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This is a shitty analysis of brazilian society and morals. In many respects, it is right. But what part of the world would this shitty list not apply to? At the bottom line of it, is a healthy respect for Law and orderly society. What is not acknowledged, however, but is latent withtin the text is its racism. I have lived peacefully with brown people all my life. Not with all of them, but most of them. It's just that Brazil is kind of an experiment of nature. You don't get to judge people by their skin color: The Mixts of people there are way beyond the average. The jewish run world aesthetical system (a system built on enphasis on medical treatments such as enlarged breasts (both for men an women), asses, etc. and fake celebrities, has even named brazil a place with the most beautiful people in the world.

Why? Because of the diversity of the mixsts, which mixtures are not found equal in anywhere in the world. And why does this fucker write an analysis like this?

Because he utterly fails to understand the uncreated family element that runs through the blood of every family member here in Brasil. What does this guy knows about politics? Does he know his country is a cesspool too? Americans are known as some of the stupidier people on earth.

And yet this is not true, right? There are some bright people there. A genius like nikola tesla enjoyed the usa. But, there are shitloads of stupid people, right? And your country,a country which Tries to be WHITE, but has anti white, negro breeding, raping propaganda (like gangsta rap) running freely, which obviously createsblack on white crime;.

Metal / Good and refreshing death/hardcore grind from brazil
« on: December 30, 2013, 02:01:05 PM »
A refreshing release, not new, not too old:

Are you God? - Espelho de Carne


Interzone / Posthuman Tantra
« on: November 18, 2013, 01:20:19 PM »
This is a kind of drone, dark ambient shamanic electronic from a guy here in Brasil. I like it, but quality wise I don't know what to make of it. There are two albums that I could find, one I found quite good, Pissing Nanorobots, whereas Posthuman Void I found enjoyable but not so good. But I'm still listening to it, it has good replay value. Reminds me a little of Krieg. Here are the links if anybody is interesting in reviewing it here:



There are more albums, but only for sale

Interzone / Farting
« on: November 15, 2013, 03:16:23 AM »
This may seem silly but it's a curiosity of mine. When to fart? If farting is natural, should we do it when we feel like it? Of course not in meetings, important places like church we can try to hold it, etc...

But what if you just met a woman? Is there a designated time when it is ok to fart with her? Would it not be honest to fart from the start?

Why do most women fart less in public and take more time to fart with their partners?

What about the noises in the bathroom? Why are they considered offensive? Isn't that a kind of sickness or perversion? Shouldn't the noises of defecation be considered healthy?

Interzone / Black Panthers
« on: October 11, 2013, 02:48:41 PM »
Black pan-thaas rule! Or do they?

During my life one thing has been clear: Leftists "revolutionaries" many times can be not what they seem. While I admitedly do not have knowledge or history, I think that it's pretty obvious that leftism is being co-opted.

Like, maybe Martin Luther King was a communist? Maybe he, too, wanted a dictatorship?

What about the Black Panthers? Were they legtit???

I don't know. That's for the black americans together with white and other historians to find out...

But if they were, they were prety cool!!


If you analyze what T. Kaczynski says about "leftism" in his work, it is not about the original Left at all. He is targeting "guilty left" types, while the true left were bomb-exploding "maniacs". There was a surge of power,a changed occurred, which scrambled Left and Right Altogether. Equating leftism with evil is so cruel as equating jews with evil and sending them to gas chambers!!! Which I'm sure existed!

Interzone / Different kinds of music and sound experimentation
« on: September 22, 2013, 06:17:25 AM »
I'm just right now hearing a song on youtube, actually it is the full album of Psychic TV - Sugarmorphoses, but this particular song is already in several minutes and it is just some haunting sounds with dogs/wolves making their beastly sounds and it does not change too much. Somehow I find it interesting, but I think it is the intention of artists that do stuff like that to interact with different interpretations of sound than regular music, including the formation of images. Not that the formation of mental images and other types of creative imagination do not appear on music like classical, quite the contrary, but a classical piece almost never tries to convey images directly like experimental music does. The faculty of formation of images is always present, but experimental sounds do it more in your face. For example in this beastly sounds I can come up with several good atmospheres/images/dreams etc. that give a whole new experience to listening music. Again, it is a different proposal than classical.

