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Metal / Re: Capitalism and downloading.
« on: December 04, 2005, 06:14:07 PM »
Why not just download and see for yourself? This may be because of my incredibly bad experiences with zines recommending utter shit, perhaps you would care to share a couple of good ones?

The problem: 10,000 bands to download.

With good reviewers: cut down to 10 or 15.

Most of us aren't so fascinated by this we want to dedicate our lives to it.

Regarding magazines, I don't know of any. They may be out there, but last time I looked, I saw plenty of aesthetics and zero substance.

Metal / RTTP password warning
« on: December 03, 2005, 12:35:31 PM »
From: press@returntothepit.com

well, I really messed something up there....
I am extremely extremely sorry...
there was an error in my code and some e-mail passwords were mailed out to everyone (A through F when I caught it).
I had re-done all the passwords with random passwords.
the link and your new password is at the end of this email.

please, log in and change your password.
I would also change other places that you used that password at.
I am extremely extremely sorry... this was an error that I can't believe happened.
there is nothing else I can say here to express how sorry I am.
rev aaron

Original email:

hello, I just added more stuff to the RttP bands pages. I've been adding a lot more things to this page since this summer. currently, if you are in a band that I have taken pictures of, then you have a Bands page.

if you have missed the posts on Return to the Pit, the posts on myspace, the posts in the RttP forum, etc..., then I will lay it down for you right now.

if you are in a band, log in to RTTP, then go here:
find the band that you are or were in. Click on it. If the band says ''offically approved'', then add your self to that band by clicking ''I'm a member'' and fill out the info. once you add yourself to the band, I will ''approve'' you for that band so that you are now an administrator for your bands page. I just have to verify that you actually are a member of a band.

If the band page says ''awaiting approval'' then e-mail me back and I'll approve it so you can add youself to the band as above. I do this set cause I shoot so many shows that I don't always catch my spelling mistakes. if your band is on there and spelled wrong PLEASE tell me so I can approve the right name.

why do you want to do this?
right now, you can add/updat e band info, links, bios, other members, news, shows, upload logos, and be notified when someone posts a comment about your band. bands that you are a member of also show up on your user profile page on RttP.

I'm also adding things to it all the time and accepting suggestions. Eventually, there will be the ability for a band to upload mp3s to the site too. I've been working on a flash mp3 player than can sit on the band page. At first, this flash play is going to only play the mp3s from bands who have been live in the RTTP studios. Once all the bugs are out, then I will allow for uploaded mp3s to be played.

PLEASE, do this for ALL bands that you were/are in.

Metal / Spear of Longinus update
« on: December 03, 2005, 11:11:40 AM »
Warning - never view a film in the presence of another humanoid.
They interfere with the reception from on high.

War of the Worlds;
Can you survive a jet liner landing on your house?
Tom Cruise can.
Can you survive invasion by a superior species planned millenium ago?
Tom Cruise can.
Can you not wear a hard hat?
Tom cruise can.
Must be them scientological connexions eh!
Excellent special effex but.
Why are humans so impressed by insect type things killing them and peering at them? I've always been waiting for the conditions to change so that those nice little garden skinks can change back into full size killer dragons!

Pact with the Devil;
How come this bloke gets it so easy?
I've been loking for the Devil for years, still no luck.
Hail the Bacchus/Machiavell kult!
We almost overlooked this one because of it's dodgy look, but check it out.

Narco, secret adventures of Gustav Klopp;
A french film about a fellow who falls asleep continually due to a medical condition. A light hearted story that ends up with the characters on a path of self discovery, of sorts.
Seems to be directed at the mid 30's age bracket. Comes with a short cameo by Jean Claude Van Damm rigth at the end, the sage that he is.

