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Interzone / Alps for sale
« on: June 14, 2011, 10:13:55 AM »
The Austrian government has suspended the sale of two mountains in the Alps, after strong criticism from the opposition and the general public.

A senior official said the peaks could be offered for sale again, but on different terms.

Only bids from Austrian institutions are likely to be considered, rather than selling for the highest price.

The government had hoped to get 121,000 euros (£107,000; $170,000) for the mountains.

After a meeting between Economics Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner and officials from the agency charged with selling off publicly owned property, an agency spokesman said: "We have suspended the sale to evaluate alternative possibilities."

The peaks are in the easternmost part of Tyrol province, home to some of Europe's highest mountain ranges.

They are the Rosskopf, which has an altitude of 2,600m (8,500 feet), and the Grosse Kinigat, at nearly 2,700m (8,800 feet).

Opposition politicians came out vigorously against the proposed deal and the office of the privatisation agency was bombarded with calls and e-mails.

Residents were unhappy about the sale of the peaks, one of which is the site of a memorial to battles in World War I.

Any future buyer will be bound by a range of restrictions on use, meant to allow holidaymakers and climbers free access.

Local authorities have wide powers prohibiting owners from displaying offensive or shrill advertising, or erecting buildings that do not fit a region's character.

Big Black Cock news

There goes the chance of having a MOUNT SLAYER.

News about the Titanic European Union:

European Parliament approves Schengen bids by Bulgaria and Romania

With a large majority of 487 votes in favour, members of the European Parliament voted on June 8 2011 to support the accessions of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union's Schengen visa zone.

MEPs said that the two countries had met the entry conditions, based on European Commission progress reports, but added that the European Parliament should be kept informed of additional measures taken in the Bulgaria-Turkey-Greece area to cope with a possible surge in migration pressure.

There were 77 votes against and 29 abstentions.

The European Parliament’s opinion will now be sent to EU homes affairs ministers meeting on June 9 in Luxembourg.

Checking that new members have met all Schengen requirements (control of land, sea and air borders, issuing visas, police co-operation, readiness to connect to and use the Schengen Information System and data protection), is a prerequisite for the EU Council of Ministers to decide, after consulting the European Parliament, to abolish checks at internal borders with those member states.

After considering progress reports on Bulgaria and Romania and the findings of expert follow-up teams, MEPs concluded that although some remaining issues will require regular reporting and further attention in the future, they do not constitute an obstacle to full Schengen membership for Bulgaria and Romania.

"We are in a position to welcome Bulgaria and Romania into the Schengen area and I hope that the Council will adopt the same position as soon as they receive our positive opinion. (...) Their citizens should be regarded as fully European citizens, and should not be hostages of populist discourse", said rapporteur Carlos Coelho (EPP, PT).

Bulgaria - Turkey - Greece border area

However, Coelho also emphasised the need to acknowledge that illegal migration makes Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece one of the EU's most sensitive external border areas.

This means Bulgaria must take some additional measures, including a special action plan, to be implemented when it joins Schengen, and working out a common approach with Greece and Turkey to coping with a possible surge in migration pressure.

MEPs approved an amendment asking that Bulgaria and Romania inform the European Parliament and the Council, in writing and within six months of the entry into force of the integration decision, of any shortcomings in the implementation of these additional measures.

"Schengen is one of the biggest achievements of the EU. We must not destroy it with rash decisions. The Schengen system is providing the highest standards of border management. Romania and Bulgaria are meeting these standards today - hence, we must not delay their integration. I call on the Council to follow the recommendations of the vote expressed today by the large majority of the European Parliament", European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek said.

The Schengen area currently has 25 members: 22 EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia) and three associated non-EU countries (Norway, Iceland and Switzerland). Liechtenstein should soon become the fourth associated country.


