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Interzone / Pop Music and Stupidity
« on: November 28, 2012, 03:28:14 AM »
I've read once that the middle is not good for speaking the truth. The truth is where the extremes meet. That's ok. But this is a move, it doesn't have to be this way all the time.

You will certainly find more idiots that listen to american pop music in a room than in a room where people listen to classical music. But in my opinion it's not useful to say that people that listen to inferior music are stupid, only because we all know intelligent people who do, including musicians themselves. For example, Ildjarn has already stated he can enjoy any type of music. The guy from Acerbus too, and many other artists that people here like listen to stuff that are shunned here.

That's not for the creators of the site, they already know this really well. It's for the people that may take this music stuff too seriously. A tune is a tune. You either like it or not.

That being said, I agree with the website, and probably most of the smartest people only listen to the good stuff and abhor the bad. And yes, you become what you listen I think, and metal truly is an escape from the karmic cycle while pop music imprisons you more and more on it. Pop music is like schizophrenic voices in your head these days, a mish-mash of infra-human elements that gets people thinking music is whatever combination of words and sounds that feels good when repeating a lot. (baby baby baby, etc.). In comparison with a good pop tune like Aha's Take On Me, you can see how bad a lot of today's songs are.

There are also songs that, composition-wise, are mediocre, but because of their aesthetics becomes interesting, like that new pop song "I am Titanium".

Metal / Recommend me some Black Metal
« on: November 24, 2012, 09:43:06 AM »
Metal is a wonderful thing. I never really got all of metal at once, having a few lucky guesses which really struck a chord. I think I relate to the music on a more intuitive level and sadly, I can say the times I have best understood what the music is was when I smoked cannabis. I'm only saying this to be real.

So, I've been listening to a lot of Sacramentum's Far Away From The Sun and I think it's really top notch. From that level and style of appreciation, what other bands in the same majestic level would you recommend? I'm kind of starting over, as a total newbie on metal. But I'm already really familiar with burzum except the second album;

Interzone / Nihilism and the Mind
« on: November 21, 2012, 02:34:51 AM »
Nihilism here is defined as recognition that all value that seems external is actually derived from the mind. But nothing is said of the nature of the mind, of what it is, where it comes from, and how do those values enter the mind and become so solid.

Maybe prozak just wanted to be honest and only talk about what he knows, admitting there is no way, in his opinion, for man, at least in its current state, to know such things about the mind? Or does he think that the mind is merely a kind of biological machine so strong that it can relate concepts with extreme speed and intelligence, and from these concepts make more associations and even create new things, but having no fundamental reality outside the brain?

Which do you favor? In my mind the only stable technological model that is applicable for the future is the one exposed in Vikernes article Civilisation. There is no way something good will result from a total cyberpunk , transhuman and transgender society like the one that's being pushed by the media in all ways. Because in my opinion if the merging of man and machine continues in extreme ways, there will be more and more transgenderism too.

Its inevitable: I've been reading some writings of the supposed "paranormal" Ingo Swann (wether or not he is paranormal, the point stands) and the talks about how in decades and centuries past, a common "life force" or energy was common sense for most people and men of science. Gradually it was reduced to more mechanic aspects until we don't eve talk about this often today. Our modern hospitals do not usually acknowledge and apply those concepts. The life force thus becomes corrupted and trans-gender and degeneration occur for lack of contact with vital things and natural habitat.

Really, if technology is to continue in this way, and available for all, things would be very dark. The unabomber was somewhat right about some things in my opinion.

Consider a highly technological society in the future, that would require a lot of people just sitting the whole day doing mind tasks with the telepathically controlled robots (this technology is currently being developed and gets better by the minute). Much more time than they already do now!

We all know that man cannot successfully be removed from his natural environment.

Meanwhile when all the smart people are confined in technology like this to keep the system running, only stupid people would do things that require force.

Then again, and I think Brett Stevens knows this from his contacts, world leaders from the shadows already agreed with ANUS: reduce the population and care for the environment, preserve people and race, and continue the development of technology at the hands of scientific people only, while most people live without great technologies and an ecological life. The scientists, of course, also know the importance of nature and regularly exercise communion with nature and vital aspects of life to improve their science work. It's just that the time hasn't come yet to reveal that to the population, who thinks this whole agenda of political corrects and world peace being fed right now is for real and is the new 1.000 years reich of peace.

You don't really think world leaders are so stupid as to believe all those lies? Don't really think history is running crazy without rationality and planning beyond generations by world leaders and influential people? Beyond self-satisfaction, the satisfaction of having changed the future? What moved Marx (a shadowy figure involved in myster, conspiracy and partnership with influential powerful men), and other fanatical men?


