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Metal / THE CHASM posts new sample
« on: July 16, 2009, 10:25:44 AM »
CONSERVATIONIST rips it and posted it to metal hall:


Metal / Battle of the black metal movies
« on: July 15, 2009, 03:04:03 PM »
Until the Light Takes Us is a documentary of the early 1990s black metal scene in Norway. Featuring interviews with Varg Vikernes, Fenriz of Darkthrone and other foundational members of the early black metal community, it is a documentary meant to appreciate black metal the way it should always have been: as an artistic movement against the modern world, gravitating toward mythic imagination through intense music, murder and fire.

Until the Light Takes Us homepage

This is coming out right before the mainstream media unleashes their latest assault on the genre:

Jackson Rathbone, the teen heartthrob from "Twilight", has reportedly agreed to play Varg Vikernes (a.k.a. Count Grishnackh) — the former BURZUM mastermind who is currently serving a Norwegian prison term for the August 1993 murder of MAYHEM guitarist Oystein Aarseth (a.k.a. Euronymous) and setting fire to three churches — in the upcoming movie "Lords Of Chaos".

Based on Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind's book of the same name, the film depicts true events and revolves around the black metal sub-culture that spawned a wave of murders and church arsons across Norway in the early 1990s.


Somehow, a fictionalized, dramatized, Hollywood-ized version of the Lords of Chaos book is about the last thing I'd want to ever see.

It would be great if someone treated black metal as a form of art, because those early bands are so transcendently beautiful and violent that they're like stepping outside of modern society into a reality from ancient times -- or the future.

Among other things, black metal and death metal were the only viable "art movement" of the kids born 1965-1976. After 1976, they're all Generation M to me ;)

Interzone / Dark side of light discovered
« on: July 15, 2009, 11:41:37 AM »
Varg was right:

A team of Yale University researchers has discovered a "repulsive" light force that can be used to control components on silicon microchips, meaning future nanodevices could be controlled by light rather than electricity.

"This completes the picture," Tang said. "We've shown that this is indeed a bipolar light force with both an attractive and repulsive component."

The attractive and repulsive light forces Tang's team discovered are separate from the force created by light's radiation pressure, which pushes against an object as light shines on it. Instead, they push out or pull in sideways from the direction the light travels.


Counting until "repulsive light force" releases first MP3 debut and limited eBay-label 7"

Metal / Isis - Wavering Radiant
« on: July 13, 2009, 02:59:54 PM »
The hardest part of being a music fan is keeping a straight face. Someone will hand you music that is misbegotten, tell you it's good and that many people really dig it. Your job is then to keep from laughing or crying until they're out of the room. Isis "Wavering Radiant" falls into the category of "I hope it's satire."

Read on for full review:
Isis - Wavering Radiant (2009)

Interzone / Exterminate all the hipsters
« on: July 12, 2009, 05:56:17 PM »
Hipsters are mindless pawns used by greedy corporations, and they suck.


What makes a hipster annoying? They're a variety of poseur: people who try to act, dress, accessorize and dramaticize their lives as if they were important artists, when in reality they're mundane people from mundane lives.

Why do they do it? It's a modern condition. When equality, anonymity and lack of purpose hits, you can either be a mindless consumer... or a mindless consumer that disguises yourself as the anti-mindless-consumer.

Kind of like trve kvlt black metal kids.

Good list of hipster articles:

* https://www.adbusters.org/magazine/79/hipster.html
* http://www.monthlyreview.org/0906perry.htm
* http://www.bopsecrets.org/PH/hippies.htm
* http://www.morphizm.com/css/?p=563
* http://www.forbes.com/2008/10/01/hipster-buying-power-forbeslife-cx_ls_1001style.html
* http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/05_28/b3942030.htm
* http://eh.net/bookreviews/library/0069

Some from: http://utopiaorbust.wordpress.com/2009/07/03/some-readings-on-hipsters/

Interzone / What dissidents can learn from Judaism and Christianity
« on: July 09, 2009, 03:14:40 PM »
Many here hate God and Abrahamic religions; however, I choose to take the Hindu view that all religions are descriptions of reality, an unknowable, untouchable, holistic truth called "God."