White Noise;
What's this, something half decent out of hollywood, AND, starring Michael Keaton?! Dosen't really add up does it?
Nevertheless this film has some merit despite the usuall shortcomings that Americans seem impelled to inflict on their audience.
Usuall thing, contemporery "spooky" beginning with suitable sounds and such. Set the agenda with some sappy emotional manipulation, for those with boiled eggs for brains, then in a clumbsy sort of way we get introduced to E.V.P. Elektronik Voice Phenomenon. Something the rest of us blakened dirty okkult metal magus revolutionarys have known about for years, a pleasing past time for all necrologists to be sure.
The film starts of with some "quotes."
" no body knows whether our personalities pass on to another existence or sphere, but, if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be manipulated by our persomality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument ought to record something........", Thomas Edison 1928.
In the film they use TV's, videos and computers.
Our 2nd degree students use each other and evill hisssing guitarz!
Despite the most unexpected shit ending; worth checking out.
Oh yes, when you get to the 2nd degree, you will be able to raise the % quoted at the end most admirably.

Batman Begins;
An improvement on portraying the true ethos of the Vehmic Bat Overlords.
Feudal Master Camazotz himself, hinted that the film hinted, that some of the training methods and practices protrayed in the film were what can be expected by the lower grades of the order!
Hail Vengeance, Hail Retribution.
Train hard.

Von Sol.
Token , grip, sign, word.

- Spear of Longinus <spearoflonginus@yahoo.com>

Metal / Re: Burzum 101
« on: December 03, 2005, 11:10:08 AM »
Who gives a fuck anymore?

I give a fuck.

Very few things are absolute.

Burzum/Vikernes has some good ideas, and some crap ones; I take the good ones.

The end result is truth, not clubhouse, as many post-1995 "Burzum fans" have made it seem.

Metal / Re: Capitalism and downloading.
« on: December 03, 2005, 11:07:45 AM »
IN MY OPINION, it just seems to take the emotion out of enjoying music, like it's turned from entertainment to fashion.

You've got a point. Be selective about what you download; the rules haven't changed much since 1989. Find someone writing or assessing quality stuff and check out what they recommend.

This is why sometimes it's better to have 2 metal magazines than 20, and five good zines instead of the 500,000 shit zines today (and yes, I don't think much of the trendy zines from Scandinavia - beautiful but empty because they praise metal too much, and good metal, not enough).

Metal / Re: Graveland's Fire Chariot of Destruction
« on: December 03, 2005, 11:05:51 AM »
YHBT to all who do not appreciate Rob Darken's sense of humor.

Don't take the boilerplate too seriously (colloquial usage, you'll have to look it up).

Metal / Re: What is "Black" to you?
« on: December 03, 2005, 11:00:34 AM »
Black = without moral judgment. That is the essence of the black arts as opposed to the white arts; black arts are compatible with both civilization and nature, while white arts are limited to civilization only.

Metal / Re: Black Metal...Drying Up?
« on: December 03, 2005, 10:56:19 AM »
The problem itself is the "Black Metal" mindset, which seems to be a pyramid mentality; one side claims that BM post 95 is dead and has nothing left to offer, while the other can do nothing more than replicate earlier works, but with a dictophone recorder.

The problem is that the audience, and the musicians, are on the whole not as intelligent.

There is plenty of room in black metal to create great things; very few are doing it (fewer than five).

Until black metal abandons its inclusive clubhouse mentality, this will not change:

Thamuz: I like lots of the old stuff. However, I'm tired of recent "black metal" (black hardcore, really) as it is a pretender to the throne. Praise the good, demote the bad.

Metal / Re: Black metal = terms contradicting aesthetics?
« on: December 03, 2005, 10:31:05 AM »
Exactly. Music and music terminology are two separate things.

Depends on who uses the terminology.

Another way to put this is that not every book, or every sentence, is true.

The next level on that is realistic: a sentence can be logically true but not apply to this world at all (If dogs are anarchists, they probably don't vote).

Metal / Re: Thrash
« on: December 03, 2005, 10:29:18 AM »
Thrash=hybrid between speed metal and extremist punk hardcore (1980-1987).