So what I'm saying is this kind of music, and other experimental kinds too like noise, are to be taken as a different experience altogether.

Interzone / The world government
« on: August 03, 2013, 06:24:20 PM »
Below is an admitedlly poor translation of a text warning about the plans for a world government.

If you think that because you're white, american, healthy, fit, smart, genius or something, you're free from this oppresion, think again. Money, power, circumstances, rules the world, not your damned "brains".


To fabricate a World Government the following is needed:

1)An awakened and disciplined elite of perfectly ideologized men to the millenial plan of world domination that Jehovah promised them thousands of years ago. This is already here.

2) Millions of servants of this elite, who belong to it and believe that they'll have some place in the World Government, like being servants or prostitutes of the future masters of the world. Those idiots seem to ignore that all servants are dispoable. Those are already available.

3) Several thousands of millions of idiots, most of them young, mentally retarded also called "sleeping men", in general lovers of football, masturbation and alcohol, who will be the slaves of the World Government. The young and beautiful women will serve as prostitution, the rest will only be fit for extracting organs and for medical experiments. Those are also already available.
4) The 96% of phyisical gold extant in the world, monopolized by this dominant elite. The rest of the 4% they will take soon. This is already happening.
5) A financial crisis self-provoked, like 9/11, but world-wide, wit the disoccupation and general hunger, social explosions and wars. By david rockefeller: "All that we need is the bigger crisis and the people will accept the New World Order". This is already happening.
6) to provoke the destruction of all trash paper money, meaning the dollar, euro, etc. to impose the reign of the gold monopoly. The masonic countries fall, thus, like all the servants, they are also disposable. This is also predicted.
7) Without work, money, electricity, water, food, telephone, internet, among a world chaos never seen before, thousands of millions psychic lobotomized, wrongly called men, will start to kill among each other, begging in screams for a world government, for one sole authority n the world that will give them back order and tranquility A world government with its three heads: military, finantial and religious.
8) one of the first measures will be to reduce world population to 500 million people, "for the good of the planet". The rest must die. This will be only the beginning.

Various of those ideas are on the speeches and declarations of David Rockefeller and similar sources. The supreme elite feels free to openly express their plans since years ago, knowing that the thousands of millions of idiots that populate the world do nt understand what they say. When they were warned and advised, the idiots did not believe in it, thought that it was conspiracy theories from crazies, nazis or criminals. There is no worse crazy than the one who does not want to awaken. They will realize too late how the papers and television have been rotting their brains for years, until transforming them in what they are: incurables. Now they will see who was right, but it will be late. All the evil that happens to them they will have deserved for being stupid.

"What I don't like about aids is that it kills too slowly. Another faster working stuff is needed". Guess who said that.

Interzone / International Alliance Against the BS Leftism
« on: July 31, 2013, 06:04:17 AM »
Leftists here in Brazil are very varied. There are christian leftists, conservative, feminists, all kinds...

But lately, specially thanks to blogs, there has been a pestilent type of feminism-leftism that makes me sick.

The women who promote it use a smart tactic of mixing real, serious problems like misoginy, sexual harassment in offices, hospitals, etc., women beating at home, rape, etc... with trivial bullshit like: Strange homophobia laws, abortion, forbidding psychologists to treat gays out of homosexuality (if they so wish), giving benefits to the blacks, emasculating men, destroying the difference between the sexes (and creating new sexes), etc...

These people are so idiotic they don't have a clue. I applaud those same bloggers when they tackle rightly the serious problems I outlined above, but it makes me sick to see the deleterious influence they have with their bullshit on young women, and some men.