In my view, God is natural selection, and God is war, just like God is open fields where ponies and kittens frolic among the flowers. In order to have greatness, you must have evil, and something to keep the system from getting static...

We can learn a lot from these religions.

From Judaism, I love the cultural-centricism and willingness to stubbornly uphold values and demand sacralization of all things. The downside is the insistence on materialism, which I think is a populist distillation of Greek Platonism and Hindu idealism, designed to avoid the problems of dualism (which is equally populist).

From Christianity, I love how churches keep communities together, how strong values make strong families and happy children, and how Christians are active in improving their communities and living apart from the whorish, transient, vapid values of the modern world. The downside is dualism, but I'm convinced this is a misinterpretation and Christianity is truer to the Platonic tradition.

Both of these have a lot to teach, that stoned metalheads alone in basements with expensive record collections and no life prospects can match. When was the last time you saw metalheads improving the community, and taking a stand for rare things like chastity, honor, fidelity, logic, intelligence, learning, and nature?

I know some of you are exceptions; hails!

Metal / NECROPHOBIC "Satanic Blasphemies" demo comp
« on: July 09, 2009, 02:34:05 PM »
The long-delayed digibox from Stockholm, Sweden-based death/black metallers NECROPHOBIC, entitled "Satanic Blasphemies", will finally surface in April via Regain Records. The CD features material from the band's first two demos (1990's "Slow Asphyxiation" and 1991's "Unholy Prophecies") plus "The Call" 7" EP from 1992 and includes a poster and a patch. It was remastered at the Cutting Room by Peter In de Betou.

"Satanic Blasphemies" track listing:

01. Slow Asphyxiation
02. Realm Of Terror
03. Retaliation
04. Sacrificial Rites
05. Unholy Prophecies
06. Inborn Evil
07. Shadows Of The Moon
08. The Ancients Gate
09. Father Of Creation

Necrophobic - Satanic Blasphemies $14

Interzone / Heart of Darkness
« on: July 08, 2009, 12:07:20 PM »
Published in 1899, it sprang from his experience in the Congo nine years before. What became Heart of Darkness begins then, with Conrad noting the rapacious, violent nature of ivory-trading and colonialism. In July 1890 he spent day after day looking at decomposing bodies, skeletons tied to posts, men shot: he wrote, when a 13-year-old boy came in with a gun wound to his head, that he would be “glad to see the end of this stupid tramp”. The “tramp” went on, and Conrad watched men die, dreams end and, as his Congo journey came to its close, he noted in a letter: “I have lived long enough to realise that life is full of griefs and sorrows which no one can escape.” Afterwards, he was spent: there was a cost – weakened physical health and an exhausted mental state that would bubble up into breakdown 20 years later but which, a decade after, strangely became a defining work of our literature.

Conrad’s narrator Marlow tells some old friends how he went looking for Kurtz, a trader who has lost his values, murderously corrupted by his power over his subjects. Kurtz is lost to himself, as well as the girl he is betrothed to. He is lost to society and becomes the still point in an earning world where money and power are all. Marlow seeks Kurtz out and finds that all is corroded and corrosive. The journey ends with Kurtz’s death, and Marlow escapes the immediate aftermath to come home and visit Kurtz’s fiancée. When she asks what Kurtz’s last words were, Marlow tells a white lie, saying Kurtz spoke her name before he died. The words he actually uttered were his expression of what life is, what meaning is, and are four of the more potent ever written in English: “The horror! The horror!”


To my mind, this book is about the decay of civilizations.

When they become self-referential, money and power are more important than reality.

Kurtz touched the reality and had to die for it.

His statement, "The horror! The Horror!" and his addendum, "Exterminate all the brutes!" was an affirmation of the inescapability of suffering.

It cannot be evaded, so make it count; slaughter the stupid and fake, and live with balls.

It was Conrad's antidote to the same dying society that exterminated his aristocratic parents.

