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Topics - Athanasius contra mundum

Metal / Revised DLA reviews
« on: January 29, 2011, 03:24:34 AM »
I've noticed that a few of the DLA reviews, the review of Advent Parallax by Averse Sefira for instance, have been substantially revised. Is there any way that we could get a list of what reviews have been revised, since these updates haven't been made known in the news section?

Interzone / What happened to, you know, doing things?
« on: November 03, 2010, 09:11:27 AM »
I know I don't contribute to these forums that often, and that is because I have responsibilities that demand the majority of my time. I really like these forums, oftentimes people offer lucid insight on issues that otherwise would be out of bounds for discussion. However, all too often do I see some sort of internet intellectual crafting abstract terms and ideologies that are almost identical to the ANUS philosophy, but who claim that the two are antithetical because of a semantic quip. What's the point of this? To me it seems like the only goal is to prove that you are some sort of genius creator of a philosophy, but to who? A few guys on a forum on the internet? There's an entire world out there to experience, to be a part of, and to have an effect in, and you're throwing a fit over how a few guys on a forum don't want to join your brutalitechnohypermodernpower-movement? Don't we have better things to do with our time?

Interzone / How do I reignite the asshole?
« on: July 07, 2010, 04:44:22 PM »
I stumbled upon some old musings of mine, dated back to my senior year of highschool (2008). The intensity present in them is of the highest degree, and I can remember many nights of intense revelation that filled me with a great desire to sort of explode forth into the world around me through my ability. Here's some examples:

"Eliminate your beliefs. I dare you. You can't, right? The voice of reason (moralism) speaks to you, begs to you. It implores you hold tight to your illusion. Your illusion saves you from death. But it doesn't. Death will come to you; it comes to us all. The brighter accept that. Can you accept that? Can you even bear to embrace the thought of all belief being insignificant? Helping no one? Don't worry, the night-light is always on, but we'll be the ones who will be interwoven into the fabric of life itself... once it goes out."

"I am in strict opposition of the lowest common denominator. To put this manifesto into a more polite pretext... well there is none. There is no excuse. Pre-programmed ideology will have at your consciousness, and most likely you'll react with a thought similar to "This is all bullshit..." Also likely, this thought will be based upon a personal bias, but it is UNLIKELY that I care. For those interested, the pursuit of a realistic mindset is an arduous, but rewarding one. Conflict is spawned through insecurity, justified through moralism, and seeks to obtain goals which when tallied are more counter-productive to our sense of culture than not. We assume that our stature is far above that of the primates that we truly are, and use that sense of status to assure ourselves that our purpose is different than the simple mind-set of those around us. Of course, you must be unique. Everyone knows that individualism far precedes beneficial values (I'm rolling my eyes in disgust). Because of our unreasonable desire to differentiate ourselves as opposed to bettering ourselves, working adults often identify themselves, and are identified by their job. When this becomes the purpose of existence one exits life feeling unsatisfied; like a story unfinished if you will. Try to deny it, you're just comforting yourself. The age of Iron: a mathematical world calculated to maximize profit. We devour trendy, useless lumps of plastic and circuitry even when we realize that they harm the environment, harm us, and force us into dull occupations. This is not to say that technology is useless, but since when did individuality replace efficiency? I'm expecting that many are laughing at this comment, because by making it seem like a joke you essentially remove a sense of guilt from your mind. Go ahead! Oh, and enjoy your life of unreached potential. Your confinement is created completely of your own accord my friend, and I laugh as I watch you whore yourself to this lifestyle, and even defend its enslavement of you. Many of you will try to create a rebuke of my words simply with your status. Surely your education degree, your material ambition, or your alternative lifestyle shows your worth is far above a measly dissident such as myself!? It is all pretense, and regardless of what sentiment you attach to these attributes, you are still cattle that will be used for profit from your birth to your death. The path has lead to death. Your scared of death, aren't you? I bet you think you're not. There's always Heaven! An eternity of bliss in the face of Allah, God, Jesus, Buddha, Satan, or whatever theistic misnomer you prefer. A life where every desire is fulfilled at the slightest whim... I prefer the feeling of triumph after experiencing pain and surviving. The joy of overcoming hardship. The blood, sweat, and spirit that outpours from every orifice of LIFE. But I know you... your gratification is much more important than heroic ideal, awakened by the mythic imagination. A little poetry if you don't mind... Ignorance is bliss-bliss is the eternal state of happiness Otherwise known as paradise. Thus, in theory all who seek utopia are idiots You are self-conditioned, you are also conditioned by society. In fact, you are most likely so layered with emotional self-defense mechanisms that you will not consider anything that steps off of your radical radar regardless of whether it's actually helpful or not. You struggle your entire life to obtain a job that will provide an escape from the question of what life would be like if you didn't have the structure of such a society. Of course, you find spiritual balm in the pleasant and dull glow of government, sexual drive, intoxication and mass-entertainment. These answers however, are easy. How rare it is that the easy and objectionable answer actually helps. If you don't believe me, examine nature. Examine history. We are unsure of ourselves, and attach too much significance to mundane problems. This destroys any sort of hopeful outlook. You either reach consensus with the mass, and most will do so by thinking it is perfectly fine if done so "on their own terms", or you speak out and be vilified. Sentiment is drizzled like thick syrup over our lives, yet we refuse to embrace reality, which is much more difficult to define. When we witness brutality, the ugly side of existence, we set those thoughts aside before we fully analyze it and discover any beauty within. To quote a great thinker "Much of our suffering is designed so that we gain from the burden it imposes on us as a shield and a justification for inaction." - Spinoza Ray Prozak. I find some hope in beauty that is uncovered through careful social archeology. Abstract patterns of existence that carry a philosophical weight meant to usher people towards something definable as great. The honesty, and majesty of heavy metal, the trimming of fat upon all beliefs pursued by nihilism, examining the natural environment undisturbed by man, throwing my weight against that which asserts its authority based on its existence, and the pursuit of heroic goals honored by Romanticism. These ideas of heroism rarely existed, but they are in even shorter supply in the modern world. I love life, and thus love death. I do not deny the natural process in order to flee to an illusionary comfort blanket of mechanical process. Why don't you?"

