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Metal / Re: Black Metal...Drying Up?
« on: October 22, 2005, 06:41:18 PM »
The genre has been dead for some years. A.S. are an exception to the rule, but they are the vast minority and have no numerical influence on saving the genre - no one can "save" it. Better to let it fucking die and be reborn if it can be, but if not, why shed tears and produce a mediocre replacement for something that is irreplaceable?


If you do not heed these words, you will fail, and people like me will laugh at you for being fucking stupid.

Metal / Re: Electric Wizard
« on: October 22, 2005, 06:38:59 PM »
They seem to reaching for transcendence in a pure extreme of self destruction and nihilism, which normally doesn't at all rattle my bones.

You mean like G.G. Allin did? Like Iggy Pop did? Like Jim Morrison did?

The attitude they espouse is the norm in popular/rock music. Black metal was the rarity in that it transcended that outlook and became creative again.

Fuck rock music. It's for morons or the misinformed. Clearly if either category, you're the latter, but still: why does aesthetic become more important than content when discuss popular music? Stick to the best, leave off the rest -- it's more landfill and if you invite it into your brain, ...

Metal / Re: Sick of it.
« on: October 22, 2005, 06:36:39 PM »
Tangerine Dream - Phaedra
Kraftwerk - Europe Endless
VNV Nation - Matter + Form
Dead Can Dance - The Serpent's Egg

I don't have a problem with the idea of leaving metal behind. I agree the whining should end. It won't until the horde of Crowdists endorsing shitty post-1996 black metal are beaten into a pulp or killed. The battle will rage because THEY need to believe metal is vital in order to have something to do, and an identity, and those who care about art want to declare it DEAD so that something new can come along or at least it can be appreciated for the 12 great black metal bands and the mediocre can be forgotten.

In fact, at this point, with one or two exceptions, I only listen to older metal, and it makes up a small part of my listening. Classical music is a good place to go when you get frustrated with fence-sitting music that tries to be both elitist and populist. It's a fucked up mental model.

Metal / Re: Sick of it.
« on: October 18, 2005, 05:59:11 PM »
Just accept it, listen to the greats and be thankful that the music exists at all. Just listen to classical music if you really want to be satisfied in the same way.

This is pretty good advice. Classical music, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Fripp and Eno, Dead Can Dance, Lycia, Sophia, VNV Nation... that's about all that doesn't bore me to tears these days, and 95% of the time it's classical.

Metal / Re: Black Metal...Drying Up?
« on: October 18, 2005, 05:56:58 PM »
I keep listening to newer BM, trying hard to like it


To my mind, the new Averse Sefira is one of the few that doesn't suck, but there are so few things that are even good I have to ask: why bother? To be open-minded? Black metal is dead, and the people involved in black metal today are low-IQ whores. Don't get dragged down into the quagmire. Don't spend money on this crap, as you're paying for morons. Don't try to identify with it. Listen to your Burzum, Immortal, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Enslaved, Varathron, Ildjarn CDs and be thankful for those.

Metal / Samhain - Live 1984 DVD
« on: October 18, 2005, 05:54:11 PM »
Live 1984 at the Stardust Ballroom, Hollywood, CA
(48 minutes/Music Video Distributors)

This hand-filmed, single-camera narrative documents a time when underground music was still struggling to find its path, and while the quality may not be that of a slick professional recording, the delivery of the band is captured in as much detail as is needed. The sound, when it is not cutting out, is good and separation between instruments and vocals can be heard clearly. Glenn Danzig is an energetic vocalist without either the jaded reserve or overindulgent showmanship of later years, and the crowd looks shellshocked and unsure of what they're seeing, which has the advantage of them doing fewer stupid things to mar enjoyment of the performance. The band are economical with their onstage motions, and tight in their playing, which gives these songs the same power they have coming off of a CD. An enclosed sticker provokes some nostalgia for the time, an age of xeroxed posters and grimly absurd art, of people gathering in long-forgotten clubs to bash out violent performances. For those who like what Samhain were about, this DVD is everything that could be desired from this foundational band.  


