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Interzone / Re: Topic of Questions
« on: July 07, 2010, 11:21:33 AM »
Since the site is going to be read by brazilians and portuguese people, I think the right spelling is necessary: brasil.anus.com. I can translate all that I post in portuguese to english so that the staff can know what I'm writing, or if they don't care, even better. I would need total anonimity, including an erasing of my email wich I left in a ANUS comments section on the main page. I'm prepared to do some serious spreading and translate new stuff from ANUS. As I said it would consist more of the translations, but I will write some short pieces and also it would be good to comment on stuff on the articles, stuff that I didn't quite get before and am biggening to, so that people won't have only their shock value. Comments with titles like: "Why does ANUS have some opinions on race? Do they support nazism? Are you evil fascists? etc.", and the answers would explain the organization is not about hate, but love and trying to improve humanity. That if I'm assured that no one can trace me from the website. I intend to spread links trough cyber cafes, as I'm afraid they will trace my IP.

Well, think about the idea, ANUS Staff. Just note that while I would uptade the site, the intention would be more to post the link everywhere so that more people can be familiar with the philosophy, and some occasional updatings with translations and my own articles.

Now I will leave to people continue asking questions, as I have abused too much

Interzone / Sushil_Yadav's Text
« on: July 07, 2010, 10:35:06 AM »

I bet a lot of people remember this. Extremely important text written by a guy who then started posting it everywhere. It's about how we are wrecking our minds with technologies who provide us with fast visuals, fast sounds, fast cars, etc.

Especially destructive are TV, the Internet, Mp3 Players, DVDs, Cell Phones.

Interzone / Re: Topic of Questions
« on: July 07, 2010, 10:17:34 AM »
Thanks for the answer. There is a recent website of an "organization"  in my country (but it's just mockery) that spreads extremely politically incorrect texts. They have written about the inferiority of beauty in the negro race compared to whites, about fat people, about how people who abuse video games are losers who are escaping reality, among others. Their latest was one advocating that, because they are useless, the parents of mentally retarded people should be granted the right to euthanize them. That reminded me of ANUS and I asked the question. Seems like those kind of politically incorrect views are really rising... It's worthy to spread the word.

2- I've seen a lot of approval of mass murder, but you say a thing that brings national socialism down to you is the Holocaust. How so, if it was merely mass murder, and of an alien people to the germans?

3- How exactly are the organizations ANUS, Corrupt, etc. working to embetter the world? Is it purely the spreading of information, so that educated people can be influenced, adhere to the worldview and start having children to go in jobs of power? I think that's a good choice, because that's what the jews do. I'm interested in the future if ANUS accepts, to make a Brazilian Nihilist website. It would be mostly the translations of ANUS articles and some opinions of my own and invited guests on topics that relate to the subjects covered by you guys, encouraging rational tought, nihilism, rejection of the stupidities of modernity, etc. and then I would start to spread everywhere on brazilian sites.

Interzone / Re: Ultimate Reality
« on: July 06, 2010, 05:36:14 PM »
Well, I don't really know what you got from my message. I was trying to say I don't necessairly adhere to that viewpoint, thus I used the words "If the person is a total atheist" wich I am not. But that outlook seems to me like the only difference between a human being and a big complex machine is that the human is just light years more advanced technology. I don't consider that stupid, I just don't know. But I guess that since you consider it stupid, it may be that you have some strong spiritual beliefs.

Interzone / Re: Ultimate Reality
« on: July 06, 2010, 05:17:56 PM »
I think that a person who is a total atheist and against all forms of spirituality, who considers himself to be nothing but merely a bunch of particles that move, should consider all his toughts as feelings not as unreal, but as real as the toughts of an entity called god expressed trought writing, because "himself" does not exist, it is only organized chaos, like a chain reaction, like we are not really seeing stuff but we are actually our brains and the connectins they make to the body and the images we see are just the existing images inside or brains.

Interzone / Questions for ANUS staff
« on: July 06, 2010, 09:21:19 AM »
I tought it might be a good idea to start a topic for all the questions users might have relating to ANUS or ANUS philosophy, so people on the site administration can answer. Short questions that don't deserve a whole topic, I'll start:

1-Is the site for the mass extermination of mentally retarded people (down's syndrome, etc.)?

Metal / Re: Evil Black Metal is hogwash.
« on: July 06, 2010, 09:02:06 AM »
I had to bring this thread back. While posting on Ildjarn's topic, I tought about the evil in black metal. I agree that most of it was theatrical, I don't believe vikernes is evil, nor ishann, and a lot of others. But I think a guy like ildjarn is really evil, as I said on the other topic, he would probably enjoy killing and torturing people (if he actually hans't done it yet), Bard Eithun killed a guy for nothing, and I read numerous interviews in wich black metal musicians say they admire things that have to do with human suffering, and people who promoted it, lilke Elizabeth Bathory (who has a song dedicated to her by Tormentor, and the band Bathory.) Isn't it "evil" to embrace a woman who's past time was torturing young women with cruelty (I understand people can make songs about scary stuff without supporting it, but the song from tormentor shows that he likes her).