"Thrash Metal" = marketing term

"Retro-Thrash" = pop music

<3 ANAL <3

Metal / Re: "Jewtastic"
« on: December 03, 2005, 10:23:42 AM »
a highly respectable jew that was once very popular in the media:


Sagan was respectable, although his "science will save us" is a bit shortsighted. Comparable are Michael Crichton and Steven Hawking: both have similar failings.

As I tired of saying, the essence of nationalism is not "the Other is bad." The essence of nationalism is that each people must thrive on its own, and can only do that when separated from cultures which are going in other directions. Jews, Negroes, etc. are as incompatible with European as the inverse is true.

Let them have their own way, and us ours, and it's fair for everyone. Try to paint them as universally assholes, and it's a fail. Judaism is repulsive to me and I want it nowhere near my people; there are plenty of good Jews, although I don't want them near my people either. Other is Other. It must fuck off.

Metal / Re: legion, is there any other album like it?
« on: December 03, 2005, 10:20:55 AM »
Try Luciferion instead, they are nearby as well.

Stylistically, very similar especially to first album Deicide.

Musically, they seem very much like heavy metal to me, which is why I don't listen to them anymore. It's not badly done; clearly musically educated.

If you want my recommendation for something like Legion, here it is:

Beethoven's 2nd & 3rd Symphonies

Metal / Re: legion, is there any other album like it?
« on: December 03, 2005, 10:19:56 AM »
Black Metal equivalent: Black Witchery 'Upheaval of Satanic Might'.

It might be different overseas, but for most in the USA, black witchery hits our moron filter.

Dunno how the new one is; the demo was OK and had promise, but the first album "aged poorly" as a listening document.

Also, be aware that Black Witchery are "scat fanatics"

For black metal, I would recommend Enslaved's "Frost" as "legion-y"

Metal / Re: college
« on: December 03, 2005, 10:17:42 AM »
College is what you make of it, and it opens some doors. Go to the best one you can find, and use it for your own purposes, and even more, have a blast. Your youth, like your old age, should not be wasted! -- all imho

Metal / Fireaxe - new recordings, tour, merch
« on: December 03, 2005, 10:09:47 AM »
The Burning Blade

               Fireaxe Newsletter - edition 9.1

                         Dec 2, 2005


      "I came to serve honorably and feel dishonored. Death before
      being dishonored anymore."
              - military ethicist Col. Ted Westhusing's suicide note

      "Westhusing struggled with the idea that monetary values
      could outweigh moral ones in war. This, she said, was a flaw.
      'Despite his intelligence, his ability to grasp the idea that
      profit is an important goal for people working in the private
      sector was surprisingly limited,' wrote Lt. Col. Lisa Breitenbach.
      'He could not shift his mind-set from the military notion of
      completing a mission irrespective of cost, nor could he change
      his belief that doing the right thing because it was the right
      thing to do should be the sole motivator for business'."
                              - The L.A. Times, reporting
      a military psychologist's evaluation of Ted Westhusing
      revealing a disturbing tolerance for military contractors
      who flout ethics, morality, and the law in the pursuit of profit.

