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Interzone / Keillers Park
« on: July 12, 2010, 05:46:19 AM »
With everyone getting excited about the Lords Of Chaos movie I thought it would be a good warming up to have a look at this other masterpiece of film making. I'm not sure why Keillers Park isn't mentioned more often around here, it is an accurate depiction of the events around Jon Nödtveidt's involvement in murdering a lowlife homosexual and comes highly recommended to those interested in the Swedish black metal underground scene. I even dare say that it will be tough for Lords Of Chaos to beat this little gem.

Some scenes from the movie:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWAd7llgisw (trailer)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV_Lago8LrY (murder scene)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=077UtUWGQOA (prison scene)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY6-tWp1ijE (theme song)

Interzone / Antidepressants: the new pollution
« on: July 10, 2010, 01:10:26 PM »
Antidepressants Make Shrimps See the Light

ScienceDaily (July 6, 2010) — Rising levels of antidepressants in coastal waters could change sea-life behaviour and potentially damage the food-chain, according to a new study.

Research into the behaviour of shrimps exposed to the antidepressant fluoxetine, showed that their behaviour is dramatically affected. The shrimps are five times more likely to swim toward the light instead of away from it -- making them more likely to be eaten by fish or birds, which could have devastating effects on the shrimp population.

"Crustaceans are crucial to the food chain and if shrimps' natural behaviour is being changed because of antidepressant levels in the sea this could seriously upset the natural balance of the ecosystem," said Dr Alex Ford from the University of Portsmouth's Institute of Marine Sciences.

"Much of what humans consume you can detect in the water in some concentration. We're a nation of coffee drinkers and there is a huge amount of caffeine found in waste water, for example. It's no surprise that what we get from the pharmacy will also be contaminating the country's waterways."

The research is published in the journal Aquatic Toxicology. The study found that the shrimps' behaviour changes when they are exposed to the same levels of fluoxetine found in the waste water that flows to rivers and estuaries as a result of the drugs humans excrete in sewage.

Dr Ford's research was motivated by a species of parasite which can alter the behaviour of aquatic creatures through changing serotonin levels within the brains of the organisms. Serotonin is a neuro-hormone found in many animals, including humans, known to control types of behaviour, such as modulating mood and decreasing anxiety.

Drugs to combat depression in humans are often designed to target levels of serotonin which led to the question of whether they could also alter the behaviour of marine organisms.

Dr Ford said: "Effluent is concentrated in river estuaries and coastal areas, which is where shrimps and other marine life live -- this means that the shrimps are taking on the excreted drugs of whole towns."

Prescriptions for antidepressants have risen rapidly in recent years, according to the Office for National Statistics. In 2002, there were 26.3 million antidepressant prescriptions handed out by doctors in England and Wales -- yet the environmental effect of pharmaceuticals in sewage has been largely unexplored.


1 + 1 = Society is insane so pollution is reaching levels of absurdity now.

Interzone / Breastfeeding: creepy and difficult
« on: June 28, 2010, 05:32:28 AM »
In Kathryn Blundell's article for Mother & Baby, entitled I formula fed. So what?, she explains how she never breastfed because "I wanted my body back. (And some wine) ... I also wanted to give my boobs at least a chance to stay on my chest rather than dangling around my stomach."

She continues with, "They're part of my sexuality, too - not just breasts, but fun bags. And when you have that attitude (and I admit I made no attempt to change it), seeing your teeny, tiny, innocent baby latching on where only a lover has been before feels, well, a little creepy."

The UK Department of Health (DoH) recommends breastfeeding for six months and launched a controversial "Breast is Best" ad campaign to convince mothers to put down the bottles. According to the DoH, only one in 100 British mums actually does breastfeed for that long.

Of these "quitters", Blundell says, "I often wonder whether many of these women, like me, just couldn't be fagged (did not want to make the effort) or felt like getting tipsy once in a while."


I for one agree with her. I wouldn't let kids sit on my lap either, that's just creepy after all the lapdances I paid for. Also I'm usually too drunk to have a conversation, and when I do have a conversation with someone I'm usually just trying to get into their pants. So I don't talk with my children because I think it's creepy. I'm a feminist btw.

Could this be what it takes to wake people up? Let's hope so (or not, I'm actually still a little confused by this one)

Harry Potter Fans Deemed Too Heavy for 'Wizarding World' Ride

Most people remember the feeling of not being tall enough to ride an amusement park ride, but some would-be riders of the signature attraction at Universal Studios' new "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" theme park in Orlando are being turned away because of their girth. The ride, "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey," employs individual restraints to keep each guest tucked in to his or her seat, but the restraints aren't large enough to accommodate heavier riders.