For the past two or so years, I have been much more meditative. I have occasional outbursts of passionate feelings about life, but for the most part I calmly assert my plan of action that has aimed towards my virtues, but fluctuated in the specific details of the schematic according to change in my surrounding environment. The intense, explosive passion has left, for the most part though. How does that return? How do I redevelop that cold contempt that didn't feel shameful? Because I felt no guilt over how I looked down upon things, I knew inside that I wasn't simply wanting to feel elevated without reason, as I extremely criticized myself whenever I allowed myself to feel above something merely because of thought or word. Where does that go? Does it just die with the passing of years?

Interzone / New Amerika.org article? You tell me!
« on: March 22, 2010, 04:01:46 AM »
This article provides an example of how people find it important to find words that sound nice in their head to describe and justify whatever actions they deem worthy of pursuing, and how angry they get when other people don't think those words sound nice:


If you read the comment section, you'll notice that someone started a flame-war over the topic not fitting into his club-house. Now, I'm all for club-house ideologies. Hear me out! They create error by placing a greater focus on their dogma than reality, and thus do a wonderful job of separating the wheat from the chaff. Another thing they do is provide an excellent target for mockery, and mockery is fun because it speeds along the process of cognitive dissonance and sometimes results in pure awesome like zone of the self-enders (my video-game parody of suicide). I decided to mock this ongoing great war of us vs. them with a ripping commentary on why duality is freaking awesome to transcend, be a part of, laugh at, and love.

Here are the sermons of the great individualists, who take no shit and do whatever the fuck they want.

I. I've got roughly 50 years left. I'm not going to benefit, enjoy nor reap the benefits of future generations so I have no vested interested in their well being. All I have is my own carnal desires at this very moment. And no amount of shaming language calling me outgrown immature baby is going to change that fact. There is no reason not to be living only for my own benefit and amusement.

Yours came off as a rant by some wage-slave stuck in a shitty situation and pissed off at people who don't want to 'live' their lives for others benefit. I don't know if you intended it be so.

Now I have no trouble admitting I'm being extremely selfish and hedonistic but why on earth should I suffer so that some ungrateful obscure future generation would have it all so much more easier.