Interzone / Classical Music Review Site
« on: November 06, 2012, 03:14:09 AM »
There was a great site years ago with an enormous number of reviews of classical music albums. There were all kinds of things, from a lot of countries, even japan. And the reviews were all by the same person.

Does anyone know what this website is?

Interzone / Freudian Insights
« on: October 07, 2012, 03:11:14 AM »
Shy people often idolize role models  ;D, and I was no different. The problem is that the chronically shy seem to idolize even themselves. I said that just for effect. The problem is that they seem to idolize everyone in society, rudely leaving behind people who they happen to have the luck to be stronger or more better looking than.

Sometimes we tell our parents how ashamed we are of some public situation, and they say to let go, and that person x isn't that important for us to think so much about them and about what they think or may say about us, and that they probably have their problems too.

Depending on the person, maybe we will like this advice but in some cases it will be intolerable: It's PERSON X we're talking about.

Maybe what your parent is trying to say is that she/he HIMSELF did something stupid and totally humiliating, or allowed it to be done to them, and in all those years of experience lived is not allowing the possibility that PERSON X was never in those situations too, because damn it, he's no better than me and my family. And maybe he/she is right! And knowing that person x has been in those situations, similar, as much as, or more embarassing than we ourselves have, is liberating.

And people who happen to project their parents onto others, if this indeed happens, can enjoy this too.

Interzone / The harsh truth and this website
« on: October 03, 2012, 06:26:13 AM »
I have made a lot of posts here about cruelty, dealing with pain and the hard facts of life, injustice, etc...

While I do not agree with the posture this website takes on those things, it's job on clearing the mentality from illusions of justice has been positive for me.

The fact is that a lot of people, specially with more money, are being brought up in a fantasy land, it starts with spongebob squarepants since you're 2... barney and shit. Fucked up stuff, teletubbies. And no dangers. And then you find out the world has been a fucking, cesspool pile of death, torture and destruction from day one! Wow! It sure is welcome any website that shakes things up in my mind, hardcore evil fascists or not.

Interzone / Poseurism and the burden of the accuser
« on: October 02, 2012, 03:50:59 AM »
It is a fact that people listen to some music to show off, feel important and smart, show to their friends and strangers on the internet.

But how come this website talks so much about this? Is this such common phenomenon?

Or is it that the people who enjoy a sound so much, find out there are others who do, and frequently share with them, without that meaning that they are merely following guidelines of popularity/uniqueness to gain attention?

Or is this website deliberately tackling that part of our-selves that does that (music for social reasons) in order to eliminate it, but in the process ends up judging a large percentage of people who enjoy sounds that are criticized (opeth, etc.) even if most of them just enjoy the sound?

Interzone / Alien Invasion: Already here?
« on: August 14, 2012, 07:52:49 AM »
I think ufo people may be one of the most deluded groups, but if you think about it, considering an alien race with millions of years of guided evolution, what would they be able to accomplish? Be invisible? Mind control? Induce illusions?

Here is video by physicist Michio Kaku talking about this possibility:


alien civilizations


ufo parallell universe


It could be that the ufo mania and most encounters are a fake project to instill the belief in aliens supported by the government as distraction of the population. But anyway the possibilities are worth considering.

This guy is really intelligent. It seems the asian race is the master race, not the white one.

Metal / Extreme metal: An evolution?
« on: August 14, 2012, 07:39:29 AM »
This website clearly considers death and black metal better than original heavy metal. I tend to do this to, but if you take the classics, like Black Sabbath, it is hard to find extreme metal that tops it, I would consider it at the same level with extreme metal.

I would like to know what the forum members think. I'm listening to National Acrobat

Interzone / Comic Books
« on: July 17, 2012, 04:40:52 AM »
How many of you are comic book nerds? I know I am! I sho' love my comics!

I really enjoying The Invisibles now. I like Hellblazer, and have read many others in my lifetime including many japanese ones. Comics are a cultural thing and I enjoy many brazilian ones also, nothing like identifying more with the stories and seeing a bit of modern mythology by competent artists.

There is a fantasy RPG brazilian comic that was published in the USA by Image called Victory.

I plan to read Hellboy in the future and the series Incal by Moebius.

Interzone / Final moral question about killing and this website
« on: July 14, 2012, 02:21:54 PM »
Asking if the world would be better or worse if all the stupid people suddenly died, even if pretending that the sadness of their deaths does not exist in the world, is a misleading question. What's next? Suppose aliens came to earth and said "We will communicate in peace, except if you want to start Alien Evolution Program Number 1, on which you provide us with 200 kids for us to dissect alive and study their conditions under extreme circumstances, and then we give you super-technology that will cure absolutely all diseases and automatically increase the IQ of all inferior minds, and reset all the ecological system and undo all the damage [the aliens have super divine technology]".

Do you think the world would be a better place after this? Is this right?

