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Interzone / Hipster trend alert
« on: March 14, 2014, 02:52:59 AM »
In yet another sign that the new age lingo of the 1960s is still very much with us, “mindfulness” has become the new “sustainability”: No one quite knows what it is, but everyone seems to be for it.


Interesting analysis. The BOBO trend of the 1990s has now become slightly more ascetic and, oddly, more religious. There's a shift that way in general but it's picking up force.

Interzone / Nietzsche
« on: March 13, 2014, 10:43:27 PM »
Nietzsche is generally quoted by confused people. He makes that process easy by being sometimes apparently vague or self-contradictory.

What is his highest principle? I'd point to two ends of his career:

(1) That we are manipulated by others altering our language and thus thoughts
(2) That our dour proleocracy says "No" to life, where we should say YES

These are the highest principles.

In the middle, he crusades against the loss of Aryan characteristics among Europeans, celebrates national tribes versus nation-states (the uninformed may confuse this "anti-nationalism" which is really "anti-patriotism" with a position against ethnic nationalism which did not occur) and suggests that Western Europeans cultivate the ancient races among themselves and not focus on the modern political divisions, which were post-French Revolution nation-state divisions.

He also loathed passive-aggression, which I consider the biggest problem in society today. It is the root of crowdism, conformity to illusion (note: regular conformity is fine), and a failure to act decisively.

Metal / Death Metal Underground
« on: March 13, 2014, 12:47:54 PM »
March 12, 2014:

What are Sadistic Metal Reviews? The only path to metal glory is to make music that is metal both in form and content, and upholds the spirit of conquering the unknown and crushing the empty and pointless. Anything else fails and shall be mocked! Come for the impotent rage, stay for the occasional standout…


- -

Metal / Despumation Press
« on: March 12, 2014, 11:31:51 PM »

This is what I’m looking for. Stories that celebrate a (metal)’s theme(s) and sound; stories that read like a live show. Stories that make the reader feel like they’ve just spent twelve hours with a warm beer in their hand, satisfyingly half-time nodding to the bowel-shaking pulse of a double bass, or like they’ve just crawled out of a pit and are wondering if maybe something is broken. It’ll be a challenge for the writer, but I think any writer would welcome it.

Metal / Distrofica (Brazil)
« on: February 25, 2014, 03:28:01 AM »

Distrofica - Collapse Climactic

Interzone / Further ruminations
« on: February 24, 2014, 01:57:56 PM »
I have always focused on being correct.

As it turns out, that's not much of a resource -- in this world, you need popularity/money to get anything done.

Some are thus content writing small blogs, for a small fixed audience... but I see that as throwing the future into the past, not the past into the future as I intend to do.

Even with people such as Jon Wild and Mike Alexander contributing, it takes a good hour minimum daily to keep this site running and updated. Some days (as recently) I don't have the time.

If underground death metal fans had their shit together, they'd chip in on this site because it is correct. It is the way to defend metal and nurture it toward better ends.

But, as we have observed, when the fanbase is faithless, the good musicians go elsewhere. The same may eventually be true of writers.

We don't have the advantage of massive media connections or influential people who will stand up for us, with a few notable exceptions. We're doing the right thing, not the popular (fawning, pandering) thing.

We do however have a lot of stalkers. Once you step outside the easy-lazy transactional framework, the basement greebos and casual neckbeards show up. They waste as much time as they are given.

Many have over the years encouraged me to reverse the way this blog works: instead of blogging to put out information, put the information in a product and use the blog to support it, like everyone else.

If that happens, as far as I'm concerned, the blame lies with the community for not supporting a free and open resource. What got in the way was your own pretense and egomania.

As far as this forum goes, it has for years -- literally a decade -- been a liability that I have defended in the name of free speech and giving people a place to hang out. Instead the neckbeards (kvlt version) have tried to make it into a clubhouse.

Crow's presence here was a test of sorts. He provided real intellectual content; could people step up out of the pseudo-intellectual internet bullshit lord zone, and respond to something that was both unfamiliar and stimulating? Some of you did; I praise those. But the majority remain inert.

That inertia is why you're watching the world crumble around you. McDonald's didn't do it to you, The Jews(tm)(r)(sm) didn't do it to you, nor did government. We The People did it. You did.

I don't have that problem. I'm not inert. Crow's not inert, nor were the classic death metal bands. It's time to either step up to the plate, or have this place go away.

This actually ends up being a very good test:

Come up with a good argument why this forum should persist.

Otherwise, consider the countdown started. Crow, I and others who are not inert are looking forward to reclaiming this time, energy, server resources, etc. for something that succeeds.

Metal / How to make metalcore in your home
« on: February 18, 2014, 02:59:40 PM »

Interzone / Satan's blood: rise in Satanic killings
« on: February 16, 2014, 02:43:21 PM »
A teen satanist in a Pennsylavnia prison claims she has killed nearly two dozen people in different parts of the country, according to a report in a local newspaper.

"When I hit 22, I stopped counting," Miranda Barbour said in an jailhouse interview with local newspaper the Daily Item in Sudbury. She added in the interview that ran on Saturday that she just wanted to be honest.


