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Metal / Shane Bugbee interviews Behemoth's Nergal
« on: June 05, 2014, 08:51:20 AM »
For Immediate Release 6-5-14

Behemoth founder Nergal talks the meaning of Art and his hope that Christianity lives on with Underground filmmaker and author Shane Bugbee.

Recently, one of Black Metal's most outspoken performers sat with underground journalist, filmmaker, author and iconoclast Shane Bugbee for candid interviews about art, censorship and Satanism.

Nergal (Adam Darski) of Behemoth, who has been on trial for blasphemy in Poland, is an Energy Drink spokesman, and recently became a cancer survivor.  He spoke with Shane in May while touring the USA. Due to Shane's own career of controversy, spanning a quarter century, publishing obscene books, working with Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, bringing the first black metal bands to the U.S., among other feats of transgression, Shane Bugbee was able to get the answers others never can.

The interviews can be viewed in several short videos, seen in pictures and heard via mp3 on a couple of websites Bugbee runs, Creative Class Trumps Ruling Class (http://creativeclasstrumpsrulingclass.com/), and his personal website, The Occult Stylings of Shane Bugbee (http://www.shanebugbee.com).

Video & Audio Links:

• nergal defines and defies defining art… http://creativeclasstrumpsrulingclass.com/?p=1110

• the hope that christianity never dies… nergal of extreme metal band behemoth talks the religion of doubt: http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=2367

• Full audio interview and photos: http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=2304

For more information on the work of Shane Bugbee, also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shane_Bugbeehttps://twitter.com/shanebugbeehttp://www.usaodd.com/

Metal / Danziggy
« on: May 30, 2014, 03:43:00 PM »

The lead singer of a Christian heavy-metal band has been sentenced to six years in prison for plotting to kill his wife.

Tim Lambesis, who fronts the band As I Lay Dying, is a fundamentalist Christian whose fan base is comprised largely of evangelicals. The group received a Grammy nomination in 2008.

Lambesis pleaded guilty to soliciting murder after he was busted for hiring an undercover sheriff’s detective to kill his estranged wife Meggan Lambesis last year. Authorities said the heavily tattooed singer was angry because she’d restricted visits with their children and was due to get a large share of his income in a divorce settlement.


Metal / MASSACRA re-issues
« on: May 15, 2014, 07:50:37 AM »


Century Media is proud to announce the license of the entire catalogue of France's biggest death metal band ever: MASSACRA!

"After so many years, we finally agreed to re-release our old material, our first demos and our albums including some bonus and exclusive stuff. To be honest, going revival is not our cup of tea at all but we must admit that the Century Media team has been so persistent and convinced us to release something official, of high quality, enhanced by some old stuff, original and personal..."
Jean-Marc Tristani, August 2013

The first of various MASSACRA releases will be the demo compilation "Day Of The Massacra", which includes all tracks of the three legendary demos "Legion Of Torture", "Final Holocaust" and "Nearer From Death". All tracks have been remastered at DMS by Ulf Horbelt who is well known for his outstanding remastering skills (Morbid, Asphyx, Grave, Necropsy and many more). Nathaniel Colas did a great in-depth interview with original MASSACRA guitarist Jean-Marc Tristani and Thomas Westphal of the infamous Necromaniac Zine (Germany) will create a killer artwork for the release. "Day Of The Massacra" will be released as standard CD Jewelcase (on midprice!) and standard LP (with 180g vinyl and inlay). The release date has been set to November 4th.

From 2013 onwards, the long sold out albums "Final Holocaust", "Enjoy The Violence", "Signs Of The Decline", "Sick" and "Humanize Human" will be made available step by step. All five albums will get the same treatment as the aforementioned demo compilation: Remastered sound, bonus material, unreleased and exclusive songs, liner notes, reworked layouts, high quality cover artworks (no cheap and blurry scans), rare photos and whatever else there is a fan of real death metal could ask for.

Here's the preorder link that either brings you to the Euro or US CM Distro webshop:

One song from each re-issue can be heard here:
"Researchers Of Tortures": http://soundcloud.com/centurymedia/massacra-researchers-of-tortures

"Enjoy The Violence": http://soundcloud.com/centurymedia/massacra-enjoy-the-violence

“Full Frontal Assault”: http://soundcloud.com/centurymedia/massacra-full-frontal-assault

Further info:
The albums have been skillfully remastered by Patrick W. Engel / Temple Of Disharmony (Asphyx, Desaster, Darkthrone etc), were specially mastered for vinyl and feature heavy 180gr vinyl, a 30x30cm 4-page LP booklet whereas the CD and digital format come along with additional bonus tracks and will be offered at mid-price.
“Final Holocaust” offers tracks from a previously unreleased 1990 live show, “Enjoy The Violence” also contains a rehearsal from 1991 and “Signs Of The Decline” extra live tracks, so look forward to some rare rawness as bonus treats.
The LP booklet and 24 pages CD booklet include all lyrics, detailed interviews with guitarist Jean-Marc Tristani, photos, fanzine snippets, flyers and more.