II. I'll take hedonistic bar-hopping travel and crappy job to job lifestyle over "being a productive member" of some joke "society" to pass on some goofy "traditions" to some little humans who will probably just grow up to the same sense of disillusionment that all of us realized when we learned that "society" and "traditions" are all a joke. Plus I'd nail all of those chicks at the same time while you suffer with a "wife" who you fall out of love with after a few years when your neural-chemistry changes and you're just hanging on "for the children" who don't even respect you or because you're too afraid you'll never bang anyone else. Sorry AB, but I liked your writing better before you were a born-again christian goofball.

III. I think there something personal here...
Are you lucky when picking up girls at a bar?
Have you ever traveled outside Sweden?
Are you stuck in a miserable career with no prospect to change it?
Have you been cheated by your girl recently?

Take a look at these 4 girls with cocktails: definitely good-looking, confident, entertaining. They are going to have fun and be shagged by the most "successful" (Alphas) guys around for their next 10 years until they settle down with some boring Beta "provider" type who has spent these 10 years doing some dull job in an office (well, he doesn't like it and doesn't what to do else, but he "builds the society" you know). Girls are going to explore their bodies while skipping a facade of marriage (and most of them will be unhappy at the end as in a marriage). It's great, that we don't have family-arranged forced marriages any more.

The so-called fulfillment through work was simply bollocks promoted by those in control of a capitalist society to keep the machine running. Workers not happy, they are slaves and have no options.

/// "Did they write a great novel?" //

No, because one needs to carry a baggage of real-life experiences to do that. Have ever read some early creation of your favorite writer? Young people are bad writers: delusional, naive, idealistic, etc.

IV. ... sorry alex but for most of history the vast majority of people lived crappy workaholic lives, you want to BLAME people for not wanting free time to just enjoy life and loaf around when they've been working (school) for 13 years straight by law in a shitty institution and then released into society (another shitty institution)? The whole reason people are money obsessed is because the want to RETIRE and get out of the fucking rat race, there is nothing noble about religion and business (which is just work). Work is necessary because we aren't intelligent enough to design robots that are as smart and smarter then humans, if we could all retire and have automated machines do the majority of the work for us we would, this is the whole theory behind robot manufacturing, dishwashers, clothes dryers, microwave ovens, fridges, etc, etc.... that is the whole point behind technological advancement!

Do we still use whip's and buggies because it is more enobling to pay someone who does "real work" over those robots in the car manufacturing plants?

I'll tell you this from my own life: My parents were both as you said - religious and owners of a small business, they are not happy nor fulfilled, they are just fodder for our workaholic society that technological + specialist society has created, a society of people permanently in debt and who by and large only exist to maintain the machine.

I think corrupt really needs to read this and take out the true observations on technologies effect on society:

Read this first

Then this:

And here is the response of the great asshole, who thinks he is an antichrist badass simply because it makes him feel like a badass, and probably doesn't actually like any of the things he says he does. Oh, look! There he goes again justifying himself! And again! And again! Oh, when will it end? ;D

"You've created a fairly nifty dichotomy, but it's only really useful for the constant bickering between those evil wage slaves and you enlightened individualists; both of whom I find laughable. I pursue what I find productive for the sake of the pursuit. When I seek to ascend the ranks of power and respect within the business world, it is a carnal pursuit. When I undergo physical and mental refinement in order to further detach myself from falling into the trap of thinking the world is redeemed through one aspect of it, it is a carnal pursuit. I find the same joy in mocking an outdated and failed institution like religion as I do supporting the wisdom and virtue of it, and yes, I find both the blasphemy and worship of that as intense carnal pursuits. I may decide that I am chaste, or I may decide to fuck sluts into submission to remind them of what their worth really is. When I decide to challenge myself to begin a family and pass my values and virtues of intensely seizing experience like you would draw the blood from the conquered with a blade, I am carnally pursuing the essence of what has made life an intense experience for myself. When I write a great novel, I am pursuing the carnal desire to challenge myself. All of these decisions I find beautiful and admirable, and all of these I define as carnal pursuits. I also think that their contraries, or people who enslave themselves to some sort of equation-style ideology like individualism or work are beautiful, as they create something to tear down, build up, burn down, rebuild, repeat. I like life that much to be content with the fact that these things happen again and again. Perhaps you don't. Tradition was created by older societies not to justify why they are morally superior; hell, look at the Greeks' outlook on sex! They were defined just for the sake of having something to test against the world. Maybe you don't define these things I've spoken of as fulfilling to the individual, but hey, I guess that's why so many people are so wild about subjectivity."