Today I was watching this video about sweden, and if it's all true, it's terrible.


And I realized that the same force that is acting on Sweden causing those things is here in Brazil causing that idiotic feminism and other trends. There is no discussion, it's the same mentality. In fact the feminists here love sweden.

It's not that their outright evil (I think some of them may be) but to ignore the consequences of what they spread as right IS evil, because it is making the country worse, making society worse, people worst, values worsen.

So my idea with the internet is for people to understand how the baloney in different countries is connected by this sick ideology, of which this neo-feminism is one of the greatest weapons now.

I intend to spread this information and that all countries that are plagued by this and sick of it do the same and communicate through the internet, exchange ideas so people can understand that other countries are being influenced by this same baloney. This site said this all along.

There is one particular feminist here who writes such inane bullshit on her blog that I decided to make a long article against her, sadly I was lazy and the bullshit that she wrote piled up so much that now I'm afraid I lost some information. nevertheless I will attempt an article about her and her brand of feminism.

I'd like to see your ideas and thoughts


Metal / To the guy who promoted NOISE MUSIC here
« on: July 08, 2013, 12:19:57 PM »
Sorry if this is against the rules, but I remember a guy here who had a blog where he posted some noise music, and his favorite at the time was a woman who made interesting abstract music. I remember he saying on the blog that her music surpassed all others for him.

And most importantly, he linked to an amazing site, apparently of a former noise label, with free online noise albums from the most insane bands. I could not find this site yet!

So if you still come here, please indicate your site and the label's site


Metal / Reggay that is similar to metal and kraftwerk
« on: May 06, 2013, 03:06:01 PM »
I've found this reggae song to be remarkably similar to kraftwerk and metal. Seems a little like progressive rock too. What do you guys and girls think? (or I think this might be the only forum that has no existing females - perhaps not even female regular readers.)



The leader of Bolivia, Evo Morales, responded to US Secretary of State John Kerry's recent statement, in which he referred to Latin America as the US' 'backyard'

"So you think U.S. government, that we're your backyard? (...) I condemn, repudiate that. We will never again allow Bolivia or Latin America to be your backyard. We have much dignity" he stressed.

Morales was speaking at a public event, before leaving for Peru to attend the summit of the Union of South American States (UNASUR) to discuss the situation in Venezuela and in which the Bolivian President plans to request a statement repudiating the John Kerry's claims.


Interesting documentary, but hard to know how much of it is true...

It shows some of the hidden forces of freemasonry and others on the "revolution" in russia

the numbers certainly seem exaggerated by I can't really say

Interzone / A Different View Of Material World
« on: February 02, 2013, 01:25:33 PM »
I invite all the hard reading guys of here to try and decipher this, which I just today attempted to translate from spanish, there are some things that got lost on translation but 90% of it is enjoyable  and there may be some small errors but I'll review it later. I just have to warn not to take anything there as the first impression that comes, rather interpret it in ways that can be experimental and symbolic also, although much of it is technical. There are some concepts, like "psychoid archetype" that have to be understood also. but necessarily so: I've read this text for years without a firms grasp on its concepts initially but gradually gained new understanding throughout the years. Some things I still struggle to grasp fully. Well, here it is. Don't take it too seriously, I mean, take it seriously enough but this is actually fragments of a book that mentions this physics theory, which as the text informs has its own book about it by same author, hidden book, no-one has it but a few, so I read on the net.

I may well in the future conclude that this is too far out, but maybe not.


Interzone / Bill White and Religion
« on: January 02, 2013, 08:27:19 AM »
What would you call a guy who, in the middle of a game of sport of your choice, says: This is not real. These rules are all previous agreements between us. No one really wins or loses except in our minds. This game is a construct, it does not really exist. This is only a foul because we think it is and that is only allowed because we think it is; ?