European Parliament Rejects Freezing EU Budget until 2020

The European Parliament has refused to freeze the EU budget until 2020 in line with the cuts approved in the majority of member states facing the crisis, like United Kingdom, Germany and France. Instead, the Parliament calls for an increase of at least 5% in the next financial perspective from 2013.

The freeze “is not a viable option” and even with an increase of 5% “we can only make a limited contribution to achieving the goals and commitments of the Union and the principle of solidarity,” says the parliamentary report, whose speaker is the Spanish PP representative Salvador Garriga.

This will be the political position adopted by the European Parliament in the negotiations over the next EU budgetary framework, which will begin in June when the Commission presents its proposals. Garriga’s report was approved on Wednesday by the Budgets Committee with 39 votes in favour, 5 against and 4 abstentions, and will be fully ratified in June.

“During the last year I tried to reach the widest possible agreement among the political groups to send a clear political signal to the other EU institutions and citizens: freezing the level of resources, as requested by some member states, is not a viable option and in order to move forward we need to identify which tasks the EU should leave alone”, said the MEP.

The report also advocates maintaining regional and agricultural spending over the next period and is committed to a “significant increase” of EU investment in R & D, innovation, energy and transport.

MEPs also called for a new funding system of the EU’s own resources, referring to alternatives presented so far by the Commission, including VAT, energy tax or a tax on financial transactions, but not favouring any particular one.


Crisis? What crisis? Just keep pumping money into corrupt countries like Greece that would otherwise get the fate they deserve: becoming third world countries. The European Union is like a big ship, all it takes is one leak and we all sink. So you just keep fixing those leaks with your taxpayers money, after all as a EU member that's your responsibility! Meanwhile we'll keep adding passengers and won't let you do anything about it. Because we're idealists and you're just being cynical bro. You should ignore reality and follow the dream like we do! Lie down and be counted, stand up and be ignored! This meeting is now adjourned.

Interzone / Suicide
« on: May 14, 2011, 10:05:17 AM »
Suicide is a very diverse act that can have a billion motives. From the mighty samurai committing seppuku to preserve their honor, to emos cutting their wrists because they experience life as suffering, to suicide bombers trying to take down as many people with them for ideological reasons. Often sung about by death metal bands, regularly committed by black metal artists. Suicide seems to be an integral part of metal, possibly because it is part of the harsh realities of life that the mainstream either denies or wraps up in candy paper.

What are your thoughts about suicide? And where is the line between self-pity and preserving honor?

Interzone / Edutainment
« on: May 14, 2011, 01:26:33 AM »
I did something wrong and followed a link in one of the absurd comments on the DLA blog. Eventually I stumbled across this youtube video:


Am I overly paranoid for thinking that in the near future more money will be spent on entertainment than on education, and thus one will eventually be replaced by the other?

2 + 2 = vagina

Somehow I can imagine her being a school teacher already.

Interzone / Blue petroleum could be alternative for oil in the future
« on: April 17, 2011, 05:07:52 PM »
ALICANTE, Spain (AFP) – In a forest of tubes eight metres high in eastern Spain scientists hope they have found the fuel of tomorrow: bio-oil produced with algae mixed with carbon dioxide from a factory.

Almost 400 of the green tubes, filled with millions of microscopic algae, cover a plain near the city of Alicante, next to a cement works from which the C02 is captured and transported via a pipeline to the "blue petroleum" factory.

The project, which is still experimental, has been developed over the past five years by Spanish and French researchers at the small Bio Fuel Systems (BFS) company.

At a time when companies are redoubling their efforts to find alternative energy sources, the idea is to reproduce and speed up a process which has taken millions of years and which has led to the production of fossil fuels.

"We are trying to simulate the conditions which existed millions of years ago, when the phytoplankton was transformed into oil," said engineer Eloy Chapuli. "In this way, we obtain oil that is the same as oil today."

The microalgae reproduces at high speed in the tubes by photosynthesis and from the CO2 released from the cement factory.