      Many times during history class, reading through the vast
volumes of past events, and watching documentaries on some of the
more educational television stations I've asked myself the famous
rhetorical question, "What were they thinking?".  I mean, honestly.
It is as if you could replace the title of any college level history class
with something like, "Extreme Human Stupidity 101".  Spending twenty
years dragging enormous rocks across the desert to build a pyramid is
almost completely futile, but at least when you're done you have a
pyramid to admire and it sure beats being buried alive with the corpse
of the pharaoh.  Compare that with the endless succession of wars
through the ages fought for reasons that seem trivial today where all
your hard work, risk, and sacrifice ends up merely relocating gold and
riches from one king's palace to another's.  (To be fair there is the joy
of rape and plunder along with the feeling that you're somehow special
because you survived the fighting, if you survived that is, but is it worth
spending ten years away from your family, land, and loved ones for a
few nights of revelry?)  How easy it is to look back at all that chaos
and struggle and rest happily in the belief that we have overcome all
those idiotic obsessions.
      Easy indeed.  We can look back on the Crusades and the
Inquisition and the witch trials and shake our heads. We can wonder
what church leaders were thinking when they tortured people into
confession and what crusaders were thinking when they murdered
Jews for pleasure while on their way to Jerusalem.  Those people of
the past were certainly nothing like us.  We are enlightened.  We can
look back on the madness that possessed the people of Germany in the
1930s as they went from building a magnificent new nation from the
ashes of the old to building a war machine that killed tens of millions
and exterminated millions more in cold blood.  Those evil Germans
were nothing like us, but their descendants have seen the light and
now they're free.  And we can laugh at the follies of the stock market
speculators and the greedy bankers who brought forth a world wide
economic disaster in the 1930s with their voracious appetites for yet
more money.  They must have been blind not to have seen the dangers.
It's a good thing that we have learned from their mistakes so that things
like that can never happen again.
      Yes, there's nothing like a good bout of relative peace and
stability to make us all believe that we've entered a new age of prosperity.
The arguments are persuasive: nuclear weapons and mutual assured
destruction have forced the major powers away from war and towards
negotiation to settle disputes; computerized banking and interconnected
world markets have integrated the world and brought about major
improvements in efficiency and productivity; and the internet itself has
brought forth a global social revolution that is only beginning to unfold.
With a little spin and a few well picked statistics our global future can
be made out to look like utopia is finally in our grasp.  World War Two,
the great turning point in history according to many American Pundits,
is behind us and civilization has won.  World Peace is now upon us for
good, provided that we exterminate all those pesky terrorists who hate
all this wonderful progress.
      Like the grossly over-priced real estate all around me, I'm not
buying it.  The closer I look at the events unfolding, the more I see all
the signs of humanity falling into the same traps of old albeit in new
and different forms.  I see truth withering on the vine as people seek
out those who tell them what they want to hear.  The entirety of the
news media market, consisting of television, radio, the internet, and
word of mouth, is becoming like a modern day Tower of Babel and I
see how each of us holding a well established version of the truth
which is incompatible with other people's versions is preventing us
from communicating with each other.
      I see lofty ideals cut down by the power of fear, loathing, and
a desire for revenge.  Christians are acting in appallingly unchristian
ways, those sworn to uphold the constitution are shredding it instead,
police state apologists who say that they're patriots write that torture is
necessary to defend us from tyranny, respected investigative journalists
betray our trust by presenting forgeries as fact, and the act of forcing
democracy down people's throats seems to be perfectly fine with most
people as long as we don't lose too many soldiers in the process.  It's
fine if those other people die, but not if we do.
      I see common sense and respect for one's neighbor sacrificed
on the altar of greed.  We export our good jobs while "importing" cheap
labor to do the jobs that "Americans won't do", bankruptcy is now a
legitimate business strategy to force unions into deep concessions, war
and disaster profiteering are reaching epidemic levels, and we buy SUVs
so that if we get into a serious accident we will be more likely to survive
(and, incidentally, the other guy is more likely to die - but, fuck him!).
      I see how these things fan their own flames.  People who get
victimized often have to adopt the same devious methods as their rivals
to compete in a world of sleeping or partisan watchdogs.  The constant
struggle incites the masses to form into mobs, deepening the divisions
between social, racial, religious, and political classes.  History is speaking
louder and louder but we refuse to listen.  Indeed, the question: "What
were they thinking?" has become "What are we thinking?".  Now that I
can see it happening I know the answer: we aren't thinking.  We've let
our dreams, our emotions, and our desires give us tunnel vision, at least
those of us who have a choice about what we do, and the big picture is
only a distraction which can lead us astray.  After all the "big picture"
is just someone else's opinion, isn't it?
      So like the noble Col. Westhusing it's difficult for me to sit
by and watch the world slowly disintegrate while being powerless to
prevent it.  Of course, I'm not about to kill myself as he did.  I don't
consider myself responsible for the actions of others and I don't feel
dishonored by the actions of thugs masquerading as mercenaries and
soldiers.  Well, actually I do feel dishonored, just not to the point of
shame as deep as Col. Westhusing felt.  But I always thought that it
was me who was flawed for not feeling so strongly about American
ideals, not the Colonel, who volunteered to go to Iraq and fight the
good fight.  It seems as though the American ideology born after World
War Two has finally died with Col. Westhusing.  Where once we had
presidents like Truman, who denounced war profiteering as treason
and stamped it out, and Eisenhower, who warned of the influence of
the military-industrial complex, we now have presidents who green
light unethical behavior and shirk accountability.  The new American
ideology has been decades in the making and the unethical and
irresponsible behavior which characterizes it has penetrated deeply
into every corner of this nation and beyond.  I'd like to see it all go
away, but I know that it won't until the next example of Extreme
Human Stupidity reaches critical mass and teaches us all a long
overdue lesson.  Like I've said before, I'd love to be wrong and I'm
not looking forward to the future if I'm right, but like hell if I'm
going to just sit here and hope that everything will work out nicely.
      Speaking of critical mass, "Eternal Devotion to the Dark
Goddess" is now completely written.  Recording will begin shortly
as soon as I plunge some hard earned dollars into some choice new
gear and whip my voice and fingers back into shape.  It looks like
2006 is going to be a productive year for Fireaxe.
      A big ‘Hello’ to anyone receiving the Burning Blade for the
first time.  This is the Fireaxe newsletter.

