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Metal / Ildjarn - Norse-Svartfraed -LTD- 2CD
« on: March 30, 2013, 03:44:04 AM »
Just received this news:

"DELUXE RE-ISSUE OF NORSE CULT BAND ILDJARN`s EARLY WORKS! LTD. double DIGi CD IN SLIPCASE! ILDJARN was a black metal band from Norway, formed in 1991 and active until 1997, has been hailed as one of the purest and most ferocious musical projects within the realm of extreme music. The music can be described as primitive and pretty lo-fi black metal, straightforward drums, riffs and harsh, hateful vocals, the later musical creations ventured into Ambient spheres. Although some releases included collaborations or guest appearances from other musicans (Nidhogg, Ihsahn, Samoth) the sole creator and man behind was always Vidar, who was previously also active with Thou Shalt Suffer (pre-Emperor) and later with Sort Vokter. Ildjarn showed true mastery in its craft, building ambience by simple tones, riffs and rhythmic arrangements that often tend to be more like a buzz of noise compared to common music.This essential and unprocessed 4-track musical force has always been exceeding and pushing the limits of emotional perception for most of its receivers. "

This seems to be something different than the Season of Mist re-releases. Don't know the tracklist, but Mørklagt Sti, Svarte Hjerter, Nattens Ledestjerne, Natt Og Tåke, I Anmarsj Gjennom Grangrunn, Ved Tjernets Bredd, Vintermark & Skogens Hatefulle Skapning seem obvious. Being a 2CD release, this could be promising.

Metal / Help finish Birth A.D.'s debut album
« on: April 12, 2012, 04:01:38 AM »
"Birth A.D. is in the final stages of producing their debut full-length, "I Blame You", and they need your help! A good independent production isn't cheap, so anything you contribute to assist in the mixing and mastering process of this soon-to-be classic of crossover thrash is appreciated.

Your donation will be commemorated with the inclusion of your name on the album's thanks list, and you will be counted as part of the new Birth A.D. fan club, the Seven Billion Graves Brigade.

The Misfits had the Fiend Club, Voivod has the Iron Gang, and this is your chance to get your name immortalized as a collaborator and conspirator! Years from now when the band is huge, overrated, and not half as cool as when they started off, you can break out the album everyone really liked and say, "There's my name!"

Pledge now, and CAUSE PROBLEMS!"


Also a cool way to get your hands on the hard to find EP and some other things.

Metal / Consistent bands
« on: April 09, 2012, 05:41:53 AM »
Another chance to impress with musical knowledge!

I've got to ask, bands you consider to have a flawless discography or let it be bands where everything is at least worth checking out.

*Summoning, Graveland, Averse Sefira, Gorguts, The Beatles, Kraftwerk, Beherit and Demoncy come to mind.
Haven't heard all the works of any composer out there, but I think this thread will make many shine (the usual suspects a la bruckner and haydn perhaps?)
Recently Wolfgang brought 'Impiety' under the attention, I too think they might deserve a place here.

My fanboyism demands to mention 'The Flower Kings': seemingly the typical yes/crimson/elp/genesis/floyd/tull retroheads, but still fighting to make a difference.