Win one for free:


Metal / Havohej tribute
« on: September 28, 2005, 03:48:08 PM »

Metal / Hurricane music
« on: September 22, 2005, 06:46:55 AM »
Rita's about to hit, and I need something I can hear over the roar of the generator. Any suggestions? First person to mention Scorpions gets enlisted forcibly in British navy.

Metal / Re: Rigor Mortis original lineup USA Tour 2005
« on: September 21, 2005, 01:35:26 PM »
RIGOR MORTIS: More Tour Dates Announced - Sep. 21, 2005
Bassist Casey Orr (GWAR, X-COPS, THE HELLIONS, THE BURDEN BROTHERS) of the reunited Texas thrashers RIGOR MORTIS has sent the following update to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"RIGOR MORTIS is extending our tour. We have added a show on November 4th at The North 6 in New York City and will announce several more dates soon. In other news, we will be participating in the Texas Frightmare Weekend February 4th and 5th. We will be playing both nights. Also, you can catch Casey Orr, Bruce Corbitt and Harden Harrison from RIGOR MORTIS on Dallas' KNON 89.3 Hard Time Radio with Thrashin' Alan at 9:00 this Thursday night, September 22nd at 9:00 p.m. central. You can hear it online at www.knon.org. Joining us will be Rick Perry of GAMMACIDE and Steve Murphy from ROTTING CORPSE. Last but certainly not least, we'd like to congratulate Mike Scaccia and his girlfriend Jenny Rowan on the recent birth of their son Ryder James Rowan Scaccia. We hope he inherits his mother's looks and his father's fingers!"

The original RIGOR MORTIS lineup of Orr, Bruce Corbitt, Mike Scaccia (MINISTRY, REVOLTING COCKS), and Harden Harrison (PERVIS, SPEEDEALER, MITRA) recently announced their first shows together in 15 years. The "Re-Animate" tour starts with a handful of Texas dates in October, with tentative plans to continue after the first of the year followed by a new album.

In a recent interview with Trend Crusher 'zine, RIGOR MORTIS vocalist Bruce Corbitt spoke further about the group's reunion tour and plans for a possible new CD.

"We all are getting along great and all of us are excited about doing this tour together," he said. "We are also doing one of these shows with two other Dallas/Ft. Worth legendary thrash bands from our same area and era. Our old-school metal brothers ROTTING CORPSE and GAMMACIDE are also doing reunions this year. For the first time ever…Dallas/Ft. Worth's first three original thrash bands will all perform at the same show. Mark it down right fucking now… October 29th 2005… will be a historic night for Dallas/Ft. Worth and Texas metal.

"Anyway, if this tour goes well there is a chance it could lead to more. Like a possible new RIGOR CD and a possible bigger tour sometime in early 2006. Hopefully some label will be interested in us with this lineup. But, we are really going to take all of this one step at a time. We will have to find out if we still have the chemistry jamming together live on stage that we used to have. We will also find out if we get a good turnout and response from people at the shows and if there seems to be interest in RIGOR MORTIS from the metal world again. Of course we will have to see if we can get along and not beat the shit out of each other… [laughs]"


Metal / Re: Rigor Mortis original lineup USA Tour 2005
« on: September 19, 2005, 01:57:43 PM »
Here's the website for tickets to the Ft. Worth show:


Metal / Re: NSBM  [ FAIL ]
« on: September 16, 2005, 10:23:36 AM »
Writing "yo mama" on a metal message board is like voting for John Kerry.

Metal / Art as communication
« on: September 15, 2005, 06:40:59 PM »
It’s people who write music because they are obsessed that I like; because they have something to say and no other way to say it.


Metal / Re: Rigor Mortis - original lineup - live in Ft Wo
« on: September 15, 2005, 12:28:16 PM »

Rigor Mortis will play in New York on November 3 at Northsix


They will also be playing other major cities along the way and back - like St. Louis and Chicago to name a couple.

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