Universal seems to have anticipated this issue, stationing staff "wizards" and test-seats along the line and at the entrance to Forbidden Journey. Riders test their ability to fit in the seats, as well as the restraint (which must click three times to be deemed safe and for the potential rider to be allowed into the attraction).

One Harry Potter fan, Jeff Guillaume of Lansing, Michigan, expressed disappointment on his "Harry Potter" fan site after he failed the test. Guillaume is 5'8" and weighs 265 pounds, and says the restraint wouldn't fit over his torso, though he reports that other rides at the park have special cars reserved for bigger riders.

Universal, which doesn't have "specific weight limits (just the test seats and a requirement that riders be at least 48 inches tall), says the "body dimension" restrictions are "to ensure the safety of our guests. It's #1."

That's all fine and good, but considering the average weight of an American man is 191 pounds (and rising: in 1960 it was 166 pounds), "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" could be turning away quite a few potential revelers.

Universal isn't the first theme-park operator to deal with issues raised by the growing rate of obesity in the United States. In 2007, Disney had to modify the "It's a Small World" ride  after weighted-down boats began regularly getting stuck in the plume.

One Harry Potter fan who was unable to ride "Forbidden Journey" when his seat test yielded only two clicks of the restraint, is turning the incident into a personal motivational challenge. Banks Lee, who says he's 6'2? and approximately 310 lbs, has decided to diet and exercise until he can get on the ride (and hopes to continue his quest even after meeting that goal.) He's even started a blog: Banks Lee and the Three Clicks: My Journey to Fit on an Enchanted Bench, where the Orlando resident is documenting the long walks and sensible diet that he hopes will lead to a ride on "The Forbidden Journey."


Everybody should change their bad lifestyle for the almighty Harry Potter ride. All hail the Harry Potter ride, our new spiritual leader!

Metal / Swedish Christian Death Metal 1990-1994
« on: June 20, 2010, 06:58:03 AM »
I read about this on another forum. Apparently shortly after or during the boom of Swedish death metal there was a smaller movement of christian bands within the Swedish scene. Bands like Crypt of Kerberos, Authorize and Nirvana 2002 were part of that scene. I also heard that Entombed’s old vocalist Lars-Göran Petrov left the band after the first album because the rest of the band had problems with his satanism. I thought this was kind of interesting. Does anybody know of any other christian death metal bands from the swedish scene 1990-94?

Metal / Profanatica's mysterious fourth member
« on: June 12, 2010, 01:05:17 PM »
I'm a big Profanatica fan. I spend hours listening to their music and just staring at their photos. A particular photo has had my interest for a very long time now. This picture is actually quite famous in the metal underground:

I was staring at this photo a few weeks ago when I suddenly noticed some weird black shape in the background. So I opened the picture in photoshop and made it brighter to make the shape more clear:

After nights of running the picture through various photoshop software and slowly exposing more of the shape I've managed to uncover what has to be the fourth member of Profanatica!

I assume the fourth member got kicked out of the band either shortly before or shortly after recording the unreleased "Raping of the Virgin Mary" album. I have no idea why he has never been mentioned and why he was altered out of the photo. All the events surrounding the unreleased album are shrouded in mysteries. If we can determine the identity of the fourth member then perhaps we can ask him for more information about this important part of Profanatica history.


Experts agree: democracy is fine as long as we all "agree with each other"

CDA-prominents decline coalition with PVV

The Hague, June 12. CDA figures feel that their party should not rule the PVV. Some called collaboration "unacceptable", others "unwise". They fear a schism within their party.

After his visit to the queen yesterday CDA leader Maxime Verhagen left the option open to form a coalition with the VVD and the PVV. VVD leader Mark Rutte and PVV leader Wilders want a informateur to examine the possibility of a right-wing coalition. VVD and PVV both won a lot of new votes in the election Wednesday, with respectively 31 and 24 seats. The CDA now has 21.

But former Foreign Minister and current Minister of State Peter Kooijmans called a collaboration between CDA and PVV "questionable" and therefore "unacceptable". "The Freedom Party excludes a whole group of people from Dutch society."

Leonard Geluk, a former alderman in Rotterdam thinks that for the CDA it would be "inconceivable and unacceptable is to do business with a party that makes concessions to religious freedom. "Our core values are non-negotiable." A coalition with the Partij Voor de Vrijheid will lead to great divisions among Christian Democrats according to Geluk. Doekle Terpstra, president of the HBO-council, would turn his back on the Christian Democrats if his party would govern with the PVV. "It is unthinkable that we can work together on content. If it does happen then I'll leave." According to him there's also a high risk of "a separation of minds."

