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Interzone / How crippling is alcohol?
« on: July 01, 2009, 08:40:30 AM »
One thing I've noticed about Hessians: they love their drink and drugs, like most rock-descended bohemian genres.

However, how much does this hold them back?

We're familiar with tales of metal bands who lost members because their alcohol or drug habits took precedence over the band. Almost everyone knows a fan or two who has wrecked a car driving drunk, lost a relationship or job for being stoned too much, and so on.

It's possible that reckless hedonism becomes a substitute for achievement, and that this creates a huge pool of people who are working the reverse of that -- because they can't achieve, they pursue reckless hedonism -- in turn, dragging the genre down toward more inclusive material.

Metal / KRODA issue statement on AFA attack
« on: June 30, 2009, 06:42:07 AM »
As everyone should already know, in the beginning of European mini-tour, KRODA band was attacked by a bunch of jackals before the gig in Warsaw, Poland. We were changing our clothes dressing in concert uniform and just took away our stuff from mini-bus in the street near club. At this time, rain of glass bottles fell upon us... Right then, attackers used pepper-sprays and tried to beat us by telescopic cudgels. They were in red and black masks and shouted «AFA!», so we’ve made a conclusion about what subculture they belong to.

Before this event, we were not too interested in this movement, but after things that happened, we studied their websites deeper. We have found there a lot of mentions about our band defined as Narrow Squirting Bowel Movement. It would be good to make a brief digression to the history of music (not for antifa, but for listeners of Pagan Metal, and Metal music in general).

It seems antifa don’t know what is Narrow Squirting Bowel Movement, if they use this stereotype towards our band. Narrow Squirting Bowel Movement are bands like DER STURMER or THOR'S HAMMER, for example; i.e. formations where basic themes are political and social aspects, aesthetics of Third Reich etc. But KRODA (even purely stylistics-wise) is Pagan Metal. In difference from Narrow Squirting Bowel Movement, in Pagan Metal (just look at the name, it’s obvious) there’s no political component. Lyrical side of Pagan Metal is Antiquity, Traditionalism, Ancestral Roots Pride (those able to read – just look at KRODA texts published on our official site). And still we want to say that our group is OUT of modern politics.

During the last time, Metal scene is infiltrated by left-side punks with their poor, perverted understanding of metal and its aesthetics. Their knowledge about facts and concepts of metal genres are narrow, but despite their profanity, those people (practically aliens to metal subculture) are trying to dictate their ultimatum conditions to Metal bands; trying to sort the bands (according to their "punk" concepts) and separate them into "correct" and "incorrect". And the bands, defined by those conceptually/politically/musically incompetent marginals as “non-correct”, are exposed to physical and psychological attacks of "anti-fascists".

In general, those antifa “people” don’t listen to Metal music at all, but they already wish to dictate what music we have to play, what we must sing, what gigs we can go to, and which concerts are not to be visited. They command to zines, distributors and labels – who must be boycotted, and who are to be promoted. They know nothing about the concept of our creativity, but their sick ideas make them desperately try to prevent our gigs, try to beat fans of Pagan Metal at random; aspire to harm musicians in every possible way, to trouble us, damage our stuff, cars, instruments, our Metal clubs and concert equipment.

They act like a riot rampage gang, while their official propaganda is anti-violence. They struggle for something like equality, but in fact, someone is «more equal» for them. Everywhere, they declare their aspiration to preserve another cultures, but at the same time they promote destruction of own European culture in every possible way. Those people stepped too far and lost the feeling of reality. They are just lazy fuckers who want nothing to do, so they seek the enemies everywhere, suspicious to any runic inscription on T-shirts, disks etc. They are going to continue their insolent dictate and force us all to accept their idiotic "conditions" and "demands". The only thing they understand is brutal force. Until Pagan Metal fans, bands and gigs promoters/organizers are tolerate this leftist riot, it will just grow, though even here and now this is almost a red terror.

Everyone who obediently agrees with cancels and impossibility of fave bands gigs, everyone who estimate the "conditions" dictated by aggressive bunch of shameless red hooligans, everyone who directly or indirectly submits to the "regime” those strangers try to impose to the whole Pagan Metal scene – they all just unwillingly support the further escalation of this brutal tyranny and oppression of our interests.
Today, some punk scum dictate you what music you have to listen, what concerts to visit, what clothes is “allowed to wear” and what is “prohibited”, what bands we can act with and who are “wrong” - tomorrow they will ask you for report what you eat, what books do you read, what do you think about, what words did you say, with whom do you make love, where do you live and how much money you earn. We are the only ones to take back our right to listen the music we want, to go to the gigs we wish to visit.

