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Interzone / Odinpop
« on: April 12, 2010, 11:35:34 PM »
"The frequent description of "Odinpop" does not do this album injustice but describes its approach. Three drastic and emotional but very basic pop songs in characteristic distortion and fuzz give Burzum a modern sound, like My Bloody Valentine performed by oskoreien, but the album spends the bulk of its time in two book-end ambient guitar noise pieces and the lengthy 25-minute instrumental that expresses its cosmic vision. As a result, Filosofem is like a portal between the worlds of noisy pop music and an eternal sense of meditative contemplation and suspense of animal fear"


An excellent and underused name and description for this style of music. Did this "genre" name ever get recognized? Furthermore, were there any bands that followed in this style? Maybe ABYSSIC HATE "Suicidal Emotions" but that's all that I know of.

Interzone / Forced Interaction?
« on: April 10, 2010, 11:23:02 AM »
I really hate to consider myself cultured in any way (it just sounds bad in my head), but being into metal and especially the type of metal that ANUS endorses, it's nearly impossible to avoid interest in literature, film, art etc...

Have you ever been forced to interact with completely uncultured people?

There some situations that are clearly unavoidable. A wedding for example doesn't merit silently retracting from the fold so long as you don't want to shame your family or communicate disapproval to whoever is getting married. A situation like that doesn't call for rudeness... even the least disciplined of us can understand that I think.

There are other situations in regards to living a holistic life. A friend of yours meets a woman and they're going to a bar together, but she brings her friend and he wants you to tag along to not make it weird/ be his wing-man. Sure you suffer, but that's a good friend of yours that you would give your right arm for.

Obviously these situations are times in which we have no say in whether we want to partake in them or not... it's more of a charity if anything.

How does the ANUS community cope with situations like these?

Interzone / More Blockbuster locations close w/ unrealistic sales
« on: April 05, 2010, 12:38:16 PM »
"Blockbuster plans for its total 2009 store closures to amount to 580 to 685 stores and for 2010, the retailer expects another 230 to 275 store will close. The retailer is avoiding lease termination costs, as many of the stores will close as leases naturally expire. In its January 2009 annual report, Blockbuster said it had 4,585 U.S. stores, so it has already closed 229 this year. During 2008, it closed 270 U.S. stores and during 2007, it closed 339 U.S. stores."


There's more information on the article. What prompted this post is that last night I had found myself in a Blockbuster location on the verge of closing. From wall to wall are DVDs priced as low as $3.99. Most of the ones that fall into that price range are old Horror and Sci-Fi films. I'd say it's a pretty good investment if you haven't converted to a Blue-ray player yet. I for one made out like a bandit including a copy of the Beastmaster with a 14 page booklet outlining this history of the film and the original film poster. So it must be getting to an alltime impossibility for these guys to peddle out these films with piracy, netflicks, redbox and on demand if they're basically giving these films away for practically nothing along with a number of collectible goodies in certain packages.

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