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This all goes back quite a long ways and it only stops during eras when the two cultures are in separate living spaces. http://judaism.about.com/od/daysofmourning/f/temple2.htm

Hey, I agree. I think every country that is being infected by this kind of thinking should be separated with areas for conservative people and the leftists. It would be good to let people who want to be modern and leftist try their thing, while pople who think immigrants are bad, do not tolerate disrespect towards jesus christ or god, don't want to be liberal on sex, want respect and no gay parades etc. live on another place with other laws.

Metal / Re: Pure Metal and ANUS
« on: August 09, 2010, 03:11:19 PM »
Well the people here seem to prefer extreme metal, I think it's way cooler, but I enjoy heavy metal a lot. And also, black metal may be transcendental art and death metal too, but death metal seems to have the same attitude of heavy/thrash metal in a more extreme way, hence the distorted vocals wich I believe is one of the reasons ANUS referred to the music as "organic". Sometimes it really looks like the songs are made of organic tissues.

Metal / Re: Forest Poetry Updates
« on: August 06, 2010, 11:38:31 AM »
Why is this in commerce? And who writes for forest poetry. Awesome texts btw.

Interzone / Re: Tree worship
« on: July 22, 2010, 05:33:19 AM »
We aren't descended from squirrels.

Nor from apes.

Interzone / Re: The supernatural: real or crap
« on: July 20, 2010, 10:42:28 AM »
Thanks for all the answers. 

To the guy that said hyperspace, I just read a quote by a south american mystic who claimed to have experiences with the "fourth dimension" (jinas):

"Soon Astrophysics will demonstrate the existence of hyperspace. This can be demonstrated by hypergeometry."

Interzone / Re: The supernatural: real or crap
« on: July 16, 2010, 12:23:29 PM »
The most comprehensive modern presentation of "theosophia perennis," with proofs of its diffusion throughout the world in every age, may be found in the writings of H. P. Blavatsky, in particular in her magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine, subtitled "The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy."

(By W. T. S. Thackara, source:freepeechproject.com)

New Age or perennialism?

Interzone / Re: Topic of Questions
« on: July 15, 2010, 12:03:04 PM »
Not to mention asians having higher IQs, and the fact that nuclear war (listed in the interview as a consequence of white supremacism) destroys everything.

Interzone / Re: Topic of Questions
« on: July 15, 2010, 11:03:51 AM »
4- Articles on the website seem to point out that there is some kind of "crash" coming, on wich the author will "not spare the sword", the day when all the killing will occur. What is this situation, how is it expected to happen and why?

5- I just read an interview on extremepolitics.org with a National Socialist who favors total extermination of all the races but caucasian. I want honesty: Does the organization support this kind of thinking? I know it doesn't right now (publicly) - but I don't feel it's too unreal that some day, out of nowhere, the organizations starts agreeing with the guy (or probably already agrees but doens't feel it's the time to say it yet) and feeling it is more realist that the caucasians will want to expand to other areas of the earth to conquer and reign.

Interzone / Re: The supernatural: real or crap
« on: July 14, 2010, 12:50:48 PM »
Well, you guys are just ponting out that teosophy is a blending (teosophy = the study of god, in all religions) but that doesn't make it bad. Neither does the fact that she got some things wrong (nobody's perfect). But I will quit talking about teosophy, let me read some books and the guenon book dennouncing it. Then I'll make another topic about teosophy.

But I'd like to see more people posting here

Octuple: Are you from South America?

Interzone / Re: The supernatural: real or crap
« on: July 14, 2010, 09:47:06 AM »
Thanks, I surely intend to read all those books. But why would you say blavatsky's writings are nonsense? Could you elaborate on this? I admit never having read a whole book by her, I just stumbled across texts on the net, but I'm already reading some books so it's gonna take some time before I study the occult with more depth. I really got into her after hearing about the Enlightned Masters. Deep down I think that wichever fantasy representation of the divine most inspires and fascinates a person is the best to start following, and what is really important on the teachings is the body of techniques (meditation, yoga, etc.). Things like believing there are ascended masters like Serapis Bey, Koot-humi, etc. may be good for dividing your improvement into areas (each "ray" is an area) and the devotion you give to those archetypes reflect on your progress on the area ruled by each one. Thinking like that, every religious system is just a "key" to this dimension, not really important if the entities like krishna, christ, really ever existed. That's why they talk so much about vibrations: If a guy believes in the pink bunny and another believes on some ancient god, but they concentrate the same concept on them, it may be that they are doing the same thing, or the same vibration. It really is easier for some to get into such matters devoting yourself to a deity, that's why I think mystics are very practical, atheists will not believe, but the brain of the spiritual person is more rational: It creates myths that it can believe thus rising the power up.

Just exposing some views as I think more about my conception of the occult, or the divine.