Recording set to begin on "Eternal Devotion to the Dark Goddess"

      It's been over two years since I flipped the last few bits on
"Food for the Gods", backed up all my files, and put away all my
recording equipment.  At that time I was wondering if there was
even going to be another Fireaxe CD after the massive triple-disk
effort since my health was continuing to deteriorate even after my
cancerous kidney was removed.  I've documented those struggles in
past editions of The Burning Blade and it has been a long hard road
back to good health, or at least to good enough health.  It's been a
long time since I've felt as good as I do now and I'm very happy to
be able to get back into the musical grind.  It's time to throw down
the gauntlet once more and let fly with another screaming CD.
      Fireaxe music is challenging music and "Eternal Devotion
to the Dark Goddess" will not be an exception.  In fact it will likely
be the most challenging Fireaxe CD of them all both musically and
thematically.  Like "A Dream of Death" and "Food for the Gods",
"Eternal Devotion to the Dark Goddess" will be a concept album
with each track building upon the last and until the crushing final
act has left the listener both satisfied and blown away.  I've always
been partial to concept albums, especially those that could be
described by the term "rock opera".  Sure, heavy metal is great music
to bang your head to or fire you up before a big event, but metal can
also be much more than just another form of modern music.  Metal
can aspire to greatness.
      I haven't watched very many plays, operas, or movie musicals
in my life, but they have always struck me as being strongly expressive
in a way that non-musical productions cannot.  Music can convey raw
emotional power and metal is no exception especially when it comes
to focused anger.  But in the hands of a fine musician, metal can
capture a wide range of emotions and be as expressive as any form
of music.  I've always wanted to be that kind of musician and put the
stories that I wanted to tell up on stage backed by the kind of music
that I wanted to hear.  That vision has been the driving force behind
Fireaxe and is why the music sounds the way that it does.  Fireaxe
songs are rather long and flow through a number of movements and
moods.  This is because I want to say something more than what a
few verses and choruses can deliver.  Thus I find myself recording
concept albums, which are probably the closest that I will ever get
to producing my own rock opera.
      I'm not saying that I've achieved greatness, or that Fireaxe
is so much better than all the other metal bands.  I'm just saying that
I've been setting my sights a lot higher, or at least in a different
direction, than where the vast majority of musicians set theirs.
Whether or not I hit my mark is up to the listener.  I know that for
at least some of you, I've hit that mark, and hearing and reading your
feedback is a very rewarding feeling.  Now I take aim once more.