Good content for an article? I think so. I think it applies to the division between left and right, modern and traditional, good and evil, etc... But maybe I'm just full of shit. You tell me! If I get enough positive responses, you may see something like this up on Amerika.


Metal / Cemetery Urn
« on: March 10, 2010, 02:07:15 AM »
This band pulls ego-destroying melodies out of rhythmic combat. I'm really digging it; any thoughts?


Interzone / Dogs
« on: December 08, 2009, 02:40:54 AM »
Has anyone here raised and cared for a canine? I know this may come across as some mundane babble dressed poetically, but I think caring for a dog is an expression of yearning. There are an almost limitless number of distractions from life to waste your money on, and almost none of them will leave any lasting impression. When you are taking your last few breaths, do you think you'll fondly reminisce about your fifth HD t.v.? Indispensable portions of your life are such because, without them, your life would not have that same sense of worth. It's almost inconceivable to think of life without these indispensable, fond memories - such as your grandfather's 67th birthday, your child's first day at school, or those long walks through the small patch of woods outside of town - and that's because they are the very essence of life. When you ask yourself if life is worth living, you are either immediately inundated with these memories, or (hopefully not) overwhelmed by regret. But I digress. Why would a dog qualify as such a priceless piece of existence? Many of us have witnessed clueless, middle-aged people purchase a rat-like mutt that has been bred into an inability to be self-sufficient, and then proceed to buy all of the self-perceived necessary dog products like blankets, coats, and massaging beds. Not only do they feel that such extraneous possessions are necessary to have the "dog experience", but their attachment to the creature seems to be surface level, at best. If the dog dies, they simply rush out to the nearest breeder and find a replacement. Yet they too are searching for something invaluable when purchasing their rodent-esque companions; even if they don't necessarily find it. What they are searching for is that tug on the heart-strings late at night, when you think about life without your dog and realize that it just wouldn't be what it is, and thus not as worthy. These people want that meaning, that ability to say, "I loved the hell out of that dog, and I miss it every day." Even if that relationship is something only we perceive, and has no material value in the world around us, it makes all the difference. It is our choice to carefully raise that puppy: to be stern with it, to laugh at it when it's goofy, and to cry when it finally let's go of its weary existence. We didn't have to think of such a thing as important, we could have coldly decided that the mourning was too much bother, but we did anyway. Have you ever seen someone talking about a dog they had as a child? They may have tears in their eyes, but they often smile. They smile because, even if the dog is gone now, they had the experience. They are able to look back and say, "Gah, remember Jackie? Remember when she was little, and she wanted up on the couch with us so badly, but she was too little to reach, so she would hop up and down for what seemed like forever trying to make it up there with us? Remember when she finally got big enough to jump up there, and she looked so triumphant? I miss Jackie..." Of course she will be missed; she was an indispensable part of your soul.

EDIT: For the record, Jackie is very young, and still alive and well. I look forward to seeing her every time I come home.

Interzone / Pre-Carcass Degenerate Medical Poetry
« on: December 01, 2009, 11:47:51 PM »
From Wikipedophile:

"Benn started as an expressionist author before World War I when he published a small collection of poems (Morgue, 1912) concerned with the physical decay of the flesh.

    His poetry offers an introverted nihilism: an existentialist philosophy which sees artistic expression as the only purposeful action. In his early poems Benn used his medical experience and terminology to portray a morbid conception of humanity as another species of disease-ridden animal. John Collins (Bullock & Woodings, 1984, p.61)"  <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gottfried_Benn>

And here's a poem out of his five-poem series "Morgue":

Little Aster

A drowned beer-hauler was heaved onto the slab
Someone had wedged a lavender aster
between his teeth
As I reached through the chest
under the skin
with a long knife
to cut out the tongue and palate
I must have bumped the flower, for it slid
into the brain lying alongside
I packed it into the chest cavity
with the sawdust
as we sewed up
Drink your fill in that vase!
Rest in peace,
little aster!

You can read more here: http://supervert.com/elibrary/zips/benn_morgue_pdf.zip