Euronymous also seemed like a pretty psychopatic person and spoke in favor of the death of innocents.

Was there real evil in black metal, like wanting to killl or torture people for no reason?

Is there this feeling on any one of you?

Not in me

Metal / Re: Ildjarn: Last Man Standing
« on: July 06, 2010, 08:53:50 AM »
Within the microcosm of each individual album there is a single powerful statement in which he expounds upon throughout 20something songs in different ways. It's like saying "shut up" in 20 languages.

I get this feeling too. I also agree with the poster who said they are sonic sculptures. I began enjoying the songs more when I tried to see them as a flowing proccess rather than a bunch of riffs

Ildjarn is sublime music. I have Ildjarn Is Dead. Great stuff. The words he wrote for the booklet are also interesting and reasonable, except for the extreme hatred, I mean, the guy said he likes fantisizing about being a god taking down a plane full of people and enjoy the panic while they fall to death. I don't doubt he would do it if he had the powers to. That's mean.

Interzone / Re: Mark Boyle, the man who tries to live without money
« on: July 04, 2010, 05:55:30 AM »
The guy who runs a family is good, but the guy on the news site can have a family too. In my opinion, living among the plants and wildlife is healthier for the family than living in the city, and spending time on natural places is healthier and smarter than watching TV. But I understand your posts

Interzone / Re: Mark Boyle, the man who tries to live without money
« on: July 03, 2010, 12:19:58 AM »
I think it's great, and he's above people who go to work and watch TV at night, and do some stupid shit with the wife and stupid kids on the weekend.

How do you figure?

It's not hard. Who's leading a better lifestyle, the guy who comes home to TV everynight or the guy who goes home to live among plants, wildlife, star filled sky, etc., and on the weekends, who leads a more adventurous life?

Conservationist: I know, hence the second part of my post. I consider a higher lifestyle if you just consider lifestyle choice. To change the world, of course it's better to get rich.

I think we all agree people who think like this are wrong, but I  always felt like on ANUS some things were exaggerated. For example, ANUS used to say society to the writer of the site as a kid was strange, one of the reasons being, people couldn't talk about farting. I agree, but it isn't always like that. People talk about farting all the time. They just don't do it on their jobs, but some families talk amongt hem

If you ask people on the street many will expose radical views, and I think most would be baffled by the decision of the woman in this article. ANUS made it seem to me that on the USA what dominated were those ridiculous, overweight, christian white blonde depressive moms, who are overprotective etc. Of course they do exist, but I wonder if ANUS doesn't make the "defectvies" seem like a bigger number than they really are.

It's like "heterophobia". Sure, some gays with their new rights may be influenced and start being heterophobic. But most people are still prejudiced against gays. Or, passivity and non-violence: Many liberals may be like this, but if you are out in the world, activity and violencie will certainly appear.

Interzone / Re: Mark Boyle, the man who tries to live without money
« on: July 01, 2010, 06:09:13 AM »
I think it's great, and he's above people who go to work and watch TV at night, and do some stupid shit with the wife and stupid kids on the weekend. I agree that if he intends to change the world, the reverse path would be the right one (gain a lot of money to influence the world.) But as far as a lifestyle goes, I applaud all the people who try to live like this.

This has little to do with the topic, but I wonder if Adam Gadahn still listens to metal (I read he called it demonic metal music). Maybe he may have fallen into weakness and listened to it after conversion :)

It's easy to know why he called it demonic (it is demonic), but we all know that for most bands it's really a metaphor. But it would be weird for a guy whose religion dennounces the devil to enjoy to music speaking in favor of him, that's why he must now not like it. The brain can change, but I don't believe he would not enjoy the music anymore. It would be denied only for the demonic lyrics

Christopher Hitchens seems to think Prince Charles is a fraud, and an ignorant one to boot. I happen to agree with him.


That text seemed very prejudiced against spiritual belifes. It passed to me the feeling that the guy is one of those people who cannot stand anything spiritual, and thus he cannot take seriously anyone who says the "environment" is divine or something like that, and that we're losing a lot of spirituality, I mean, the people who think sitcoms are OK and that we are a great society and all the technological advancements are great, and that people who try to connect to things like gnosis, spirituality, non "adult" toughts, are silly. He even tried to put the prince down saying he was chinless. I may be wrong, and in the future I may even agree with the text.  Anyway I understood the meaning of the article, after all the criticism of mysticism, he said the prince maybe wants islamic fundamentalists to take over or that his statements may help this. With that I agree, because I do not like the islamic fundamentalists. But I feel, at least at 19 years old of my life, that the speech Prince Charles made is very true and of extreme importance to the whole world.

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