Every day some of this highly concentrated liquid is extracted and filtered to produce a biomass that is turned into bio-oil.

The other great advantage of the system is that it is a depollutant -- it absorbs the C02 which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

"It's ecological oil," said the founder and chairman of BFS, French engineer Bernard Stroiazzo-Mougin, who worked in oil fields in the Middle East before coming to Spain.

"We need another five to 10 years before industrial production can start," said Stroiazzo-Mougin, who hopes to be able to develop another such project on the Portuguese island of Madeira.

"In a unit that covers 50 square kilometres, which is not something enormous, in barren regions of southern Spain, we could produce about 1.25 million barrels per day," or almost as much as the daily export of oil from Iraq, he said.

BFS, a private company, hopes to negotiate "with several countries to obtain subsidies for the installation of artificial oil fields," he said.

Other similar projects being studied in other parts of the world.

In Germany, the Swedish energy group Vattenfall last year launched a pilot project in which algae is used to absorb carbon dioxide from a coal-fired power plant.

US oil giant ExxonMobil plans to invest up to $600 million in research on oil produced from algae.

Companies, in particular those in the aeronautic sector, have shown keen interest in this research, hoping to find a replacement for classic oil.


This should be a damn interesting development. Not just because of environmental reasons but also geopolitically. No more invading countries just to get their oil supplies. No more western politicians brown-nosing the Arabian royalty.

Interzone / Being totally honest
« on: April 14, 2011, 12:09:25 AM »
I only just noticed this:

Users Online:
Most Online Today: 79. Most Online Ever: 195 (July 05, 2010, 02:43:15 PM)

Jesus Christ flying on a broomstick! Prozak do you have 194 computers and internet connections at your house? Did you hire off an entire internet cafe or something? I mean... I know everybody on this forum is you hiding behind another internet personality. Conservationist is you, Transcix is you, Octuple is you, Cargest is you, everybody is you! And by now I know that I'm the only real person who visits this site and that the only reason why anus.com exists is to troll me. But 194 computers? Damn man, that's extreme! You sick bastard!

Interzone / UK comedy sketch explains the dilemma of underground metal
« on: March 26, 2011, 11:21:47 AM »

I think this video sums it up quite well. Some people don't want to achieve anything, they just want to be the only gay in the village. To be the eternal outsider looking down on everyone else no matter how much they have in common with them. Living in their own little world where they consider themselves special and unique and insisting nobody understands them. Forever fighting the tide even if it's in their favor.

How can we unite underground metal with the mainstream during this point in history where such a thing seems inevitable? Until The Light Takes Us was a good effort but sometimes I wonder if they reached the correct audience. A new generation of fans has arrived but indie black metal and deathcore are shoved in their face while the classic albums are left as a mere footnote in history. I think that's a shame, people should start with the old material so they can more easily see what's wrong with the new material. But we won't reach these kids by playing the part of being the only gay in the village.

Interzone / Dutch people want to go back to old times
« on: March 10, 2011, 05:54:55 AM »
News from your most favorite tiny country in Europe:

More than half of the Dutch people thinks that everything was better in the old days. We mostly think that society and politics functioned better in the past. There were also less social problems. The longing to return to the past mostly exists among the lower educated, Telegraaf readers, inhabitants of Limburg and PVV voters, according to the Social and Cultural Planning Agency (SCP).

The Dutch currently associate their country with social hardening, "me-culture", disrespectfulness, danger, a failing multicultural society and politicians who don't address the issues. The people feel powerless says the SCP.

People think they can't individually change the situation and they don't trust politicians and authorities to handle these problems. Notably, many Dutch people are very satisfied with their own individual lives, but they are dissatisfied with society.


Not sure if this is an indication for the rest of Europe but it does speak volumes for the Netherlands. The Netherlands is renowned for being a progressive country but it seems regression might be an important thing for the future. Maybe Darkthrone will sell a couple more albums here too.