The CDA lost many votes to the Freedom Party, especially in the south. That the CDA still leaves the possibility open to form a coalition with the Freedom Party may indicate that the top CDA intends to win back these voters by joining a right-wing government. But that would mean the party would alienate a large number of their own supporters, this was concluded after consulting with CDA members.


Meanwhile in the Dutch province of Limburg:

Tourist Office receives hate mail because of PVV voters

Limburg organizations and multinationals are concerned about image damage caused by the victorious success of the PVV in Limburg in the parliamentary elections. A quarter of the voters in Limburg voted for Geert Wilders's PVV last Wednesday. Since then the tourist office has received dozens of hate mails. Some people call for a boycott of the whole province.

According to Anya Nieuwierra, the director of the Tourist Office of Zuid-Limburg, the emails contain grievous content. Whether the voting behavior of Limburg will affect tourism in the province can't be determined yet, according to Nieuwierra.


Interzone / Shit sells
« on: June 08, 2010, 12:21:14 PM »
Cloaca: Shit That Is Art

Cloaca is a giant machine that makes shit. At one end of the machine, they pour 2.6 gallons of water and a meal from a fancy SoHo restaurant. 27 hours and 33 feet later, a nozzle squirts out a well-formed piece of crap.

Cloaca is a computerized mechanical system designed to mimic the human digestive process. The machine, which eats better than the majority of us, chews the food using a meat grinder and a garbage disposal, then passes it through six reactor chambers that use various chemicals to do the job of a digestive system.

At 2:30 PM every day a crowd gathers, and the machine dutifully drops a shit onto a conveyor belt. The crowd cheers. Hooray for shit.

Created by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, Cloaca harks back past Piero Manzoni's Merda d'Artista to Marcel Duchamp's 1917 Fountain -- a urinal placed on a pedestal, considered to be art only because it was in the museum's gallery and not its bathroom. Duchamp got us to question the meaning of "art" -- was something art because it was beautiful or meaningful, or was something art simply because a museum said so?

Or, to put it another way -- why is it art when this machine shits on a conveyor belt in a museum? And why don't the cops think its art when I take a shit on the sidewalk outside the museum?

As Duchamp teaches us, there are two ways to look at Cloaca: Cloaca is shit that is art, or Cloaca is shit that is shit.

As shit art, Cloaca has engendered some important thinking. But as shit shit, Cloaca has played another role: making fools of the literati. From the outsider's perspective, it's pretty funny to watch a bunch of book-learnin' types waiting breathlessly for shit, and then applauding when it arrives. Cloaca makes the wildest stereotypes of intellectual snobs a complete reality.


More information here (video)

Today one of the turds made by the Cloaca machine was auctioned for €7,785, it was estimated to sell for between €5,000 - €7,000.

Is it art or shit? I think artist Wim Delvoye has a point (in the video) with trying to raise awareness about our digestive system, on the other hand I can't help but think he's a coprophilic hipster and this is just another example of the ludicracy of modern art.

Interzone / Stupidity or lack of interest?
« on: June 06, 2010, 11:02:45 AM »
Excuse me if this post seems a little chaotic, I’m going to try to present you a theory I’ve been developing.

First lets say intelligence depends on three factors: ability, availability and interest. Seems fairly obvious doesn’t it? Ability = you can understand it, i.e. you’re not retarded. Availability = the information and profession is available in your country, i.e. your surroundings have offered you decent education facilities and jobs. Interest = you actually care about your surroundings and the world.

I always disagreed with the notion that knowledge equals wisdom. There’s simply too much useless knowledge out there for this to be true. Somebody could tell you every detail about the Star Trek galaxy but he can’t fix flat tire. Another person might be able to fix your flat tire (and the rest of your bike) but he doesn’t know anything about Star Trek. Knowing how to fix a bike might require less brainmatter than remembering every Star Trek episode ever but I’d dare say that knowing how to fix a tire is more useful than knowing the wedding ceremonies that Klingons have. With that little example we can see how interest wins over intelligence.

So unless you’re a drooling retard or live in a third world country with extremely poor education standards you have options. Either from a young age you developed strong interests and educated yourself (either through official channels such as school or unofficial channels such as your local library or using the internet) or you shut your brain out somehow and blocked all useful information in favor of remembering the details of your favorite soap series, song lyrics, conspiracies, you name it.