Assistant Harris County District Attorney John Jordan disclosed details of the occult killing Tuesday but provided no explanation for what may have motivated the two boys or where their interest in devil worship had come from.

"They discussed the fact that Mr. Reyes had sold his soul to the devil," said Jordan. "And if they ended up killing this teenager, it would allow the 16-year-old to also sell his soul to the devil."


With a razor
Spells a word
Within the chest
A single word

Carved in deep
Through the skin
Bleeds the word
Satanic Blood

Satanic Blood
Satanic Blood

Metal / Metal clubs, bars and venues
« on: February 15, 2014, 03:09:47 PM »
It isn't a slaughterhouse or a torture chamber, but Blackthorn 51, one of the few clubs in the city that is devoted to heavy metal.

The club on 51st Avenue was founded last February by metal-scene veteran Nicki Camp, who spent decades booking shows at clubs across the city, including the now-defunct Don Hill's and the Limelight.


Metal / Tony Rice
« on: February 14, 2014, 04:34:59 PM »
His dad, Herbert Hoover Rice, was an amateur musician and expert welder. His work took the family to California, where he co-founded the Golden State Boys, in which his oldest son, Larry, played mandolin. Larry helped get Tony hired at age 20 by the banjo great J. D. Crowe to play with the New South at the Holiday Inn in Lexington, Ky. The gig was a destination for bluegrass fans, fabled among musicians for its rigorous schedule: five nights a week, four sets a night.

Just as the pace was exhausting him, Rice heard a recording by David Grisman, a mandolinist from Greenwich Village. Grisman’s progressive sound lured Rice to San Francisco. “The music laid out in front of me was like nothing I’d ever seen,” Rice said. “At first I wasn’t even sure I could learn it. The only thing that saved me was that I always loved the sound of acoustic, small-group, modern jazz.”

Rice co-founded the David Grisman Quintet in 1975, and they toured Japan. But when Grisman suggested the Quintet leave America to tour with the French violinist Stéphane Grappelli, Rice balked. Grisman lined up a replacement. “Musically, my heart was not in it,” Rice said. He had his own band in mind, as well as “The Bluegrass Album,” a 1980 project that has spawned six volumes.


Metal / Black metal author criticized for not censoring book
« on: February 13, 2014, 02:51:52 PM »
Black Metal includes lengthy passages on far-right and National Socialist black metal, and the deeply prejudiced viewpoints go unchallenged by Patterson. His neutral position has attracted criticism, and Patterson responds to that in the fanzine, Black Metal, which was published to supplement the main book’s roster of dramatis personae and adds even more prickly characters to the overall tale.

Patterson’s argument for not challenging artists boils down to not wishing to “censor” his interviewees, and believing his readership is intelligent enough to make their own decisions about the material therein. Clearly, many black metal fans don’t care about lyrical content, using the stock standard argument that it’s “all about the music”, but Black Metal isn’t a recording drenched in riffs and noise.

The book posits repugnant views in plain print, and while black metal is hardly a genre given to sunshine, hugs and flowers, Black Metal does present the perfect opportunity to challenge issues such as fascism or racism. Obviously, Patterson’s book was never going to solve any dilemmas—that’s not its function, and sidestepping corrosive views is routine in the metal media at large. However, with such a large portion of its spine dedicated to far-right thought, Black Metal would have benefited from some robust backbone to that conversation.


Metal / Do heavy metal and punk music promote nihilism?
« on: February 13, 2014, 02:49:50 AM »
"But I also think it's a  mistake to
say the music  promulgates the nihilism,  although the metalists will
reinforce violent, crazy  behavior."


Metal / Tape trading
« on: February 13, 2014, 02:43:59 AM »
 As one can easily see, there was no chance of getting really acquainted with
rock music by just buying the records available in the stores (besides
_Melodia_ production, only limited amount of East European LPs was available).
But the army of rock fans grew with every day.. A paradox?
 Now, this has to do with another branch of Soviet musicindustry, that
commonly was called "magnetophone-culture" ("magnetophone" is a taperecorder).
  Everything started on the people who could go abroad and bring "Western" LPs
from there. Then those LPs were carefully copied to the tapes, "first copies"
in slang. These first copies were distributed among people who made copies
from them and so on... A tape tree... The nodes of this tape tree were so
called "recording studios" - probably the most strange organizations ever
existed in the  "socialist" SU. Officially - these studios were allowed to
distribute (for a certain fee, of course) only the music that was accepted by
authorities. But thuogh you won't make any profit on this music, the catalogs
of the studios were full of "Western" rock music (as well as of some Soviet,
or Russian underground rock sometimes). Just a note -those studios were not
private - they were the property of the City Council, how ever is is called in
Russian... So, this is the perfect example of double standard in the Soviet
Union - officially prohibited things are distributed by the people who
prohibited them...


Interzone / Narcissism
« on: February 07, 2014, 04:11:10 PM »
For one, unlike solipsism (which is an obsession with yourself), narcissism focuses on the perception of yourself, both by you and by other people. This means that external perception will matter to you more than your own internal authenticity, which could have a psychological downside.


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