is my opinion that emotions are related to necessary actions, so thus over time emotions related to the scent of earth, or fractal branches, etc. are emotionally linked with our survival. Therefore, those who have affinity for active meditation will gain superb benefits from connection with natural things. However, those who find cerebral activity more effective will see both sides of the coin, but lack the visceral experience of the former.

And let's not talk about those weird duty bound moral path folks, zomg.  :o I wonder if anybody here could provide insight into our two from theirs?

In fact, I have a huge blind spot in regards to "spiritual perfection via moral duty", so if anyone has insight I would love to hear it.

Interzone / Re: Ashkenazi and the male bag
« on: April 01, 2013, 07:49:01 AM »
I think the European gene pool is big enough to allow for adaptations to any conceivable circumstance. Not to mention that single race children don't grow up with identity problems or discrimination from their peers.

But if you married the love of your life, I can't say I can blame you.

I'm guessing she's Asian. Nerds love Asians :P

Eh, this is Amerikuh, where you only need Facebook and Jesus to fit in. Additionally most, if not all, Americans I meet are also mutts. Is there a huge difference between:
A) choosing a spouse that complements and strengthens the aspects of yourself that you consider valuable


B) choosing a spouse that complement and strengthens the aspect of yourself that you consider valuable AND from a similar genetic stock.

One hopes to make better versions of themselves. I guess if I thought being ERYAN was of value I would see things differently.

It's important to both look through history to find important pieces of knowledge, as well as to realize if alive you are the leading edge on the wave of life and nothing matters unless you decide it matters.

I believe racial pride is a false flag, a time waster value. Better to value creativity, insight, diligence, compassion, wisdom, faithfulness, etc. I think if we are honest with ourselves those are the things we truly admire about the hero, whether we see him in ancient Scandinavia or in the Italian foothillls or the African scrubland or the Mexican flatlands.

If I am wrong about this I would like to know, truth is always worth the price, although that won't stop me from loving my wife.

Quote from: Crow

Shit happens, from time to time, in nature.
But nature doesn't go out of its way to make sure shit happens.

Ah my friend, shit is happening all the time, but rarely on our scale, although that is the scale which with we must deal. Goddamn prepositions.

Interzone / Ashkenazi and the male bag
« on: March 17, 2013, 08:05:03 AM »
Happy Sun day to all, may we remember the true source of life while the idolators sing their grey songs to the desert carpenter.

In regards to the front page drivel: May my multicultural spawn drink wine upon the graves of your genetically bottle-necked spawn.


May lulz be the lol, lulz under lail.

Interzone / Re: Thinking?
« on: March 17, 2013, 07:53:50 AM »
@ crow

If thinking was not part and parcel of desire it seems unlikely that it would exist in a being. Highjacking and rewiring it past it's original purpose is fabulous, but only obscurant, much like those sci-fi moviemakers trying to make a new beast by piecing together parts into a new whole.

With a little introspection the weird beasts can all be traced back to the component animals, just so can all objects in mindspace be tracked back to desire.

I once thought that the state of pure being was the "jewel of the lotus" in a gnostic sense, being the only true non-desire based mode of existence, but then it seems our whole beings are geared towards maintaining being, its just that other things get in the way much like paint on a canvas.

@ Transcix

Totally agree. What we normally describe as objects are in fact parts of a continuous whole, and all "things" in an environment are co-determined, as are all "events". I believe it is practicality that makes us delineate as such, being itself the servant of survival.

Interzone / Ralph Waldo Emerson
« on: February 23, 2013, 12:59:19 PM »
Good afternoon.

American Transcendentalism has many philosophical overlaps with the spirit of metal, if a bit on the dreamy side. IMO Emerson is the best of the bunch: practical, insightful, with a masterful use of English.

Following are his works:


Public domain by now, so feel free to do as you please with them. I highly recommend starting with "Experience" from the second Essay collection. I recall "Self-Reliance" from high school and it stuck with me, hopefully some of the younger members here can enjoy it as well.

A few good quotations, not necessarily from the above essay:

"Every word was once a poem."

