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Interzone / Re: Sound system
« on: July 14, 2009, 09:37:31 AM »
I prefer just using 10 dollar headphones. To my experience "closed" headphones with plastic caps to block outside noises will provide a much more intimate listening experience than any set of speakers. Music sounds more clear and I hear more details. And you can turn up the volume without having to worry about neighbors or flatmates. The 10 dollar headphones I am referring to happen to have very good quality sound for their price but unfortunately they break easily. You might want to get something from the 25-50 dollar range instead, for that price you can get wireless headphones too.

Interzone / Re: Replacing public education
« on: July 12, 2009, 01:55:38 PM »
I'm a little confused by some of your reply, maybe I'm not seeing the obvious but...

Poeple should first have a profession, then skills required to get along with the world around them (basic arithmatics, biology etc.) and only then phylosophical education.

How can you first give people a profession and after that give them an education? The other way around seems more traditional to me. You teach people the basics of history, language, maths, geography, biology, etc. Then let them decide which of those they want to expertise themselves in. And with that basic foundation of knowledge they are also taught a sense of national identity and environmental responsibility. And eventually with the expertise they pursue they can find a steady profession, whether the expertise is how to bake bread and delicacies or advanced nuclear fission is up to them and their capabilities. Perhaps you meant people should first learn a profession but then I still disagree for the aforementioned reasons. I believe in a healthy society people would have both a skilled profession and a broad general knowledge. Like I wrote previously it would be expertise that sets us apart, not stupid/smart or leader/follower which I consider as thinking in black and white. The ideal society I'm thinking of wouldn't need much leaders anyway, and if people are indeed responsible it wouldn't require much leadership either so the leader might as well only be symbolic. I think modern times has too many leaders, just look at how complicated the EU is set up. But I'm drifting from the original topic now.

I have no idea with a baker who writes moving poems on the nature of life and death, but it would probably be an exception.

I know of a certain factory worker that accidentally chopped off his fingers in his enthusiasm once. He went on to create some pretty influential music, you may know who I'm referring to. Do you think he's an exception? How many congressmen, mayors, politicians, etc do you know to have made great metal music then? Artists usually make very poor community leaders, the only ones who make it anywhere are actors and that's because they are skilled liars.

Interzone / Re: Replacing public education
« on: July 12, 2009, 11:36:36 AM »
However, when I think of it, not everyone should study and are capable for learning these subjects to this extent. That's the stuff to grow leaders out of, not peasants or workers, we have to admit we need a different system with different goals for their education

That could also be interesting to discuss: should the common worker have a reasonable generic knowledge of the world around him or not? I think if you want responsible citizens who care about their history, their environment and their culture they would definitely need to be educated to a certain minimum. The method of education itself is not so interesting to me right now because different times will demand different methods. What does matter is what kind of people you want your eduction system to produce. Why should a common machine operator, field worker or baker not be able to discuss philosophy, history or art? Note that I'm not saying they should be experts, I mean they should have at least enough knowledge to understand the basics of the civilization they are part of. Hitler's working class understood, Rome's working class understood, why doesn't the modern working class understand? Because they aren't offered any understanding, only escape through TV and abuse of medicines.

Metal / Re: Bands worth hearing thread
« on: July 12, 2009, 09:55:36 AM »
Some of these bands were mentioned already, others I added to the list.

Akitsa - Aube de la Misanthropie (2005)
Lame Ildjarn/Absurd ripoff. The ultimate bedroom black metal band. Avoid.

Avsky - Malignant (2008)
Hipsters praise this for "keeping the flame of BM alive" I downloaded it, laughed at the lyrics of the first song, checked out the album some more, then deleted it with a smile. It's black metal as product - just the way hipsters like it.

Code - Nouveau Gloaming (2005)
Gay. If you want to know what Ved Buens Ende would sound like if they were dying of AIDS then by all means give this a listen.

Faustcoven - Rising From Below The Earth (2008)
Bouncy doom metal with Darkthrone influences. Like all doom metal I have to be in the mood to appreciate this music. I wouldn't call it bad though, has some stand out tracks such as Throne Of Bones.

Hellveto - Any album
Potent mix of Graveland and Summoning but fails because each album is just more of the same. Perhaps a "best of" album would work. I haven't heard their last two albums yet due to lack of caring.

Veneficium - De Occulta Philosophia (2008)
Forget Esker, this is the album you needed to hear. Whereas Esker had mostly good ideas this album takes those ideas and perfects them in a different format. Recommended.

Metal / Re: MALEVOLENT CREATION musician kills robber
« on: July 08, 2009, 06:11:42 PM »
Ok, so I guess their next album will be called "Death Metal Is War" then and contain covers of underground scene bands to confirm their elite status. And of course the freshly popularized song "The Day Phil Killed A Crackhead"

On a more serious note: what a stupid attentionwhore.