The Fireaxe theory - Outline

I. Basics - well established theories

1. Emergent systems - that complex systems can arise from the
interactions of simple things
2. Natural selection - that organisms mutate, proliferate, and compete,
with the "losers" becoming extinct
3. Behavioral science - that neurological systems, at their core, function
according to the rules of conditioning
4. Entropy - that within a closed system, entropy always increases,
which limits the amount of transformation that can occur

II. Extensions

1. That consciousness is an emergent system: a complex system arising
in the human mind from the interaction of simple neurons.
2. That civilizations are emergent systems arising from the physical
interactions of humans whether conscious or not.
3. That ideologies are emergent systems arising from the psychological
interactions of conscious humans
4. That emergent systems follow the laws of natural selection in much
the same way that organisms do
5. That the universe is, by definition, a closed system

III. Contentions regarding consciousness

1. That consciousness is a survival advantage
2. That being a member of an ideology is a survival advantage
3. That making its members conscious is a necessary part of an
ideology's survival
4. That consciousness is created by instilling within a person a
permanent sense of inadequacy - in essence a state of constant fear
5. That the deeper the sense of inadequacy, the stronger the person
is motivated  - generally to serve their ideology

IV. Contentions regarding ideological struggle

1. That ideologies fight for survival using many methods including,
but not limited to, war and enslavement
2. That aggression is a survival advantage
3. That aggressive ideologies make members of rival ideologies
feel afraid and inadequate which in response become more aggressive,
thus creating a vicious circle
4. That aggressive ideologies must continue to grow or face internal
strife as their aggressive members will feed on each other to satisfy
their needs
5. That internal struggle results in ideological mutation

V. Contentions regarding the future

1. That internal strife is inevitable since the laws of entropy imply
that continuous growth is not sustainable
2. That the abstract bases for ideologies transcend mortality and thus
suicidal aggression is not restrained by fear of death
3. That ideological mutation will eventually result in the creation of
a suicidal ideology which will attempt to save the human race by
destroying it

How to order Fireaxe CDs:

      Ordering Fireaxe CD's is an informal process as I am selling
them personally out of my apartment. Simply mail me a letter which
contains the following:

1. The names of the CDs that you want to buy.
2. The address where you want the CDs sent.
3. Cash, a check, or a money order for the total cost.

      Here is a price list.  The first number is the cost for U.S.
based customers, the second is for outside the U.S.  The prices
include shipping and handling.

Food for the Gods:      $12     $14
Victory or Death        $5      $7
Lovecraftian Nightmares $5      $7 - Sold out
A Dream of Death        $3      $5 - slim only - booklet out of print

      Send everything to:

      Brian Voth
      1301 Medical Center Dr. #415
      Chula Vista, CA 91911    USA

      If you review CDs on a website or in a magazine, any one
of the single CDs (Not "Food for the Gods") is free of charge in
exchange for the review.  In this case all I need is a request by
e-mail.  Please send me the URL of your review site or copy of your
magazine with the review in it when it is done.  If you want to
exchange CDs, tapes, or stuff of equivalent value, make these
requests via e-mail and we'll arrange a trade.
      The CDs come with a booklet filled with awesome art, a
letter about the project, and some information about the CD which
can also be found on the Fireaxe site.
      Lastly, if you want to print and distribute Fireaxe CDs I
can send you an additional CD which contains tiff files for all the
booklets, tray cards, and labels for each project.  The tiff disk is free
so just say the word.