"We have learned that we do not see directly, but mediately, and that we have no means of correcting these colored and distorting lenses which we are, or of computing the amount of their errors."

Interzone / Re: Wetiko.
« on: February 22, 2013, 07:49:49 PM »
Who is familiar with the term 'Wetiko'?
What does it mean to you?
Do you think you understand it, or do you understand it?

I confess, I was not familiar with the term until today. But I have been aware of the concept for many years.
You might say I am a Blade Runner, in the sense that I am able to instantly detect a lack of authenticity in humans.
A crow-sense, that enables a crow - who is unable to be anything but authentic - to detect a lack of authenticity in others.
Wetiko is the mind-virus that creates leftists out of former humans. While simultaneously causing such people to see themselves as what they mimic, but can never actually be: authentic, living humans.

Anybody who spends plenty of time with self begins to be able to identify the nature of self, in relation to self. America has a good tradition of this, I'd say. It was never for the masses who followed IMO. But then, those are "they who digest" instead of "those who bite".

I'd say there is a good ratio of digesters/biters here, above the statistical average.

On a second note, when did this site become about Leftists. Jeebuz X Christ. IDEA > local instance of idea.

Interzone / Re: Amerika
« on: February 22, 2013, 07:44:25 PM »
The biggest problem in my view is the collapse of social standards and thus the relentless dysgenics that promote robots who can't really think their way through any unknown problem.

They form our elites, and are unable to respond to the disaster in front of them, and will be unable to respond as it gets worse.

However, I think that there's going to be workarounds for most of the big disasters, including the once-popular peak oil, resource shortages, etc. Even water shortage can be beat with a good desalination filter, which nanotech is about to provide (if my timetable is right).

The real problem, the big problem, is that society is falling apart. This isn't an external thing, but an internal one. People have nothing in common, no identity and thus are many selfish peasants tearing apart society like a giant cake, leaving nothing but crumbs.

At which point warlords take over and cull, deep culture is preserved by a few [who shall be our Irish monks?], and the process repeats. Isn't this what most yakkers here lust for?

Interzone / A rather good front page post
« on: February 22, 2013, 07:41:36 PM »
Alan Watts > David Myatt

There is much more to learn, much more to process. No dissimulation, no purposeful muddying of shallow waters to false depths. May I highly suggest one listens to his expositions of Zhuangzi, if one has not previously read that text. I am glad to see a quick resource on the front page, kudos.

Interzone / Re: Keeping your mind flexible
« on: November 07, 2012, 04:24:22 PM »
Good list!

Reading books on topics you know nothing about, also reading books that propose views with which you disagree, learn a new recipe, spend time with other minds and practice empathy, practice meta-cognition whenever possible. And cetera

Interzone / Re: Quantum Consciousness.
« on: October 30, 2012, 05:19:06 PM »
Is it possible that only those near-death experiences that resemble religious tenants get mass published?

I am reading up on a few books on neuroscience ATM and will be more able to further this conversation in the near future.

Interzone / Re: Being and staying healthy in modern times
« on: October 30, 2012, 05:15:45 PM »
I'm glad to see a bunch of contributions to this thread.

When it comes to exercise, the important thing to keep in mind is only do what you can recover from. Start SLOW. Build up a generic base of health. It is said for pure noobies pedaling a stationary bicycle probably increases their bench press.

Run, lift, use body-weight, learn gymnastics, kettlebell, seduce farm animals. Just take it slow, and be disciplined. Before long you will realize that to improve your chosen form you will need to focus on the other aspects of recovery: not smoking, drinking, diet, sleep, etc. You will also hunger for knowledge in your chosen form.

The important thing is to do.

Also, suspending hot peppers in vinegar makes a fantastic low-sodium hot sauce for general use.

Interzone / Being and staying healthy in modern times
« on: October 26, 2012, 08:39:59 PM »
In the spirit of bringing this forum together a bit, here is a common denominator where ideas can be profitably shared. The best bet is to live well; hopefully pulling oneself upwards may create a small trend in those around you.