Interzone / Nihilism and Atheism DO NOT EXIST
« on: July 11, 2012, 12:50:04 PM »
This is by no means a defense of religion, not even an attack on atheism: It's an attack on a particular kind of atheism/scientism.

I was thinking about this today, more like my whole life, and concluded what I long suspected: Post title.

My theory is that due to being raised in christian homes with literal interpretation of religion and other mumbo-jumbo, people later turn to atheism when they see all they were fed was wrong, and the world is a monstrous cesspool waiting to devour you. If they were raised with a different idea of god, not emphasizing emotion like many christians do today and showing the harsh realities of life, things would be different.  No personal, loving god protecting you all the time, no one gives a damn about your life, life as an adult is much harder, with horrors, etc... Ashamed, deranged, terrified and lonely, the atheist thinks that he must subvert all that he has been taught, and thus the following ideas come up:

-Nothing exists, it's just an illusion of DNA, or something like that.
-There is no mind, it's only an illusion of nature.
-Only physical matter exists, and all things that exist today evolved blindly due to chance in gazillions of years.
-It is absolutely certain that i am my brain and my body, all mind is contained in the brain, and there is nothing outside the living brain, so when people die... well, they say that "it's over", "nothingness", etc., but we all know they have no fucking clue what happens, nothigness does not exist in nature, among other problems.
-There is no objective truth

Those assumptions are so monstrous and unreasonable that any sane person would have nothing to do with them. In fact they don't. No one does. No one really believes the stuff listed above. You can belieeve me on that: I have tried to get into the paradigm of those ideas and only lunacy results. In fact, normal atheism is fine by me. The problem is I believe original atheism has been corrupted due to stupidity.

How can one honestly look at things and say there is NO FUCKING MIND, no feelings, etc.? How can one look at existence and have the courage to proclaim that there is nothing higher? And WHY the fuck would life emerge out of randomness, anyway, without intent?Do you really believe an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters would write a whole shakespeare book? NO, they would not!   It's so much shit that I must confess, I feel very lazy of trying to explain further.

If there is interest, I can explain more.


Interzone / A horse in the night
« on: July 09, 2012, 05:28:14 PM »
Today I saw a horse in the dark. There was vegetable material, the long kind that horses like, and I heard it moving. I noticed it was a horse, as I suspected, because it is a familiar horse: That one lives there, in a rope. The moon was bathing parts of him and other parts enmeshed within the plant, it was a beautiful scene to see.

You take a nerdy child addicted to computer and put him with a horse for the rest of his life, and a bonding will appear more profound than the one he had with the computer before, it is just science and math: We have known horses for what, like, ages. We have seen them bathed in purple light, glowing with satyrs and other mythic creatures, so much talked about in metal bands. Yes, the relation is embedded in DNA, but is also much more than that. If we live near the horse, we are the horse, or if not, we become the horse. Because there is exchange of energy, exchange of heat, of telepathy: If telepathy does not exist, we would have to invent it! Because that Equine animal really moved me and continues to inspire! Lo, he continues to inspire!

Centaurs, unicorns, the list is neverending! A white horse is considered the symbol of beauty and four mythical of them, dreadful will end the aeon in the Apocalypse!

The glowing vision of that nightly horse frightens no-one, it is pure energy, feeling, color. Bathed in moonlight, you become the horse, that is exchange of experience, of life, of DNA. Memetics is a poor word to describe it. Existence surpassess all, and the absence of a belief or conviction transforms all that beauty in fuckless sacks of meat, useless biological machines: The existence may not be considered without the subjective observer, even if, for lack of a reason, the reason be that we simply cannot know more than our experience.

Interzone / Growing up... is remembering.
« on: July 09, 2012, 05:13:38 PM »
I just found out, growing up, that to be a grown up is to know that you are not perfect, but above that, to know that others may have the same weakness. A person who is childish may project his parents on other people, therefore being afraid to express his true individuality because that would imply responsibility or being judged for character. If the child is anxious, he/she may take upon hirself the burden of all responsibility possible, past and present, and not be able to sustain the insertion into society, the law, and nature that responsibility represents.

The mature person, on the other hand, will appreciate only the moment, and think: "If I have been trough so much shit, done so much shit wrong, and I'm not too dumb, then who does this person think he is acting like this [that person may also have done the things I have, and be weak like me in those spots, i'm equal]? I'm gonna get mine!".

What I'm trying to say is, if you're shy and insecure, you may use your apparent lack of value on all things past, present and future, even of situations having not to do with the one you're in (The guy is strong, but he's a friend, so you don't have to take into consideration physical combat) as a defense mechanism for lack of trying and to not be exposed in society as a weakling or in something awkward (not the website).

So if you think the situation is under control, do it! You can worry about your value as a human being later.

It cannot get worse, anyway!

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