I would like to ask everyone to really write a lot on your answers. I'm really curious. Or maybe you all are just clueless too

Interzone / Re: The supernatural: real or crap
« on: July 14, 2010, 06:31:28 AM »
I know I exaggerated, but my beliefs on those areas is that magic, if not able to make changes in the physical universe (altought it does, because it changes the brain.) can offer mental benefits. I already believe that a lot of people entered altered planes of existence without drugs, utilizing the magical techniques, and some other lesser things like obtaining benefits trought magic wich is no more than positive thinking. It is also good to notice that phenomena such as astral projection, shamanism, trances in wich people gain power, invocations (wether the subjects invoked are real or not, it shows that people have a power of talking with deeper dimensions and the mind utilizes archetypes for that, even if it's the mind talkint to itself) really happen.

In the book Octople mentioned, there is a part that quotes a teosophist asking adepts to start thinking collectvly around a desired tought wich they wanted people to consider, like reincarnation, repeatedly for days, as to create "form-toughts". Now at the beggining this might sound stupid, but not to one who considers that every action is meaningful (and it is). For example, if there is a situation wich would be suitable for the person who did such focused thinking to bring reincarnation up, he might be more inclined to do it after that tought concentration, or, he might be more open to realize when he can act as to spread that view, after his mind has been conditioned for that. Consider the other adepts who did that exercise, and their varying mental powers, and you have a positive result on the goal desired (spread the word on reincarnation). That is of course a tiny example. I guess that is why it's called "The occult". We live reflexions of realities of thousands and thousands of years ago, results from actions, beliefs and philosophies very old actually still dwell in our world, "occult".

I can totally understand the mentality of someone who feels there are more important stuff to research and to do than the occult, but somehow since I was a kid, probably because I was brought up on protestantism and always heard of god, heaven, hell, the soul, I was drawn to mystical stuff, as well as horror movies, and now I feel that researching the occult is important, because it also brings self knowledge, and ultimately there is always something occult, even if only inside ourselves, worth pursuing, knowing, talking to, communicating to.

The American Nihilist Underground society obviously researched (or better yet prozak) these subjects extensivly, we can tell from various parts of the site.

Interzone / Re: The supernatural: real or crap
« on: July 14, 2010, 03:18:47 AM »
This may be a little pathetic, but I feel that some answers like "Oh reality is already magical as it is" or "Why use drugs if you already have this beautiful reality?" or, if a guy is starting to self discipline and finds out that self beating and fasting work for him someone says "Why do that, your body is your temple you must not deny food  to love yoruself etc..." show that the person saying this actually believes in magic, or would like to know how drugs feel like.

I mean, those answers seem to me like trying to confort the other person for leading it to believe the subjet asked about is not valid, not worth pursuing etc, like, "Don't research magic. It's a waste of time.", "Don't do drugs. You will think you discover many things on those pot and mushrooms, but in reality, it's all just a drugged out fantasy trip". Somehow a lot of time this comes from people who extensivly research magic or use a fair amount of drugs (and at that time they certainly tought those things were good for them).

Am I being foolish? Anyway, there is a side of me that ultimately does not believe in magic, sometimes not even on conciousness after death.

Octople: Please talk about teosophy if you'd like. I know a website where I can get this book in portuguese and another one by him about Spiritism. But I have a lot of books to read, so The Autobiography(...) and Guenon's books will have to wait some time. I will send you a message when I read the books. But I'd like to know what you got from the book about teosophy, or rather, what guenon wanted to say.

I also don't know about the scientific experiments. I just know there were some scientist who believed the phenomena.

Ymir: OK

Interzone / The supernatural: real or crap
« on: July 13, 2010, 11:34:06 AM »
The teachings of Madam Blavatsky are fascinating and so are her books. But what about her supernatural claims? I can accept writing in trance, astral projection, "enlightment", visions, a lot of things. But what about "materialization", telekinesis, telepathy, etc., abilities that she claimed to have. I'm starting to research the occult because even if the paranormal claims are false, it's a legitimate brain change body of techniques. Please, people who have researched the occult, write your toughts.

The guy who made the topic Occultism in metal: Please write about this for me (magic). You wrote things on that topic wich show that you believe that magic can alter the world (not just the mind).

Somehow this is very important for me to know. I'm very interested on the opinion of forum members. Devamitra, you seem to have researched those subjects, to what conclusion did you come: Can magic or other supernatural things alter the physical world?

Was blavatsky and others who claimed those powers only doing it to attract people to their philosophies?

I'm going to read Autobiography of a Yogi soon.

Interzone / Re: Help with old bill white website
« on: July 13, 2010, 11:28:36 AM »
It's the same bill white, but that is Overthrow, I'm talking about a website he launched for his political carreer. But it's nice to see the old overthrow site supporting Hip Hop. LOL

Interzone / Help with old bill white website
« on: July 13, 2010, 10:53:04 AM »
This is a topic that can be deleted when the answer comes. There was a website by bill white, wich I believed is still archived on archive.org, that was his ploitical campaign website, he was running for mayor, or another job. I forgot the adress of the page, in it there was a description of the history of the world by him on wich he exposed his spiritual views, talked about atlantis, etc. I'm really interested in reading this as I am researching those subjects. If anyone knows the url, tell me


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