Still seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? Well, I’ve had this idea for years and never really bothered telling anyone about it because I thought it was too simple. But lately I’m starting to realize more and more how deep this actually goes. Let’s look at IQ tests. IQ tests don’t test your knowledge, they test your ability to process complex information. But you can still have an advantage: the more previous experience you have in processing complex information then the easier it becomes to finish the IQ test sooner and get a higher score. However if you never had an interest in mathematics or solving complex issues you will lack experience and as such get a lower score (even if during the test it turns out you have a talent for these things you still would have scored higher if you had experience)

So it raises the following question: why do people lose interest? Well, I have a theory about that too: it’s because of depression. There are probably many side effects such as insecurity and anger but I think they all boil down to depression. Somebody who is depressed doesn’t care about the world. Sure, they might pretend to care about the world (“I’m depressed because little animals suffer”) but what they really are is self-obsessed otherwise they’d be out trying to fix the world (as a side-note: there are lots of delusional people in the “resistance” as well. Pretending to be a rebel can be a huge ego boost after all, a type of ego boost that only depressed people crave for)

So what causes their depression? If people suffer from a bad combination of chemicals in their brains that they were born with then let’s just put them under the “drooling retard” classification. They can’t help themselves and we can’t really help them. But most people who are depressed are so because it’s their regular mood: they simply wake up depressed and during the day nothing can grab their interest enough to make them crawl out of their shell for a long period. The cause of their depression can vary. TV and other media feeds self-obsessions by giving people illusions about life and themselves. But it can also be bad friends, bad families, bad teachers, etc.

Unless people snap out of this circle and pursue useful and real interests they are doomed. Sadly this ultimately goes for most of the human race. It also raises a discussion about what exactly is useful and real. But I just wanted to see if I can get any feedback on this simple theory how lack of interest leads to stupidity more than anything else and what exactly causes this lack of interest. More and more I'm starting to see it as a big problem of the information age. Stupid people are just uninterested, misinformed and wallowing in their own drama. But most of them had (and a few still have) the ability to be smart. A sad loss.

Interzone / Turkey bans Google
« on: June 05, 2010, 04:35:23 AM »
The Google accessibility problems started Thursday night where several Internet users in Turkey were unable to access Google.com.tr or suffered serious delays in the pages and services being uploaded.

It is alleged that due to several countries around the world banning popular Internet sites such as Google owned YouTube, Google have changed the IP addresses of YouTube to ones used by Google to try and tackle the problem. Over this procedure by Google, the Telecommunication and communication Ministry in Turkey has blocked certain IP address belonging to Google in an attempt to stop accessibility to YouTube. So in other words while trying to stop accessibility to YouTube, Google is having a knock on effect.

This latest Internet censorship has been met with outrage in Turkey. Many had already criticized the blocking of YouTube but with Google, Turkey’s most used Internet Search engine and site having problems, Turkish Internet users are planning to protest.

The banning may also have an effect on the growing economy of Turkey as several businesses are also expected to be affected by this decision by TIB, as many depend on Google for customers.

YouTube was banned in the country after several complaints by users after video’s insulting Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, which is an offence in the country were uploaded on the popular Video Sharing Website.


smart move or stupid?

Metal / Peter Steele is dead (again)
« on: April 15, 2010, 05:36:36 AM »
Rumors began swirling earlier tonight that Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele (born Petrus T. Ratajczyk) passed away earlier today, April 14th, 2010, reportedly of heart failure at the age of 48. Those rumors now look to have been confirmed.

Fuse VJ Juliya ‘Mistress Juliya’ Chernetsky originally confirmed the news via Steele’s Type O Negative band mate, Kenny Hickey, which she revealed the via her Twitter account.

Radio personality Full Metal Jackie has also confirmed the news via her Twitter account as well.


Peter Steele has died before but this time he might really be dead is really dead. His page on wikipedia and imdb have been updated, unstable goth girls are slashing their wrists again...

Update: rumor is that Type O Negative's recordlabel SPV/Steamhammer has released a statement that Peter Steele is indeed dead.

Update 2: Mtv and other mainstream news have taken over the story.