I find lifting heavy weights frequently is cathartic in many ways. It allows me to work out some stress, gives me a quantifiable measure of progress, allows for more flexibility in diet, improves sleep, and keeps me from being a fat ass. Multi-joint full body movements that allow for loading are the best: deadlift, squat, pull-up and bench press. The internet is choked with opinions about the best way to program your workout. You owe it to yourself to do two things - 1) study proper technique 2) ignore programming and just go lift; you WILL improve and you will learn what is best for yourself by DOING.

I also find that I am happiest when I prepare foods for myself. While eating out is convenient, I always have at least some financial regret when I realize how many groceries could have been bought instead for the same price. Normally I will prepare two marinades on Sunday and freeze portions of them for easy dinners during the work week. Making marinades are the best because you can alter any ratios on the fly to taste. Two simple ones follow.

Spicy -

Crushed red pepper
Honey/Brown Sugar
Soy Sauce
Curry powder

Simple mix ingredients in bowl.

Sweet -

1/2 Onion [Green onions work as well]
Fruit [any, do not recommend banana]
White Wine
Fresh Ginger
Fresh Garlic
Soy Sauce

Toss all ingredients in blender, adding wine as needed to aid blending.

I have more or less removed flour from my diet, as my oven is terrible along with most prepared foods. As such I make rice on the stove top quite frequently. I have found that I can cut the rice with cauliflower to increase it's flavor, texture and nutritional profile. Simple grate it on a cheese grater and add it to the rice 3-5 minutes before it finishes. This will reduce overall calorie intake, as well as reduce the glycemic load of the rice, and it I feel it presents more nicely on a plate than simple rice.

I also like to get 8 hours of sleep a night, make a weekly trip to the library for books and cds, and to pursue a few hours of creative production a week.

Do you have any recipes, or ideas on how to live well that others could profit from?

Interzone / Re: The problem is not all of us
« on: October 26, 2012, 08:13:39 PM »
Reading the most recent threads almost made me quit this forum because I thought I couldn't possibly promote my point of view successfully here, it's so opposite from all of yours.

Then I stopped for a second and noticed something. Everyone's on my side. I agree with the majority of posts in this forum. I remember the reason I originally joined this forum.

We all agree on so much here, why the hell is practically every major multi-page thread devoted to only the issues which divide us the most and capture us in the same old back-and-forth arguments?

When you're fighting against irrationality, you can't win, it just gets stuck in a perpetual cycle, if the person on the other end is sufficiently deluded. And you would have to be deluded too, to keep entertaining them.

It seems a small handful of posters on this forum frequently start an outlandish, undeniably stupid and irrational threads, and we're all so incredulous of it that we flock to counter the argument.

As if we're so concerned for the integrity of this forum. It was this same handful of posters who are so quick to point out that we shouldn't feed the trolls.

This is exactly the same mess our politicians are in, and the same mess all citizens seem to be in.

Why don't we investigate how much we can accomplish when we're all on the same page? Imagine if we broke the DLA's concepts down into nodes, and if we stuck mainly with those nodes all of us agree on. Imagine how many members would be willing to contribute to the website's development!

Then we can give individual people, or small groups of people, separate nodes, representing different points of view and not all agreeing with each other. Now DLA offers readers sound information we can all agree on, and the reader is free to make up their own minds about the rest.

As I like to say, if truth is logical, can't it be successfully conveyed as surely as the rigours of logic are unforgiving?

How much can we build, as a website and a community, remaining within the bounds of what most of us agree with? Maybe not much. But I can tell you one thing, this constant cycle of debunking stupidity only so that more stupidity arises the next day, this is toxic, to the website as a whole and to all of us members individually.

I love watching a gruesome car crash as much as the next person, but when the care's coming towards me I get out of the way. I don't want to come to this website to laugh at how stupid people are, as tempting as it may be, I can get that many other places. I want to come here for something productive! But the website is being killed, if it isn't already dead.