Interzone / Unemployed because of constant erection
« on: March 01, 2011, 12:19:42 PM »
HAARLEM - For months the 37-year-old Bas Dorst from Haarlem has been sitting at home unemployed. The former roofer has a disease that causes him to walk around with an erection for twelve to fourteen hours a day.

Bas suffers greatly from the rare erectile dysfunction called priapism. "People laugh about it, but it's a terrible probleem" Bas told the newspaper Haarlems Dagblad. He told his story under a pseudonym because his girlfriend does not want "that all of Haarlem knows I walk around with this."

Bas has been suffering from the disease for two years since he suddenly awoke with an erection that wouldn't stop. "After twelve hours I nearly fell over from pain. Eventually I went to the hospital crying." Every treatment for the rare disease so far has not led to desired results. The man still has an erection every morning which only passes at about noon.

Bas does not want to take medicine. "They block the production of testosterone. That means I can not have children and I do have a child," explains Bas.

The roofer wants more understanding for the condition that causes him to be currently unemployed. "The job centre doesn't allow me to work at an office because my visible erection. My consultant told me the office staff might take offense. She's trying to find other suitable work for me."

Bas's condition also causes problems at home. He experiences no joy from sex. "The whole thing is blocked causing me to feel nothing."


Another person with nothing better to do than F5'ing anus.com all day...

Interzone / Parasites
« on: March 01, 2011, 11:30:31 AM »
Give them a finger and they chop off your hand...

Germany, February 28, 2011

Two lesbians who had sought through classifieds a sperm donor to have a child now demand him an alimentary fee.

German Klaus Schröder, 47, never imagined that after his well-intentioned action would end in justice with the two women, who had initially promised not to seek any financial compensation for the child.

However, it seems they changed their minds slowly, and even more when Schröder, who had no children, began to behave like a real father, paying the baptism and visiting once a month.

The baby, named David, began to see him as a father figure, and apparently, the women demand him to pay alimony.

Worse, it appears that the law protects women because it establishes that, unless paternity is in question, the father should always take care of your child’s needs. At the same time, women never made the adoption papers, which is why the claim may be legitimate.


A sperm donor who helped a lesbian couple have two children is now being forced to pay thousands of pounds for their upbringing, he said.

Andy Bathie, 37, agreed to assist Sharon and Terri Arnold - who were united in a religious blessing ceremony - after they assured him he would have no involvement in raising the boy and girl.

But after the couple split up he was tracked down by the Child Support Agency and forced to make regular maintenance payments.

Mr Bathie, a fireman from Enfield, north London, said the financial burden was preventing him from starting his own family.

"These women wanted to be parents and take on all the responsibilities that brings. I would never have agreed to this unless they had been living as a committed family. And now I can't afford to have children with my own wife - it's crippling me financially," he said.

He is now bringing a legal challenge to remove his responsibilities as a parent to the two children in a case believed to be the first of its kind.

Mr Bathie, who pays £450 a month in maintenance, cannot afford to employ a solicitor or barrister to take up his case but will approach his local MP, Joan Ryan, in the hope she can highlight his plight in the Commons.


Lesbian moms seek child support from sperm donor 18 years after the baby was born.

In the late 1980's, a married doctor in Nassau County, New York donated his sperm to a friend and her female partner.

The man included his name on the child's birth certificate, believing it would give the boy "an identity". The donor orally agreed he would not have any rights or benefits in the child's upbringing. However, he regularly sent money, gifts and cards which were signed "Dad" and "Daddy," and enjoyed regular phone chats with the child.

The donor said he had contact with the child from his birth until 1993, when the mothers and son moved to Oregon.

From then the contact dropped considerably.

"He was assured that he would have no responsibility on his part and of course 18 years has elapsed where there hasn't been responsibility," said the man's lawyer, Deborah Kelly of Potrush and Daab in Garden City.


HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania.- A sperm donor who helped a lesbian couple conceive two children is liable for child support under a state appellate court ruling that a legal expert believes might be the first of its kind in the US.