Metal / MALEVOLENT CREATION musician kills robber
« on: July 05, 2009, 08:15:57 PM »
Guitarist Phil Fasciana of long-running Florida death metallers MALEVOLENT CREATION was reportedly involved in a bizarre shootout at a convenient store in his hometown of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. According Fasciana, he pulled into a small store at around 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon (July 3) to get something to drink and walked right into a robbery in progress. "I went in this little store on my way home to get a chocolate milk, of all things, and little did I know, I was walking into a life-or-death situation," he says. "When I walked into the store, I did not notice anyone else in the store until someone started screaming at me and pointed a gun at me. I nearly shit myself, because the dude looked wacked out of his mind and fired four shots directly at me and I went down to the ground because I thought I was surely shot. After about 30 seconds, I realized I was not hit at all and the shooter thought I was dead or injured and started attacking the store worker when I snuck up behind the burglar and talked [to] him and took the gun out of his hands and told him to get out of the store. He then reached in his sock and pulled another gun out and pointed it at me and that's when I fired two shots into his head, killing him instantly!

"Never in my life has anything so twisted happened to me before and I would like to forget it ever happened, but I had no other choice. Lucky for me, the stupid crackhead burglar had the worst aim in the world and missed me with all four shots from about 10 feet away! Needless to say, all charges have been dropped and the store owner has offered me a lifetime of chocolate milk! Ha Ha!

"I have been in some scary situations before, but having someone shoot out you from that close and miss is a fucking miracle and I have no remorse for killing the assailant who tried to take my life and the store owner's."


Metal / ANUS promotions
« on: July 05, 2009, 08:55:02 AM »

Blaspherian comes from Houston, Texas, and makes old school death metal with its own voice. Their music does not sound like any known band but is clearly influenced by the old school of booming, primitive, dark, introspective and alienated metal. Formed in 2004, Blaspherian arose from the collaboration of Wes Infernal -- formerly of Infernal Dominion and Imprecation -- and Desekrator, but rapidly branched out to include Matt Mayhem on drums and Apollyon on vocals and bass.

Interview: Blaspherian

Review: Blaspherian - Allegiance to the Will of Damnation

Full track MP3: Blaspherian "Enthroned in Blasphemous Triumph"

Code: [Select]

Blaspherian comes from Houston, Texas, and makes old school death metal with its own voice. Their music does not sound like any known band but is clearly influenced by the old school of booming, primitive, dark, introspective and alienated metal. Formed in 2004, Blaspherian arose from the collaboration of Wes Infernal -- formerly of Infernal Dominion and Imprecation -- and Desekrator, but rapidly branched out to include Matt Mayhem on drums and Apollyon on vocals and bass.

[url=http://www.anus.com/metal/about/interviews/blaspherian/]Interview: Blaspherian[/url]

[url=http://www.anus.com/metal/blaspherian]Review: Blaspherian - Allegiance to the Will of Damnation[/url]

[url=http://www.hessian.org/music]Full track MP3: Blaspherian "Enthroned in Blasphemous Triumph"[/url]


Metal / CONSERVATIONIST launches website
« on: July 04, 2009, 08:10:54 AM »
I borrowed the old design of the ANUS article pages.


Interzone / Hessians in high places
« on: July 03, 2009, 06:12:30 PM »
Hailing from Australia, Zoz came to the United States to pursue graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He became "Dr. Zoz" after receiving a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science based on research into human-robot communication in the Robotic Life group at MIT's Media Laboratory.


He's also responsible for:


From his top ten list:

* Heavy metal


Interzone / Good places for metalheads to take over
« on: July 03, 2009, 03:21:33 PM »

It's a forum for stoners and mushroom eaters. They have some metalheads. Imagine if a dozen more showed up all at once.

Interzone / Treat depression with folate
« on: July 02, 2009, 02:16:40 PM »
For almost 40 years, it has been suspected that folate plays a role in depression. We have a general sense that low folate can cause depressive symptoms, and that treatment with folate (of low folate patients) can help, but it is still debatable whether or not folate supplementation helps people who are not otherwise deficient.


It seems to me that a lot of people, and a lot of people in rock and metal, are depressed and stay strung out to keep it at bay.

What if folate reduced the problem?

Metal / Classical bargains for newcomers
« on: July 02, 2009, 09:19:30 AM »

I love this interpretation of Schumann's 1st symphony. Powerful and sensitive. And $3.64 used/overstock on Amazon.

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