Metal / Re: Heavy Metal's 40th Birthday?!
« on: July 08, 2009, 04:47:25 AM »
Except that it was Friday the 13th of February this year and the next Friday the 13th of February will be in 2015. At least that gives you plenty of time for planning... ;)

But why not invest this energy into something that already exists: Slayer Day? I think Slayer Day needs more "real world" activities such as local festivities for it be taken more serious. People like the idea but that's usually all that happens "Hey great idea, but I'll sit on my ass because I think band X is better" Better to drop the petty individual differences and simply arrange a Black Sabbath tribute night on Slayer Day. For instance have a local band perform Black Sabbath covers while there's also some documentaries and horror movies shown in a separate room, add a good DJ to the mix and everyone should love you. Win. Next year focus on a different band. Seems a lot more constructive to me. Screw people that lose themselves over the name Slayer Day, they simply lose... International Day Of Slayer promotes the idea globally, it's up to people themselves to make it work locally.

Metal / Re: MALEVOLENT CREATION musician kills robber
« on: July 07, 2009, 07:08:34 AM »
Does this mean the next Malevolent Creation album with be titled Divine Intervention? (for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPFRZDotAQc)

Metal / Re: Heavy Metal's 40th Birthday?!
« on: July 07, 2009, 05:38:51 AM »
Eh... I hate to break it to the kind people here but Black Sabbath most likely did not release a demo in July 1969. Metal-Archives has that demo listed in the Black Sabbath discography but they are wrong (quite a refreshing change) The review says:

If you are very interested in the history behind heavy metal. This is a must check out demo. The song is found on "The Ozzman Cometh"

The Ozzman Cometh is a greatest hits album with some bonus tracks released by Ozzy Osbourne in 1998 (remastered in 2002) There are four early Black Sabbath tracks on that cd: Black Sabbath,  War Pigs, Fairies Wear Boots and Wicked World. The exact date of these recordings is April 26, 1970 and they were recorded during the John Peel sessions and broadcasted on BBC radio (according to rateyourmusic two bootlegs exist: Live 1970 and John Peel's Sunday Show Radio Session) If you'd like to hear it you can download the John Peel sessions here. I have no idea why M-A picked July 1969 as a release date. As far as Black Sabbath demos I am not aware of the existence of any that predate their debut album, only Earth demos and apparently there are a lot of fake recordings among those too (or so I've heard, I'm not an expert on Black Sabbath) The Peel Sessions do not predate their debut which was released on Friday the 13th, February 1970.

With that misunderstanding out of the way I'll say that I do like the idea of a "Black Sabbath Day" but I think it would be better to pick the date of their debut release as a day to celebrate since way more people actually have that album and thus will be able to identify more with the celebration. Then again I can already hear some people bitching that Paranoid would be more worthy of celebrating... It's the same thing with Slayer Day, a lot of people don't seem to understand that it's basically meant to celebrate all of metal and reply with "but I think band X is better" and the message is lost on them (having a day off to listen to metal all day, possible local festivities that may include live acts and metal markets, etc) Maybe it just needs to be called Metal Day for those dummies... But that's kind of sad really, "Metal Day" sounds really stupid and I can obviously imagine people including their favorite worthless acts in the equation.

Anyway, for the sake of this thread: any suggestions or ideas concerning a "Black Sabbath" day? I do think a Black Sabbath Day will find more widespread support and acceptance, but then Black Sabbath is half a rock band really...

Metal / Re: Black & death metal lyrics
« on: July 06, 2009, 04:53:24 AM »
Three remarks I wanted to make:

1. Lyrics are secondary to the music (but we all knew that, right?)

2. Buying an album because of the lyrics is akin to eating feces from the street because they contain some undigested peanuts

3. Varg Vikernes wrote the best lyrics, As Flittermice... was written by him for instance. And what's wrong with:

"Devestation, blasphemy, desecration, unholy he
who burned the face of god with the eye of our master"?

No offense but I don't see any bad English in that line. In fact the English is very good in that song, the lyrics are just difficult to understand.

Audiofile / Re: Compilations / Soundtracks / Misc.
« on: June 26, 2009, 04:09:25 AM »
Until the Light Takes Us movie


Metal / Re: UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US black metal movie
« on: June 25, 2009, 06:01:41 AM »
I did the most sensible thing and send them an email. (first I thought they could only be contacted through their myspace and I didn't feel like opening an account there for the 3% chance of them replying) and they replied. I simply asked them why it was taking so long and didn't insult them or anything and that worked. Here's their reply:

Hi.  I usually don't respond to emails like this, which are somewhat accusatory in tone.  But, I think you have a genuine interest to know the answer, so here: The idea that we are trying to cash in is beyond ludicrous.  We are hundreds of thousands of dollars IN DEBT (and that is literal) because of this film.  I have spent a huge chunk of my life working on it.  I don't do charity work, this has been the most difficult endeavor of my life and I've never been paid a cent for doing it.  This was not some quickie, cheap, "anything goes" project like, perhaps, other "films" you might be thinking of.   We conceptualized, crafted, worked, sacrificed, and struggled to get this done the way we thought was right.  Anyone who thinks that ANYONE makes a proper documentary film to "cash in" is insane, stupid, or simply ignorant. 

Another thing you may not be aware of, is that we are working within the film industry, and there are rules.  This film has two executive producers, contractual obligations, sales agents, and way more going on behind the scenes than you can possibly know about.  People don't just give you money to make a movie and expect nothing back.  I wish.  It is very naive to think that we could made the kind of movie that we made, with the budgetary requirements, and not have any strings.  There are strings, and lots of them, and obligations. 