A Superior Court panel last week ordered a Dauphin County judge to establish how much Carl Frampton Jr would have to pay to the birth mother of the eight-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl.

"I'm unaware of any other state appellate court that has found that a child has, simultaneously, three adults who are financially obligated to the child's support and are also entitled to visitation," said New York Law School professor Arthur Leonard, an expert on sexuality and the law.

Jodilynn Jacob, 33, and Jennifer Lee Shultz-Jacob, 48, moved in together as a couple in 1996, and were granted a civil-union licence in Vermont in 2002. In addition to conceiving the two children with the help of Frampton - a longtime friend of Shultz-Jacob's - Jacob also adopted her brother's two older children, now 12 and 13

But the women's relationship fell apart, and Jacob and the children moved out of their Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, home in February 2006.

Shortly afterward, a court awarded her about $1,000 a month in support from Shultz-Jacob. Shultz-Jacob later lost an effort to have the court force Frampton to contribute support - a decision that the Superior Court overturned April 30.


SANTA FE, N.M. —  A court battle over whether a sperm donor should pay a higher rate of child support has ended with a ruling that the man is liable because he has taken an active role in raising the children.

Kevin Zoernig had argued he was not required to pay child support because he is a sperm donor and is protected under the state's Uniform Parentage Act.

But the state Court of Appeals noted in its July 25 opinion that this was not a case involving an anonymous donor or a known donor who provided sperm to a licensed physician under an agreement in which he agreed to have no parental rights.

In this case, Janna Mintz inseminated herself using what the court describes as a "syringe-like implement."

The court said Thursday that the opinion, as a formal published opinion instead of a memorandum opinion, can be cited as a precedent.

Zoernig agreed in 1994 to donate sperm so that Mintz and her partner at the time, Deborah Mrantz, could have a child. After the couple broke up, Zoernig fathered another child for Mintz, again as a sperm donor.

Zoernig, Mintz and Mrantz had entered into an agreement in 1994 in which the female couple would be the child's primary custodians. Zoernig would serve as a male role model but not be financially obligated to support the child.

Mintz and Zoernig entered into a similar agreement for the second child, born in 1997, court records show.

Although Mintz is the children's primary custodian, they stay with Zoernig every other weekend during the school year and half the summer. Zoernig, 50, now is married and has three children with his wife.

In February 2000, Mintz sought child support payments from Zoernig. The parties agreed the following year that Zoernig would pay $250 a month in child support, plus $50 a month toward arrears, according to court documents.

In 2004, Mintz filed a motion to raise those payments, saying her financial situation had changed. A state district judge adopted a new rate of $670 a month.

Zoernig turned to the Court of Appeals, challenging his obligation to provide any support as well as the higher rate, since the children were conceived through artificial insemination.

The appellate court said he must pay support for both children.

The court said he "enjoys the rights of parenthood," and that the agreements entered into prior to conception "that purport to absolve him of his responsibility to pay child support" are not enforceable.

Mintz, who now has a husband, said she is pleased with the ruling.


It seems to be a phenomenon. (This ruins all my fantasies about threesomes btw)

Interzone / Why all movies are shallow entertainment
« on: February 22, 2011, 10:42:23 PM »
I was reading an article, thought this was interesting:

Even if you know nothing about how movies get made, you know that there are very specialized tasks -- the sound guy is an expert in microphones and audio but probably couldn't be trusted to do stunts. And, you assume that when it comes to thinking up the ideas for what happens in the movie, somewhere it's all just some writer hunched over a keyboard -- a professional who is an expert in story, plot and character.

Not so.

In almost all cases, the initial ideas for movie plots don't come from screenwriters at all, but from producers (basically, the people in charge of the money side of the project). So most of the movies playing in your nearest theater didn't come from some writer thinking up a story he wanted to tell -- they came from some producer saying, "There hasn't been a ThunderCats movie yet, has there?"

