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Metal / Selling my Collection (thousands of cds)
« on: July 10, 2009, 11:02:31 AM »
Hello, I am posting a list of some of my cds that i am trying to sell and i decided it may just be easier to auction them off rather than try to estimate each price for people. I know you guys hate ebay as well as do I but I need to make this easy for me with so many cds. I need new Studio Gear haha

here is the link


I am trying to list one or two each day, but I will be happy to list any cd from my list ASAP if you want. Just let me know a fair price you want me to start the auction at. I will be doing My thrash Collection soon as well.

ALSO THIS ISA TINY PART OF THE LIST email aurora4dth@aol.com for the rest of the list. These forums will only allow you to post a small amount of words.

1349 1349 demo cd rare oop black metal
1349 self titled Holycaust year unkown
Canorous Quintet Silence of the world beyond rare
A Canorous Quintet Silence of the world beyond No Fashion Hose of Kicks 1996
A Canorous Quintet The Only Pure Hate No Fashion Hose of Kicks 1998
A Mind Confused Anarchos Near Dark productions 1997
Abazagorath Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus Elegy 1996
Abhorrence Evoking The Abomination Evil Vengeance Records 2000
Abigor NachthymnenNapalm 1995
Ablaze My Sorrow If Emotions Still Burns No Fashion House Of Kicks 1995
Ablaze My Sorrow No Fashion House Of Kicks 1997
Abominant Self Titled Demo Wild Rags records 1996
Abominant “in darkest Embrace” Wild Rags 1997
Abominant Ungodly 2000 Deathgasm
Abominant Upon Black Horizons Deathgasm 2002
Abominant Conquest deathgasm 2003
Abomination Tragedy Strikes Nuclear Blast / SPV 1991
Abortus Judge me Not Battlegod prod 1999
Abramelin Self Titled Repulse Records 1997
Abruptum Vi Sonus Veris Full Moon prod Year???
Absu Third Storm of Cythraul Osmose 1997
Contains Bonus track not on regular cd.
Akercocke Goat of Mendes Peaceville 2001
Acheron Those Who Have Risen Full Moon productions 1998
Adnauseam Lives Of Lies Despise Demise Indipendant 1999
Adramelech The Fall Repulse 1995
Adramelech Psychostasia repulse 1996
Adramelech Seven repulse Records 1998
Adversary Lord of Chaos Wild Rags 1994
Adversary The Winters Harvest Cursed 1996
Adversary We Must Be In Hell 1999 independent
Adversary Forsaken Cursed prod 1992
Aeturnus From Blackest Darkness Cranial Captivity 1995
Aeternus And so the Night Became Pavement year ????
Aeternus Shadows of Old Hammerhear 1999
Aeternus Burning The Shroud Hammerheart 2000
Aeternus Ascension of Terror Hammerheart 2001
Afterlife Surreality Grind Core Olympic Year ????
Agarthi At the Burning Horizon Red Stream
Agathodaimon Blacken the Angel Nuclear Blast 1998
Age Of Storm Threshold of Pain Leviathan 1997
Agiel Dark pantheons again will reign Unique Leader / Crash
Alas Absolute Purity Hammerheart martyr 2001
Alastor Crushing Christendom Barbarian wrath 1999 #496 of 666
Alastor Hellward #245 out of 666 Barbarian Wrath 2001
Alkonost Self Titled Ketzer 2002
Allegiance Blodornsoffer No Fashion House Ok kicks 1997
Allegiance Hymn Till hangagud No Fashion House Ok kicks 1995
Allegiance Vrede No Fashion House Ok kicks 1999
Altar Youth Against Christ Displeased rec 1994
Altar Ego Art Displeased 1996
Altar Provoke Displeased 1998
Altar In the name of the father pavement 2000
Altar Red Harvest Crash 2001
Amen Corner Jachol Ve Tehila Cogumelo 1995
Amestigon Angizia Split cd Napalm records ????? year.
Amon Amarth Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds Pulverised 1996
Amon Amarth Once sent from the golden hall Metal Blade 1998
Amorphis Black Winter Day Relapse 1994
An*l Blast V*ginal Vempire Self Release Year ?????
Anasarca Godmachine Repulse 1998
Anata Infernal Depths of Hatred Seasons Of Myst 1998
Anata Dreams of Death and Dismay Relapse / Seasons of Myst 2001
Ancient Svartalvheim Listenable / osmose 1994
Ancient Mad Gandoise Bloodfiends Metal Blade 1997
Ancient Rites Blasphemia Eternal Mascot 1996
AngelCorpse Hammer of Gods Osmose 1996 Original Osmose release Not the US version.
AngelCorpse Hammer of Gods Osmose 1999 US release
AngelCorpse Exterminate Original Osmose release 1998