Furthermore, the film industry imploded right when we premiered the film at AFI in LA last October.  The six best independent film distributors went out of business.  Suddenly, there was no one around to distribute an indie doc about a foreign music scene.  We did get some offers, but they weren't appropriate for the film.  We are trying very hard not to have it released in an exploitation context.  We are more interested in waiting for the right partnership to come along, or in driving everything forward ourselves, than in giving up control to the handling of the film to a company we don't trust. 

We are in talks with several distributors.  We don't owe anyone anything.  I laugh sometimes when I read people talking about us like clueless hipsters trying to cash in.  1) They're implicitly calling Varg and Fenriz stupid.  We spent two years with them, and if they didn't sniff us out as losers in all that time, then perhaps those making the ignorant assumptions might want to ask themselves what qualifies them to?  Okay, I put 1) like that ias if there would be a 2) but I'm getting bored of writing this and I'm really busy. 

We're talking with DVD distributors, when we find the right partnerships in each territory, we'll announce the release.  The film is acreening in London and Belgium in October, more cities TBA.  Perhaps you are near those cities and could make one.  I'll add you to the mailing list if you're not already on it so you'll get the added cities.

One last thing: we're not screening this movie "so much."  A film typically screens at festivals for one full year before a theatrical release.  That is exactly what we're doing.  We didn't invent this you know, there is a pre-existing framework for independent film and to think that we can just magically exist outside of that is just...incorrect

We are happy with the film we made, and we think it deserves to be seen by an audience.  For that to happen, there are certain things that we have to do.  I understand that you are frustrated because you want to see it, I understand that, even appreciate it, but we've worked so long and so hard, that we re committed to doing it right.   It WILL be available on DVD.  In time.


I told them I'll just wait and hope they won't be promoting their movie on Oprah ;) I also told them I'd post their reply here for information purposes.

Metal / Re: The new metal classics
« on: June 24, 2009, 03:21:21 AM »
Veneficium - De Occulta Philosophia - A Missae Tenebrae

Still the most enduring 2008 release for me. Check out their myspace here and send me a pm if you want me to upload their album on audiophile.


Metal / Re: UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US black metal movie
« on: June 23, 2009, 05:34:22 AM »
Ok, first of all let me try to assure everyone that I am not trying to troll anyone here. I just couldnīt help but notice that Sammaellofiīs response was very unclear. If you want to have proper discussion youīd better learn to express yourself decent. "Learn to read between the lies" is not an argument, if you fail to get your message across then itīs your fault and not the readers. And I donīt think being honest and explaining to people what you think their mistake was is the same as being rude, in fact it would be rude not to admit to your own mistakes and trying to blame it on the person who confronted you with your error.

People without money are just that, they have no money. When you say people without money I think of starving african babies with flies on their faces and stuff. I donīt automatically think of some film school graduates that own cameras and can afford to fly to different locations to record a documentary. The documentary was recorded on a low budget and I respect them for that, calling them "people without money" is an insult both to them and to the intelligence of the person youīre conversing with. This isnīt the metal retards forum is it? This is a place for intelligent people who do not exagerate because they know it will undermine their credibility, right?

Back to the discussion: I think the main problem with this documentary is that theyīve been advertising it since 2007 (summer if my memory serves me correct) It was supposed to be released in 2008 and weīre halfway 2009 now. So yes I am running a little impatient. Of course I understand that films are screened sometimes months before their official release, but this isnīt just a screening this looks more like a whole tour. Thereīs still quite a hype around black metal, look at the lords of chaos movie thatīs being made atm for instance and the numerous amounts of other black metal documentaries, and this documentary has most of the important figures of BM in it (including Varg) so Iīm not immediately convinced that theyīd have trouble trying to find a company that will release it for them.

But hey, itīs ok if you think Iīm childish for being pissed off that some LA weekly reviewer got to see this movie before I did. Personally Iīm just wondering by now who they really made this movie for: for the fans or for the mainstream or maybe just to use it as a stepping stone for their own careers? Be critical - itīs the metal thing to do.

Metal / Re: UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US black metal movie
« on: June 22, 2009, 01:15:13 AM »
Sorry but I donīt really understand your reply, itīs too vague.

This happens anytime an interesting independent movie comes out.

Examples? And what do you mean with "interesting"? You mean this doesnīt happen when uninteresting movies are made?

You have to wait for the world to care beforre you ever get to see it.

The world? Or just Obama? Or do you mean this documentary needs to be featured on Mtv before they can release a DVD? I really donīt understand what you mean, youīre being very vague. I care about this documentary, plenty of others do, who else needs to care?

It's just what happens when people without money make movies.

People without money make movies, are you serious? Please stop with the ridiculous metaphores, they donīt work in your advantage...

Metal / Re: UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US black metal movie
« on: June 19, 2009, 01:34:30 AM »
I donīt understand why they donīt just release this on dvd... This is some kind of hype, I think itīs pathetic. How do these screenings serve the interest of black metal?

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