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Start saving your money this minute. The box set will be a one-time only, limited edition pressing. There will be no copies of our records outside the box set this time. This will be a unique offering that will make a massive mark upon the history of metal and quickly vanish into thin air.

Oh, and it will be the largest metal vinyl box set of all-time (beating out our Moonsorrow set) and one of the largest vinyl box sets ever created in the history of music. So really ... if you want in on this. Start saving now.


The complete works consist of more than 14 LPs of a band with one great album and three failures?  Damn, Emperor is not Beethoven.

Want to know why the metal scene appears to be struggling these days? Why there will never be another Metallica? It’s because bands don’t take any creative risks. They’re afraid; afraid to stray outside the norm of what fans have come to expect from them. Afraid to push boundaries. Most bands would rather maintain the status quo and re-hash the same thing they’ve been doing for years, album in, album out, with slight variations each time.

Gone are the days when we’d get an oddball left turn like The White Album, or The Wall, or Physical Graffiti. Why push yourself when it’s easier and safer to stay on the straight path?


Though, it seems that pushing boundaries to this author means bands should mix more Arcade Fire in their already hippie music. 

Metal / Interesting: Black Metal Article on Radix Journal
« on: January 12, 2014, 03:42:43 AM »
Black Metal shares the fate of all complex and multifaceted phenomena that transcend their narrow genre identities and, similar to Hegel’s philosopher who is able to “grasp an era through thought,” are always ahead of their time, either by affirming, or by totally rejecting the spiritual foundations of the time period in which they live. Both require an ability to examine it from a distance. As the unquestionable product of Modernity, Black Metal paradoxically issues a death sentence to the Modern world.


Metal / Carcass thought Surgical Steel is just too slick
« on: January 12, 2014, 02:02:07 AM »
Liverpool, England-based extreme metal group Carcass recorded several tracks – ‘Unfit For Human Consumption’, ‘Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System’, ‘Captive Bolt Pistol’ and ‘Carneous Cacoffiny’ – at BBC Maida Vale Studios in London, England for an exclusive BBC Radio 1 ‘Rock Show’ session which is due to air as part of Daniel P. Carter’s program.

Carcass issued the following statement: “This should satisfy anyone who thought the (Surgical Steel) album was too ‘slick!!!’ TOTALLY live in the studio.”


It's bad+100 actually.

Metal / Every hipster band loves indie rock
« on: January 08, 2014, 07:30:10 AM »
What kind of music would you say has influenced your own work?
“All of it. When I first started I suppose my main inspiration was a mixture of Darkthrone, Judas Iscariot, Krieg, Burzum, Swans and some indie stuff like Red House Painters, Mogwai and Radiohead. Now? Everything. Everything I listen to, anyway – from jazz and afrobeat to electronica, ambient, noise and experimental music, to metal, hardcore, hip hop, pop and rock etc etc.”


Metal / Question about metal as a multiculture
« on: May 27, 2012, 02:32:40 AM »
If metal is rooted in ancient European culture,then how could it be established as a multiculture?

This is a question I'd like to ask Conservationist or other the leaders of this forum.

Metal / the term "classical music" did not exist until 1930s
« on: July 03, 2010, 09:18:46 AM »
“In the history of the music we now call "classical," new music was in fact the norm until at least the first third of the 19th century. Before that -- in Mozart's time, for instance -- hardly anyone performed old music. Yes, a few musty connoisseurs remembered Bach and Handel, but everybody else liked newer stuff. They all played new string quartets at home, and went out to see the latest operas.
   This didn't change until the 1830s, give or take a decade, when emerging groups of high-culture sophisticates began actively to perform the music of the past. And this, I suspect, is where our problem started -- with the idea that "classical music" (a term that never existed in Bach's or Mozart's day) was something special and privileged, something far loftier than any music we'd normally hear in our everyday lives. As the 19th century progressed, more and more old music got played, until by around 1870 it found a home in the deepest heart of musical life.
   But even then new music didn't stand apart in any special way. You can see that very clearly if you read music critics of the time. Take George Bernard Shaw, who reviewed concerts in the 1890s. He wrote about the Brahms Requiem, about new works by Verdi, Dvorak, and Grieg, about an absurdly hyped new opera called Cavalleria rusticana, and about premieres by Massenet and Tchaikovsky (along, of course, with pieces by composers we don't remember anymore). But -- except in the special case of Wagner, whom he loved, but who, even a decade after his death, still sounded startling to many people -- Shaw never talked about new music as if it was any problem for him or anybody else. He liked some of it; some of it (most notoriously, anything by Brahms), he didn't like. But he wrote like someone in our age going to the movies; nothing he reviewed got treated specially simply because it was new.”


 In my opinion,this article‘s proposition of the recovery of classical music is defective,but this paragraph is really helpful for my studying of classical music.

Interzone / Quality acoustic music
« on: April 20, 2010, 10:37:19 PM »
I remenber reading an article on anus' article section that some guitarists out of the most others wrote songs  in the classical vein.I can't find that article now,please recommend me some acoustic guitar music which are artistically superior,that say the music writtening is base on notes or long melodies not harmonies and etc.Thanks.