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Metal / Re: Profanatica - Progenitors of the Omni-Riff
« on: June 18, 2014, 09:14:26 PM »
Their latest album is all i can think of that uses this concept.  I found everything Ledney has done in the past has had much more dimension than just the "duduudududedudedudeudueududududuududuedud" even if the riffs are simple and repetitive. Before the riffs seemed to have motive, to create ambience and atmosphere. Now on the new album it just seems like an annoying barrage of guitar sounds.  So disappointing...

Metal / Re: Nunslaughter - Angelic Dread
« on: May 25, 2014, 10:44:18 AM »
Thanks for the upload Ralp, im excited to hear this.  Goat and Hex are the best free cds i ever got in mail order!  Great rippin' riffs with dry throat vocals, gotta love it.

Metal / Best Death Metal Demos
« on: March 22, 2014, 02:46:39 AM »
Demos seem to be not talked about as much, its more the debut albums and the following albums, all of which have someone else( sometimes not even death metal fans) tampering with behind the board. 

List here your favorite demos from the old days!

Metal / Re: What Are Your All Time favorite Brutal Death Metal bands ;D
« on: February 02, 2014, 08:03:18 PM »
"Brutal"? Define something more clearly. :/ You want fast, unbalanced, non-dynamic music?  -> you need to listen to Hate Eternal...the ultimate level of unrelenting-ness.

If you mean the bands who are consciously TRYING to be as brutal as they can?
You will either find the stupidest Death Metal bands around or you need to listen to Grindcore.  I think the latter is the better choice for good "brutal" music.  Death Metal should not, IMO, be focused primarily on brutality. That's like high school posturing. So just go for Hardcore and Grind/Brit-core which are a more sincere and unfiltered expression of uncontrolled (teenage) rage.

Go for early Napalm Death (Scum and From Enslavement to Obliteration) or Blood (start with O Agios Pethane, then go backwards), hell, go for Black Flag and Siege!

If you just want favorite Death Metal bands that sound tough as opposed to 'interesting'/'different', I'd have to say Sinister (Cross the Styx) and mid-period Vader (Litany).
If 'mega fast' is not in your requirement of 'brutalness', you might want to try (newer) Heresiarch's Hammer of Intrasigence.
Cryptopsy (first two albums) sounds like an obvious recommendation for all "brutalness seakers".  Do avoid all their imitators, better study classics than waste time on copy-cats.

this is what i meant to say, thank you Fenrir.  What bothers me is that this blog actually gave attention to one of those crap gurgling whore killer lyric based bands a year ago or maybe less

Metal / Re: What Are Your All Time favorite Brutal Death Metal bands ;D
« on: February 02, 2014, 05:39:25 PM »
probably the worst subsubgenre of deathmetal.  How many songs can you write about being a perveted mortician that likes to fuck dead hookers and rip up their bodies.  Brutal DeathMetal is a black eye for real deathmetal.

Metal / Re: How do people exit metal?
« on: January 24, 2014, 08:03:05 PM »
I feel sorry for that guy, I love what his voice and lyrics did for Mayhem and for me.  That is not how i would want to end up but then i think of the 1000 other ways i might die from a regular lifestyle living in the city/suburbs and then a shot to the face doesnt seem that bad. 

Seriously though, i think alot of serious Metal listeners have problems.  We cannot accept the world and are powerless to change it. No matter how many "metal brothers" unite out there its nothing compared to the growing force of meat against us that push out individual thought and break us down to that " lowest common denominator". Where smart thinking is spending your entire life finding ways to have a good savings account, a good pension, be able to put our(future) kids through school, buy groceries, pay bills on time etc etc etc!!!  There is no glory in life anymore, the only time i have felt such is through hiking mountains, and even then there isn't someone else too far off your trail to do the same thing you just did.  Metal is not reality, it is Fantasy.  To live in reality IS to die.

Metal / Re: What bands are you listening to today?
« on: January 22, 2014, 07:53:52 PM »
Lots of Nunslaughter for me these days, specifically , HEX and GOAT.  I love the energy and straight forward style, along with the touches of humour,it' s been a good week blasting this stuff!  There is actually some awesome riffing throughout each album, some songs are mid paced, some are slow , some are grinding, and I love hearing the grating voice of Don of The Dead!

I did switch it up finally tonight, witn DEMONCY - ENTHRONED IS THE NIGHT!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Metal / Re: Grindcore-loving goat dies
« on: January 21, 2014, 01:07:00 PM »
Goats are so fuckin metal!!! My cat does something similar when I blast tunes she sits on the speakers and sometimes the record player >:(  nevertheless it's pretty fuckin cool

Metal / Re: Obscura vrs From Wisdom to Hate
« on: December 24, 2013, 01:16:20 AM »
i listened to Obscura on mushrooms one time. I remember they were just kicking in and i was outside walking around in the woods at about 11ishpm and the rain was coming down like crazy.  I had a vision of a man turning into a beast and expressing both his/its pains and pleasures through the album, it made sense to me that the album is the relation between man and beast.  I would file this under Death Metal Study 101.

Metal / Re: What Band are you listening today?
« on: December 09, 2013, 10:09:13 PM »
Deathhammer - Onward to The Pits

I always avoided it for the awful cover art but today i wanted to listen to something fast that actually has balls and this really came through.  Pretty much sounds like a  50/50 blend of old Destruction and Bathory and i love the way the singer screeches and screams throughout the whole thing. Cool album!

Metal / Re: Profanatica - Thy Kingdom Cum
« on: December 09, 2013, 10:02:00 PM »
Yes thank you for the upload!

I was excited to hear this one but i felt it was a bit one-noted...  I heard this coming when they came out with that EP not too long ago, though the sound was pretty massive on that album, its the dedududedudude riffs that are starting to bother me, they aren't as passionately hateful as on their last best album DBAG.  I did only give it one listen but come on, what do you guys honestly think about this one?

Metal / Re: Sadistic Metal Reviews
« on: November 18, 2013, 03:08:29 AM »
Dark Medieval Times blows absolutely everything this website has reviewed since it got restarted, out of the water. The sadistic reviews is but a mere crowd pleasing scheme to keep the negatives contempt with what they loved best about DLA and the ANUS. Meanwhile this site is promoting every cd they get in the mail, and promoting crappy movies like "METALHEAD".  Atrocious...

Metal / Re: Ildjarn/Hate Forest - Those Once Mighty Fallen
« on: November 06, 2013, 10:09:03 PM »
Norse Ep is my personal favorite, then various tracks from each of all the full length albums.  If i wasnt so broke right now i would have picked up all the new vinyl reissues by now, however it seems odd to put on Ildjarn and blast it in my living room.  I've only ever heard the music through headphones.

Metal / Re: Horror movies related to metal
« on: October 29, 2013, 04:45:47 PM »
Some of the more chilling Hellraiser quotes have been heard through a few different songs. I'm not sure which song it is, but on Blood's Dysangelium this quote is inserted
 " It opens doors, doors to the pleasures of heaven or hell.  I didnt care which"

Metal / Suffer - Global Warming , Structures
« on: October 25, 2013, 11:32:29 AM »
I have never heard this band before, I've skipped over the name many times when searching for some Death Metal to listen to.  I'm downloading the albums right now to give em a try.  What do you guys think of em?

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