The Future

      For the rest of this year and part of the next I will be recording
the next Fireaxe CD entitled "Eternal Devotion to the Dark Goddess".
I'd like to have it complete by the end of 2006.  The new CD will dig
deep into the dark crevices of our society and our minds, pull forth the
myths that we cling to and hold dear, and expose them all for what
they are.  While “A Dream of Death” explored the madness of dreams,
and “Food for the Gods” described the chaos wrought upon the earth
by ideologies, “Eternal Devotion to the Dark Goddess” will depict the
psychological enslavement of the individual in modern times.  It will
be the darkest Fireaxe work ever.
      My goal is to deliver music to whoever wants to hear it in
whatever way is necessary.  Whatever the market demands, I will supply,
but I do want to avoid the mass marketing channel.  Exposure is fine, but
in the modern business, the substance of the music must be altered to
match the demands of the marketplace.  This would totally defeat the
purpose of why I write music in the first place.  I write music because it
is a way to express my emotions.  What I both think and feel goes into
the songs.  That is the power, Fireaxe is the channel, and any diversion
diminishes the emotive effect.  Thus I try to avoid such diversions.
That is how art should be.

Rights to duplicate Fireaxe materials

      Currently Fireaxe is not for profit.  I sell the single CDs for
$5, $12 for "Food for the Gods" since it is three CDs, which covers
the production and mailing costs.  For CDs sent out of the country,
I'll have to charge an extra $2 per disk to cover the additional mailing
cost. If you write reviews or put samples on your website I'll give you a
CD for free.  Since I am not making any money with the current
recordings, you are free to make duplicates of them to distribute as
long as you obey the following guidelines:

1. You can only sell the duplications for the price of the medium or
      less, plus any delivery cost.  You are not allowed to make any
      profit with the music.
2. You should tell me how many copies you gave out and who got them so
      I can keep track.  Also, if they have an e-mail address I'd
      like that as well so I can add them to the mailing list.
3. You are likewise free to adorn any webpages or duplications with the
      gifs and jpgs on my website as long as you include an obvious
      link back to my website.  This includes putting Fireaxe song
      samples on your site as well.
4. You are free to play any Fireaxe songs (in unaltered form) provided
      you are an unsigned band without a marketing tie-in.  You are
      not allowed to record those songs onto anything that you will sell.
5. You are food for the gods.
6. You are required to crank the song "Hounds of Tindalos" as loud
      as you can as often as you can.  It’s your only defense against
      THEM.  Be warned, they come through angles.  Note that the
      CD is round.  Are your speaker cabinets square?
7. Cthulhu, the Necronomicon, Hastur the Unspeakable, and all other
      mythos creatures are purely the inventions of Lovecraft and
      other fiction authors.  None of it is real, at least that’s what
      I’m going to say in court if you try to sue me for destruction
      of your property, house, city, or soul as a result of listening
      to the “Lovecraftian Nightmares” CD too much.
8.  You are free to play "The Rack" in school or church or any other
      institution bent on crushing your will and turning you into a
      mindless zombie slave of the corporate dominated world.
      Try not to develop a bad attitude about it.
9. You are not free to commit suicide while listening to any Fireaxe
      song.  I'm sorry, I'll have to prosecute.  On a serious note,
      if you are thinking about doing it, please e-mail or call me
      if you have no one else to talk to.  When I was in my teens
      the album "The Wall" by Pink Floyd used to really get to me.
      Just hearing songs like "Comfortably Numb", and "Hey You"
      would get me pretty depressed and mildly suicidal.  I'm just
      trying to say that I've been there. If my music is having that
      effect on you, please get in touch.  You aren't alone.

      The gist of it is that you can do just about anything with the
music as long as you don't profit from it and that I get some sort of
credit for having written it.  I'm open to any methods of distributing
my music, such as compilation tapes or CDs, radio play, or recording
label distribution.  However, you will need my direct permission to
do so or some kind of legal agreement.

Ending Comments

      Any comments or questions are welcome.  If anyone has any
updates on their projects, I'd like to hear from you.  I know there
are a few people out there working on some cool things that I haven't
heard from in a while.  Drop me an e-mail regarding how you're
getting along.


"Another hungry god tries to devour the earth.
Its followers more voracious than the last,
Both sides push each other to a more brutal extreme.
And in the wars and resistance the suffering festers and grows.
The gods promise salvation, but none can deliver for long.
And when the suffering becomes unbearable life goes for naught."

                                      - Fireaxe "A New World Order"


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