We agree on so many things. The importance and beauty of the environment. The problem of over-consumption. A disdain for simple-minded distractions. A dislike of hypocrisy, fake-ness and mainstream society. A passionate and determined desire to attack life head-on. A fundamental conviction that a successful life takes root  at deeper philosophical or spiritual levels rather than on the surface.


I know these basic truths seem so simple and maybe even trivial to us, but most people don't get it yet, for most people it's very advanced. Oh but that's right let's not try to do the tiniest bit of outreach, let's just kill all those other people.

No metal website is currently doing it, perhaps least of all the DLA because we give it such a bad name. NO METAL WEBSITE EVEN COMES CLOSE TO DOING IT.

You have to walk before you can run. Keep going in circles, or be willing to make compromise and get actually moving, it's your choice.

A handful of fuckers stole your website from you. Take it back.

For me, I come here because it is a breath of air so different from my normal world, and the thoughts are terribly refreshing.

If you understand Kantian/Schopenhauerian [spelling?] philosophy, you can see that the rational/irrational debate is truly hard to settle, with logic being the mode/rules of normal perception which correlate at least in part [if not in whole] with Reality.

I come here because, although married to a woman from a different race and culture from my own as well as having a career in a very kumbaya field, I find there to be some sharp tacks here, as well as the occasional impetus to challenge some beliefs that have unknowingly grown into my mind like weeds.

Interzone / Re: Liberalism
« on: August 22, 2012, 10:11:05 PM »
Is strength in efficiency different from strength in form? I hope to disconnect utilitarianism from liberalism, as this site seems to hold them both in union.

Kudzu is fully adapted to reality, and as such grows plentifully and strong, but species on an island can adapt to changing and uncommon influences, thus producing unique types.

It seems our modern western world allows more insulation from reality, thus we see more divergence, most of which is garbage, some of which is beautiful, all of which is "random".

All the while the Kudzu argues endurance, and does so successfully as the tropical species grow and perish.

Will we demand efficiency and strength from ourselves (or other divergent beings), or can we view the weaker with aesthetics or hope?

In all, what is most effective seems to be the least liberal. We pretend to the former while shooting towards the latter. Reality is harsh and they cannot honestly mingle.

Perhaps it is the attitude that the weaker can have as much political voice as the stronger, and in so neutralize to a sad grey.

The question then becomes: if we can agree that those with vision can and should lead, according to what standard shall we then judge? If we allow divergence of the human experience, this form will rarely succeed without struggle. If we disallow human divergence, shall we use Traditional virtue?

What then is this traditional virtue? Certainly a neoplatonic worldview is intuitively simple for those at or above an intellectual watermark. Shall the rest be dragged along? How can we judge abuse of power, and who can levy such a claim?

I do not extend these ideas Socratically because they will have to be overcome if this sort of thinking is to flourish.

Interzone / Re: Free Will Is An Illusion
« on: August 13, 2012, 05:14:09 PM »
A main concern here is whether a belief in the causal structure of decision making processes permits or denies personal responsibility, which is critical for our [most, all?] societies to function. The problems only occur when we nitpick away our intuitions.

We assume that person A commits an act in discord with the laws and should be responsible. If we delve deeply into the matter and decide that indeed it was his mental processes responsible, and those were environmentally derived, thus it is the actor who is carried along by impulse and a victim instead of the offender.

If responsibility requires personhood, we understand that in some way person A has this quality. This quality as well is subject to the same causal analysis that we used above. Thus responsibility can be preserved by assuming personhood and its nested quality of responsibility to exist on the same level of abstraction, while still recognizing that there is controversy in different areas.

If we can sidestep this eddy, we can debate the deeper issues: What is the nature of choice, and Should law either balance or favor demonstrative punishment or behavior correction?

Now on another note. I have read Schopenhauer's Fourfold Root and his Paralipomena. A younger self found much harmony is his writings, but I have grown away more recently. I, however, have not read his World as Illusion and Will. I tend to agree with the first assumption in many ways, but it was the second that turned me off. Why make metaphysical assumptions like that?

Should I pick it up and give it a whirl? I fully expect it to be a grinding mental slog like the Fourfold Root, but with a disappointing payout.

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