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Interzone / a sign of decline. masturbation at work
« on: May 20, 2011, 09:37:42 PM »
A danish study shows that 60% of the men and 54% of the women masturbate at work.

(link in french)

Personnally, I find it saddening although i'm not surprised. It shows that we can't control our pusions anymore if we can't wait barely wait t'ill the end of the day to release them. We're becoming more and more like animals.

What's your thoughts about this. Do you find this acceptable?

Metal / Dead Can Dance reunite
« on: May 18, 2011, 11:36:34 PM »
The group Dead can Dance has reunited and will put out a new album in 2012


Let's hope it will be good.

Interzone / Mark Boyle, the man who tries to live without money
« on: June 28, 2010, 11:42:03 AM »

I recently found an article about a man who made the decision of living without money.  What's your thoughts about his project?

A quote of him:
''What have I learned? That friendship, not money, is real security. That most western poverty is of the spiritual kind. That independence is really interdependence. And that if you don't own a plasma screen TV, people think you're an extremist.''


Interzone / Useless talking
« on: December 21, 2009, 04:49:50 PM »
these days, everyone has an opinion on everything and he has to say it to every person he encounters. It's been a lot worse since the internet, especially sites like twitter. The fact is that it's  just useless talking much of the time. Personnaly, if I don't have a good think to say or if I have no opinion on a subject, I  say nothing. But there's a lot of people when they are in the same situation have to say something. A fact is that some people tend to thinks that they are important and all what  they say is, but it's not the case.  These people misunderstand what a real opinion is in opposition to a feeling. An opinion must be thought before saying it, but a feeling is what you just thing at the second. They misuse them because they don't really want to informe you, they only want to gain attention, prove that they are important.
Another fact is , with this over-awerenessed society, when someone want your opinion on a social issue, you always got to have an opinion because if we have none, they will say that you are a careless monster who just think about himself. It's like they do not realize that you can't have an opinion on everything because you lack the knowledge to make a coherent answer. You just can't make a good opinion if the sole imformations available are in a small article in a newspaper. It can takes years of studying on a subject before you got the right answer. All that these people want, is to let talk only our heart, our emotions because they want followers, people who can confort them in their feelings, not ones who can have real answers, even if they're unpleasants 

 people tend to be intimidated, when no one speaks. Why do we have that need to  always speak if we have nothing so say? that's not just enought to be together? They will say it's useless. But saying stupid things is much more useless. Better to be alone. But being alone is being unimportant to they others. Their ego can't stand it. .....worship meeeeee...... they said in fear of the nothing.
In conclusion, let's stop that stupid useless talking.

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