At that point, the producer and whoever else is involved (other producers, maybe a famous actor if they're lucky) will then hammer out a rough idea for the movie that will appeal to at least two of the four market demographics (young males, young females, older males, older females). So if it's an action movie aimed completely at young males, you throw a romance in there for the ladies. It's only then that they will give a screenwriter a call. In other words, in most Hollywood films, the writer is basically there to fill in the dialogue holes and think of clever catchphrases for Ryan Reynolds to say every time he socks a guy in the jaw.

For Example ...

The Halloween franchise wasn't cooked up by a plucky man named John Carpenter who had a dream about a man in a creepy mask. Instead, two producers approached him after they decided it would be cool to have a movie about a psycho stalking babysitters.

So what about those screenplays that your friend working at the video store is constantly writing, in hopes they will some day get made and star a naked Natalie Portman? In reality, even the great ones are treated as spec scripts (basically, a literary audition). The script is proof to the people in charge that the writer is, for the most part, not illiterate. So if you submit a powerfully emotional piece that deftly explores the facets of love and loss, you might impress someone enough to get a job co-writing Transformers 4.

On the rare occasion that an original script does get picked up for production, it's likely to get swept up by one of the big franchises. I, Robot was initially an original script called Hardwired that no one would touch until a famous Asimov title was attached to it. Die Hard 2, 3 and 4, Ocean's Twelve and Starship Troopers were all original ideas that were snapped up and rebranded as franchises. So if you're working on a passion project, maybe it's time to let the dream die and just start focusing on a gritty reboot of She-Ra.


Interzone / Best nu-metal songs
« on: January 30, 2011, 05:56:33 AM »
When you speak of the "best" nu-metal, I think you mean this song:

Twinkrape - Dissatisfied (Fuck You Man)

Interzone / Ethnicity causes bad school grades after all
« on: January 19, 2011, 03:40:17 AM »
A funny news story from politically correct Holland:

Ethnic heritage causes bad school grades after all

Immigrant children still get bad grades at the start of elementary school. But since last year schools have been getting less grants to help these children. New research has shown that the basis of this new government policy is incorrect.

Elementary schools have been receiving extra money for years for children who have difficulties with learning. But until 2006 schools would get another extra grant if these children were from an immigrant background.

Minister of education Van der Hoeven has abolished this extra grant. According to her it's solely the parents low education that causes children to have difficulties with learning. Van der Hoeven believes the childrens ethnic background has nothing to do with it. That's why she decided to give elementary schools the same amount of money for all children who come from low educated parents - regardless of their ethnicity.

But according to research done by the Kohnstamm Institute at the University of Amsterdam the basis of this new policy is incorrect. According to them at the start of elementary school nearly all immigrant children have bad grades compared to indigenous children. Only the 'black' kids with the highest educated parents are doing slightly better than the 'white' kids with the lowest educated parents. "So the governments claim that ethnic background plays no role when someone is getting bad grades at school is incorrect" according to researcher Jaap Roeleveld.

The new policy was carefully introduced one step at a time and since last year it has become official. And now schools that have many indigenous children from low educated parents receive more grants while schools with many immigrant children are getting less than they used to.

The new rules also caused the number of bad students to decrease. Just before the new rules were introduced there were 350.000 bad students, now it's 207.000. Because of this decrease the government wants to cut another 50 million on the schools budget for low educated children. But the school boards are angry, "The reality behind the statistics hasn't changed" according to a spokesperson.


Equality is cool until everyone has to share the same responsibilities. Racism is bad unless people can benefit from it. And as usual our social elite will draw the conclusions, not you.

Interzone / Are muslims the new jews?
« on: January 15, 2011, 01:55:57 AM »
Ask yourself these things:

Is it true that what is currently called Islam isn't a religion but in fact is a political ideology which considers non-believers to be inherently inferior? To what extents can this be compared to Judaism and it's view on non-jewish people?