An idiot, right? That's because we all know that the game is made up, but we're just playing it, so pointing this information out is equal or worse than having down's syndrome.

But what if this knowledge was lost? Bill White delivers an interesting version of truth and the United States. I'm aware he exposed similar ideas in his book Centuries of Revolution. I'm anxious to read it.

June 17, 2012

As you may know, since my first experience at the hands of the US government, I have been a very unwell person.

At the FCI-Beckley, and, later, at MCC-Chicago, I was given a pill – which you looked up for me – which the BOP calls an “allergy pill”, but is, as we discovered, an anti-depressant that can cause psychosis.

What this pill did was layer another set of images – dream images – over the images of nominal “waking” reality. Essentially, I experienced multiple realities at once, and began communicating with images in the “dream” who gave me information “reality” that I was later able to confirm as having a factual basis.

After my release, I continued to have terrible nightmares – nightmares that would continue into my waking life. I would often awaken, believing I was imminently going to be attacked. I often remained in these dream states for hours after gaining consciousness. As a result of the change in consciousness that occurred in the BOP, I was unable to function.

What I have discovered is that these nightmare images were really projections into my mind of the dreamscape of a demonic being. As I outline in my Centuries of Revolution, America has been created by cults dedicated to a demonic beast with three aspects. In Centuries, I don’t really address the theme of this being’s binding or sleeping in the earth, but I have discussed this elsewhere. Both America and the New World Order it has attempted are the product of this beast imposing its will upon reality – its dreaming. Its methodology is degradation – abuse of the outer forms so as to create inner transformation. My dreams are, or were, its thwarted desires. I had what it had desired – but it was clear that if I remained within its dream that I was doomed.

You see, Vishnu sits on the right hand of Brahma and Shiva on his left. Vishnu danced dharma into being, but in the Kali Yuga, dharma and karma are inactive. The substance of the world is maja and its changes are the dance. Kali and Shiva dance death – Time – into the world – Shiva’s serene dream shaping Kali’s moving form. Within this whirling maja are the demons, each of which shape their particular realm. Beneath the United States, a serpent lies dreaming. Its children – the Jews and reptiles and their cult – do its work. But the whole is but a figment of the monster’s imagination.

This world is the projection of the consciousness of “sleeping” gods onto the minds of us “dreamers” who reside within it. As such, the only rational act was to abandon my worldly possessions, detach, and leave the dreamworld. Rather than awaken, I decided to explore a bit more widely.

As I suspected, “reality” broke down as I approached the borders of the so-called United States. I do not truly believe that I physically travelled anywhere – the “physicality” of things is just a means of experiencing a change in psychic state. I got free of the mind of the evil being in Washington and, briefly, of all evil beings. I experienced a beautiful reality – like Plato’s philosopher seeing the sun. Clearly, my inner being is not yet strong enough, because the serpent drug me back. But the serpent does not hold me the way he did, and I can see that in its dreamlings, who lack the confidence and power they once had.

I am not William White because William White is an illusion. One could say he was created by the government to distract the people from the poverty and misery of a failed America, but, on a metaphysical level, he was dreamed into being by these demons for a purpose. No longer subject to this demonic dream, I can no longer be White.

- AKA “White”

Interesting variation here:

I'm not sure, but it seems abandoning this dreamworld means suicide, or at least a hermit life. Or a normal life devoid of all illusions of hope.

Interzone / Quantum Tantra
« on: December 23, 2012, 04:16:39 AM »
The name Tantra is borrowed here and stripped of its older meaning, but some interesting thoughts from a quantum scientist (be careful - there are allusions to drug use on this blog. drug use is repelled by me in the name of the greater good. keep your mind & your body cool and healthy!):


I wish I could understand Newton stuff, and then Quantum stuff, so I could understand just what the hell THIS guy is talking about www.youstupidrelativist.com . Come to think of it, I should learn first some basic math.

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