Carnivore - Armageddon
Carnivore - World Wars III & IV (live 1984)
Carnivore - Technophobia
Carnivore - Race War (live 1990)
Type O Negative concert banned under pressure of antifa, 1991
Type O Negative - Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity
Peter Steele at the Jerry Springer Show
Type O Negative - Dead Again

Carnivore albums at Audiophile

Interzone / The death of extreme islam in the west
« on: March 21, 2010, 01:59:47 PM »
Online Islamic sex-shop opens for business (link)

Certain people suggest that extreme Islam is going to take over Europe. I think they're wrong. The shakes that have gone through Europe in the last ten years are nothing more than the death throes of conservative Islam. European Islam will keep becoming more liberal just like the left and center-right had planned. The problems with maladjusted immigrants will remain but those can be blamed on antisocial behavior, not on being good muslims. Meanwhile the populist right has secured its position in European politics, in some countries they are doomed to be the eternal opposition yet the populist right has created its own voice in the last ten years while conservative Islam keeps losing its voice. Eventually conservative Islam will become no more special or threatening than conservative christianity, in fact the smart conservative muslims will learn to work together with the conservative christian parties. The Islamic hornet will remain in Europe but it's lost its sting.

What do you think?

Interzone / European Union calls villainous youth repellent 'inhumane'
« on: March 11, 2010, 12:57:14 PM »
It seems whenever technology has a solution, humanism (whether it's dressed up as religion or politics) wants it destroyed.

European Union could ban 'Mosquito' devices because they infringe children's human rights

‘Mosquito’ devices which emit high-pitched whine to help disperse teenagers from street corners could be banned by the European Union on the grounds that they infringe children’s human rights. A committee of MEPs voted unanimously for a Europe-wide ban on the marketing, sale and use of the Mosquito acoustic youth dispersal devices in all public places. They said the devices treat young people “as if they were unwanted birds or pests” and that their use was tantamount to degrading treatment prohibited by the European Convention on Human Rights.

The committee said the devices also constituted a “disproportionate interference with the right to respect for one’s private life, including the right to respect for one’s physical integrity”. The devices could even contravene the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, in particular regarding health and safety. It sends out a powerful acoustic signal audible to almost all young people under the age of 20 years but barely noticeable to anyone over the age of 25. Teenagers exposed to this type of noise are forced to leave the immediate area.

The committee called for further medical tests on the effects of the devices, although there is no evidence of health risks associated with this device. It said: “It is not known, for instance, what impact high-frequency noise has on unborn children. The ‘precautionary principle’ must therefore apply.”

The “Mosquito” device is currently marketed and used in the United Kingdom, where 3,500 devices are deployed, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Switzerland. It sends out a powerful acoustic signal audible to almost all young people under the age of 20 years but barely noticeable to anyone over the age of 25. MEPs will discuss further the proposal in June.

Last month, Sir Al Aynsley Green, the children’s commissioner, said the UK’s poor treatment of youngsters had brought Britain into disrepute overseas. A powerful symbol of the country’s low opinion of children was the Mosquito, he added.


For an example of what the Mosquito tone sounds like download this WAV file.

I'm planning terrorist attacks by playing these sounds over the speakers during Slipknot concerts, but that's besides the point. Europe should allow this technology to make their streets safer. It has been used for years already and it hasn't been proven that it causes any health risks.

Interzone / Ants more noble than modern humans
« on: February 17, 2010, 09:37:13 PM »
Heroic altruistic ants face death alone to save colony

Ants live altruistically, but some die altruistically too. When ants of the species Temnothorax unifasciatus get sick, they abandon their nest, walking far away from their relatives to die alone. They perform this act of heroism to prevent the illness that is killing them from spreading to the colony. The discovery, published in Current Biology, is the first time that such behaviour has been shown in ants or any other social insect. Professor Jurgen Heinze and PhD student Bartosz Walter decided to investigate the ants' behaviour after becoming interested in anecdotal reports of dying individuals deserting their families.

Such behaviour has been reported in dogs, cats, elephants and even people. But because it happens occasionally, it cannot be quantifiably studied.

So Prof Heinze decided to set up an experiment to study the phenomenon in ants, which he also noticed would occasionally leave the colony for no apparent reason. The researchers exposed a colony of Temnothorax unifasciatus ants reared in their laboratory to the spores of a lethal parasitic fungus called Metarhizium anisopliae. Most of the workers who died from the fungal infection permanently left the nest hours or days before death, and died in a foraging area far from their nest mates. "Our study suggests that infected ants at least in some species walk away from a colony and die alone, rather than risk infecting others," Prof Heinze told the BBC.


Metal / Metal Fashion: Tshirtslayer
« on: February 17, 2010, 08:52:35 AM »

Interesting site where visitors can upload photos of their metal jackets and t-shirts. Some cool results: rare t-shirts and ridiculously patched up denim. Enjoy.

Some picks:

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