Here is an overview on the different vinyl editions and limitations:

Final Holocaust:
200 copies – black vinyl
400 copies - transparent blue vinyl
400 copies - clear vinyl

Enjoy The Violence:
200 copies - black vinyl
400 copies – solid white vinyl
400 copies - clear vinyl

Signs Of The Decline:
200 copies - black vinyl
400 copies – red vinyl
400 copies - clear vinyl

Metal / CD degradation
« on: May 15, 2014, 07:43:42 AM »
"Adrienne LaFrance reports at the Atlantic that f you've tried listening to any of the old CDs lately from your carefully assembled collection from the 1980's or 1990's you may have noticed that many of them won't play won't play. 'While most of the studio-manufactured albums I bought still play, there's really no telling how much longer they will. My once-treasured CD collection — so carefully assembled over the course of about a decade beginning in 1994 — isn't just aging; it's dying. And so is yours.'

Fenella France, chief of preservation research and testing at the Library of Congress is trying to figure out how CDs age so that we can better understand how to save them. But it's a tricky business, in large part because manufacturers have changed their processes over the years and even CDs made by the same company in the same year and wrapped in identical packaging might have totally different lifespans. 'We're trying to predict, in terms of collections, which of the types of CDs are the discs most at risk,' says France. 'The problem is, different manufacturers have different formulations so it's quite complex in trying to figure out what exactly is happening because they've changed the formulation along the way and it's proprietary information.' There are all kinds of forces that accelerate CD aging in real time. Eventually, many discs show signs of edge rot, which happens as oxygen seeps through a disc's layers. Some CDs begin a deterioration process called bronzing, which is corrosion that worsens with exposure to various pollutants. The lasers in devices used to burn or even play a CD can also affect its longevity. 'The ubiquity of a once dominant media is again receding. Like most of the technology we leave behind, CDs are are being forgotten slowly,' concludes LaFrance. 'We stop using old formats little by little. They stop working. We stop replacing them. And, before long, they're gone.'"


Metal / Why is metal retarded?
« on: May 15, 2014, 06:07:47 AM »
Seriously: why are the people in this genre so incapable of logical thought, action and honorable behavior?

I don't mean the FMP/NWN types (only); they're obviously collectors, and collectors are Wal-mart shoppers putting on airs to pretend they're "cultured."

But, looking at the bigger picture, why is that Facebook/etc. are clotted with so many people behaving like idiots? And not just idiots, but oblivious, spoiled, entitled idiots?

I recall a small amount of users being like that in the past, but it seems the retardation has taken over. What broke?

Metal / News
« on: May 14, 2014, 04:03:43 PM »
Crow has been promoted to head writer at Amerika.org. We need him over there more than here.

Similarly, two other familiar faces around here have agreed to join us as writers, but I'll let them tell you about it.

Further, I wanted to draft a mission statement for this forum:

100% Metal Forum: for all those who see metal as an idea which can be applied both in musical form, and in everyday life. This is a forum for people who love metal and want to maintain or improve it.

Interzone / Language is meaningless
« on: May 10, 2014, 10:31:44 AM »
Or perhaps not.

Language requires both parties have the same meaning to the tokens used. What determines this is how meaning is assessed: is it done in the abstract, to make the terms cooperate; in the social, to make the terms convenient to social meaning; or in an abstract-realist method, where terms must correspond to the structures found in reality.

I don't see the point in blaming language, or even brain images of reality. Intent is what matters.

Interzone / The boredom
« on: May 10, 2014, 09:35:50 AM »
The insights you need to watch for are the ones that are slippery like catfish. They're in the brain one moment but the construction immediately begins to fade.

I saw one such realization about boredom. It was that, once one is moderately successful at anything, there is not much to remain interesting. You have what you need. Then there's exploring the great music and books. That doesn't last forever either. Then what to do with your life?

You need to find a quest outside of what you already know.

Boredom serves a holy role. Life is basically boring, and boredom is what happens when we don't have a challenge or goal.

Nothing can rest, because rest causes decomposition. There must always be a goal. No, not "progress" -- that's a fake goal, an inward self-referential and thus AIDSy goal -- but something that one wishes to create, achieve and generate.

Interzone / Metal has a serious brat problem
« on: May 10, 2014, 09:30:32 AM »
By brats, I mean spoiled people who are also demanding and yet basically alienated from anything.

I can't help but tie this into the multigenerational impact of 1968 and its war on the family.

A lot of it also has to do with the hopelessness in metal because quality is so low, the lack of intelligent people because they've been driven out by the shit music, and the attitudes these people inherit from "entertainment culture" as a whole.

The intertard may have played a role, probably not a central one, but having everything be easy makes anything that's conceptually hard very distant for these people.

But they're brats. Fucking brats. Behave like fat-cheeked like useless twits of children do, but when they're FOUR. Thirteen to twenty years later, how do these people justify their behavior?

My answer is that they don't. They have no hope of anything. They don't understand their music. It doesn't fulfill them. But they keep trying. To have something. Because the other option is having nothing, which requires admitting the nothingness.

They'd rather do anything than that.

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