If you want to be yourself and act following your heart – so it’s time to say "stop" to antifa riot in Pagan Metal.

It’s time to be self-organized and strike back in reply to any act of insolent leftists. Let it be tradition and a rule among your friends to come at gigs together, in well-organized SOBER groups. Watch the concert hall. By yourself, kick antifa spies away from halls and clubs, kick away every boor trying to confuse you when you listening to music. If those people don’t respect our rights, our fave bands and our Ancestral Faith – so it’s their own guilt, and we don’t wanna tolerate their intervention anymore. In the street you must always have all the self-defense stuff allowed in your country.

If someone try to attack - you have a right to self-defense, to use all the possible means to protect yourself and your relatives. Having some times received a strong straight repulse from numerous Pagan Metal fans, red ass bastards will think thrice – is it good idea to make us trouble next time. Let them protect gay-parades and rastafarian marches. If that brainless goblins consider scientific terms "Aryan" and "Race" associated with "fascism", if traditional European Runes and Sunwheels are "nazism" – so let them not even try to discuss the themes of Black and Pagan Metal at all.

Summing up: We call all the listeners, musicians, labels, zines connected with Pagan and Black Metal to answer every antifa boycott of our music and bands with counter boycott. Don’t let them manipulate you! Don’t let them to destroy Pagan Metal subculture and our European traditional culture. Strike them back on psychological and bureaucratic level, as well as by physical action. Gangs of that scum must be recognized as criminal and determined as «outlaw» as they already done it with you for a long time. Guilty will be punished.

Glory to Our Gods!


Interzone / Exterminate all the brutes
« on: June 28, 2009, 10:37:16 PM »
The first time I read the book, it sounded like a sardonic statement of how insane Kurtz had become.

Now it seems like the voice of the forest.

If it's natural for monkeys to be stupid, it's natural for those who have escaped that stage to slaughter all those of the previous stage -- so that evolution continues.

Looking at humanity... well, most of these idiots don't care about anything but their bread and circuses. Many are obviously genetic defects, or come from family lines that didn't make certain evolutionary leaps.

Purging them is a good idea. So is pushing ourselves farther so the next generations are much smarter than this one...

Interzone / Replacing public education
« on: June 27, 2009, 06:17:37 PM »
Between political coercion and a desire to make everyone pass, most schools have been dumbing it down for sixty years at this point.

This is why in the USA, a high school degree no longer means more than "I managed to attend some place for 75% or more of the time, semi-reliably."

That's why most people need college... a high school degree carries no weight.

It's why most college people need graduate school... college is high school x 1.5.

And it's also why colleges spend a lot of time teaching the remedial, so a graduate doesn't know a lot of things they need.

So my question is what is a reading/skills list for each?

Column A:
- What books should be read and skills learned to have a complete HIGH SCHOOL education?

Column B:
- What books should be read and skills learned to have a complete COLLEGE education?

I guess we can list experiences too.

- Brave New World
- The Republic
- The story of philosophy
- Introductory economics
- Basic physics
- Team activities
- Solo research projects of > 20 pages

- Naked Lunch
- Fistfights
- Beyond good and evil

I'm sure there are more.

Metal / MARK RIDDICK updates website, posts new cover art
« on: June 24, 2009, 10:50:12 PM »

Underground heavy metal illustrator, Mark Riddick, reveals his new Web site overhaul, www.riddickart.com. The new site features an interactive blog-style format complete with gallery, Web store, downloads, and links. The new Web site was designed by award-winning graphic artist, Greg Comstock, www.gregcomstock.com.


Metal / Naxos classical CDs $6.30 apiece
« on: June 24, 2009, 08:07:46 PM »

Naxos is a discount but quality label. This is a good way to build a heck of a classical collection for under $100

Metal / Classical music
« on: June 24, 2009, 12:40:49 PM »
Like many here, it seems, I went from being a popular music (and unpopular music, like black metal) listener to being a classical listener with a few favorite metal CDs.

I'm a regular listener of:

  • Ottorino Respighi
  • Anton Bruckner
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Franz Schubert
  • Robert Schumann
  • Gustav Faure

I'd like to hear from others in the same boat, especially who are their favorite composers, why, and possibly the pieces they enjoy.

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