If Islam isn't a religion but a political ideology then can the followers of Islam be seen as active agents for an anti-western ideology? Do these agents currently have the same attitude that's often attributed to jews when it comes to interpreting criticism of their culture and ideology as insults? Is this merely a cheap tactic to avoid criticism?

How often and to what extent does Islam take the position of victim in western society? Can this be compared to the way Jews have been attributed to playing the victim in western society?

Does Islam want to take over western society and use us for their own political goals such as enforcing sharia and/or strengthening opposition against the state of Israel? Is this in any way similar to the way Jews try to influence the west when it comes to their political goals such as support for the state of Israel?

Can the current anti-islamic events in Europe be compared to the way the jews were criminalized in early Nazi-Germany? (this refers to the demonizing and deportation of Jews that happened in the early days of the third reich, I'm not referring to the concentration camps or Hitler's "final solution" which history books say happened years later)

Were the jews at all to blame for the way they were viewed and treated in early Nazi-Germany? To what extent can this be compared to the influence muslims have had over their public image in the west for the last 20-30 years?

Could it be that Jews and Muslims share these cultural similarities because both religions originated from the same race?

Questions, questions...

EMI Promotes Music on ‘Piracy Haven’ RapidShare

Record labels are not always acting honestly when it comes to file-sharing. In public they often condemn BitTorrent sites and file-hosting services, but behind the scenes they sometimes use the same tools to promote their artists. This has become painfully obvious in the ongoing court case between EMI and MP3tunes where evidence was provided that the record label posted tracks on the ‘piracy haven’ RapidShare.

It is no secret that BitTorrent and other file-sharing sites and networks are used as a marketing tool by the entertainment industry.

TV-industry insiders have admitted to uploading shows to BitTorrent in advance to generate buzz, and bands do the same even though they have a hard time admitting it.

Aside from using file-sharing sites to bring attention to new material, they are also used by the music industry to make critical business decisions. As we’ve shown in the past from leaked information, record labels use ‘illicit’ download statistics to determine what singles to put out next.

Although file-sharing networks are clearly seen as a valuable marketing tool, the entertainment industry prefers not to admit this in public and especially not in courts, where they have to convince judges how evil these sites are and that piracy is in fact killing their industry. This can sometimes lead to embarrassing situations of which we have a brand new example today.

In the ongoing battle of RIAA record label EMI against music search engine MP3tunes, a recent court filing reveals that EMI was actively marketing their music on RapidShare. Interesting, yes, but also quite embarrassing since EMI was labelling RapidShare as a known ‘Piracy Haven’ in the same case.

“In defense of the Sideload.com music search engine, MP3tunes told the court that EMI promoted bands by distributing free MP3s online. EMI told the Judge our position was ‘pure fantasy’ claiming that EMI never distributes free MP3 songs online,” Michael Robertson of MP3tunes told TorrentFreak.

“Thanks to our users we quickly amassed a list of more than 1400 such fantasy EMI songs that were available online and in depositions they finally admitted they put free songs online so they would spread ‘virally’,” Robertson added.

Faced with this new evidence EMI decided to change its position and argue that MP3tunes’ website Sideload was linking to ‘suspect’ places such as RapidShare. However, this was not a particularly strong argument as the defending party had evidence that EMI was using the file-hosting service to market tracks from their own artists, including their best selling act Coldplay.

“They say we link to RapidShare which they called a known haven of piracy. However we uncovered internal emails where EMI themselves put songs on RapidShare and sent emails to others instructing them to download them from RapidShare. With EMI spreading files far and wide, their experts grudgingly admit that it’s impossible to tell which links are authorized and which are not,” Robertson said.

Full article

I wonder how many of the anus users are secretly working for EMI and other companies. Not just the uploaders but also the ones who promote Dragonforce etc. during discussions. (Come on Cargest, how much are they paying you?)

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