AngelCorpse The Inexorable Osmose Original release Not reissue. 1999
AngelCorpse The Inexorable Olympic / Mercury 1999
AngelCorpse Iron Blood Blasphemy Osmose 2001
Angel Kill Blood Stained Memories Wild rags 1998
Anima Demnata / Throneum Split Gods Of Abhorrence Pagan records 2002
Antaios God The Fake Artist, Stigmatic Chorus Waters of Styx Split cd More Hate prod 1999
Antropofagus No Waste of Flesh Beyond Prod 1999
Apoplexy Tears of the Unborn Station matser 1995
Apoc Death Justified Killing Self release 2005
Appalling Spawn Freedom Hope and Fury Inferno 1998
April Ethereal Advent Conquer Records 2000
Arcane Cascade Displeased records 1997
Arch Enemy Black Earth Wrong Again records W.A.R 1996
Arch Enemy Wages of Sin Century media 2002 Supreme 2 cd set with unreleased tracks.
Arcturus Aspera Hiems Symfonia Century media 1996
Arcturus The Sham Mirrors The end rec 2002
Archaean Harmony Nihility Mundane Soul Solemn Music Independent
Arise From Thorns Before and Audience of Stars Dark Symphonies 1999
Arallu Satanic War In Jerusalem Raven Music 2002
Al Sahar Ekstasi Tektonis Nebiula Prod 1999
Ascaroth The Quest For Eldenhor Repulse / Requiem 1996
Asphyx The Rack Century Media 1991
Asphyx Last One On Earth Century Media 1992
Astral Magia EonLeviathan records 1997
Astray Alone Beyond Prod 2000
Astriaal Summoning the essence of Ancient wisdom Dissident 2000 Limited edition number 455 out of 500
At The gates the red in the sky is ours Deaf / Grindcore 1992
At The Gates Terminal Spirit Disease PeaceVille 1994
At The Gates Slaughter of The Soul Earache 1995
Atheist Elements Metal Blade 1993
Atman Like pure unwaited magic Repulse / New Gotia
Aurora Eos Serious / Voices of Wonder 1997
Autopsy Fiend For Blood Peaceville Caroline Vile 1991
Autumn Leaves Embraced by The Absolute Serious Voices of Wonder 1997
Autumn Leaves As Night Conquers Day Serious Voices of Wonder 1998
Autumn Tears Love Poems For Dying Children Act 2 Dark Symphonies 1997
Special Edition with cd extra book and slip Cover as shown.
Autumn Tears Winter and Broken Angel Dark Symphonies 2000 Special Limited Edition
Avatar Memoriam Draconis Shiver / Wood Nymph 1996
Avenger Fall of Devotion / Wrath and Blasphemy Deathgasm 2001
Avernus Where the Sleeping Shadows Lie Cursed 2000
Averse Sefira Homecomings march arrogare records 1999
Averse Sefira Battles Clarion Lost Disciple 2001
Avulsed Eminence in Putrescence Repulse 1996
Avulsed Stabwound Orgasm Repulse 1999
Avulsed Bloodcovered Self Reelase 2001 This is a self release from the band limited to 500 copies I got mine from dave himself. The package pro pressed but the cd is a label what looks to be on a cd-r This is the only way this cd was ever released.
Auroar Borealis, Northern Lights
Aurora Borealis Time Unveieled
Auroa Boreali Relinquish
Avulsion Dimensions of Darkness Deathgasm 1996
Awakening Scenarios of Uncreation Metal realms 2001
Azaghal Helvetin Yhdeksan Piiria Evil Horde 1999
Azrael There shall be No Answer Nuclear Blast 1995
Azure Moonlights Legend Solistitium records 1998
Baltak Zaginatiot Grad BattleGod Prod 1997
Baltak Kral Na Dva Svetoj BattleGod Prod 2000
Battlelust Of battle and ancient warcraft Rough Trade Hammerheart 1997
Bathory Blood on ice signed promotional cd. Black Mark 1996 I got this from someone I used to trade with at black mark.
Beast Petrify Dimensional Deranged Dilemma 1999 Sonic Wave
Beheaded Resurgence of Oblivion Mighty Music 2000
Behemoth Grom solistitium rec year ????
Behemoth Pandemonic Incantations Metal Mind 1999
Behemoth Satanica Metal Mind 1999
Behemoth Satanica Dwell 2000
Behemoth Antichristian Phenomenon Avantgarde 2001 Limited tour edition to 1000 in solid black jewel case
Behemoth Chaotica The essence of the underworld Special 2 cd set Limited edition 145 minutes of black metal art 6 previously unreleased tracks #1753 Metalmind. Also included is the original sticker which shows number etc.
Behemoth Thelema avantgarde 2000
Behemoth Zos Kia Cultus Avantgarde 2002
Beherit The Oath of Black Blood Turbo / Jl America 1992
Beherit Drawing Down the moon Spinefarm 1993

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