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Metal / Re: Best guitars to play black metal
« on: November 20, 2009, 08:26:43 AM »
Now for my new crazy set up I use my Ibanez Sr400 bass (tuned A a d g) and run it to my distortion pedal( Fab Metal) then run that to my Behringer mixer. Then I can run the outs to my two stereo speakers. They are Realistics by Radio Shack and have two 8 inch speakers in each. Hey they were free so I utilize what I can. Also to supplement an even bigger sound I also can run my headphone out from the mixer to my amp(which is on 15w). This creates a HUGE sound that I am very happy with.

Interesting set-up, I'd be interested in hearing how that'd sound.

My advice to the OP, if you know anyone who can build instruments or is handy with wood working, perhaps check with them, you can get a guitar made of a better quality wood (I'd go with mahogany for a heavier sound) for less money than buying a brand name one, not to mention a custom shape if desired.

I, myself built a bass in shop class, and the wood for the body was only $20 (Electronics and neck were from a previous bass I didn't want anymore), the rest was just time and effort. And it came out great.

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